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u/ButILikeShiny · 5 pointsr/xbox

If they're anything like my xp500's, you have to buy an adapter for it. I got one on amazon for $30, and the turtle beach headset cord for like $10. They sound great and I haven't had any problems with it, I can enjoy my games loud late at night with no one yelling at me to turn it down now lol.

Edit: here's the adapter:

Edit 2: and here's the talkback adapter for the turtle beach. Idk if it works on the xp400s, they should!

u/calmdrive · 2 pointsr/xbox

If you are planning on playing online at all, Xbox LIVE Gold is only $35 on amazon for a year right now (usually $60)

Along with that- please read the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct. If there are other players that are spoiling a game, or have inappropriate content in their profiles or gamertags, please use the complaint feature on the Dashboard.

Having a harddrive is nice because you can load games onto it so the CD doesn't have to spin the whole time you are playing, as well as downloading digital copies of certain games from the marketplace.

Definitely get the Play and Charge kit, using AA batteries is a pain and it is hard to tell when they are dying, and it starts to affect gameplay.

u/WigglerOnAcid · 1 pointr/xbox

As everyone else said, new consoles are usually the way to go unless you know someone personally who’s willing to give you a great deal. Stores will overcharge for the used consoles and you never know what condition they will be in. Buying from separate sellers even more so. People like to sell their consoles for the same price as it costs for a new one and it’s always baffles me.

New XBOX Ones are pretty cheap now anyways. While they were cheaper during Black Friday, you can still get the S model here with all 5 Halo games for just $257 (with Prime shipping!):

I’m kind of procrastinating right now so if I run into any other good deals I’ll let you know.

u/Xacloman · 0 pointsr/xbox

The headset adapter is amazing.

At least for me, using my astro headset with one 3.5mm plug for both sound and mic, it plugs right into the adapter and everything works. If you have two plugs at the end of your headset, you are gonna need one of these

I can even mute my tv, blast the volume on the adapter, and sit across the room listening to whatever game/tv I'm playing.

It has volume buttons, a mute button, and can change the volume between voice and the game sounds.

I use it constantly.

Edit: just looked up the headset, probly won't be able to use the mix amp with the xbox one unless it has an optical cable. If it does you are good just need the adapter. If not you are still good just won't get the mix amp volume controls and such.

u/SSJ4Link · 2 pointsr/xbox

This is a full solution; but I am sure you can connect it to a projector and not the built in screen:


Or just a caring case: (leave the HDMI cable connected to the projector (I assume you use it for other things as well) and just would need to connect the console to the HDMI and then plug in power

u/djd4ws0n · 2 pointsr/xbox

Two options I can think of...

If your TV or monitor has a headphone out, grab a 3.5mm cable and run it from the screen to your speakers. Added bonus is that the speakers will then work for whatever you have connected to the screen, not just the Xbox.

Alternatively, you'll need to use a converter.

I have a HDMI switch that has a 3.5mm out, which can be used with a pair of speakers much like the ones you have ( They're relatively inexpensive, and don't degrade the sound quality.

But ultimately, whether you go with the screen headphone out, the HDMI converter or the controller, each of these three methods is effectively converting the signal somewhere down the line.

u/IridianRaingem · 2 pointsr/xbox

I have Afterglow. I got downvoted before for suggesting it, but this headset has lasted about four years without a single problem. It’s never me echoing, mic quality good, sound quality good.

u/soilxkirax · 1 pointr/xbox

Don't know if it helps or how willing are you to open your controller but this is what I bought to replace mine:


They are good quality and feel like the real deal.

u/RazoRReeseR · -5 pointsr/xbox

Please do some research before you follow the hive mind...

Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card

And it regularly goes on sale for cheaper than that, I buy it from best buy or Fred Myers when it goes below $40.

u/kvnmahan · 3 pointsr/xbox

That's always where I look first. Here's the best offer i could find in under 12 seconds :-)

u/m4d_g0d_c4o5e7h · 1 pointr/xbox

After looking at the user guide, it appears you have to buy another piece of equipment to use with HDMI. It would be much easier just to get this and then you can use any headset you want.

Just check page 10 of the user manual /u/HeroOfTime14 linked you, and it shows you need to hook your HDMI into another box (not included) then HMDI to your monitor, then Optical Out to the transceiver. Honestly, that's a lot more money spent in the short run.

u/TheMountainFolk · 1 pointr/xbox

Get a regular SSD and then buy a case that will allow you to plug it into the USB 3 port of your console.


The SSD goes into the case that I just linked to and then you plug it into your console. It's surprisingly easy even if you aren't good with technology.

u/CptnKell0GGz · 1 pointr/xbox

When you unplug your controllers, do you do it by grabbing the base and pulling it out or do you just tug on the wire so it pops off easily? I used to do this and eventually that messed up the wiring and I could only hear out of it but couldn’t talk.

As far as recommendations go, I think it would be worth it to drop the money on something decent. I personally use the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 and I love it. Have never had any issues with it.

Turtle Beach XB1 Stealth 600 Gaming Headset - Xbox One

u/officialpvp · 1 pointr/xbox

You could save some money by choosing to go with a converter instead.

A pro would be that you could use it with any device that only has component cables. A con would be that it adds an extra layer of 'this could stop working someday.'

This is just an example link, if you dig at all, I'm sure you can find a cheaper device that does the same thing.

u/SkinnyDan85 · 6 pointsr/xbox

Fun fact if you didn't know already, you can get a new one now. It isn't cheap, but it's available.

Edit: actually not a bad price on amazon

u/twysted455 · 1 pointr/xbox

Bought these for my son and he absolutely loves them.

SteelSeries Arctis 7

u/workthrowawayyy · 1 pointr/xbox

I've been using this one:

I'm not an av expert but it's been good enough for my needs, and the software that it comes with is decent.

u/Claymoresama · 2 pointsr/xbox

That special cord is cheap and is just a sata to USB adapter like so SATA to USB Cable - USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA III Hard Drive Adapter - External Converter for SSD/HDD Data Transfer (USB3S2SAT3CB)

u/MilwaukeeMoose · 0 pointsr/xbox
I use the 700 version which is very limited in its difference. These are very nice because they actually pair to your Xbox in the same way that your controller does. They use Windows Sonic which was referenced above and it does a nice job with footsteps. I think with your price point you can't go wrong with these. I will advise that I have a pretty large head and it took some wearing before I adjusted to the feel of these but I don't think someone with a smaller to normal sized head would have the same experience. No matter what you do its important that when you get your gaming headset you go to your settings and change the audio type to the appropriate setting(Sonic, Atmos etc).

u/Rwheelbot · 0 pointsr/xbox

Just buy a analog to digital video converter. They are cheap on amazon

You will also need a short HDMI cable to go from the converter to your TV.

This would be the easiest way I can think of to remedy your situation. This will work for all your old game systems that have the same issue.

u/SigmaTheDJ · 1 pointr/xbox

For the drive, you want a 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB 2.5" HDD or SSD. There's loads of choice out there. An SSD will give you considerably faster loading times in many games, but obviously it'll cost you more.

You'll also need the tools to open the console and a USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA adapter so that you can hook the drive up to a computer. I bought THIS and THIS respectively.

I followed the instructions in THIS thread, which includes links to full video guides on YouTube.

u/antmbel · 1 pointr/xbox

Then you'll need to also buy the adapter for the controller from Microsoft. This will be the more expensive purchase as I think I bought my headset converter for about $5.

Edit: Here are the links.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

PLAY X STORE 3.5mm Male to 2.5mm Female Headphone Audio Adapter (Black)

u/azurakite · 1 pointr/xbox

Steelseries Siberia V2 Pick Your Color

Headset Adapter

You can alternatively use any 3.5mm stereo headset with the adapter if you choose as long as it has a seperate mic and headphone jack. You can use this setup with a PS4 or any Android or iPhone if you wish.

u/Demache · 1 pointr/xbox

Good news, this will do exactly what you need. Its just a HDMI pass-thru but it extracts the audio to analog stereo or optical audio.

u/moose0003 · 2 pointsr/xbox

They do but you might look into this.

Xbox Stereo Headset Adapter

Just use regular ear buds if you want. However not all will work with game audio and chat. The old Apple ear buds don't with chat but all of the Samsung I have tried worked with both.

u/MousePad17 · 3 pointsr/xbox

I'm guessing you're using the mono-ear headset that game bundled with the system?

Every headset (aside from the mono-ear headsets) will play the game's audio & chat through the headset. You can even plug a standard pair of headphones/earbuds in the 3.5mm jack on the bottom of the controller.

If you have an older version of the Xbox One controller and there's no 3.5mm jack, all you need is the adapter -

u/birdsandberyllium · 12 pointsr/xbox

You can either plug it in with a micro USB cable or buy the Xbox wireless adapter.