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Reddit reviews on Wilton Trim 'n Turn Plus Cake Turntable

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Turntable turns smoothly clockwise or counterclockwise on hidden ball-bearing trackGreat for left- and right-handed decorators, makes the decorating process easyNon-slip surface on top of the platform keeps cake or cake board in place while you decorateSoft-grip material on base of stand secures turntable on countertop or tableMeasures 11.9 inches x 11.9 inches x 1.2 inches

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Found 1 comment on Wilton Trim 'n Turn Plus Cake Turntable:

u/Cow_of_Doom ยท 3 pointsr/Baking

You say she makes and sells cakes, but is kind of frugal. Does she have a rotating cake stand for decorating? It is SUCH a useful thing if you make and decorate a lot of cakes, but I was too cheap to buy one for years thinking it wouldn't be that helpful. It is so helpful though. I linked to a cheap model, but there are nicer more expensive ones too.

Higher quality extracts and powders (I like Nielsen-Massey for extracts, and Penzey's spices) are nice too. It's hard to suggest because we don't know what she has already and what she might need. Honestly - I would ask her!