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u/yeahyeaya · 7 pointsr/Lineman

Obviously there will be differing opinions on what brands to get, but this list below shows you can get everything you need for under $1500. Some of the tools are new, some used. Lineman gear is meant to take a beating so buying used is the way to go imo.

105 gear bag

25 lineman pliers

14 Adjustable wrench

75 lineman wrench

12 6" flat screwdriver

17 folding ruler

21 skinning knife

14 420 channel lock adjustable pliers

15 3/4 9/16 box wrench

47 milled face hammer

200 climbers/gaffs AND pads

?? Climber shields
Dont need unless they wont let you climb without

?? Gaff shatpening kit
Dont need. I have one, never used in 5 years and gaffs are still sharp. Just dont walk around on gravel in your hooks and your climbers will stay sharp. Plus everyone else will have a kit if you really need it.

350 supersqueeze. Like someone else said, call buckinham and see what kind of deal you can get as an apprentice.

52 tool holster

27 nut and bolt bag

150 buck adjuster/ secondary strap

6 belt hook green

Body belt $100-200 used.... may come with tool pouch and or nut bag so if it does, deduct the allowance for each of those respectively.
Search ebay for "lineman belt d(your size)" here is how you figure out your size

30 rain gear. You dont need fr rain gear, just something that will get you through school.

10 gloves.. any old gloves will do. I prefer all leather. Something like these

5 safety glasses

Chin strap dont need

Side shields dont nees unless you wear glasses

Insulated gauntlet gloves dont need. If you need insulated gloves just go to home depot

50 Gut strap dont need but some guys find climbing more comfortable with one

11 gaff guards if you buy used hooks and they dont come with gaff guards

200-350 composite toe climbing boots. I reccomend composite toe because they offer the safety of steel toe but your toes dont freeze off in the winter.Example

$1425 total. Can be more or less depending on what you choose or what deals you find.

u/silentbravo · 1 pointr/Lineman

They also asked what type of materials linemen use.

It may be worth buying The Lineman's and Cableman's Handbook for anyone else interested. I've seen it recommended, and it may even be a required book in the schooling itself. That would definitely give you good answers.

On amazon here

ISBN-10: 0071850031
ISBN-13: 978-0071850032

u/CarrotSoap · 2 pointsr/Lineman

Thanks for the replies guys, I've found this here

Combined with a hammer clip do you think that'll do the job?

The tools u/YashinNashi mentioned is the plan to fit in there.

u/iant419 · 3 pointsr/Lineman

This is what I use and it works way better than dykes. They also easily cut nails and such.


u/parametrek · 1 pointr/Lineman

You might want to try /r/flashlight. There are also rubber hard hat straps that should fit most headlamps.

u/RightHandMan90 · 3 pointsr/Lineman

Hey, I really hope this gets upvoted, but what you are complaining about is the beginning of carpal tunnel from the vibration. My suggestion (and I’ve had to do this before) is buy these or similar ones for each wrist and sleep wearing them every night.

The reason why you have the pain is from sleeping and having your wrists bent so the tendons can’t relax. Trust me on this you will feel better. (Like I said I had the same issue from vibration and the surgeon I went to suggested this)

I will also add that while this will help and ultimately keep you from doing permanent damage this is only a temporary (3ish months) solution. If you keep doing the repetitive action causing this you will do permanent damage and workers comp will not pay for repetitive motion injuries. So start using the wrist braces now.