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u/TheMooseK · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

Congrats on the new job!

Idk about you but I love cute pens! And writing with them is such a treat. Here's a set of cactus ones if you're obsessed like me, erasable milk pens, and sleek pokemon pens! Happy working/writing!

u/doctechnical · 1 pointr/nostalgia

If you like erasers you'll love this - it's a pen that's ALL eraser :) I've used these for years, too.

u/MeowMeowImAKitty · 7 pointsr/BeAmazed

Try buying a better eraser. If you're using the one that comes on the back of the pencil, then step up to the next level and get a dedicated eraser

u/Griffie · 1 pointr/modeltrains

go to the office supply store and get an ink eraser for the tracks. ..something like this:


Just lay it flat, and rub along the track.

Another problem you may be having is the contacts that transfer power to the motor may have corroded. Try some electronic contact cleaner for this...be careful not to get it on the outside of the locomotive though (may damage plastic parts).

Sometimes after being in storage for awhile, you just have to play around and keep prodding it along until things get polished up a bit.