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u/Jachred27 · 2 pointsr/ARKone

With a WeMo Switch

You can power off and on via remote. The WiMO App handles all the forwarding.

If you have a WiFi hotspot or Z-Wave alarm system you could also power off and on remotely that way as well.

Thank you for the topic, I need all the idea's i can get for this

u/officialpvp · 2 pointsr/ARKone

You can buy reusable scope decals if you want to go all out. People have been doing this on shooters forever, and it really works.

u/CaptConstantine · 1 pointr/ARKone

Does anyone know if the chatpad accessory that plugs into the controller works? Been thinking about grabbing one just for this.

And if so, does anybody know if it works with the official stereo headset (this one)?