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Reddit mentions of Concrete Countertops DIY (Instructional DVD) featuring Fu-Tung Cheng

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Concrete Countertops DIY (Instructional DVD) featuring Fu-Tung Cheng. Here are the top ones.

Concrete Countertops DIY (Instructional DVD) featuring Fu-Tung Cheng
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Found 1 comment on Concrete Countertops DIY (Instructional DVD) featuring Fu-Tung Cheng:

u/neuromonkey ยท 9 pointsr/itookapicture

My finacee is very into alternative home designs. We've looked at monolithic domes and other concrete designs, but never tried it. That requires heavier equipment than we have, and more people. Our next project will be building some Vardo-style gypsy wagons. (I think)

We have done some jobs commercially; we recently finished doing 27 countertops and 9 hearths for a resort in Millinocket, Maine that added 9 cabins. Mostly for ourselves and friends, though. We are considering making it into a proper business, but I've got to say, it kills my frickin' back. (Two people moving 400-450lb slabs for weeks. Ug. My girlfriend never complains, though. I am a baby.)

The good news is that pouring your own countertops is very inexpensive. The bad news is that it is labor intensive. You can cast in-place or elsewhere. Casting elsewhere allows more freedom to make a mess and wet polish outside or someplace with a drain. (You can polish with sponge diamond pads, by hand.) Casting in-place means no heavy lifting, just more troweling to knock the aggregate down and smooth the surface.

As I said elsewhere, the best thing you could do would be to get Fu-Tung Cheng's book and/or DVD. He knows his stuff and he's extremely well organized and lucid. He sells bits like drain and sink knock-outs, but we make everything ourselves out of foam insulation and packing tape. (Occasionally aluminum flashing & tape.) Works like a charm.

You should pay attention to the load bearing capabilities of your kitchen floor. If it's OK that your kitchen winds up in your basement, don't worry about it. Often it's enough to simply double up the floor joists.