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u/convicious · 5 pointsr/projecteternity

I use this monitor (4K and 32in.) and I've actually attempted playing in 4K, so I can offer some insight here.

Zoom gets disabled since you can see the whole area (with tiny characters!) You can scale the UI elements up to 130%, so it doesn't suffer from the problem that Unity games generally have, which is terrible text/ui scaling.

Now it looks pretty bad, but you go into your game console and do this: "SetZoomRange 0.5 2" and it'll re-enable zooming, allowing you to actually see characters/environmental detail. The first number is the minimum zoom range and the second is the max zoom range, so you can play with it to get one that works for you (the above worked perfectly for me). Sometimes when you transition areas, you get a weird zoom bug that blocks your ability to zoom in/out, and you'll have to re-enter the console command to fix it.

Ultimately, my recommendation is to play the game at 1080— things look best (and less blurry in some instances) and you run into a lot less bugs. Still, if you're willing to put in the time to do a few tweaks on the side, you can get it to run smoothly... it's just not going to look that much better.

u/Muse88 · 5 pointsr/projecteternity

Hey awesome and thanks for contributing so much to help make this game for us we all owe people like you!

On another note, I am really interested in the "Art Book". My question is (to those who may know) is it the same as the "Guide Book" sold on Amazon?

u/ErisianBuddhist · 4 pointsr/projecteternity

Their guide book is precisely what you're looking for:

>Packed with never-before-seen art and in-depth lore, this is the definitive encyclopedia of the acclaimed new video game from Obsidian Entertainment!

>Having broken records with its hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, Pillars of Eternity meets modern technology with the beloved traditions of roleplaying games, introducing a breathtaking new fantasy world. Every monster, every faction, every deity, and everything in between are covered within the pages of this tome, all accompanied by luscious illustrations.

>Please note, this is not a strategy guide.

u/iamthenoodle · 2 pointsr/projecteternity

The guidebook helped me a lot to understand the background of the world. It's possible the wikis and other areas have this same information, but I thought even just reading the intro of the guidebook made a huge difference for me, and it was much better organized.

u/Arcticias · 11 pointsr/projecteternity

I bought the guidebook when the game first came out and I really enjoyed reading through it. Good quality hardback with plenty of lore about the world.

u/TheMastodan · 3 pointsr/projecteternity

If you go here you can see the three additional months under Special Offers :)

u/SegataSanshiro · 1 pointr/projecteternity

That book is actually sold separately! It's on Amazon for about $15. I got a tier with the box and not the book, so I'm definitely considering picking it up to complete the set!

u/fasr · 8 pointsr/projecteternity

I believe you might be confusing the Guidebook with the Strategy Guide. They are two different products. The Guidebook is almost pure lore and background, while the Strategy Guide will contain information such as quest information, map areas, and a backer thank you section. See the following link:
They are two different products.

u/Ploddit · 3 pointsr/projecteternity

Which versions of the games did you buy? You might have PDF copies of the guide books vol 1 and vol 2.

Look in your game install folder for extras.

u/CommandObjective · 1 pointr/projecteternity

it seems to have been quietly postponed to the 31st of March, 2019.

The porting is being handled by and external company, Red Cerberus, If I recall correctly.

u/criticalshits · 2 pointsr/projecteternity

OP is a spammer who makes money off Amazon affiliate links on the linked Twitter account.

The same product link without any affiliate tag: $17.99, seems to be restricted to certain regions.

GOG has the same price currently, which you may prefer if you have an existing library: