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u/4wh457 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Get a high end, silent 2070 Super model instead (such as this). The performance difference between the 2070 Super and 2080 Super really isn't worth the price especially considering the performance gains a 2070 Super with a high factory overclock running at lower temps (= higher effective boost clocks) has compared to the stock 2070 Super. You gotta remember that the 2070 Super is basically a 2080 non-super and the 2080 Super is only slightly faster than a regular 2080, much smaller difference than 2060 vs 2060 Super or 2070 vs 2070 Super.

u/mragentgrover · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I recommend the Dell S2417DG Its only 24inch and TN but its a great bang for the buck. I have it and love the monitor. Had it for about 18 months no issues so far.


I got mine on sale for 350$ but anything below 400$ is a decent price.



As for the 2080 I have the 2080 FE it has good thermals and like the aesthetic but Id normally recommend a EVGA SC for any Nvidia card.


Id switch your cooler to the Be quite Dark Rock silent 4. And upgraded you to a 2tb drive since its few $ more. Also you have an 8700k you dont need z390 so id bump that back to z370.


I updated your list if you are interested in my thoughts.



GL and nice build!


EDIT: Price correction and spelling

u/BigBeard86 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

ok...the install was a bit complicated due to the fact that these cards have vrms on 2 sides of the board. the vrm that are near the IO end of the pcb are very close to some resistors, making it very difficult to find heatsinks that can fit in the narrow gap.


for the vram and the majority of the vrm, I used this:


for the vrm in the narrow lane, I was able to use this old aluminum heatsink I had for my AMD 290 when I had the kraken on that. I do not know if they make it anymore, but it was a perfect fit. the plate of the long aluminum sink was skinny enough to fit on top the vrm without being blocked by the nearby resistors.


I used an old thermal pad (fujipoly...which seems a lot more sticker than phobia, which was very oily, but maybe because the phobia was new and that I think of it maybe the phobia would've worked well too if I heated it and evaporated the oils) on the bottom of that aluminum heatsink and then used seksui thermal tape to attach it to the card, and secure it even more with zipties (though this was an extreme precaution).


I also used seksui thermal tape on the copper heatsinks as well, even though the heatsinks come with an adhesive. In the past, no tape was strong enough to hold the weight of the heatsink, except for the seksui tape, which has very strong adhesive and great thermal properties.


This is the aluminum heatsink (I just used the long piece):


This entire problem existed because it was not possible to mount the g12 bracket and retain the pcb plate which would've acted as a heatsink for the vrm near the IO end of the card. Later I realized I could've used my old g10 bracket and just gotten longer screws, and retain the pcb plate.


You can also avoid this issue by going to a local electronics store, or measuring the gap (once you have your card), and find a narrow heatsink that fits. I used my aluminum one because I had it stored away, on hand.


I also ended up buying a pci fan bracket, to cool the vrm on the far left of the card (near IO board, where aluminum heatsink is.


Here is a close up photo of where the aluminum heatsink is. you can also see the low profile ram heatsinks perfectly clear the water block.


Here is a summary picture of everything I just said:


u/jojomexi · 1 pointr/nvidia

Closest I could find with given specs:
Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit TN with G-SYNC, QHD 2560 x 1440, 165Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time, 16:9 Aspect Ratio

I would echo others that 1440 on 24 is a waste. I’ve been reading around for awhile, as I will be upgrading everything eventually. I tried to do some quick research since I don’t look for 24” often, and it’s a bit hard to find one that is both 1080/144 and IPS. If you are fine with going with a cheaper TN panel you should be good (narrow viewing angles).

This one here but it’s curved:
MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24" Curved Non-Glare 1ms LED Wide Screen 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate (Optix MAG24C)

I know you said you don’t like the size of 27, but have you looked at frameless monitors? Those cut down the bulk and can be quite aesthetically pleasing. I would go for other specs first as 1440 on a 24” will needlessly bump up your cost. 1080/144, freesync, at least 1 DisplayPort (Nvidia supports freesync but only through DP, newer AMD cards support freesync through HDMI and DP). Do note, HDR is only supported on most Freesync 2 panels, which from what I’ve seen, only come on 27”+ panels.

Keep options open for adding a second panel, since the additional space is a godsend for multitasking. Higher resolution is nothing compared to two screens, even if you plan on gaming, it’s a great quality of life thing to be able to have a second panel for browsing, researching/etc.

u/gaming4good · 2 pointsr/nvidia

well the first one is free sync so no reason to buy that unless your going AMD.

The second one i think is over priced. It is probably cause it is a BenQ but it has a refresh rate of 60hz which is poor. It doesn't have either g sync or free sync.

My recommendation is

It is a little more but if you camp dell, amazon, and ebay you can find it sub 400 used, but 450 right now for new is a great deal doesn't go much below that ever. I got one for 350 used. It is 27" 1440p 144hz. It looks fantastic and has an amazing stand. The color are great after calibration and it has g sync to boot.

u/Craiger23 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Bit dark of a photo but the red looks very nice as a theme. I too use an MSI 1070 and went with Fourth Level Manufacturing's brace on amazon - Atlas Graphics Card Brace Support - 19 bucks retail

Looks like there out of stock at the moment but i got one for a discount recently and installed, as they didnt know if it would fit a 1070 as they said they couldnt get there hands on one themselves. It fits great, price is very good.. i'm only concerned if i can keep it in my case if i get a 2nd 1070 once the prices drops haha..

My own install can be seen @ Thanks!

u/PalebloodSky · 0 pointsr/nvidia

9600K and 1660Ti is a good combo, but for a CPU that fast you will be often GPU limited. I'd say save for an RTX 2060 or 2070 if possible. Definitely go with a 144Hz monitor, you hit 144fps in those games and pretty close if you play FPS like PUBG, Apex, Battlefield, etc. Something like this 1080p/144Hz/G-sync:

Also the Evo 970 Plus is VERY overpriced for what you get. Check out the the SX8200 Pro, I have it and performance is similar to the 970, but actually better where it matters most in QD1-4 performance:

u/Celsian · 2 pointsr/nvidia

You'll be pleased with a QHD. The 1080 Ti can max out 144hz in quite a few games including R6: Siege, Overwatch, Doom (Vulkan), Quake Champions and many other recent titles. Don't count on getting that in games like Ghost Recon or GTA V though. Open Worlders take their toll when you increase all settings to ultra, but with respectably high settings in those games you can easily keep the FPS above 90.

That being said I have a 27" QHD and would recommend the extra few inches. IPS type panels have far better colors than any other panel type. Make sure you buy a true 8bit and not 6bit+WhateverBSTechTheyTackOnToMakeYouThinkItsGood. Trust me, it's not. Now that I've had an IPS-Like monitor (AHVA) I will never go back to a TN. If you're wondering, I have an ASUS PG279Q. You can find it cheaper elsewhere on PCPartPicker.

u/scoobs0688 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I would pass on that LG, the resolution isn't going to push your 2080ti much at all. If you're set on ultra-wide, I'd go with this instead This might be (totally is) the best ultra-wide monitor on the planet. Pricey but its simply stunning.

Personally, I don't think ultra-wide is worth it. If you think you can go without it, and would love to save yourself a few hundred dollars, check out this monitor... 1440p 165hz, it is incredible

u/Wipeout416 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I want to get a 1060 6gb, which of these 3 do you think I should get? I don't really care what it looks like, an am a complete nab when it comes to the differences. Running one 1080 monitor. I want to spend around 260. I currently have x2 EVGA 570s, so it'll be a huge upgrade. Thanks in advance reddit. Feel free to suggest something else, too.

  1. EVGA SC single fan -
  2. Gigabyte G1 dual fan
  3. ASUS OC dual fan
u/RidexSDS · 0 pointsr/nvidia

Asus VG248QE is a great monitor if you just want 1080p 144hz. There's no point in spending more than $200-$250 on a 1080p monitor. If you want something bigger, curved, 1440p or with freesync/g-sync let me know I can recommend another.

I just picked up a curved AOC 32" 1440p 144hz 1ms for $329 to pair with my 2070 Super. Amazing monitor for an amazing price.

u/v1neyard · 1 pointr/nvidia

That is the monitor I got. I also have 3 others that are 1080p. I have the 1440p in the middle of my setup, with two 1080p on either side and one above it.

I definitely wouldn't want to get a titan, they are pretty old as far as I know (regardless of how powerful they are), and I know there will be newer models within a few months/years that will probably retire those.

Back to my questions:
I understand that not every game will possibly run 1440p at 144fps. Mainly I play PUBG, Overwatch, League, CSgo, WoW... Mostly mainstream games.

  1. Which model of the 1080ti would you recommend for what I'm trying to do?
  2. Would I need watercooling to the GPU?
  3. Would I be better off with just a plain 1080 and if so, which model?
u/Harb67 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I put a Kraken x41/g10 setup on a EVGA 1080 SC after buying and being disappointed by the MSI 1080 Seahawk X. Since these cards don't overclock worth a damn I did it entirely for silence and couldn't be happier. I just set the fans/pump to a fixed 25% and the card doesn't exceed 60c.

OP, you should consider VRM heatsinks. They aren't necessary, but they do help significantly. Most VRMs are spec'd for up to 125C, and they most definitely will hit that under full OC'd load even with the g10 fan helping out. I also have an x41/g10 installed on a 290x and that card would peg VRM1 and VRM2 temps at 125C partway through a run of Valley benchmark with the g10 but no heatsinks. Not liking the idea of 125C ambient case temps, I stuck some VRM and VRAM sinks on the card. Even with a 20% overclock and significant overvoltage, the VRM never break 85c. The 290x is a hotter card than a 1080, but the principal is still the same - those VRMs will get very hot and cause your case ambient temps to skyrocket.

I used these and these on the VRM and these on the VRAM. $25 in heatsinks to extend the longevity of a $700 GPU and to significantly drop case temps seemed like a good investment to me.

u/Xriptix · 1 pointr/nvidia

If money isn't a big issue, then imo this is the best ultrawide , best current 4K , best 1440p

u/dumb_jellyfish · 1 pointr/nvidia

I've actually been researching this quite a bit lately but there doesn't seem to be tons of information out there. I think it depends on what current cooling solution the card has. Some cards have a heat spreader across the VRMs that can be left on under the G10 but the 670 FTW doesn't appear that way. The 670 FTW's heat spreader looks like it probably has to come off for the G10 to fit on.

I'm not sure what other people are using but I'd probably get these unless I heard otherwise:

u/Nvidiuh · 1 pointr/nvidia

If you have a monitor without variable refresh technology and you are unable to consistently support its refresh rate, you will have screen tearing to some degree. At 144Hz it becomes less noticeable, but it is still present. I looked at the monitor you were looking at and I think I found what might be perfect for you. Enter the Dell S2417DG. This monitor is right at the same price as the one you're looking into getting, and unless you absolutely are dead set on 27", everything about this monitor is better. It's 1440P, 165 Hz, and has G-Sync. The trick with G-Sync is to enable it in the Nvidia Control Panel then enable V-Sync on top of it just in case you actually hit the maximum refresh rate. What this does is allows G-Sync to work between 30 and 164 FPS and V-Sync caps it at 165 FPS to prevent overscanning and create screen tearing issues. The result of this is a game-play experience as smooth and clear as polished optical glass. Just make sure that when you enable V-Sync in the control panel, you disable it in all of your games, as having two programs trying to control refresh rates can cause conflicts and reduce stability. The control panel should override the game, as it is a global setting, but it's a good precaution to take.

u/Intel8700k · 1 pointr/nvidia

> "May the IPS Lottery odds be ever in your favor, friends"

Ahhh noooooooo. I was just going to suggest against getting that monitor and anything related to it. The Acer, AOC, Viewsonic, and Asus monitors all use the same panel from the same company, AU Optronics.

I have had 3 Acer, 2, AOC, 2 Viewsonic and 3 Asus monitors. I would find issues with it, go back and exchange it for another one. I had issues such as: dead pixels all over the screen, dust in the screen, severe scratches INSIDE the screen(this was on more than one monitor actually), bad bad lightbleed(not IPS glow) and deep sleep issues even though I had the option turned off.

I got tired of going back to Microcenter and exchanging so I gave up. I ended up going with the Dell 1440p 144hz gsync TN panel. I was reluctant to go back to TN after I had just switched to IPS but it turned out better in the end. I bought the Dell and the first one was good.
Here's the link if you want it if you have issues:

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Dell is a good price. It's 449 at best buy if you want to order there if you have issues.

u/magn2o · 1 pointr/nvidia

Although I have nothing but good things to say about my Mnpctech GPU brace, I admit it can be pricey. There's a more affordable brace available on Amazon, the Atlas Graphics Card Brace.

I actually have both of these braces. The Atlas worked perfectly fine for me, but I preferred the fit and polish of the Mnpctech brace (plus it's aluminum, whereas the Atlas is plastic).

u/lessthanzach · 1 pointr/nvidia

Are you running a 2080ti with the G12? I do really want to try and keep the PCB baseplate on there and it's pretty difficult to find confirmed information on whether or not it's compatible. If not, I can always order more of the copper passive heat sinks I already have. Would be even better if I can find a white G12 and mix with another white 360mm cooler setup like I have for my CPU.

I really appreciate your input, definitely helped me make up my mind.

u/Lavitzlegend · 1 pointr/nvidia

Go down to the review section and the first recommended review "sweet monitor after calibration" lists all the settings to get the best realistic colors and hue. These values are based on an in depth review done by TFT Central if you are curious to dig deeper into a full monitor review for the Dell s2716dg

u/TheRealMisterFix · 3 pointsr/nvidia

Yes, just make sure to use an active converter. The passive (unpowered) ones can't pass enough bandwidth to the monitor to drive 1920x1080@144hz. I have three of the active connectors and they work fine. Expensive, though! (~ $100).

Here's an Amazon link for the ones I use:

u/Gahvynn · 1 pointr/nvidia

It's the Acer Predator XB271HU, 27 inch 1440P/144 Hz with G-sync, I got it here.

I plan on using this thing for the next 6+ years and so far I’m very happy. It’s not cheap but compared with $3-500 GPUs that might take some people for 2-3 years this should last 2x that. When I last upgraded from my GTX 770 to 970 it was a good upgrade and I could generally max games out but the difference in image quality in that upgrade doesn’t compare with the clarity and smoothness that this monitor provides. I’ve never experienced free-sync so I can’t comment but it seems tying your monitor’s refresh rate to your GPU output (to the max of the monitor) really makes a big difference. My old monitor had so much tearing on games like Battlefield 4 (even strategy games like Rome II Total War) but with my new monitor there has been none.

u/guns_r_us · 1 pointr/nvidia

I'm running dual 1080p right now but upgrading to dual 1440p when I get a new card. (I would suggest trying out the 1440p if you get a chance, ever since I did I'm salivating over the dell 27 inch displays with super thin bezels.) I'm getting one of each:

1080ti might be overkill for 1080p but will be future proof for years. I'm hoping for 100+ fps @ 1440p on the 1080 ti.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/nvidia

I honestly didn’t realize Corsair was making their AIOs with all black blocks now. That looks so clean and dope! Also, spend the $13 and get yourself a good GPU support brace. That’s a super long card and you wouldn’t want warping or snapping to hit you.

u/bkral93 · 5 pointsr/nvidia

I would look at the G-sync 1440p 144hz monitors.

You may need to turn down a few things to keep high fps, but some day you'll want to upgrade your GPU. And at that point, you'll have the monitor for it.

That is the best bang for the buck when it comes to 1440p, 144hz, G-sync. I owned 2, and then upgraded one to a PG348q Ultrawide.

There are still a good amount of games that that 1070 will push high fps in at 1440p.

u/Juicyjackson · 0 pointsr/nvidia

I found the Asus rtx 2070s card, but only because I was looking at it on newegg, and my Amazon assistant extension told me there was one on Amazon.

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2070 Super Advanced Overclocked 8G GDDR6 HDMI DisplayPort USB Type-C Gaming Graphics Card (ROG-STRIX-RTX-2070S-A8G-GAMING)

u/Zer0_210 · 1 pointr/nvidia

It is a pretty badass little card support thing that is sold on Amazon. It has an extension pole, and two adjystable legs in case you are running SLI. Check it out:

upHere Graphics Card GPU Brace Support Video Card Sag Holder/Holster Bracket, Anodized Aerospace Aluminum, Single or Dual Slot Cards Black (G205)

u/DaBombDiggidy · 2 pointsr/nvidia

yeah try for one of those 24" 1080 144hz gsync panels. it'll look amazing, i have the 1440p version of it i got off an acer refurb. love the damn thing. the one below is a good example, i see it go on sale time to time too if you're patient.

u/Working_With_Code · 1 pointr/nvidia (This is not a ref link)

My friend uses this and it works really well. 1080p and 144hz, looks great.

u/Dr3amCast · 1 pointr/nvidia

I haven't had much experience with cards of this size. It's definitely the largest heatsink I've owned as well. I mean, it's got GIRTH. I didn't notice sag, per say, but the way I run my 8 pin connectors from the back of my case it pulls a little downward and the card was more than happy to oblige. I haven't done anything about it yet, but more than likely I will. I can link you to some options I was looking at:

I was originally looking at one of these 2:

But I read there that this brace can interfere with your fans depending on how wide the card is. This card is a wide card, and I have 2 120mm side fans that this would disrupt airflow from

So I'm most likely going to go with this:

u/firepixel · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming pre-order currently available on Amazon in case you want to play it safe, I plan on canceling Amazon order if I score one from NewEgg later tonight. Amazon doesn't charge until they ship so it's zero-risk.

u/One_Below · 1 pointr/nvidia


Computer Type: Desktop Custom Built

GPU: Asus GeForce 1060 6GB

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670k no overclock

Motherboard: Asus Z87-A latest Bios

RAM: Gskills 8gb 2x4gb no overclock

PSU: EVGA Supernova G2 650W 230 volts

Operating System & Version: Windows 10 64-bit build 14393.693, upgrade from windows 7 over a year ago

GPU Drivers: I installed the latest drivers as of today, more below

Description of Problem: White rectangles then Internal_Power_Error BSoD crash. After troubleshooting I reinstalled drivers and another white rectangles crash to black screen this time.


Checked all seating in my computer

Checked to make sure nothing is damaged

Uninstalled all drivers with DDU and reinstalled

Made sure Bios was up to date

Tried all google results fixes I could personally do. Kinda vague, but most were things like disable chrome hardware acceleration and turn off sleep mode.

Any help is appreciated.

u/ImNateGibson · 1 pointr/nvidia

Nice build! If you're getting GPU sag, I saw someone post this brace a couple days ago, and it seems pretty nice.

u/Mav106 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Has anybody tried to see if Nvidia supports the Acer XF250Q Cbmiiprx 24.5? Its a sweet monitor, but I do not want to waste my money on it if it won't work at 240hrz.


Thank you!!

Link to the monitor

u/HlCKELPICKLE · 1 pointr/nvidia

Something like this

You'll have to do research and make sure they can do 144hz, there is a cheaper dell one that appears not to, without issues anyway.

The one I think seems to be fine, but its worth double checking I just searched the reviews/answers for 144 and one person said it worked, I make to guarantees and don't have time to check thoroughly.

You need a displayport to dual link dvi active adapter, but just because they are one doesn't mean they will always have 144hz compatibility.

u/MiningPotatoes · 1 pointr/nvidia

I got the Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming, but not with GDDR5X. 110 fps on Epic for Overwatch, and it was only $420 on Amazon. Works great!

u/Suicide_anal_bomber · 1 pointr/nvidia

yeah it should work ,, since you got a radiator you will have to put it on the white bar, i think on mine on the bottom of the stand theres a screw if you loosen you can move it around to fit on the white bit, something like this would work better for you

this one is what i used

they are not that long, its two bars screwed togsther for 2 card support, you can use just one bar and it should be algs

EDIT: just realized you dont have a front mounted radiator in which case either one will work

u/Baeissa · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I went with ASUS STRIX because I have ASUS HERO MB. It's just me, I like going with the same brand. I believe the STRIX will have sag after time, not convinced of its anti sag bracket. I bought this to help
There are other products similar but I already have this. Not sure if it's gonna work as this support brace is meant for 2 slot cards but it seems flexible and may help.

u/wuhkay · 3 pointsr/nvidia

My friend has one of the Dell ones. This is about the best price I have seen.
Dell Gaming S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor with G-SYNC

u/ItchyConstruction · 2 pointsr/nvidia

You need an active DP/DVI adapter if you want more than 60Hz. You can tell the adapter is active if it has an additional USB cable for power.

Something like this.

u/RolandMT32 · 3 pointsr/nvidia

Some GPUs these days are fairly heavy - so much so that they sell support brackets to help prevent GPUs from sagging and warping the motherboard. Mounting the GPU like that can help prevent that issue.

u/joshmo23 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I know its quite a bit over your budget right now, but I just got a Dell S2417DG for ~ 472CAD a week weeks ago. It really an amazing monitor. Even scrolling reddit is noticeably smoother.

u/Daneth · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I have this one, it's been amazing in the year I've had it. I heard you sometimes have to go through a couple to get a good one though.

u/gen_angry · 1 pointr/nvidia

I just have one of these on mine:

Reversed so the ugly 'uphere' is hidden. Fits my case and gpu just about perfectly, like it was designed for it

u/Me-as-I · 1 pointr/nvidia

Oh I didn't see the link at the end.

That'll work. It does mean you don't benefit from the freesync, that's amd only. To get that tech with an nvidia gpu, you need a gsync monitor. Not a dealbreaker, it's still good.

I would say a 1080ti is overkill for 1080p, even at 144Hz.

You may want to consider getting something like this with a cheaper gpu like a 1080.

u/marbar8 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Look at this


If you're willing to spend ~$14, this is a pretty solid solution. I own it and am happy with it.

u/Computeria · 1 pointr/nvidia

There aren't a whole lot of 1060's that have two HDMI ports. But this ASUS dual fan model looks like it does.

Looks like the extra HDMI was put on that card with VR headset owners in mind. If you want to find a different two-HDMI model (assuming there are more) you might look for that type of model.

u/pburgess22 · 4 pointsr/nvidia Something like this. IPS so the colour accuracy is good, 165hz oc as well. All these panels have issues with backlight bleed. Mine has a tiny bit you cannot notice it unless sitting on a purely black screen.

u/khaki54 · 6 pointsr/nvidia

Well either get an active adapter like this one:

Or spend that $100+ to upgrade your monitor.

u/travbert09 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I have a MSI 1060 3gb card and wanted to know if a 144 hz monitor is worth the investment? I was looking at this monitor. I plan on playing Destiny 2 when it comes out mostly. Thanks!

u/x_splice · 1 pointr/nvidia

Give 165hz a chance. Being limited to 60hz just feels so bad after having high refresh rate. I switched from my 4k 60hz panel to this and I enjoy it much more.

Otherwise stack your pennies for that sweet sweet 4k 144hz panel. (A lot of pennies)

u/UrMom306 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Looks like the price went up to 18, but still pretty cheap.

u/Flakmaster92 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

It is,

ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278QR 27" 2560x1440 1ms 165Hz G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Monitor with DP and HDMI ports

This far. zero issues though!

u/MasterChiefKing · 1 pointr/nvidia

Any kind of port such as Display Port, Mini-Display or HDMI will support G-Sync, But it's important that your monitor has to get G-Sync chip included.

For what I see, that your monitor apparently doesn't support this feature, there is no use of buying any 'specific' cable in this case to support G-Sync. If you wanna to get the G-Sync monitor you have to go after monitors like this or like that. The G-Sync system is sold by a manufacturer who has a contract with Nvidia and is licenced to sell a monitor with G-Sync feature enabled.

u/splodead · 1 pointr/nvidia

You could get a card brace like this LINK.

They take up the adjacent slot and clamp onto the card to give it support. I'm unsure how helpful they wind up being and have never used one.

u/ritchiedrama · 1 pointr/nvidia

I do advise you buy a 144Hz monitor if you're spending all that money on a 1080 ti though, the $204 one from amazon is a great buy.

u/0bviousTruth · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Yeah, saw it on Amazon and thought it might be a good idea since GPUs keep getting bigger.

u/YasakaKanako · 1 pointr/nvidia

Thank you for this. I've heard that the top comment on the S2716DG is recommended for the monitor. What are your thoughts on the comment?

What are viewing angles?

u/czn89 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Bought mine on amazon warehouse deals (450ish at the moment) and it came brand new in an unmarked brown box with tons of packing. Save 100 bucks and do the amazon warehouse deal.

u/neverinlife · 1 pointr/nvidia

Probably the same one. Can't recommend enough. I was worried about it being a TN panel but it is beautiful.

u/Zadoose · 1 pointr/nvidia

Has anyone found a fix for this? It seems to happen everyday now and seems to happen more often if i havent used the keyboard/mouse for a while. But can also happen while im doing things on my pc as well. I thought it was because my gpu is sort of old and might have compatibilty issues like this because it cant do 1440p @ 144hz because of the gpu's pixel capacity and thought maybe the fact that the max refresh rate isnt on 144 and the gpu was giving out because ive got a dual monitor setup with a 1080p 60 fps monitor. But if youre having problems with a 980 ti then that cant be it. Im using the dell 2716dg monitor which has the same capabilities as the asus one except that it doesnt have 3d vision but that shouldnt matter because supposedly 3d and g sync cant be on at the same time. Have you guys ever found a solution since this is about 5 months old?

u/Thaon · 6 pointsr/nvidia

If you're tight on money, no. It's a nice feature to have, but its really just icing on the cake.

Go for a nice medium priced 144/120hz monitor. The frames are still buttery smooth, even without the G-Sync.

The Asus VG248QE and Ben Q version seem to both be decent purchases.

u/PlayDohBear · 1 pointr/nvidia

here's what i originally bought:

(out of stock now)

here are some other ones, although i'll say this. the reason i went with the above is due to the length being able to support the right side of the card (this is where the weight is shifting for mine).

(there are some with cool led's)

u/Shablo5 · 6 pointsr/nvidia

As far as I know, the 1070 cannot obtain 144FPS on ULTRA in most games (Although are you ONLY playing the latest games? No? Then it's half relevant). That said, Gsync has you the rest of the way.

Problem is, gsync is also a $150-$200 premium (at least in Canadian) to any monitor. They will tell you to buy monitors like this or this but it's hard to justify those 1440P monitors.

If you turn down your expectation to a 1080p gsync 144hz, then things become a bit more reasonable. But if you're an enthusiast, perhaps you really want to push the limit and try the 1440p 144hz g-sync bandwagon out.

u/ChewyChunx · 1 pointr/nvidia

I'm using this brace w the same card, same case. It works great

u/carr084 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

This 24" 1440p/144hz with G-Sync recently went on sale. Got mine yesterday and it is amazing!

u/b-macc · 2 pointsr/nvidia

This works really well for my MSI 2080 ti Gaming X Trio.

upHere Graphics Card GPU Brace Support Video Card Sag Holder/Holster Bracket, Anodized Aerospace Aluminum, Single or Dual Slot Cards Black (G205)

u/Yvese · 5 pointsr/nvidia

If your card is still working then I don't see a need to replace it.

Find something to hold it up. You could use lego, figures, whatever. People have gotten creative.

For me I bought this. Works well.

u/Tech_AllBodies · 1 pointr/nvidia

> benq zowie xl2411p

In that spec/price range, the Acer XFA240 should be better.

It's Freesync/Gsync compatible, and has low-framerate compensation. As well as a bit cheaper, and still has a fully adjustable stand.

If you wanted to go 1440p or up the panel quality to VA/IPS, you'd need to spend a lot more.

u/tbrash789 · 3 pointsr/nvidia

I found the Amazon page for EVGA, stumbled on it when I went to 2070 RTX and saw the link for "There is a newer model of this item:". So surely it's just a matter of waiting for the page to be updated


u/terraphantm · 2 pointsr/nvidia

It's a solid $200+ premium for comparable monitors. That's not nothing. That coupled with G-sync monitors having crappier input options (just one displayport and one HDMI in almost all cases), and the value proposition just isn't there if we weren't forced to go gsync.

u/smile-bot · 1 pointr/nvidia

Use the link below to donate .5% of your purchase to charity.
Amazon Smile URL:

This bot is still in test phase. Please PM me for suggestions, complaints or questions.

u/MGSSC · 3 pointsr/nvidia

That thing doesn't really help noway. You'd be better off with something like this.

Cooler Master Accessory: Universal VGA Graphics Card Holder, Adjustable, Steel, Holds 2 VGA Card for Computer Cases

u/Gstroxell · 5 pointsr/nvidia

This is my monitor. It's not IPS. But ill tell you it's DAMN BEAUTIFUL!!! It's also 1440p with 144hz and G-sync.

u/_Kinchouka_ · 1 pointr/nvidia

Don't look further, DP to DVI adapter can't go above 60 Hz. You monitor use DVI dual link but adapter will give you only single link. If you have only DVI input on your monitor, you will have to buy a DP to DVI dual link active adapter.

u/Azuroth · 1 pointr/nvidia

I just bought one of these 1440p gsync monitors for 354 yesterday. It's a factory refurb, but brand new are 390. Not quite 300, but certainly less than double.

u/fuleamakkup4 · 1 pointr/nvidia

It's not possible. Get an AMD card if you want to use it. Alternatively if you really want to stick with NVIDIA you can get a cheap G-SYNC monitor like this one and return or sell the one you're currently using.

u/datbird · 1 pointr/nvidia - I just bought one of these a month ago along with a 1080. As someone who's been gaming since the mid-80's and has seen the rise of 3D gaming, it was my first g-sync enabled monitor. I have to say I would give away my new shiny GTX 1080 and use my old 770 for the time being if it meant I could keep this monitor. I strongly encourage you to get your self the g-sync with high refresh rate, and do what you gotta do on the graphics card front.

u/ckgladu · 1 pointr/nvidia

See if this is on sale in your country. It's considerably cheaper in the US for prime members today. I know it's TN, but there is an IPS version available. Plus you can also use color profiles which make my VG248QE look like an IPS.

u/stonygman · 2 pointsr/nvidia

It’s sagging lol. Heavily recommend to buy a brace support to avoid further damage to the pci slot. Here’s a solid product and very affordable.

u/Thorawr · 2 pointsr/nvidia

AOC G2460PG and the Asus - ROG SWIFT PG248Q are the cheapest 1080p ones. Hovering around 340-350 USD.

The Dell S2417DG is the cheapest 1440p one at around 450 USD.

These are all TN panels. If you want IPS, you're looking at 750+ USD.

And the Acer XB280HK is the cheapest 4k at around 515 USD

u/mugglesby · 3 pointsr/nvidia

This is my personal favorite - -

Coolermaster's "Universal VGA Holder"

Adjustable height, neutral color and appearance for any build, magnetic on the bottom ends of each of the three legs of base so it sticks to metal cases, and there are TWO adjustable lifters, so you can use one for a mascot - -

u/Drastic-Measures · 1 pointr/nvidia

OK. I figured out what was wrong with it. I just copied the link from The Verge instead of getting a new link. So here's my post with the fixed link.

None of the MSI monitors are Nvidia approved based on this page. There are a couple that are, and also stay under your budget though. The Acer XFA240, and the AOC G2590FX.

u/boogiePls · 1 pointr/nvidia

I got a G1 GTX 980 ti with an Acer XB271U and I love this combination. For single player games I usually just lock the game at 60 FPS using Ultra/High settings and use G SYNC, for multiplayer games I adjust my settings so I can be between 120-144 fps. I recommend 1440p IPS, definitely a noticeable difference compared to 1080p. Virtually no input lag either if you worry about that kind of stuff.

u/welp_that_happened1 · 0 pointsr/nvidia

Dell Gaming Monitor S2417DG YNY1D 24-Inch Screen LED-Lit TN with G-SYNC, QHD 2560 x 1440, 165Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms Response Time, 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Perhaps this one would be good?

u/kurosnake · 3 pointsr/nvidia

I bought this one for the 1070. Great price point, with 1440p and G-sync. If money isn't an obstacle for you, go with the same specs but in a IPS panel.

u/royalblue420 · 2 pointsr/nvidia

You could also use a stick. Saw that Galax has a stick they send with their GTX 1070/1080 Hall of Fame cards. If you want to be flash, I wouldn't recommend using an unsharpened pencil...but.

I've also seen this:

Though 18 dollars and shipping for a piece of acrylic is a lot for what it is, it may serve the purpose.

Also zip ties > twisty ties every day of the week.

u/oldmanotaku · 1 pointr/nvidia

There is this bracket on Amazon. Also the Cooler Master HAF X comes with a VGA support bracket for multiple cards.

u/Casters4eva · 1 pointr/nvidia

First one if you want cheap. 2nd one if you want gsync as well. I'd probably step up to 1440p with a 1080ti though. That card is overkill for 1080p

u/Sephr · 1 pointr/nvidia

You'll need something like to convert your GPU's DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI.

u/DarkHand · 1 pointr/nvidia

You could always just buy a GPU brace, like this one.

u/Cyromaniap · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Dell 24" 144Hz 1440p G-Sync....Only draw back is its TN but still not bad deal.

Best Buy


u/RogueSorcerer · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Here is a link for a great looking brace. Don't know how important aesthetics are for you but it is less than $18.

u/Archlicht · 2 pointsr/nvidia

Pre-order is up on Amazon for this card as of this posting. $429 + applicable taxes:

ZOTAC AMP edition and PNY FE also available for pre-order, US Amazon.

u/smoshr · 9 pointsr/nvidia

This should be exactly what you're looking for.

The bottom is magnetized as well, so it will stick to the case surface.

u/JoshHardware · 5 pointsr/nvidia

I’ve been using this one, none of the side bracket ones work well with the bigger 2080s in my experience.

Here are two different RTX 2080 builds I’ve worked on that use it with it. The bracket has 2 pieces for height so you only need the shorter one.

u/sjs31 · 1 pointr/nvidia

I've got one of these so I'd like to take advantage of the 144hz. Plus a little future proofing

u/sumthingcool · 2 pointsr/nvidia

You need an active DP to DVI adapter, a passive one won't do 144 and your monitor only has HDMI 1.4 so DP to HDMI isn't an option.

Be careful there are tons of shit adapters that claim they are dual link but are not. You'll need to spend $80 or so for a real one.

u/Elamint · 1 pointr/nvidia


It will be at my house tomorrow, Ill show you a pic when I get it setup. Thanks again

u/nasenbaer97 · 1 pointr/nvidia

Probably wont work. Used a DP to DVI-Dual Link for a 144hz monitor and it did just 60hz. If you buy a Graphics Card without a DVI-Port you'll need a powered DP to DVI-Dual Link adapter (Costs around 100 bucks:
A DP to DVI adapter thats not powered doesnt have the power to send 144hz.

u/Strikaaa · 1 pointr/nvidia

I don't have direct links to Australian shops but maybe there's one of these available in your region:

Mnpctech, Puget, Atlas or any kind of bolster.

u/SirBrohan · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I hope this works, but I bought a VGA holder from Cooler Master:

My Xtreme shows up next Monday, so I can't confirm whether or not the card holder actually works (can't see why it wouldn't). Reviews are positive, so seems solid.

u/-Runis- · -12 pointsr/nvidia

When you get an expensive video card, cant you spare 20 bucks to get a gpu holder?

That Wall-E is 160$ i see.

Posts like this are getting annoying.

New karma farming: put whatever toy inside your case touching your GPU, post it.