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u/ReggieStocker ยท 3 pointsr/TexasTech

That was my comment above. I got bored and I like to help so I did a little browsing. Didn't find anything torrent wise, or free pdf wise. But I did find these:

Amazon 7th Edition Used copies of 7th edition under $5

Amazon TTU Edition Possibly older edition, but TTU version 2 copies under $10.

TTU Southwest Collection Archives Has a copy that is not borrow-able. But you might be able to go there and read it. Its the round looking tower next to the library. Never been so I don't know if you are free to go in and read, but maybe! Can always stop by and ask. Also it appears the main library has 2 copies that are checked out. You could go by the desk and put in a request and when somebody turns it in they will hold it for you and notify you.