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Reddit mentions of Bric's Luggage Bellagio Ultra Light 27 Inch Spinner Trunk (Black/Tobacco)

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Bric's Luggage Bellagio Ultra Light 27 Inch Spinner Trunk (Black/Tobacco). Here are the top ones.

Bric's Luggage Bellagio Ultra Light 27 Inch Spinner Trunk (Black/Tobacco)
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Water repellant ZipperTSA Approved LocksAdjustable HandleInterior Organizational PocketsFlexible and Durable Hard Sided Case, Garment Ring to Keep Hangers Secure
Height19 inches
Length27 inches
SizeOne size
Weight10 Pounds
Width10.5 inches

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Found 1 comment on Bric's Luggage Bellagio Ultra Light 27 Inch Spinner Trunk (Black/Tobacco):

u/pajamapolice ยท 7 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I fly a good amount for work, and combined with 'fun' travel, that ends up being 1-2x a month.

I almost never check a bag, unless I'm staying somewhere for more than 2 weeks or schlepping stuff for another purpose (i.e. visiting my mom who can't get 2937403 things she wants where she lives).

My personal item: Marc Jacobs backpack
Not the most glamorous, but I'm weak and I feel my laptop is hard on my shoulder with a tote style bag, so backpack it is. I appreciate that this has 2 exterior pockets, one being large enough for my passport case, boarding passes, etc that I want easy access to. The nylon material wipes clean and isn't showing any wear after ~20 trips and being used a couple times a week to bring my laptop/lunch to and from work.

My carry-on suitcase: Bric's Bellagio
If I had purchased this for $550, I would be mad, but I got it at an outlet and it was around $200 which lessens the sting a little bit. I will admit, my vanity got to me here and I bought it mostly because I love the retro-ish look. It's a perfectly decent suitcase for the casual traveler (3-5x a year), fits international overhead compartments, and has handy dividers inside, but I've beaten this thing to shit. I drag it over a lot of uneven pavement in questionable weather, throw it around a lot, and it's just looking a bit sad and worn.

My check-in suitecase: Muji 62L Suitcase
Love this clean-lined and light suitcase. I have zero muscles, so not having an extra heavy suitcase plus all the shit I'm hauling is important to me. I don't check in bags often, and this has gotten way less use than my Bric's but it's holding up nicely so far. And at this price point, I don't feel too precious about it being banged about in transit.

Other misc stuff:

  • Laundry mesh bags (I think I have these, but really any will do)
    I do not use travel cubes because I don't feel that they are flexible enough in terms of size, they take up more space when not in use,and I also don't like accumulating more 'stuff' that is single purpose. The best part about laundry mesh bags is that I have less sorting to do after my trip and the delicate stuff can go right into the washer.
  • Muji travel containers
    I die for these. I used to be so cheap and store all my face stuff in contact lens cases or repurposed empty sample containers and then have to open everything to find something if I forgot what held what. These have changed my travel life, and it makes me so happy to have neatly organized products that all 'go' together and are reliably water tight.
  • Toiletry bag/Liquids bag
    Still super cheap here, I use ziplock baggies. Some European airports I go through force you to take your liquids out of your kit and put them in a ziplock they give you anyway, and I'd rather not deal with that. I keep thinking that in order to be a serious, adult, 'business' traveler I should have a real dopp kit/toiletry bag but......here I am.
  • Sheet masks
    I keep 1-2 always in my suitcase, just so I know I have a pick me up if I need one. I don't always use them, and my current ones have been in there for maybe 4 months but it's nice to know they're there if I'm having a particularly bad or just dehydrated day.
  • Also, I always pack a few plastic bags for whatever. Maybe I want to compartmentalize further, or I have extra dirty or wet clothes/shoes, or I buy something liquid in a dubious container, these can be life savers.