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u/Frirish11 · 5 pointsr/Maine

Bradbury Mountain is a decent day trip from Portland, plus you could stop in Freeport and shop and eat lunch at the (supposedly) haunted Jameson's Tavern. The staff there will show you a book about the haunting if you ask about it. The hike at Bradbury Mountain is easy, they have one easy trail and one more difficult, but it's not really that hard, either way.

The wildlife refuge in Gray is also nice. Only open in the warmer months, of course:

Wolfe's Neck State Park:

And Wolfe's Neck Farm:

If you look on this page, there are several places listed, and Tidebrook is not to be missed:

Gilsland Farm, closer to Portland:

Scarborough Marsh, where we have rented canoes and drifted along, seeing birds and such, very peaceful:

We have also taken day trips to Boothbay, Bailey's Island, Popham Beach, George Reid State Park, and a lot of places in and around Ellsworth along the coast. Deer Island/Stonington is also a great place, if you go up to Ellsworth and then take the road down to there, the views are fantastic.

I agree Western Maine is fantastic, the drive thru Rangeley and Height of Land, while first visiting Smalls Falls is lovely. You can climb up along the falls, as well as dip into the pool at the bottom.

There is also a place just above Paris, where you can sort and sift for tourmalines, Maine's gemstone, on Route 26:

If you go a bit South of them, there is a gas station that serves hot and cold sandwiches, which you could then take a couple miles down the road to Snow Falls Gorge:

Other places to consider are The Forks, and Moxie Falls, and there are people who rent and do guides for white water rafting, and perhaps renting a cabin in Belgrade lakes area. We stayed at this place last year, to get away, and it was very quiet, dog friendly, and campfires every night, supper is BYOB:

Get you a Maine Gazetteer and just go out and drive around and explore! So much to do and see, especially in the warmer months.

You might need it because cell service is sketchy in a lot of Maine, and well, the GPS always wants you to get on the highway or go the most direct route, but that's not always the most fun, is it? :-)

u/Erulastiel · 2 pointsr/Maine

When driving in the snow and you feel yourself start slipping, don't brake and let your foot off the gas. Just guide your car carefully to where you want it to go. Once you've got it under control, slowly press the gas. Don't expect to stop when you push the brake either. So you're going to want to prepare to stop way ahead of time. Slowly press the brake. You're going to slide, but don't panic, just take it slow and don't force your car to do anything. If you don't feel comfortable driving during a snowstorm, don't go out.

Scrapers, de-icer windshield washing fluid, shovels, snow tires, all season windshield wipers, and snow brushes are going to be your best friend this winter. You're going to want multiple scrapers and snow brushes too. Bring one inside to keep by the front door so that if it snows overnight, you don't have to un cover your car with your hands to get inside it to get to the brush.

Wear layers. Some days are going to be really friggin cold. Others are going to be tolerable. Others are going to be "warm." There are many days that the weather will not be able to make up its mind. Waterproof clothing such as boots, jackets, and gloves are also going to be your best friend. Waterproof boots are really going to help you when you go to the Bangor Walmart this winter. You need a canoe to get across the parking lot in the winter and during/ after heavy rain. I'm not even exaggerating... Well maybe a little, but the water is deep enough to go up to your ankles. When it's 10 degrees Fahrenheit outside, that water is cold. I recommend wearing a ski jacket rather than a dressy one. I find them to be warmer and they're more water resistant.

When it comes to heating your place of residence this winter, you're going to want to keep it at 68 degrees. You're going to think it's cold, but it's going to save you money when it comes to heating oil costs. It's fairly expensive. But 68 will keep your pipes from freezing and keep you warm(ish). Keep blankets and sweaters on hand if you get cold and get acquainted with your slippers. I'd only recommend turning up if you just cannot get warm or the temperature drops below 0. If you live in an apartment, it should already be insulated and up to code for the cold states. So should most houses. Blackout curtains help keep cold out and heat in (and vice versa in the summer). Draft guards will also help you keep out the cold.

u/nateatwork · 3 pointsr/Maine

Hey, I can help you!

First, get a dual UHF/VHF antenna. This is the one I use. You can buy one on Amazon or at the South Portland Best Buy for $99.99.

This antenna should pretty much pick up NBC, ABC, and CBS no matter where you mount it. I have mine indoors on the first floor.

To get FOX, you'll need to point the antenna so that it's facing almost due north. The FOX antenna is up near Farmington for some reason. You may have to mess with the direction a little, but you should be able to get FOX in crystal clear HD with great reception.

These are my experiences over on Woodford St in Portland. Best of luck to you!

u/mushpuppy · 2 pointsr/Maine

This game looks awesome! Truly, truly. Be sure to post about it in /r/IndieGaming.

Spend the time on it; read the chapter in Blood, Sweat, & Pixels about Stardew Valley, then get the game right.

Cheers and best to ya.

u/VanceFerguson · 3 pointsr/Maine

Everyone is offering up permerthin, which is great and works. I'd also say that Repel has a lemon eucalyptus spray that, in addition to working pretty well in general, seems to also reduce ticks climbing on you.

Good luck!

u/mainlydank · 1 pointr/Maine

You could consider a small carbon scrubber. This will eliminate the smoked smell from getting out of your apartment. Depending on how big the room you normally smoke is, will depend what size carbon filter you will need. With the fan to run it, will cost you about ~$180 for a bedroom or small living room.

I know not cheap, but there will literally be no smell in the room 20 minutes after you have smoked. And smell will never make it out of that room.

The fan will last 5+ years, but the filter will need to be replaced every few years.

This filter would be perfect, for a bigger room maybe go to the 6x20" size (they make other sizes not listed in this amazon link), or whatever one they make near that.

For fan, the Cap Valuline 6", or Hurricane 6" fan will work fine.

edit: if this is too "ugly" for you or your family. A Honeywell type HEPA filter with carbon will also work, however the amount of carbon they use is very minimal compared to what I linked, and will need replacing every few months. However you are going to pay a premium for the HEPA filter part of it. And that part will not do anything for smoke odors.

If you are a DIY'er you can make your own also, but its almost not worth it because its very hard to pack the carbon without a paint shaker type machine. So it doesnt end up being nearly as efficient at removing smells.

Also Ozium original scent works pretty well for masking the smell in the meantime. During Spring, Summer and fall. If you get a window fan blowing out and make sure there is negative pressure in your apartment, this should suffice. The negative pressure part is key to that plan working.

u/papamonzano · 6 pointsr/Maine

Get a copy of the maine atlas and gazetteer. It has a lot of points of interest and campgrounds of different types (developed, primitive, lean-to, etc.). It also has most of the larger trails in the state and info about where the gates are, impasses, etc. Camping locations are everywhere, though i usually find a nice secluded spot on the map away from any marked points of interest or developed camp grounds and drive in, find a spot and set up. More times than not, i'll end up in a great spot and not see another person the whole trip.

u/radministator · 2 pointsr/Maine

Here you go!

Full duplex, wireless, B&W laser for ~$110. Trust me, you'll be happy. Toner cartridges for these are inexpensive (~$48 for a high yield, 2600 page count) and the units last forever. I have an HL-2040 (earlier revision of this series) with over 100K print jobs.

Oh, and the toner won't go bad on you like ink will if you don't print for a month.

u/bangorlol · 2 pointsr/Maine

I've owned a couple by this brand - I disagree. These ones are a pain to clean and have parts that wear out much faster. They're also more prone to leaks due to the cheap plastic and gaskets they use internally.

This is the best one I've found thus far. It's not as "sit, shit, and forget" as the underseat ones, but in terms of cleaning and utility it's much better. Aesthetically it looks nicer, too.

u/xach · 3 pointsr/Maine

American Nations by Mainer Colin Woodard might also help you make sense of cultural differences between the regions. It's a good read. Welcome to Yankeedom!

u/hnice · 2 pointsr/Maine

So, i do use a tivo which I had prior to cutting cable. It sometimes seems a little silly, since I now only get like a dozen channels and given the availability of online tv. Not sure whether I'm going to keep it, but it does know about the OTA channels.

Re: antenna, here's what I've got:

though it looks like maybe that model has been discontinued. this one looks like it:

I also got the stand for it, which is easy to find. I screwed it to an old wood crate just to get it to the same height as the window it looks out of.

The window itself, as I mentioned, faces north, which is where most of the stations are (relative to portland). There's a site that will make a map for your address here:

I run it through a 75 ft coax into the basement, then up through the floor to the tivo. About 2 hrs worth of work all in.

u/EraserGirl · 1 pointr/Maine

i keep a Etón American Red Cross ARCFR160WXR Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger
and a hand crank flashlight in my red backpack with all my emergency supplies...

recently i picked up a Pelican 2410-016-247 Flashlight with Photoluminescent Shroud, BEST flashlight i have ever owned...i keep it in my everyday carry these streetlights on my street.

u/Jah348 · 7 pointsr/Maine

Here's the cheapest alternative I can find.

Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

SE - Hip Flask & Funnel Set - Stainless Steel, 8 oz, 2 Pc

(sorry for being a smart ass, best of luck to ya)

u/HexyTime · 1 pointr/Maine

Seems like clear QAM is on the way out:( I tried an indoor antenna years ago but you guys have convinced me to try again.

Any suggestions on antennas? i was looking at this one since the farthest tower is 45 miles away.

u/Digipete · 1 pointr/Maine

I fell in love with Ironclad Tundra gloves when I worked in reclaimed lumber one winter. They lasted all winter long and my principal job was removing metal out of beams.

In all fairness, they might not be quite as warm as the warmest gloves out there, but warm enough and still be able to do high functioning shit with your hands? Yeah, they are worth the money.

Last? They lasted the whole winter doing work were I would blow through a set of double palm work gloves every two weeks during the summer.

u/AyEmDublyu · 1 pointr/Maine

Forgot to add: I own and can recommend this book, it's a good resource: Ultimate Acadia: 50 Reasons to Visit Acadia National Park