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u/ikswosil · 28 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Enjoy the ride! A couple things I would recommend off the bat as somebody who just started myself a couple weeks ago. A lot of stuff is in the Read First FAQ on the sidebar as well.. but just wanted to share my personal experience!

  • Review: Check everything off against the components list to make sure you have everything. In the event you're missing anything, here's the form to request replacements.

  • Resources: You're going to run into a lot of questions on your first couple playthroughs. The BGG community is excellent at responding to questions (even if they've been asked before). Google will yield good results for most questions but for many of them that have been asked so many times, there's actually a massive Official FAQ I would recommend reading as well. ... the most confusing part of the game more often than not is around monster movement.. so after you've watched some videos, read some rules, and feel like you really get it.. take this quiz and realize how little you actually understand about how monsters should move. ... this will really help hammer home some of the more subtle nuances around movement. Somebody also made this nice flowchart to help as well: .. also, if you want to avoid all spoilers even for yourself when setting up scenarios, here is a spoiler-free .pdf that prevents you from peeking ahead when prepping rooms, etc. in a scenario: .. there's also an app on the appstore that provides the same kinda thing that I would recommend. knowing the shit in the upcoming rooms sorta ruins the scenarios for yourself and/or makes them much easier.

  • Dice: Way better for tracking damage on monsters than the little cardboard circles. I would recommend these -

  • Preparation: [Editing my post to include this as this is perhaps the most important of all when inviting friends over to play the first time] --- it took me an entire night (solo) to unbox this game and get it even somewhat prepared to play. Beyond that, I spent hours reading rules, FAQs, watching playthroughs, etc. to really have a firm grasp of it to explain to others... and I still found a lot of confusing nuances in a variety of instances that I needed to later clarify. If you're playing this with battle-hardened gamers who are ready for anything then no worries. But if you're like me who is usually making the best of any group of friends that is willing to sit down at a board game table with me.. please use caution and make sure you are well-prepped for this game or else your exciting, highly-anticipated Gloomhaven night will end up being a couple hours of unboxing followed by a lot of discourse over how/where monsters should move and attack.

  • Organization: .. is everything with this game. It's a massive effort to set up and put away, so anything you can do to streamline the process will be a great benefit to you. There's tons of threads out there on different solutions for this.. so find whatever works for you. I use a large Plano box for all the monsters and a small Plano box for all the combat-related pieces (debuff markers, loot tokens, traps, chests, etc.) .. I got them cheap at AC Moore but something like this would work too ( Other suggestions include windowed CD envelopes to combine the monster card with their deck and standees all in one place or a large tackle box as well.

  • Protection: This game is expensive as hell and you shuffle cards constantly. Protect that shit! .. these sleeves are perfect but the higher-end option if you're really feeling adventurous would be to get them all laminated at a Staples or other print store.

  • Learning: The rolling solo youtube channel in my opinion is the best for learning how to play. Really clear video of what is happening and he explains everything really well.

  • Uberstax: These things are worth their weight in gold as far as I am concerned for this game. You'll see them in the Rolling Solo video.. I got them and my group is obsessed with them.

  • Pimping your Game: Some people have developed some nice apps for tracking things. These include,, ...also, if you're interested in painting your miniatures there's infinity posts and videos on that so i wont bother here.. but if you're really aggressive and want to replace the monster standees entirely.. check out this thread:

    Have fun!
u/roarmalf · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Here's my full write-up, but TL;DR I used the file box instead of the accordion folder. It's bigger, but the handle is nice, and I can fit anything I want in it (except the overly large map).


FYI, I slightly modified the YASS Gloomhaven setup to make the storage a little more efficient/intuitive and keep all the standee bottoms in the combat bin.

I go into more detail here for anyone interested.


I use a variation of the YASS Gloomhaven setup. You can add an accordion folder if you like to save even more setup/breakdown time. I made a few modifications to the layout to make it more intuitive and keep the standees in the combat box. Here's what my updated layout looks like, and here are the files I used. I also lay my planos flat instead of standing them up as it gives slightly more space at the top to fit the board, etc. FYI, I didn't add the counters label, just left that square blank, but everything else is good to go.

I used a Portable File Box to hold my map tiles, rule books, monster stat cards (although I use Gloomy Companion most of the time), city/road event decks, and unlocked items. There are comparable options on Amazon.

Album of full setup



  1. 3x Plano 3600 boxes. Size 11" x 7.25" x 1.75".
  2. 1x Plano 3601 box. Size 11" X 7.25" X 1.13".
  3. Paper/Card Stock (for printing plano labels)
  4. Zip-lock bags

    Note: the plano 3600 on amazon is a 4 pack. You can find them at Dick's Sporting Goods occaisonally for less $$$: 3600,

    Tape (I didn't use any, but others said they needed it to keep the label on the plano lid)
    The Portable File Box I had laying around
    Amazon File Box with stronger latch
    Hanging File Folders I had laying around


    Units 1 Box:
    No changes needed.

    Units 2 Box:
    I moved the Inox Bodyguards to the Boss slot which I shrunk 1 square by moving one large boss to the terrain box. I moved all of the standee bases to the small plano. I used the extra space to move all of the attack modifier decks in here. I store the number tokens and (useless) curse/bless tokens in the 2 remaining slots I opened up.

    *Small Plano (modifiers/tokens):*
    In the small plano I freed up the whole bottom row by moving the number tokens (which largely go unused) to the terrain box, removing the curse/bless tokens (since they aren't used in the game), and moving the element/HP/EXP markers up one space. I shrunk the single damage markers to a single cell (they fit just fine) to make room. The bottom row now houses the standee bases.

    Terrain Box:*
    I used the small dividers from the 3601 to separate out the traps, water, totem, treasure sections (this makes them easy to pull out). I shrunk the Doors by a square and added a square for traps using the short dividers to keep all 4 traps separate. Chopping out the divider to make room for the 3-hex objects was a lot more work than I expected, but it was worth it. I added in the 2 bosses to the bottom of that section since they don't fit anywhere else (and will likely only be used once each).

u/VHD_ · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Lots of good advice above (I just started mini painting recently), but I'll add a few more things.

  1. A wet palette is incredibly helpful. It can be built extremely cheap using household supplies or you can buy one for $10 like this:
  2. Good lighting makes a huge difference. You can get a high temperature ('white' light instead of soft warm light) bulb for a lamp.
  3. A mini holder is really handy. You can make your own out of poster putty + cork or you can get something like this GW holder Repositioning the mini can make a difficult part of the painting much easier.

    I am using the Vallejo Basic Colors paint set for about $30 and it's been great so far.
u/Br0kenM0nkey · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

This is my setup. Setup/Teardown of each play session isn't troublesome anymore.

-2 Counter Trays. I can store most of the enemy standees and some of the random tokens like treasure chests and traps.

-Plano 23620-01. This is where I store all of the tokens like XP, Damage, Conditions, etc. This is also where the rest of the big enemy standees go (except the huge dragon). I can also fit random tokens like Doors, Bookshelves/Coffins, etc.

-Smead Expanding File. This is where I organize all the tile/map pieces. Everything fits comfortably except the "T" pieces.

-Avery Binder and BCW Pocket Pages. This binder acts like the Item Shop and can easily be opened to show available items. I even covered locked items with construction paper to be "unlocked" when Prosperity reaches a certain level.

-Ultra Pro Deck Boxes. I store everyone's Class cards here. The bottom compartment holds the Class/HP/XP tokens, Items purchased, and Attack Modifier Deck.

-Construction Paper. As a solution to organize/retrieve the needed enemy Stats Cards and Enemy Ability Decks, I created a sleeve out of construction paper for the Stat Card, leaving enough room to fit the respective Ability Deck as well. I sleeve most of the cards, so I put all 8 ability cards into a "City/Event sleeve", then throw it into the Stat Card sleeve I just made. Hope that made sense.

u/Day_Bow_Bow · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

While I am generally a proponent of foamcore, I would not recommend it for this game. With this type of game, I feel that speed of setup is the most important part of storage. Sure, there are foamcore solutions, but there is just not enough room to compartmentalize things where they are efficient.

My buddy had the same idea of foamcoring this, and thought I was being silly about considering the insert or ultimately buying the four Planos we ended up using. He changed his tune after we got done punching and organizing.

We use a variation of the Y.A.S.S Plano boxes. Map tiles are in an accordion folder, market cards are in a 3 ring binder with pocket sleeves (unlocked are hidden with a piece of paper taped to the back side), and monster stat cards and decks are in an old school CD folder from a thrift store. We use 4x6 photo boxes for the characters currently in play.

Y.A.S.S main thread
Y.A.S.S Plano boxes legend 1 (our monster AI is in the CD folder, so we photoshopped the legend to spread cards out so they fit while sleeved)
Y.A.S.S Plano boxes legend 2
File folder
Pocket sheets
Character boxes They sell these individually at Michaels for like $2, but I bought a case on sale. They fit everything but the paper pad great. A couple strips of foam converted one into a dual deck box for the current city and road events. We also store the monster attack modifier deck here, to free up room in the Planos for other cards.

I know this isn't want you asked for, but it works great for us, and I have no clue how you could get anywhere nearly as organized with foam core. And no, this does not fit in the box either, but this game is massive. The binder, accordion folder, and CD binder are stored externally, and the rest packs the box full. But setup is smooth.

u/obtusepunubiris · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

If you can afford it, the Broken Token insert is great. I tried using baggies at first and the insert is such a huge improvement. It not only reduces setup and tear down time, but it also keeps components well organized during game play. I recommend having some wood glue handy when assembling it, as there were several spots that needed it for mine. I also recommend watching this video after assembling it to see how everything is designed to fit in the box.

The only part that isn't great is the map tile storage tray. Everything fits in it, as advertised, but unlike most parts of the insert, it does little to help with the efficiency of setup and tear down. So instead, as many others have done, I'm using an expanding file to store the map tiles (outside of the box), and using the storage tray to store my custom standee bases and the dice I use to track monster health.

u/_Despereaux · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I got these bad boys in the 4-pack option:

I was able to fit almost everything from the cardboard punch-outs that wasn't a big map tile into 3 of those boxes, but the 4th one was useful to have more dividers (I used almost every single one). The pieces fit very well but it remains to be seen 1) how easy it is to get the little pieces out of those compartments with big fingers, and 2) how easy it is to re-pack the Gloomhaven box with those containers in it - although that only really matters if you'll be traveling with the game.

If $20 is too much to spend on top of the base game, I think you could also do fairly well with a lot of small ziplock baggies.

u/alecm88 · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Look at the YASS storage solution, it uses plano boxes to fit most of the components. We also have some additional boxes to store the currently played characters and store all map tiles and sheets on a file folder. It could all fit on the backpack if it's big enough. Exception would be the extra classes, I would suggest you leave those behind and possibly only take those you think might be played next in case of a retirement.

I'd also strongly suggest using apps to track monster stats and abilities. Gloomhaven Helper and Gloomhaven Dungeon Master are both pretty good and remove the need to take the monster stat cards and abilities.

u/spartankelli · 4 pointsr/Gloomhaven

A great place to start is the mini painting starter sets by Reaper:

They're not too expensive, and they are a great intro to mini painting. They also come with pieces to practice techniques on, and a lot of paints to work with as well. I'd get those, and maybe some brushes.

I also would recommend a wet palette to keep paints wet between painting sessions, magnifying glasses to help see, and a mini holder.

I also got these brushes, which seem to be working well for me, and have a mix of useful ones.

u/MrCrunchwrap · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Thanks! I was overwhelmed too, so I started by watching some videos on YouTube and whatnot. I ended up getting this set:


This feels like pretty good value to me, and has a ton of colors to pick from. It also has premade washes for shading, metallic paint, and blood/dirt effect paint so it has worked super well for Gloomhaven stuff.

u/toml88 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I just went with these sleeves from Amazon for the mini Euro cards. For that price I figured they'd be worth trying. They fit pretty snug but overall a great buy.

For standard cards I plan on sleeving everything as I play. I was going to only sleeve character cards as I played them and then like 100 for city/road cards in play but didn't want to bother with taking cards out of sleeves. I think you need 470770 for standard size (check BGG for sleeving guide) but I bought 1k earlier this year for Gloomhaven and Arkham Horror LCG

u/theredranger8 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Sure thing!

Note here that he's pulled a few strings on his price point (and it originally said under $20 on this video, but he bumped it up to $25 after some discussion. It's closer to $30.)

For the item shop folder, I recommend these card sheets:

I accidentally bought what I thought was a slightly cheaper option, but ended up being only 10 sheets instead of 15. So now for saving less than 50 cents, I am about 4 card slots short of what I need. (I use one slot per category to label Prosperity 1, Prosperoty 2, Random Items, Solo Items, etc.) My shop goes all the way through the solo items, and I want to add the Forgotten Circles cards later. 15 sheets will be more than enough.

I originally tried a slightly cheaper option (about $5 for 20 sheets instead of $7.50 for 15) but the card slots were juuuust too small, and could hold one card, but not more than one. Sleeves didn't work well either, and I want mine sleeved. But the card sheets in the link I posted don't have that problem.

So, pick up those pizza boxes (I got the big ones and I store then in two rows of 4, rotated 90 degrees from how he has them in this video). Use the card boxes for road and city events like he does, but also use a 3rd card box for the extra small cards (curses, blesses, battle goals, etc.). They are usually sold in packs of 5 so you aren't costing yourself anything to do that, vs. buying 8 more pizza boxes just to have one more. Plus I think it stores better than a 9th pizza box would. Then snag those specific card sheets. (I actually tried a business card holder first, which works fine, but the slots are larger than needed which is a little ugly for these cards, and the cards are turned sideways, which is okay, but the 4 x 4 sheets here are better, enough so that I'm taking the time to move my items all over from the old sheets to the new 4 x 4 ones.)

The item shop is a chore to set up, but very satisfying to have complete. I went through it and cut out a rectangular piece of printer paper for each locked item to slide behind them, so that you can't see what they are from the back when flipping through the shop. If you can stomach the chore, the end result is sooo convenient.

u/starg00se · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Try to get some of those to fix the miniature on a champagne cork. Works perfect. Then use some grounding like
Then paint the miniature and finish with some Nuln Oil like
That should help. Have fun!

u/VirtuallyJason · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

A friend of mine has the Broken Token organizer, which is really nice. I didn't want to spend so much, so I went with a Plano solution. His setup is definitely faster than mine, but mine's not too bad. I also save a lot of time by using an accordion filer for the map pieces (I used but it's nothing special). The last thing that I've done to save time (and probably the most impactful) is use for tracking the world and party state, and for tracking monster bits during combat.

u/ced1106 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I use Army Painter Quickshade Inks (the eye droppers) over a colored primer, then tweak and highlight with hobby paints.

These cheap brushes are good for advanced tabletop and general abuse. (: :

For basing, glue and playground sand. Add a tiny amount of static grass or Army Painter tufts. Amazon prices are on the high side, so patronize your FLGS!

Don't worry about how good it looks up close. While our gaming group likes painted miniatures, they don't look at them up close during play.

u/escher255 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Something we use but I haven't seem mentioned is status markers from Alea Tools. I didn't buy them specifically for GH, but had a bunch of them in different colors from years of D&D/Pathfinders. I find they make a good substitute for the status tokens. We also use GH Helper, but putting a few colored circle markers under the standees makes it much easier to visualize at a glance which of the 5 guards are stunned/poisoned/etc. Probably not needed for solo or two player, but very helpful when we play with 4 or 5, as you don't always remember what was done in the early initiatives (or late int last round.) Stops the "Remind me which one is stunned?" delays. (Or at least cuts it down)

u/HA2HA2 · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Looking at , if you buy the one that's listed as sold BY "" that one is pretty much guaranteed legit.


On that list, the seller named "NYC Collectibles", formerly known as "Brooklyn Toys", is a known scammer. I don't know anything about the others, but most of them are more expensive than the one sold directly by Amazon, so...

[edit] yeah, the one sold directly by Amazon is also the cheapest one on the list, as well as being the safest to buy from. The one that LOOKS cheaper than amazon has shipping marked as costing some ridiculous amount, they're doing the trick where they display a cheap price for the product and a huge price for the shipping.

u/stinkape · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

These are probably too small. I use the ultra pro mini euro pages and they fit perfectly. I can stack an entire monster ability deck and fit it in a single pocket. When stacked they do hang out the top a little but it’s fine. Singles fit very well. They are only 16 pocket but you can face one forward and one backward.
Edit these

u/NoogiesForMyWife · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

So I actually just followed this BGG thread, downloaded and printed the templates that someone else made, and I bought the Plano boxes off amazon. They are good material and feel sturdily made. I don’t have any concerns with the purchase and am definitely happy so far! Much cheaper than the inserts available and it all fits in the box with the lid just barely not closing all the way.

4 pack Plano3600 -

1 Plano 3601 -

u/theSpyr · 5 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I grabbed the Ultra Pro pages for our sleeved marketplace cards and they work perfectly. The very tops of the cards stick out of the slot a very slight bit (~1mm) and the sleeves themselves stick out just slightly further (~3mm), but it isn't an issue in a binder. The 4-of items are a tight fit, but they do fit sleeved. The exact item I got was this one: but they are the same product (25pages vs 100pages).

u/coconen · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I also bought those pages and came to the same conclusion. For anyone that's wondering alternatives, these Ultra Pro binder pages were perfect for me. They are meant for American sized but are a bit too big to them, letting the larger European ones fit very well even in stacks of 4, only sticking out a bit from the top side.

u/wishr3sign · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'm in the same boat, but after a lot of research I have decided to create my own one box storage solution. Looking on etsy and amazon gave me more ideas and eventually led me to purchase more "essential" stuff for the game, therefore making all those storage solutions inadequate if I want everything to fit into the base box.

"Essential" stuff:





u/_Anarchon_ · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Your advice was welcomed. I ordered this kit...

...along with some primer, brushes, palette, and a head mounted light with magnifier. I'm sure I'll need more paints and washes, but figured I'll see what I can do with that kit before trying to get more so I can see exactly what I need and why. And yes, I plan to watch a lot of Youtube stuff. It's so handy for learning. Thank you. I'll try to remember to post a picture after I complete my first one.

u/skiddalybop · 6 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Glad you like it! Components:


  1. Weighted desk-flag base (Amazon)


  2. Mini clothespins (Amazon - got a huge bag so I could color code/write all of the monster names on them)


  3. Wooden rod (with a touch of tape) from my local hardware store




u/Ding9812 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'll second what u/mhledwards recommends above - except I already had some standard card sleeves ahead of time, so I went with this smaller order of the Dephia sleeves for the minis. They're great, (nice and grippy), and I'll definitely be purchasing more for future games.

u/eNonsense · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Yeah. The game is a beast. The game's main appeal is also a big part of its annoyance. Every time you play you'll be embarking on a new dungeon with different features & different monsters who have different abilities. With that amount of variability, also comes the need to organize and set up new content every time you play. When I play with my groups, I ALWAYS determine our scenario path beforehand, and get everything set up and ready before people arrive. I have also bought a couple Plano organization boxes, An expanding file for the map tiles, CD sleeves for the monster cards, and small dice to replace the monster damage counters. That all helps speed up setup & play a bit, but it's not necessary.

What type of rules do you have questions about?

I highly recommend using the New Player content that's out there, such as the First Game Setup Guide and doing a search on /r/Gloomhaven to read a couple threads of frequently missed rules.

u/sparr · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Fits everything small except the triple hex tiles and the dragon, with some room to spare if you want to separate a few things I left together like the status tokens.

If you pack the box well, all the map tiles stack up to about the same thickness as one plano box, so 3 boxes plus the tiles makes a level stack two boxes wide, and two of these is pretty much the exact footprint of the game box. My game closes about 2" taller than a fully closed box.

u/lurker628 · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

From the Sleeving Guide, there are 505 character ability cards.

At least to my knowledge, enhancements are strictly for ability cards. That said, the point of the sticker set is that they're removable, anyway. I'm using them on the cards themselves, within the sleeves. No worries about stickers coming off while shuffling, for example.

One of these covers stickers for the entire game. It's overkill, but I'm in the "sleeve everything" camp, keeping up as I open new decks. I've been happy with it so far.

u/crazyivan111 · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

There's been some good advice here already, but one thing I haven't seen anyone say yet is to thin your paints. The best way I've found to do this is to put some paint on your palette (ideally a wet palette e.g. $12 from amazon) and then add a drop or two of water to it. The thinner the paint you use, the more coats it will take but the more detail from the model itself is preserved.

u/DuritoBurito · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I have this and really like it. Its a bit pricey and I might NOT get it if I could go back, but I might still get it. Its just not necessary. There are cheaper alternatives that solve the same problems almost 100%. There are plenty of posts around. Plano boxes for monster standees, single and double hex map pieces, and all the health/summon tokens, etc. A binder with these for some of the cards (mainly the items) as well as an accordion folder of some sort for the map tiles (this is suggested on top of the Meeple Realty insert).

I suggest sleeving quite a few of the cards as well, if not all of them. The monster AI decks and all the attack modifier decks get shuffled constantly (Apps coming out to replace this/already available if that is your thing). If you are strapped for cash, i'd suggest spending money on sleeves rather than this.

The base insert in the box is not half bad for the cards (except maybe the monster AI, so if you just get the plano boxes and accordion folder for the map tiles, you really are well off.

u/MAllen22842 · 7 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Removable Stickers:

Reset Guide:

Rip Card Symbol: "...remove the card from the game..." (Page 39)

Maybe I am wrong but ripping the actual cards up is just stupid IMHO. You can (a) reset to play through again choosing different story arcs or (b) resell or (c) gift to a friend or family member.

u/5PeeBeejay5 · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

This from Amazon:

13 pockets; I put most of them two letters per pocket. Pockets for a ziploc with frequently used stuff (dials, attack mods, active events, elements, etc), scenario, rules, perfectly

u/MoreLikeZelDUH · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Yeah, that would be the "or something like that" section. 99% of people are going to go to Amazon and search Gloomhaven and get this response, which will be all second edition:

u/TaruNukes · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Whoops, sorry I didn’t mention that. I keep my map tiles in an accordion folder like this one.

It comes with little paper tabs where you can write down the letters of the alphabet. Since the map tiles only go to M there are just enough slots in the folder, and they’re very easy to access

u/CapnAdorable · 5 pointsr/Gloomhaven

Thanks! If you mean the card sleeve pages, I use these:

I got them cheaper at a local board game/collectible shop that sells the sleeve pages for 30 cents each.

u/SliceMessiah · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

My simplest advice is to buy the removable sticker set from Amazon. Not so much for the stickers, but it comes in a simple pocket folder, and on the inside cover is a checklist for all locations as you first discover them, and as you complete them, as well as checkboxes for Prosperity and I think some other important trackers. For whatever you decide to be your secondary campaign, track your unlocks and progression in pencil on that tracker, so you know where you're at so to speak, but you won't have to interact or mess with stickers for discovered locations or achievements. My husband and I are on a two player campaign, and doing stickers, but using this inside cover to track everything so that when we're done, the location stickers will be on the board, but I can just erase the inside cover marks and start a new campaign with anyone we want to play with. Also, if you really wanted to after doing whatever campaign, you could of course remove all the stickers and use a new set. Personally, I don't care about playing from scratch on a board with all the locations, since I wouldn't expect people to read location names until we arrived there on a scenario. Also, the inside cover handily lists the alphanumeric coordinates of the locations so they're easy to find.

u/xelf · 24 pointsr/Gloomhaven

I strongly reccomend:

  1. for the maps: an Expanding File Folder
  2. for all the pieces: a couple storage boxes I found 2 of these at goodwill for a couple bucks, but they're $3.19 at amazon, so hardly breaking the bank either.
  3. Gloomhaven Helper <--- this will save you so much time in setup, it replaces all of the monster decks with 1 simple tool, for web/pc/android
u/Hawntir · 3 pointsr/Gloomhaven

A half inch 3 ring binder from staples or office depot, and then one order of:

(Check local game store to support them if you can please, but this is an unusual product to find stocked, so amazon link)

u/arduousardor · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Yeah! The base kit is [Reaper Miniatures Learn to Paint Kit](reaper miniatures 08906 learn to paint bones kit

Gives you 2 brushes, paint, figures and instructions on painting.

Then you do the [layer up kit](layer up bones miniatures learn to paint kit reaper miniatures

u/GeneReyva · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'm happy to see it at reasonable prices. It's also £120 on vs the £170 it was before the recent printing got distributed. £120 is also the price I paid and holy shit was it worth every penny.

u/MaoZeSquirrel · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I found some at a local game store (used for xwing miniatures) for a fairly good price. They are listed on amazon but kind of expensive.

u/Crabfist1 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I got this combined M & N since it's one pocket short. But for $6 can't complain.

AmazonBasics Expanding File, Letter Size - Black

u/Themris · 2 pointsr/Gloomhaven

You could just use the removable sticker set on the one map?

Alternatively there are interactive map PDFs available on BGG and plenty of app options.

u/eoddc5 · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

I'll post it here, so others can see.

Paint: Miniature Painting Kit with Bonus...

Brushes: MyArtscape Detail Paint Brush Set -...

Printer: Monoprice Mini Delta 3D Printer With...

u/isjhe · 1 pointr/Gloomhaven

Here's what I'm using right now:

  • Planko boxes go a very long way towards taming the beast. I'm using 3 right now, but I think if I get a binder for the store cards I could go down to 2. (
  • 100 pack of heavy cardboard CD cases (, these work GREAT for holding enemy stat cards, standees, and action deck.
  • A large accordion binder for the rule books, cheat sheets, and all ground tiles, which I was able to organize alphabetically. (Pretty close to this
  • Some misc cardboard boxes I had hanging around for storing larger cards and figurine boxes. I separate things with colored spacers. (

    I can close the box with the binder outside, and setup is super fast with only the enemy folders labeled. I had some of the stuff already, I think I'm all in for <$50. I think game night tensions would run too high without some good organization. Our first mission was hell partly due to not knowing what anything was, or being able to find anything at all.