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Model Number: QI-TCRF-005GItem Package Length: 4.75196849909"Item Package Width: 1.49999999847"Item Package Height: 1.49999999847"

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u/Xyc0 ยท 1 pointr/cripplingalcoholism


Throw in about a half a bag of sugar in there. Corn sugar is what everyone says to do but cane will do just fine if you heat it up a bit in water then let it cool. Not boiling but enough to get it into your fermenter without it sticking to the walls.

Get a bit of sanitizer in a spray bottle and spray any surface that touches the batch and that yeast will be king of the castle. Bleach is ok but I bought some IO Star Sanitizer and it will last me the next few half a decade (inside joke). Two drops in a spray bottle of water will clean up the bugs you don't want uprising.