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u/Hopehopehope4ever · 20 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

These eye drops called Lumify really are one of the best creations I have seen in years.
They are pricey, but just an amazing product.
Your eyes are so clear in 2 minutes. Your whites are so bright it’s unreal. I recommend investing in these. I don’t drink anymore but I wish I had them when I was a boozer. Even if your eyes don’t look red or drunkie, they will just make you look “better”!!! Now go shop girllllll!!!! 😊😊

LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops 0.25 Fl Oz (7.5mL)

u/Montreallow · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I'm glad you posted.

Yes. The cutting out everyone is hard. I'm the only "problem drinker/alcoholic" in my social group, but every single person/friend I have in my life enjoys a glass of wine after dinner, or a beer or two at a BBQ. I already feel a criplling lonlieness trying to get sober, but to also do it in isolation would be too much. I can't understand cutting contact with say your alcoholic friends if the only thing you do is drink, but that's different.

The one I went to was small, and it was like an ole boys club of men who had all been sober for ages and knew each other for years. so it was a lot of playful insults to each other/inside jokes. I was probably by two decades the youngest person, one of only two women and clean like two days. It was not a fit.

=And yes, I would do exactly the same as you. Enjoy a pint or two with friends, then drink vodka at home alone.

So. What are you plans now. There is also a different recovery program I've been meaning to check out called Refuge that is Buddhist based? ( They have meetings in my town and a couple of the folks in my SMART group go and have positive things to say.

u/MindfulDrugHoover · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

~~ According to bactrack's web site, their three professional range items have the same sensor and 4 digit read out. The biggest difference seems to be response time and case design - as well as the one you linked, there's one with a readout facing the tube, and a mini one that isn't really much smaller then the S80. The S80 wins out on response time - 3 vs 10 secs, but the Element is twenty bucks cheaper and more compact. They both~~

OK who the fuck cares, approved (and presumably used) by the DOT sounds pretty good to me, the price is reasonable, and these guys rate it the best on the market and they're not selling them (I was pleasantly surprised to find that site exists...).

u/drunkensockmonkey · 5 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

If she can not get out of bed at all anymore, adult diapers, and chux. Not paid for by insurance afaik, can get very costly. The are disposable chux ($$$$$) and washable ones.

IF she can stand and pivot with help, then this:

You should be able to get a script for this so insurance will pay for it.

I know this is prob freaking y'all out. Trust me, I know. NEVER did I ever think I would be seeing my dad naked, or my mom. Took care of both of them. It just became natural. They needed something taken care of so it was taken care of.

I like to think of it as my final gift to them, the taking care of and being there part. I would not change a thing. Just an fyi, I had my hand on my dad's heart, taking his pulse, when it just. stopped. beating. I have not thought about this in a long time. Suddenly it is raining in my eyeballs.

Anyway, it can be very stressful. Please do not worry about your job, etc. These things have away of working out. I know how much you love your Grandma and vice versa. The very most important thing, is to have NO REGRETS after she is gone. There is no do over. Take care buddy. You know how to find me. I will PM you my # if you like.

u/arbitrarysquid · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

You! You seem to be the kind of person I need to talk to!

So I do photography and video, that's mainly what I need a video card for.

I have this motherboard and this cpu

right now, I'm running it on the onboard GPU, which is ok, but it's slow as fuck. So I thought, hey, what can I add to this to make it work better and support a bunch of monitors? and I bought this beast and used an angle grinder to open up my case so it would fit, but then I realized that the custom extra cooler it came with (bought it used) covers up like the next three slots, making it unusable for this application. I'm keeping that card to build a crazy multi-screen display unit, so I'm not worried about that.

But what I want is like the most processing GPU I can get for video for my motherboard. Multiple displays (3 or more) would be great. but it can't be gigantic. any ideas what I should get?

u/Xyc0 · 5 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism
  • Pectinase is super cheap and will improve the flavor exponentially.
  • 6 gallon jug with 5 gallons of apple juice sounds more sensible.
  • Bakers yeast is fine, a tablespoon of egg white might help clarify that a bit if you care about that sort of thing. I don't.
  • Check to make sure there is no preservative in the apple juice. Frozen applejuice is super cheap with no preservatives.

    I like the idea of using moldy bread, I might try that in a single gallon batch of mead.
u/Lucren_333 · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I just started taking this stuff about 2 weeks ago. I do have more energy the next day but its probably because I'm just replacing all the shit I lost from the day before.
They have Lyte caps for hydration but I haven't tried them yet.
Serious Liver Support & Liver Detox (With Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Reishi Mushroom, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bupleurum)

u/howdidyouevendothat · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Collection of posture and core strength exercises with descriptions and pics

Tubing like this for some of them - in some cases you can tie a knot in the tubing and close it in a door to hold it in place. Or stand on it, depending on the exercise. Doesn't matter if you don't have tubing though, just don't do those exercises; the rest are totally sufficient.

These are to make your stability muscles work harder while you do some of the exercises - expensive and not necessary, maybe could stand on a pillow or blanket or something instead. Kind of nice though.

Most important exercises IMO:

  • TA activation
  • Scapular wall slide (great for a pause while computing)
  • Runner start
  • Standing hip abduction
  • Glute bridge
  • Last ones with the 5 stick figures where you lay face-down on the floor and hold your arms in different configurations. This one is the best one for teaching upper body less shitty posture.

    Anybody feel free to IM me if you want clarity on the exercises.
u/Turdle_Muffins · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

I honestly don't know a lot about them, as I've not really ever taken much of them. Magnesium is just one I picked up from my dad. This is the brand I personally favored vs buying cheap drug store tablets. The thing with magnesium, though, is you have to be deficient with it to begin with. That completely depends on your normal diet. Here is a more in depth article on it.

That being said. If you're not getting enough in your diet, than taking the right amount is almost like eating a bit of valium. The times that I used it the most were when I couldn't afford to drink every night, and it definitely helped getting to sleep, not to mention just generally feeling better.

I need to pick some up now that this has been brought up.

u/triceratopses · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I own a copy of The Craft of the Cocktail and it is thoroughly amazing. I also have Bartending for Dummies and it is pretty good as well.

u/DocSampson · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

This one. Has the best reviews. It is expensive but if it saves you from a DUI it's money well spent. It really surprised me that I was over the legal limit after a full 8-10 hours of sleep.

BACtrack S80 Professional Breathalyzer, Portable Breath Alcohol Tester

u/anarchyandbacon · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Oh man, that album is easily in my top 5 of all time. I stumbled onto Amazon this afternoon, and saw this... think I'm going to treat myself this year.

u/globaldu · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

Better yet, order Run with the hunted, which is a compilation of his work by his good friend and editor, John Martin.

$1.25 used, plus shipping.

EDIT: And, while his books are worth every penny, the man is dead. He won't get the royalties, so here's Post Office

u/Gin_Intoxic · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

What do you think about this breathalyzer? It's the highest rated on Amazon. And it's a fuel cell.

u/user808a · 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism

I have found the $130 BACtrack S80 to be very consistent.

u/whaathe · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

Yah I been thinking of buying one myself. Seems like there is two distinct types: semiconductor or fuel cell. The first is your cheap and crappy, the second is not-so-cheap and good-ish. No BAC tester is completely accurate from a breath read. But the fuel-cell ones tend to be consistent and fairly accurate (maybe be over-cautious if you're thinking of driving though.. the +/- variance could fuck you up).

The particular one which I am personally thinking of buying is BACtrack S80.. on special at the moment. Recently there was a BAC breathalyzer installed at work which I've used a half a dozen times which has got me thinking about this.. Apparently my "oh cool finally got a buzz going" level is 0.21 :/