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u/JayGlass · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

There's nominally one on Amazon right now -- I almost grabbed it/ cancelled my pre-order at excaliber until I realized that the Amazon listing is also from excaliber so I'm just crossing my fingers.

This seems to be the last batch of the 7th gen cpu ones so if you can hold out until April the 8th gen do sound pretty sweet. I'd personally rather sooner since I've been looking to replace my laptop since last fall, but the 8th gen cpu looks like a nice consolation prize if it comes to it.

u/adylalekperov · 1 pointr/gigabyte

I doubt it, but I'd say we can definitely try doing WD 2TB and see if it works. I'm ordering it right now through amazon and I will let you know if it works. The price seems valid for 2tb option.

u/SgtBaxter · 1 pointr/gigabyte

Yes that will work just fine, looks like that slot supports x4 PCI and SATA.

I take it this is just extra storage? You could probably use an x2 NVMe like this MyDigitalSSD 1TB or SATA m.2 and save some money. You likely won't notice much difference between the 3 if using it just for storage.

As long as the drive is formatted it should just show up when you install it.

u/_wbdana · 1 pointr/gigabyte

Tagging /u/kimblesss

My Ripjaws are still lost in the mail, I don't expect to get them at this point and have initiated a refund process, so I likely won't have the chance to test those out.

However, maybe you guys have seen this before, maybe not, but I did find this page where the user "jrmtz85" says he got Corsair Vengeance DDR4 CMSX32GX4M2A2666C18 running at 2666MHz. Consequently, I just ordered this exactly, which appears to be the same model from Amazon and will be trying that instead. They should arrive on Tuesday, 10/2, so hopefully I will be able to let you know if they worked for me later that evening.

I do hope the Ripjaws work out for you guys, though. If I somehow wind up receiving the Ripjaws I will try them and let you know, otherwise, I'll post again on Tuesday/Wednesday and let you know if I got the Corsair RAM working.

Edit: Tagging /u/gleep52 as well because I figure this stuff is so poorly documented outside of the NotebookReview forum thread, which is nearly impossible to search adequately, that you guys might be interested.

u/RaymondLC92 · 3 pointsr/gigabyte

ThreadRipper does not support bootable\hardware NVMe RAID.

You can use an NVMe SSD as your boot drive and you can use software RAID on the two 960 PROs.
I have two 1TB NVMe 960 EVOs (The 2TB 960 PRO is ~$300 more expensive) and have been using RAID0 on the Z170 platform for a while.

The lack of support for this on threadripper is upsetting but it is said to be coming later:

> What the X399 doesn't give you is the ability to utilize NVMe SSDs in a bootable RAID. We reached out to a few industry sources and learned that X399 will allow users to build an array with SATA products and boot from it, but AMD hasn't employed a way to boot from NVMe SSDs together in a RAID 0 array like Intel. We were also told that AMD is going to enable the feature, but there isn't a firm timeline. It's one thing to talk about booting from an array of speedy next-generation storage devices that can surpass 5,000MB/s with just two drives; it's another thing to actually deliver.

> Source: Tom's Hardware - AMD X399 Supports Bootable SATA RAID, But Not NVMe RAID

u/ClintLugert · 1 pointr/gigabyte

Well dammit. I'm having the same problem. I bought this stick from V-Color, trying to match the original RAM as best I could.

What a hassle this is. Thanks for the help guys. My machine does work properly with that extra stick removed. I'll let you know if I get "Lucky."

Is there maybe some sort of CMOS reboot or something I could do to make the machine remember how to use power (Fuzzy memory of doing things like this on old machines)

u/Veraxis · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

Just thought I would throw in my own findings in case anyone else stumbles across this thread like I did.

I ended up getting this case in two sizes:

The 14-15.4" size is a very snug fit, but does fit inside. The 15.6" size has a lot more room inside, but that also means it might move around inside. I'm debating whether the 15.4" one will break in a bit with time or to just use the 15.6" one.

Also got one of these shuttles for longer distance travel:

Again, not a super tight fit, but good enough for me and big enough to fit more stuff when travelling.


u/wilberfan · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

I actually ordered a lo-profile cooler--but mistakenly ordered the wrong one. So I'm using the stock cooler. I'll spring for something beefier if you think it will make a significant difference...
This is the one I had meant to order:

Yes, the Ryzen is the "5 2400G"

[edit] Feel free to recommend something you think would work better...! :)

u/briven · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

I ended up buying the 2x16 32gb 2666mhz CL16 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT today ("used" on Amazon for $90 right now!) so will report back how well it works in my Aero. I assume the 6 likes on this post mean others are curious.

u/Bobhaggard859 · 1 pointr/gigabyte

why not go with the 4k oled panel for the 2060 :) It's much nicer looking. I have the 1660ti 4K oled. Sofware Engineer uses here myself

u/Errelal · 1 pointr/gigabyte

You're welcome.

I also found it on


What is your local Amazon? Maybe I can help find it so you don't spend a fortune on postage AND if you ever need to return for warranty that won't be super expensive either.


Indian Amazon

u/Faltzer2142 · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

It could be ram or just the whole x570 architecture. I have read similar stories about it from other mobos all over the web.

This is the ram the I am using.

I bought 2 kits for 32gb. I am running all four of them at their Max XMP values and getting around 22 to 24 seconds of boot times according to the windows task manager.

My 2600k asrock build was a lot faster compare to my new build like you mentioned.

u/redpotion1 · 2 pointsr/gigabyte

It was already hard to find them back then, it seems it's even harder to find skins now. I've found this one, not sure if they ship to UK :

For your information, I didn't buy any. I have very light scratches on the lid and nowhere else. You need to be quite close to spot them.

The middle hinge won't be a problem by the way, the build is pretty solid.

u/brain_the_train · 1 pointr/gigabyte

I have the Gigabyte Aero 15 OLED and the Index works fine with the usbc on left side of the laptop that supports display port 1.4.

Here is the adapter I am using:

u/wwants · 1 pointr/gigabyte

I bought my Z390 Aorus Pro on Amazon. Looks like it's still available.

Edit: link

u/SoCalMike78 · 1 pointr/gigabyte

Thanks! I ended up ordering the RTX 2070 with i7-9750H and it should arrive Monday. I called Gigabyte and they felt the 2080 would be limited based on power or something and probably not worth the upgrade. I will replace the 2GB RAM cards with 2 16GB cards once I receive it: