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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

This is usually caused by the comb filter in the TV. You can verify by temporarily switching to the s-video output on your player; if the issue goes away when using s-video, it's verification that the TV's comb filter is the culprit.

If you'd prefer to work with the hardware you've already got, you can simply stick with using the s-video connector, and the issue should be resolved. If you'd prefer something better, it's time to investigate either a better TV or an outboard processor.

There are a number of very inexpensive ($50 or less) composite to HDMI converters on the market, but the CF chipset in the majority of them is going to be similar to what's in your TV, the results won't be worth the cost, and you're better off sticking with what you've got.

For just a little more ($85 USD) you can go with a [Blackmagic SDI to HDMI Micro converter] (, it's among the best quality low-cost units on the market, and is a very "low fuss" unit, requiring no configuration or setup aside from just getting it connected.

There are only 2 caveats:

  1. You'll need an [RCA to BNC adapter] ( for the end of the composite cable that connects to the coverter. They're very cheap.

  2. The Micro doesn't handle audio, so you'll still need to send all audio either to your Denon or to the TV.

    It's also worth noting that the micro unit does not scale, but your TV should scale the HDMI input to match it's native resolution, so it's kind of moot.

    If you want to bump up from the Micro, Blackmagic also offers a [Mini] (, which adds 4:4:4 sampling, scaling, and audio passthrough to the Micro's spec sheet. It's [$100 more than the Micro] ( but may be worth the cost to you.

    I wouldn't bother with anything more expensive or more advanced than that unless you're also interested in upgrading your TV player; and in all honesty, these units (especially the Mini) work well even with higher-end hardware, so you've got headroom to continue using either of them even if you upgrade down the line.
u/idioma · 2 pointsr/LaserDisc

Your best bet is a DVD Recorder with VHS. I had one from Panasonic that output HDMI at 720p or 1080i. If you can find something with similar specs (VHS and HDMI) from another brand, I would say go for it. This is a link to the model I had: (Amazon). Don’t let that price fool you. I got mine at Goodwill for $15. And I still see comparable units for under $30 pretty often. YMMV.

Why VHS and HDMI matters: better analog video processors. Some DVD recorders are only designed for high quality MPEG2 reproduction. And they scale to 1080p really well, but only do a basic pass through on composite video sources. DVD Recorders with VHS are much more likely to have a video signal process with features like advanced comb filtering, deinterlacing, chroma and luma noise reduction, and the option to scale at a native 4:3 screen ratio, or stretched 16:9.

Good luck.

u/replicantx · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

I have had good luck with Diskeeper! 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves. They seem thick enough and are a pretty good deal as well.

u/alissa914 · 2 pointsr/LaserDisc

I got a good one as I've tried a few. Many of the Chinese ones you get on Amazon almost always stretch the 4:3 signal to 16:9 or have interlace issues. The one I got that didn't do that is from Avermedia.


Not only does it keep the ratio at 4:3 but it outputs the video at 480i without attempting to deinterlace it or "upscale" it to 720p or 1080p... just 480i as it is and the result is very good actually. I mean... it's not perfect but it's better than the $20 converters Amazon sells. It can run off the USB port of your receiver and then you hook it up accordingly.

And you shouldn't need to worry about the digital output from the player. Most receivers I've seen will let you use a different audio input channel.... I'm not exactly sure if HDMI allows you to (I know my inexpensive one does).... but if not, you can hook it into a composite input on your receiver and then take that composite output using this converter to your TV. Either way outputs just fine.

u/glorifiedextra · 5 pointsr/LaserDisc

First, if your TV has a composite input, just use that. Composite to HDMI converters have spotty quality at best. What model TV do you have? Do you have any other equipment with Composite inputs? A HT receiver or a VCR/DVD combo with HDMI out?

As for a remote, Logitech Harmony remotes still support laserdisc players. This is the one that I have and it operates my Pioneer CLD-D406 perfectly.

u/SayzMeanThings · 2 pointsr/LaserDisc

Oh wow, I'd almost forgotten about that one!

Eric Bogosian is a talented dude, and that was one of my two favorites of his films. I was 13 when it came out, a little young to fully appreciate it, but I remember watching it again in my early twenties and finding it really "touched home".

Looks like it's available [to stream in HD via Amazon] (, I think I'll watch it again this weekend.

u/CletusVanDamnit · 6 pointsr/LaserDisc

I would personally buy some poster board and trace a laserdisc on it so you have the right size, and then buy some of these stick-on DVD hubs to add to it so you can stick the discs on like in that X-Men trilogy picture.

Also this is a really cool idea, hope you'll come back and show us what you did after you figure it out!

u/smashingyngman · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

Yeah, I've read that it's appeared occasionally on Netflix throughout the past couple of years. I've personally never seen it on there. Good to know that there's an HD version out there somewhere, though.

EDIT: You can also buy an HD version from Amazon for $7.99 here

u/GeneralissimoFranco · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

Modern tvs are terrible at displaying standard definition content. Laserdisc players were often optimized for tube tvs. Even a cheap upscaler (just like what you get in an upscaling dvd players) might help some with the picture quality.

u/spilk · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

should be able to find it just about anywhere, it's pretty common stuff. I have this kind, but any other brand would probably be fine:

u/nightwheel · 3 pointsr/LaserDisc

I use my Pioneer CLD-V2400 LD player on this:

Looks as good as if I was watching a DVD on this TV

u/CptMelkor · 3 pointsr/LaserDisc

Thanks! Go ahead and post. The frame is from Amazon but they're currently out. In fact, I had to get some "Used" frames when I purchased.

u/OyVeyzMeir · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

The Intensity is decent quality and will do what you want. To get digital in, you can use a cheapo USB sound card to capture from like this one ( You just have to make sure to keep the video and audio in sync!

As for capturing Dolby Digital; I don't know of a solution. SPDIF stereo/matrix Dolby Surround is as good as it gets I believe. Now, I haven't tried this but you theoretically SHOULD be able to capture DTS LDs in full 6 channel because the audio is stored on the regular PCM tracks as PCM and output as S/PDIF data. So long as you figure out how to store it bit-perfect (meaning no sample rate conversion, etc), spitting it back out into a receiver should give you 6 channel DTS.

u/93darkknight · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

I would've been on to those but recently just purchased THIS !

u/MK-Ultra25 · 3 pointsr/LaserDisc

Yep. There was also at least one other earlier edition from 1988, but the 1995 one is the one to have.

I also have a near-complete run of the Laser Disc Newsletter (later the DVD/Laser Disc Newsletter) that the reviews in the Companion were taken from. I'm missing the first 40-odd issues, but I have everything else from 1988 up until last year, when I finally let my subscription lapse. You can download an index of all the reviews published in the newsletter at Doug Pratt's website.

u/TheStig827 · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

I've been getting these frames (Amazon)
They also have a handy 6-pack to save some money if you're getting a few of them: (Amazon)
They're cheap, but the frames are aluminum, and just thick enough to cover up some minor corner damage. They're also dual sided, so you can take them off the wall and see the back of the jacket too.