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u/MsKing711 · 2 pointsr/poshmark

Ok so this may not be exactly what you meant but a couple of ideas: the LA hearts magenta top: maybe invest in a fabric shaver. I have this one off Amazon:

It's $17, works like a charm, and will remove some of that light pilling or fabric strands that show up on the top when you have a well-lit picture like that. I'm telling you, I love this thing! I have sweaters that pilled no matter how well I took care of them that I haven't been able to wear or sell since it happened that now look brand new again. And it's next to impossible to eat through the sweater or make it threadbare the way that some fabric Shavers do. Sometimes I have to put in a little more work because it's a gentler remover but it definitely still gets the job done without compromising the garment.

The teal scarf I would maybe use the second or third picture as the cover photo instead because it's hard to tell what it is and if people can't tell right off the bat and then they might not even open the listing to find out. It's a beautiful piece, I think you could show that beauty AND what it is more clearly.

And always try to get at least one picture that shows an entire item from top to bottom straight on. Like with the red Free People tunic, there's really nothing wrong with any of the pictures that you do have but all of them are either from an angle or only show the top or bottom of it. Sometimes that can make it hard for the buyer to imagine what it really looks like and we don't always think of that because when you list it you clearly know what it looks like. I've caught myself doing this because I want to give closer up detail of an item and it might not be easy to fit into the frame and then I go back and look at it a few weeks later and realize that I don't have one complete picture of the item that's just looking at it straight on. I find that it helps to have this. try to get pictures of the backs and sides of items because if you happen to get a buyer that gets buyer's remorse and opens a case on you they can easily say that there was damage in an area that you didn't photograph and because you didn't photograph it you can't prove that it wasn't damaged in that area. People are half and half on whether or not Poshmark settles in the buyers favor or the sellers favor but I make sure to get pictures of all sides of the item even if I can't list them all and I video all of the items in detail when I ship them as well as the entire shipping process and getting the weight of the item when I ship it in case I get a scam artist who wants to say I sent them. Mind you, I'm a very cautious and throw seller and a lot of people would say that what I do is overkill but I'd rather be safe than sorry. So far I've never had a case open against me or even gotten a bad review but I'd rather cover my ass lol.

Styling photos, even lightly like you did with the alya dress and booties is always a great idea! Gives buyer's an idea of how they can wear something And that's always a good thing.

If you do have to use a blanket then try to hide all the seams and get it as flat and even as possible. Youcan always look into getting cheap backdrops on Amazon as well. You can get some for as low as $20. And that really comes later if you decide to invest more in your Poshmark though. Personally I'm a fan of either using a hanger on a clean white wall with a thumbtack holding it up as I really don't like hanging stuff on doors or I have a couple pieces of laminate wood flooring that was left over from when we did our floors and I snapped them together and use them as a background without actually putting my items on a floor. You can go out and buy a box or less of wood flooring that snaps together for pretty cheap if you're only getting a couple pieces. I know that in my area we have multiple stores like Home Depot or Ollie's that will put them on special for $0.78 to $0.99 a square foot. If you're only doing a 5-foot by 5-foot section then that's really not that much money. So that's another idea. That was a lot but I'm just kind of peaking back and forth and writing things as I think them lol. Otherwise your flat lays are pretty nice. Just keep your garments nice and straight, not wrinkled and messy looking while also stopping then from looking glued to the floor lol. The only way you can really do better than that is to invest in a mannequin or dress form. You're doing great! Are you new to posh?

u/flvampy · 3 pointsr/poshmark

Wonderful ideas! I got two of those masks and was like um, no ... offered the "wine" one to my sister who said yes please - they are the bomb!!!

So I tried the other one and I was pleasantly surprised at how neat they are. I'm all into natural stuff on my skin - it's your largest organ - so I investigated them and they're ok. The "flavors" don't offer any especial benefit, but they are fun. Here's what I ordered and the best price I found (.46 each, order 2 and get free ship):

u/mistygidget · 2 pointsr/poshmark

I love, love, love this one!!!!!!!!!

Did I mention that I love it??? oh yeah!!!

The best steamer in the world....seriously

u/mir2008 · 2 pointsr/poshmark

As a seller I make sure I am fully stocked and organized with all the appropriate packaging so when I do make a sale I can quickly wrap it and mail it out. I purchased all of my supplies from Amazon! I use pink tissues paper, patterned poly mailers and thank you cards from Amazon and they basically have paid for themselves. I also purchased a shelving unit from amazon that I have all my tissue and boxes and mailers stocked on to keep everything organized! I just like to have my items folded and wrapped in tissue to keep them protected and I think a thank you note is a very sweet and easy gesture. I also buy on Poshmark and am sometimes a bit grossed out when I receive an item that is not wrapped in tissue or wrapping at all and I receive it all wrinkled. I constantly order clothing online and most retailers always wrap the items inside the poly mailers, I just think of it as standard. Hope this helps!


Thank you cards-

Poly Mailers-

Shelving Unit-

u/pcb5917 · 1 pointr/poshmark

Everything TheItinerantSkeptic said! My few add ons....

  1. Lighting is key. You want to make sure the color matches as closely to the actual item otherwise you risk the buyer opening a case about item description. I only use natural light and I use an iPhone so I adjust the coloring with the phone's built-in photo editor. IMO never use flash!

  2. I purchased a mannequin from Amazon and it was the best $40 I ever spent for Posh. The one I have is on sale right now, the link is here I noticed that I started moving more clothing & had less questions about fit when I had them on a mannequin so it might be worth buying. I also always list the measurements of the garment in the description again, to avoid a case being opened about fit.

    The only other things I would add...
  • Be as accurate as you can with your description. Adjectives are your friend. Call out any flaws no matter how minor they may be.
  • Keep on top of buyer's questions and be prompt & courteous in your responses.
  • Don't get hung up on ratings. While of course we all want to only ever get glowing 5-star reviews, there are some people out there that will dock you for the smallest thing so if someone does, just carry on.

    Happy Poshing!

u/newposher924 · 3 pointsr/poshmark

I know you said they take up too much space on racks, but I have a 7 tier rack I got off Amazon that holds a TON of shoes and has a cover that zips shut to help keep them clean and I love it. And the same company makes taller ones that have even more racks if you need. I can store way more on these than I had originally thought I could. Might be worth at least checking out!


u/blu3dice · 1 pointr/poshmark

Once you been doing it for awhile and made a little money and want to reinvest, I highly recommend a garment steamer. It really "freshens" up thrift stuff and gets rid of "thrift store" smell. After I go thrift and come home and steam it all. Takes 3-5 minutes per piece. I'll leave it on hangers till I have time to photograph. I'll paste a link to the one I got. I started in July last year but didnt get a steamer till late October but I'm so thankful I did. My items look amazing and smell very clean. In the future if you decide to get one just remember to use distilled water because hardwater like tap causes build up in the steamer much like a coffee pot. You can get a 2 gallon jug of for $1, but it'll make you'll steamer last for years and years.

u/Garzilla11 · 3 pointsr/poshmark

I literally just purchased the Rollo and I love it! I chose that over the Dymo because it doesn't require you to purchase proprietary labels. Other than that it may be a horse a piece. One ironic thing, as soon as I made my choice, I saw a notification that one of my Posh YouTubers was offering a fantastic deal on the Dymo. At least it looked fantastic though in reality once you saw the bottom line it wasn't that much savings. But anyway, I stuck with the Rollo. I didn't buy the label holder, I just keep them in the box behind the printer and it works peachy. This is what I bought: I love that it doesn't need ink. Setup was super easy - it's not quite plug and go but the video is very easy to follow. Simple USB connection.

u/Murklins11 · 6 pointsr/poshmark

I'm in the midwest so I know how this is; I'm at work during the best natural light hours and in the winter it's just gray all the time and it gets dark so early.

It's a little bit of an investment, but I bought this light to take photos with (you can look around at other lights, this one had the best price as far as I could find at the time). It's collapses so you can store it under your bed or in a closet so it's apartment friendly.

u/iawdt · 3 pointsr/poshmark

I just purchased this set of two literally like 2 hours ago. Only 10 ratings on this particular product, but the store itself has a good rating and shipping was free. Plus is comes with both diffuser and reflector umbrellas, so I figure it's not a terrible gamble for $35.

u/ediblesprysky · 7 pointsr/poshmark

For reference, I ordered this one off Amazon. Literally THE cheapest one I could find, even with shipping. It looks shockingly good and was really easy to put together. I'm actually EXCITED to take pictures right now!

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/poshmark

You could also try the photo backdrops from amazon they are made of fabric easily cleaned & stored. Depending on the size & color they range from $8-$15. This was my best investment.

u/baseballandcheese · 3 pointsr/poshmark

I'll link below what I bought. It was on sale when I got it - about 10 bucks cheaper than it is now - but it is worth every penny. It doesn't look like natural light, but my photos look 10 times better. It was a huge game change for me.


u/afistfulofyen · 3 pointsr/poshmark

There's a pair of Michael Shannons I pull up in the same font, though it's full name on the shoe.

Edit: woot! We have a winner!

u/Juliestei · 1 pointr/poshmark

I've also used it on non sweater slightly pilled brushed cotton. With care does a bang up job. This is what I purchased and have been happy with, 3 level adjustments.
Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer - Shaver, White

u/jasperscuriosity · 1 pointr/poshmark


that's a nice one! I'm looking forward to investing in a steamer like this :) I have a handheld one right now and I need to refill all the time while I steam.

u/I_Dream_Of_Robots · 3 pointsr/poshmark

I use this. It works great, and it paired with a white background really makes all the difference.

u/katieleighbowman · 5 pointsr/poshmark

Yeah! This is what I use. Comes with bags in a variety of sizes and has the suffocation warning printed on them. Makes it look pretty official IMO


u/andreaxtina · 2 pointsr/poshmark

I bought this one from Amazon just to have something for clothes that look weird on a hanger and it’s super light weight which is nice but the fabric on top is a velvet and it is a beating getting certain fabrics to not bunch or look staticy.

u/sillysnek6 · 1 pointr/poshmark

Sure! This is what I bought:
Photography Photo Portrait...

u/hello_plizzy · 1 pointr/poshmark

I've been using this: and it's been great so far. I'm not a skilled photographer, but this lighting really did make a difference.