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3. Forensic Accounting For Dummies

Forensic Accounting For Dummies
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6. Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention
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u/wombatsinspaaace · 3 pointsr/intj

Virtually all of the skills are transferable to different industries (or within industries -- "tech" is pretty broad but I don't want to out myself being more specific.) The key skills are what I would describe as forensic accounting and microeconomics. I learned on the job so I don't have any books to recommend, but I did notice Amazon has quite a selection including this one, lol.

Note that forensic accounting isn't just for fraud, it can be very valuable for performing competitive analysis (which is part of what I do.) I think it's a great area for INTJs because it's detail oriented and requires the ability to understand complex systems, and very few people are mentally able to do those two tasks concurrently. Since it involves finance and usually large amounts of money, and there's a limited supply of skilled labor -- as you can imagine it can be lucrative.

u/KyaDash · 2 pointsr/crtgaming

Either an HDMI->VGA DAC or a DP->VGA DAC is what you'd be after.

The former are cheaper for the most part, but not really capable of more than 1080p60(and it's 4:3 equivalent) to 1200p60(more so it's 4:3 equivalent UXGA). You'd need to move to a displayport based offering such as certain offerings from Sunix or Delock to go higher than that. Admittedly, that monitor won't be able to max out the latter, but is in the weird middle ground of "capable of more than the HDMI adapters but not quite high end enough to heavily justify the DP options".

This is the HDMI->VGA I usually recommend;

I like it specifically because of the option to use an external power supply, which will allow it to work with devices which might not supply enough power over HDMI to run it that way; Stuff like Raspberry Pi and such especially.

This is also another well recommended offering, especially if you don't need the external power option.

As for DP, this would be the go to for "I just need the higher spec'd DAC":

There are DisplayPort MST boxes that do more along with this, but if you just need something for your tube, it's not worth bothering with.

u/CISALondonUK · 1 pointr/CISA


Thank you for recommending two books:

  1. I found the All in One book. Did you recommend that one or is it another book?
  2. Could you also please send me the link to the CBK book, as unfortunately, I cannot find it?


    P.S. After finishing all books, I plan to start Q&A.


    Many Thanks,

u/snugglesdog · 2 pointsr/eliomotors

> Apparently I am a rube. First Elio, now this.

Then, here's the book for you:

"It evidently was written by someone who's never used anything more sophisticated than a camera phone and contained no useful information."

They probably read this book before they wrote that photography book:

This is what Paul Elio needs to buy before he starts production:

u/ratedsar · 1 pointr/Libertarian

In the 90s, shifty financial numbers games mean that the U.S. Government, AOL, and Enron could have budget surpluses and reported (artificial) positive cash flow.

We've made some changes to GAAP since, but unless you're reading every financial statement possible with scrutiny, you're probably missing something.
[read up]( "This class and book were really interesting at Georgia Tech")

u/moe3144 · 2 pointsr/CEH

I'm studying from (CEH Certified Ethical Hacker: Exam Guide (All-in-One) - Matt Walker,) specifically for CEHv8, The bundle comes with Two books and a CD with Test Engine, First Book: Theory, Second Book: Only assessment questions

u/claphands22 · 1 pointr/slavelabour

Looking for Principles of Auditing & Other Assurance Services with Connect 20th Edition $3 Print ISBN: 9780077729141, 0077729145
eText ISBN: 9781259292149, 1259292142

u/bomerr · 3 pointsr/crtgaming

I bought this for my Sony CPD-E540

But at less than 100 kHz, you might just be able to use an cheap HDMI or DP to VGA adapter from Amazon. You'll get a green outline if the refresh rate exceeds the adapter.

People also say you can get an RTX card and use USB-C to VGA adapter which apparently handle very high refresh rates.

u/atlben76 · 2 pointsr/economy

Which can be identified through a thorough technical analysis. Read The Financial Numbers Game.

u/bradleyfalzon · 1 pointr/statistics

Fraud Analytics? I found it interesting knowing nothing of the subject, so it may be too simple, and techniques to evade it may be as simple:

u/PlugItToCash · -6 pointsr/Accounting

Trial and error, baby!

You'll definitely want to learn some basis in accounting theory. If you have a working knowledge of the framework, you will be able to apply those basics to somewhat more complex situations with guidance from the codification.

Also, get learned on internal controls. As the controller you're going to be more-or-less responsible for ensuring that there are policies and procedures in place to mitigate the risk of fraud. If it happens, it will be your head. Don't let that shit happen!

Other than that, my only worry would be if you have to report to any creditors, etc. They may be weary of you having little accounting knowledge outside of quickbooks on-the-job training. Have a good CPA in your back pocket.