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u/curryisforGs · 3 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Here, this Seiko fits the bill perfectly, should do better than anything else you can get. Plus you can wear it at all occasions, super classy.

u/LegendofPisoMojado · 3 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

This Puma POS. I've got a couple eco-drives and an older TAG I bought when I graduated That I wear about 3x per year. But the puma thing is the most comfortable. I wear it almost all the time.

Gonna answer OP while I'm here. I lurk on /r/watches because I like nice watches. I don't understand the whole Seiko thing; it's every other post. And IRL I'm too cheap to spend the money on anything worth posting. I don't have 5k in clothes. I'm not gonna spend that on a watch. I come here because it kinda takes the piss out of the borderline buffoonery on /r/watches. Sometimes I see watches and have to check which sub I'm on because the comments can be so similar. Plus this sub provides amusement.

u/JMCraig · 0 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Well actually adjusts glasses, polishes NATO Barack Obama wears a specially personalized Jorg Gray chronograph presented to him by the secret service. Heres a better alternative. Youre all welcome.

u/Granite_State · 3 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

/unjerk/ I need help deciding. Do you guys think I should go with this Kenneth Cole, or this Fossil?

/re-jerk/ My new watch came in the mail today! My wife was like "OMG don't you already have that one?"

u/hatchr · 2 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Could I recommend one from the princess collection ? Or perhaps this one with luminous hands for easier closet reading.

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Clearly a Seiko "homage" I put that word in quotes because it's a blatant rip off. Funny though, they couldn't even be bothered to put the sub dials in the correct place.

u/PShap · 6 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

$50k-$100k price range.

my parents are buying it

wat i should get

i like this COOL watch or this one

u/Seeker80 · 3 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

A mesh band with interlock clasp like this is probably as close as it gets without going custom.

u/scuderia_Rosso · 7 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Replica watch discussions are not allowed here, please buy the original real version and report back.

u/vintagefoodie · 0 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

This is the Seiko SNK809 K2. The watch comes in four dial colours with matching canvas strap. SNK803 (beige), SNK805 (green), SNK807 (blue) and SNK809 (black). Here's the amazon link to the model pictured above

u/HeroBlues · 5 pointsr/WatchesCirclejerk

Fuck the Mods right in their fucking "Penis Twelve-Marker". Everyone knows there is one watch and we already know how much that watch costs (it's a good deal).

Now, if you ask me how much my NATO costs? I may have to kill you.