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u/thechineseflower · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Man I’ve packed so many times for different weather and I still make mistakes. My first and biggest mistake is usually over-packing (and I managed to under-pack once too, I brought shorts and t-shirts to Australia and about froze to death).

I have a detailed packing list that I’m working on and hopefully I’ll be able to use it for all future trips.

I never ever buy fun/cute clothes -for- a trip because budget-wise I’m tempted but it’s so unnecessary, often more expensive than where I’m going, the clothes don’t fit into my “real life” and it’s likely that I may buy something during the trip. And again, that totally leads to over-packing.

I try to keep it to two pairs of shoes (one pair on my feet). I don’t like backpacks because I don’t like carrying things (exhaustion) so it’s always rolling luggage for me. I have something like this in black but less ugly haha. I prefer this vs. hard suitcases because it’s WAY lighter and therefore I’ll be carrying less weight when I have to lift it, carry up apartment/subway stairs etc. the handles are also much easier to hold when you have to lift it, and you can hug it in your arms (can’t do that with a bulky suitcase). I fill it about half full so it’s more like a long flat pancake. I think something in this style is perfect for me BUT I want to upgrade to something exactly like this that has backpack straps. For when I need to climb up apartment stairs in Europe SIGHHHH. I never carry more than 1 luggage and 1 other bag when traveling because otherwise it’s too hard to keep track of more than two bags (one which should be on my shoulder with my right arm clamped over it and the other in my other hand or sandwiched between my legs).

I like most of my clothes so sometimes I try not to bring my absolute favorites so I can mix it up - but I do always bring a pair of black pants and a fitted black T-shirt and ankle boots for non-beach travel. For future beach travel I’ve sworn to only bring pale lilac flip-flops and zero other pairs of shoes. And if anyone is going to a tropical country I hugely recommend you bring a tiny USB fan - they’re a lifesaver and quite powerful. I wish I’d brought my bigger one.

Packing cubes are also superb for keeping things organized - I can’t live without them! Got mine on aliexpress and they’re a nice burgundy.

I’m a BIG fan of somewhat not-that-fashionable but quite acceptable ultralight foldable down jackets like the uniqlo one that folds into a tiny pouch. That has just revolutionized fall travel for me. (My first fall I was too excited and took a navy capelet, pastel lavender coat and a big black coat, not to mention ankle boots and knee-high black boots. Worst idea ever also my luggage was 28kg I really could not manage it.) The last time I just took my tiny uniqlo down jacket which I happily carried in my tote bag all day and a pair of shoes (on my feet).

I thought I planned pretty well for my last vacation, but I ended up over-packing again - I didn’t know if I would be in a cover-up-t-shirts mood or a crop-bralette-top-mood or a pants or shorts mood (rain was predicted and I was unable to predict my mood). Ended up wearing the same white lace crop bralette-top for like 5 days (I washed it haha). Guess style-moods are just unpredictable argh. Also I hadn’t worn that top in ages so it was great to get 5 days of wear out of it. Also brought WAYYYYY too much makeup and skincare for the beach though, again, I thought I’d pared it down significantly and only brought the bare minimum for makeup in a small pouch. (AND too little shampoo and soap because I didn’t know id shower three times a day).

My dream is just to get really awesome and efficient at packing but it’s always hard to estimate my needs in a different country with different weather and activities! I also dislike “just buy it there if you need it” because, for example, I have A LOT of moisturizer so I really don’t want to spend money buying more, I need to use up what I have (it’s already in a small travel-friendly tube). We also bought plasters because I cut my foot which was such a waste because we already have so many (expiring) plasters (band-aids). So I’m going to add plasters (just two) to my packing list because if I bring them, I won’t get injured and I won’t need them. If I don’t bring them, I’m sure to need them. Eeergh.

u/dholdrums · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I have two TravelPro suitcases and can't recommend them enough.

I have a big TravelPro Platinum 7 28" for long trips (I chose the older Platinum 7 model because of the warranty). It is a huge suitcase, so it's easy to fill past the 50lb limit, but other than that, it's a great suitcase.

And I have a smaller TravelPro -- a FlightPro 22" Business Upright that I use for shorter trips. It's a mini version of the bigger one. This is the model I recommend for your carry-on needs.

Both are well designed, have telescopic arms, are two-wheeled, and are very rugged. I bought the smaller one first a few years ago after doing much research on the subject and finding that it was recommended by flight crews (pilots/airline stewards).

I had the 22" for a few years and liked it so much I bought the bigger one.

Apparently they had older models that was made in America and was of much higher quality, but I can't say anything bad about the new stuff, never had any problems with it.

I would recommend it as BIFL quality, however you should keep in mind that I don't fly very often, only a couple of times a year.

The link to the Platinum 7 28" is a direct link to Amazon where I bought it from. The link to the FlightPro 22" Business Upright is a link to an image because I purchased it from some other site and I can't find the exact model on Amazon.

u/auxilary · 2 pointsr/delta


What I'd recommend is this bag.

Four-wheel bags are easy to maneuver inside of an airport and require little effort to travel with. It is also a very reasonable price for a relatively solid entry-level travel bag, has some style to it and comes from a company with a liberal return policy in the event you do not like it.

The bag will seem small in person, but as long as you fold (or even better, roll) your clothes correctly, and are ok with re-wearing a few core pieces more than once then you will be just fine.

Even better, with Delta, you will be fine with carrying this bag on along with a small personal item like a purse or small back-pack.

Let me know if you've got anymore questions!

u/Akanan · 1 pointr/sffpc

i do not have tempered glass panel.

Yes i travel with this one:

It fits very well, i set a carboard in the bottom to protect against the handle frame, wrap around 2 pair of jogging pants and bingo, its my carry-on. My monitor is S2417DG, fits perfectly in my pelican barrack box. Also, the original packagin is compact and relatively small in comparison to the huge ridiculous box that Asus sends.

Regarding your LM, i didnt hear you need to reapply every 6months. For the delid procedure, i've watched a GamersNexus video and followed step by step what he does. I don't think you ever do. Dmg? no, it would dmg aluminum, but your IHS is not made of Aluminum. You will apply the LM between the die and IHS it will surely stain, thats it.

If you already have an A9x14mm well, use it, otherwise a standard size NF-A9 fits in the rear of your case if you go for the NH-U9S.

On a side note, your quiet and quality setup will good only when you are home. Because when you will be sharing a room with a roomate, he is going to have one these shitty towers or a laptop that sounds like a jet engine.... like the one roomate i have atm. ;)

u/CRFowler-ART · 2 pointsr/DnD

I have this bag:

My review of it is actually the second review and there are pictures of it full of D&D books. It can't hold 7-8 books, more like 3-5 depending on what else you're bringing, but it's a great bag for if you're a player or a DM that travels light (like a DM that might use a computer/tablet instead of carrying all the books).

My DM uses two bags, one is a sturdy laptop case that holds a few books and his dice, and the other is a larger square bag (not sure what it is but it looks like a big camera bag without the dividers that a camera bag has) that he uses for his miniatures.

I had another DM that actually used a small roller suitcase, which if I decided to DM is what I'd probably use. Something like this:

u/AppleMan102 · 1 pointr/airport

I’m pretty sure all airlines let you have a bag that’s 9x14x22. Standard overhead bin size. Just look on Amazon for any bag that says “designed to fit in most overhead bins.” The exception to that “most” is your smaller regional jet overhead bins. Your American Eagles, your Delta connections, etc, where they’ll gate check your bag anyway and give it back to you on the jetway after your flight.

I have an older model of this bag and I love it. I fly maybe once every month or two.
Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside Spinner 21, Black

However if you do not see yourself flying a lot in the future, don’t break the bank. Hope this helps!

u/pajamapolice · 7 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I fly a good amount for work, and combined with 'fun' travel, that ends up being 1-2x a month.

I almost never check a bag, unless I'm staying somewhere for more than 2 weeks or schlepping stuff for another purpose (i.e. visiting my mom who can't get 2937403 things she wants where she lives).

My personal item: Marc Jacobs backpack
Not the most glamorous, but I'm weak and I feel my laptop is hard on my shoulder with a tote style bag, so backpack it is. I appreciate that this has 2 exterior pockets, one being large enough for my passport case, boarding passes, etc that I want easy access to. The nylon material wipes clean and isn't showing any wear after ~20 trips and being used a couple times a week to bring my laptop/lunch to and from work.

My carry-on suitcase: Bric's Bellagio
If I had purchased this for $550, I would be mad, but I got it at an outlet and it was around $200 which lessens the sting a little bit. I will admit, my vanity got to me here and I bought it mostly because I love the retro-ish look. It's a perfectly decent suitcase for the casual traveler (3-5x a year), fits international overhead compartments, and has handy dividers inside, but I've beaten this thing to shit. I drag it over a lot of uneven pavement in questionable weather, throw it around a lot, and it's just looking a bit sad and worn.

My check-in suitecase: Muji 62L Suitcase
Love this clean-lined and light suitcase. I have zero muscles, so not having an extra heavy suitcase plus all the shit I'm hauling is important to me. I don't check in bags often, and this has gotten way less use than my Bric's but it's holding up nicely so far. And at this price point, I don't feel too precious about it being banged about in transit.

Other misc stuff:

  • Laundry mesh bags (I think I have these, but really any will do)
    I do not use travel cubes because I don't feel that they are flexible enough in terms of size, they take up more space when not in use,and I also don't like accumulating more 'stuff' that is single purpose. The best part about laundry mesh bags is that I have less sorting to do after my trip and the delicate stuff can go right into the washer.
  • Muji travel containers
    I die for these. I used to be so cheap and store all my face stuff in contact lens cases or repurposed empty sample containers and then have to open everything to find something if I forgot what held what. These have changed my travel life, and it makes me so happy to have neatly organized products that all 'go' together and are reliably water tight.
  • Toiletry bag/Liquids bag
    Still super cheap here, I use ziplock baggies. Some European airports I go through force you to take your liquids out of your kit and put them in a ziplock they give you anyway, and I'd rather not deal with that. I keep thinking that in order to be a serious, adult, 'business' traveler I should have a real dopp kit/toiletry bag I am.
  • Sheet masks
    I keep 1-2 always in my suitcase, just so I know I have a pick me up if I need one. I don't always use them, and my current ones have been in there for maybe 4 months but it's nice to know they're there if I'm having a particularly bad or just dehydrated day.
  • Also, I always pack a few plastic bags for whatever. Maybe I want to compartmentalize further, or I have extra dirty or wet clothes/shoes, or I buy something liquid in a dubious container, these can be life savers.
u/t-spice · 2 pointsr/mtgcube

If youre looking for something thats going to carry all of that, AND be appropriate as luggage, ive got the perfect thing for you:

you can even put your clothes in it. Im sure it will fit 4 990ct long boxes as well.

u/pitmeinl · 1 pointr/digitalnomad

I use a Samsonite Termo Young Upright. I believe two wheels are sturdier than four. Got a bright blue one so it is easy to spot on the belt. Changed from my previous soft shells to this no-zipper hard shell after seeing how easy it is to open locked zippers and close(!) them without leaving a trace of the tampering.

u/thewindinthewillows · 1 pointr/germany

How big are we talking about? People routinely travel with suitcases that aren't a carry-on. Trains are used for long-term vacations. If you're imagining the interiour of a German train to be like an airplane, then no, it's quite a bit roomier.

It gets problematic when people are incapable of lifting their suitcase in/out themselves - there will be someone helping eventually, but it holds everyone up.

Also, the suitcase should fit in the luggage shelves (that take most of the common sizes), or the corners where people also places suitcases. Sometimes, people leave these huge suitcases standing in the corridor (presumably because they need to keep an eye on their precious), and they're told off by the conductor, as of course the corridor needs to be free.

I found you a photo. This is what people routinely travel with. Here is another one.

I'm using this for longer journeys now - 80 liter volume.

u/candyxmuffin · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

If you're interested in a rolling suitcase this one is pretty bright along with a pink color option.

There's also these available in orange, a lighter blue, and a green.

and my personal favorites

u/theregos · 5 pointsr/shittykickstarters

You mean this?

I was SO tempted to buy this when I was at NY airport few years back, but after reading how easily it breaks, I decided to save my money!

u/abadonn · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

How do you like it? How does it compare with a generic carry on suitcase in function? Can you pack as much stuff?

Edit: Too late, stopped by Marshalls on the way home and picked one up for myself for my upcoming vacation.. :) It is really pretty big, a full 22" long and very spacious when opened.

u/E466069 · 3 pointsr/everymanshouldknow

yeah, they work and if you want a more rugged bag you can find better ones out there and even better ones but more expensive as well.

This could be your carry on as it should have enough space.

Like I said, the biggest issue will be folding it right before you leave to go to the airport and pulling it all out as soon as you get to the hotel.

u/Shortest_Giraffe · 15 pointsr/hookah

You'll probably need a boxy suitcase, judging by the size of the base... something like This or This. Now unless you find something big enough I'd suggest disassembling the Hookah first. You'll get a more compressed fit into the aforementioned suitcase. Now fill the gaps with packing peanuts or newspaper, whatever you have readily available. Don't be afraid to really stuff it at this point. And Voila, you're ready to travel!

u/wanderlustforever_ · 1 pointr/malefashionadvice

Hey guys. I'm looking for a durable soft medium suitcase at around £60. I've found these two offerings, one from Antler and one from American Tourister. The former has a ten year warranty and the latter a three year. I can't decide which one to go for, and if anyone has any suggestions that would be really appreciated, thanks!


American Tourister

u/ironpanda88 · 1 pointr/scuba

Thanks for the help! I've seen this one. Still has logos but not as specific as dive logos.
The only thing that puts me off is that pretty much half the case is made up of smaller compartments, not sure if you can fold them down to make room for the larger compartment

u/nervous_lobster · 1 pointr/femalefashionadvice

I'm wearing it today, I super duper love it!

I got the Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD suitcase. It's expensive, but I travel a lot so the warranty makes it worth it for me.

u/zeronadanothing · 2 pointsr/worldnews

As someone who travels frequently I loathe the wheelie invasion that started about a decade ago. They take up so much space and people are often so rude about that fact.

On the other hand these look like a great idea:

u/tariqabjotu · 2 pointsr/travel

It's not that hard to find suitcases under $350, including those with just two wheels. Like this. Look at reviews on Amazon or your favorite site and select something.

u/drewfromOG · 1 pointr/delta

I recommend and use this one as a carry on

Pair it with some of these and you can fit a weeks worth of clothing in your bag.

u/Rhyick · 3 pointsr/malelivingspace

I travel nearly every week for work (consultant). Here's what I recommend...

For your budget (~$150), buy something from Travelpro. Either their Crew 10 or Crew 11 carry-ons. A spinner isn't necessary.

If you can expand your budget, or when you know for sure you're serious about traveling all the time, get something from Briggs & Riley. Lifetime warranty, and totally bulletproof. They are on sale every now and then -- you might be able to snag one off of Sierra Trading Post or something as well. Or you can get Tumi too, but they are a bit overpriced, and the warranty isn't as great.

Do NOT get a duffle. You will hate lugging it around the airport. Also, get a soft sided or expandable luggage if possible. Trust me on this... when you are at a client and need to bring back present for your SO or that extra pair of gym shoes, you will thank me.

PS: Unrelated travel tip, but if you constantly travel to the same location, its nice to bring a small duffle bag, stick items in that you don't want to take back and forth (gym clothes, larger size toiletries, protein powder, etc.) and leave it at the hotel.

u/kgiann · 1 pointr/TravelHacks

I have the older style of this piece.

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Carry On Luggage with Double Spinner Wheels, 20-Inch, Silver

For some reason, the share button on Amazon wouldn't let me share the listing even though it's still active.

The listing name for the model I have is "Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 20" Luggage, Charcoal" if you want to try to search Amazon for that. It's $102 prime eligible, compared to the $155 that the newer model is.

u/primeoflife · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

So here is my dilemma. Per Your website the cheapest Rimowa available in the Salsa line is $450. I picked up This Delsey on sale for $140 from Amazon. It still shows up on sale every once in a while and it comes with a ten year limited warranty.

I travel 50% of each month Internationally and locally (USA) and while it is covered with scuffs it is a solid performer and for $140 if I had to replace it in five years I could easily.

Help me understand (I'm asking honestly) why I would spend triple for a Rimowa regardless of "BIFL"?

u/dev278 · 3 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 20-inch Carry-on/Cabin Size, Black

u/Nyanburger · 2 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Without branding it's $300.

The logo has "see you" and things on it.