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u/Dante451 · 3 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

God do I despise the mods of this subreddit. The reproduced below apparently is a duplicate post that is not permitted, presumably because it could be placed here instead:


BioWare what's your mailing address? I'd like to donate ten copies of Creativity Inc.

Link here to the amazon page for this book. Written by Ed Catmull, the head of Pixar from before it was even Pixar, Creativity Inc. is essentially a story about Pixar's history and how Ed and the other leaders of Pixar tried to first make a successful animated movie, and then maintain that success. It talks about how one movie they made required a lot of crunch and burned people out, and they resolved to never do it again, and haven't. It talks about growing a company where two different projects are worked on by different teams, and ensuring nobody feels like there is an A team or B team. It talks about making sure the driving force of a movie is the experience, not the technology or pleasing some shitty executive. It talks about giving responsibility and accountability to a single person who owns the project and makes decisions.

It basically talks about how Pixar tried to navigate every god damn pothole BioWare tripped on, and maybe if you read it when it came out in 2014 we wouldn't have this dumpster fire of a game.

u/ICanLiftACarUp · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

It can be a bit tricky to find one that works best with Xbox because sometimes the formatting is wonky - and fair warning I have not used an external SSD with Xbox, this is really only experience using SSDs with my PC - both internal, external, and internal with an external case. Something like this one would be fine, but the problem you have to balance is storage versus speed. If you want to run one game really nicely, like Anthem, maybe a smaller hard drive is better. You'll only really need 100GB at most unless this game doubles or triples in size over the years. A search on Amazon for "External SSD Xbox" should lead to a handful of usable ones.


u/dfiner · 0 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

I really can't empathize with this comment.

HDD's haven't been mainstream for gaming for a decade now. SSDs are DIRT cheap. You can literally go buy one for $20-30 on amazon that is SATA and holds 250gb (edit: 240GB, my bad... maybe you can find a better one, this one took all of 2 seconds of searching). They are trivial to install in any laptop that isn't apple, and even more trivial in desktops. They can even be easily installed into the recent generation of consoles. There is really no excuse in 2019 to expect developers to design games for HDDs for PC titles. I'd even bet the next gen of consoles will use SSDs given how cheap they've become and how big the performance gain is. Upgrading from an HDD to an SSD is the SINGLE BIGGEST PERFORMANCE BOOST YOU CAN GIVE YOUR PC BY A MASSIVE MARGIN.

That's like expecting them to design games to support a GeForce 310 (which came out in late november 2009, so maybe a 200 series card is actually more relevant), Intel Core 2 Quads, and DDR 2 ram.

More importantly, HDDs have a very limited, fixed read speed. That means it puts either a hard cap on realistic load times, or textures. So unless you want your games to look like vanilla minecraft or have 5 min load times... get an SSD.

There's a lot of valid things to criticize BioWare for about anthem... load times on HDDs specifically isn't one of them, IMO.

u/D0Cdang · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame


There is some critical failure with several of the latest Nvidia drivers and this demo. I want to preorder, but won't until I know the issue is resolved in the full release.


I believe it's also described here and think it may be due to the fact that I PC game from my couch with my comp connected to a Samsung 4K UHD TV. Overlapping issue here with trying to monitor from an LG OLED TV, although I use a 1080ti card, not a 2080ti.


Essentially, loading the demo (and no other game/application on my PC), my screen turns bright purple and I observe extreme color distortion. Looks like this, which is a post by another user, not myself. Also, the color distortion pervades all PC applications until I completely restart my computer.


This also only happened AFTER I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest version, which for my card is 417.71. I did that because Anthem crashed 10min into my first play through. Once I rolled back to a prior version (417.01), the game worked again without any color distortion.


Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

u/Dithyrab · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

Yeah i feel you, my friend just literally bought a new SSD because of this. On the other hand, /r/buildapcsales generally has a bunch of links to cheap SSDs, there's one on there from amazon right now for like 480gb/$50

u/BrutalJones · 8 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

Progression systems, squad controls, over-the-shoulder third person, and expansive environments all needed to be adapted to make Frostbite work with Inquisition and Andromeda.

Check out Jason Schreier's Blood, Sweat, and Pixels for some additional information. He has an entire chapter on what the Inquisiton team had to do to adapt Frostbite for Inquisition.

I agree though, my favorite parts of Inquisition and Andromeda are without a doubt the environmental design and the technical prowess behind any type of magical/biotic/tech explosions. Those games at their best look as good as any game I've ever played.

u/Wilem82 · 4 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

> Yep. ... been trying to sign up since i got the email at work and i keep being put in a never ending cycle to update my profile.... yall should of know this would have blown up and been prepared

> Mark Darrah
> ‏Verified account @BioMarkDarrah
> It wasn’t publicly announced for precisely this reason

Mr Darrah, please give this level 23 book to your web frontend people:

They will be eternally grateful for it.

Among other things, it explains why "we'll just not advertise the link" is a non-viable strategy.

u/magus424 · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

Careful to be sure it's a slim one; I use this 1TB model and it works great.

u/CaptainCosmodrome · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Loading times are so bad I am deleting the game and reinstalling on my SSD (for some reason it did not). I'll take the hit to my playtime if it helps bring them down.

Console load times are going to be ROUGH.

If you are planning on playing on console, Go get a SSD with an enclosure.

I'll make it easy for you:



u/TheRealTormDK · 4 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

No offense, but that is crazy talk.


An SSD (well, technically you should go for nvme these days, as there is little price difference) is the single most performance boosting thing you can do for your computer if you really use a 7200RPM platter disk in 2019, in terms of overall performance.


Spend those 250$ on something like this; - you can thank me later.

u/Jonesy492 · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

I never played the demo, so I can't comment on that. I would pick up a ssd from amazon.

$30 and you will be able to fit 4+ games on it. It will make you life in this game 100x better.

u/shadytransactor · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Hey, when you swing by Microcenter, bring your original receipt and have them do some price matching for you, I can't see all the prices (and microcenter is generally pretty competitive) but I know you got at least $30 coming back on that power supply:

Here is where they match, you might want to run all the numbers quick!


u/Quan-sword · 2 pointsr/AnthemTheGame

You should read his book, Blood Sweat and Pixels, it deep dives into a lot of games developments just like in this article (including Dragon Age Inquisition). It’s an absolutely fascinating, if sometimes depressing, read.

u/arckepplin · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

I've been using a hybrid HDD/SSD drive ever since I upgraded to a pro. There was a small yet still noticeable difference in performance, but now for Anthem I've finally decided to go full SSD. Did a lot of research before deciding on this one:

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB


Haven't installed yet... I'll be doing that this weekend. If you want, I can be back for an update after I test it out a bit, although obviously it will have to be on other games.

u/crzybstrd97 · 1 pointr/AnthemTheGame

Specifically, I'm running Samaung 970 EVO 1TB. It's way cheaper on Amazon though.