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u/Sexicorn · 15 pointsr/dogs

I feel like the most you're going to get out of a toy dog like that is maybe a few half hour walks a day. Weren't they bred to be lap dogs? If you want him to come along on longer jogs/bike rides, you could always get a stroller/bike basket for him to ride in.


>I wouldn't say I'm highly active--more like low-moderate. 5 miles of jogging a day, working up to at least 7. 3 or 4 miles of biking several days a week

If you live in the US and you keep to this routine, you're definitely in the high end. I know a lot of people (like 90% of my friends and co-workers) who don't even WALK a mile a day. For your activity level, you may be a better fit for a herding breed.

That poor little dog is probably like "Jesus, mom, slow down! My legs are like 5 inches long!" XD

u/3ishakaurrr · 1 pointr/pugs

I got it here I recommend it! i havent looked much into strollers but this one is spacious that she can turn around and look behind or to the side. its so easy to clean too.