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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Lauva Cat Tunnel Toy, Collapsible 3 Way Fun Run Entertained Exercising and Playing Cat Toy with Catnip Best Play House for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs (Pink and Black). Here are the top ones.

Lauva Cat Tunnel Toy, Collapsible 3 Way Fun Run Entertained Exercising and Playing Cat Toy with Catnip Best Play House for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs (Pink and Black)
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Cat play tunnel -the “T” shape tunnel gives your cats more possible ways to play than a simple straight tunnel ,this tunnel would be perfect for cats and small dogs ,even bunnies and other small household pets.Collapsible & Portable -It’s so nice to collapse it when you need the floor space .The tunnel comes with an elastic band for banding and storing . Much easier travel and storage.Durable: fur ball attracts cat’s attention too; strong and solid sprung steel frame with protective ends (for safety purpose); inner material is scratch-proof and cat’s fur won’t stick to it, so you don’t need to clean it every timeMore large and suitable size-80*50*25cm (30*20*10’’),10" tube diameter ,30" long legs & 20’’ short legs.Thicker, more durable material for energetic kitties.Great gift for all cat lovers.-Buy now with our 100% perfect satisfaction and money back guarantee. A perfect toy. My cat plays for hours." Great customer service is our #1 priority. If you (or your pet) aren't thrilled with our cat tunnel, simply let us know ,we will refund or replace it as you prefer to.

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Found 1 comment on Lauva Cat Tunnel Toy, Collapsible 3 Way Fun Run Entertained Exercising and Playing Cat Toy with Catnip Best Play House for Rabbits, Kittens, and Dogs (Pink and Black):

u/DinkaAnimalLover · 46 pointsr/Rabbits

OMG what wonderful kind people you are!!! Thank you for rescuing him! Who could have kept that sweet face locked up in a shed?!

How long have you had him for now?

In case you are a new bunny parent and need any tips or ideas take a look at the little guide on care I assembled below https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z_IvDuy5Fr-VOKwBVBSmZih0m1ATCIquIMhYyFl4aIw - it is a it long but quite thorough. I really tried to include all the info a new bunny parent might want into this guide...


Poor sweetheart look a little sad... I am so happy he has you now! Try to spend a lot of time on the floor with him if you can. You don't have to drop everything and be with him, just see if you can do some of the things you usually do on the floor.. he will love the company and it will make him feel happier and less lonely.

I am guessing his situation was far from ideal and he is understandably unsure and weary of people. But with some patience, the right approach and diligence you can change that. :)

What works best with bunnies is always always letting them come to you instead of you going to them... silly as it is, that is what makes them feel most secure around anyone who is trying to bond with them. The best way to encourage them to do this is another silly thing - get on the floor. Literally just sprawl out and do your own thing and wait for him to come and explore you (I promise he will if you are patient). On the floor you are on his own level and you feel both safe and curious for them explore.

I would honestly suggest trying to really focus for the next few week on spending lots of time on the floor with him when you are home. Anything you usually do just do it on the floor. The floor is their level and where they feel the safest and that is best for bonding. Sprawl out and let him hop all over you. Watch TV on the floor and lean against the sofa for comfort or even when you are on your laptop. Basically just make a real effort to spend lots of time with him on the floor for a couple weeks and see if that makes a difference I think it will. :) Always let him come to you on his own terms when he feels safe, don't reach for him if you feel like he is not feeling safe in that moment (kind of anticipate his feelings)... some greens will help make you feel more inviting and attractive, and over time you will be able to pet him while he is eating, and then he will learn that humans mean yummies and they are safe and he will pop by for pets from you more often. :)

Watch a couple videos below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3rlWno7B8g - great video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS9HcoC19h4 - another good video

It's really about the amount of time you spend around and with your bunny on his level (the floor) - the more the better.. The food is not a way to bond, but something that initially helps lure him to you to learn more about you and what to expect from - this of it this way… To bond with the bunny, grab some treats (I suggest cilantro or small pieces of dried apple) and sit on the floor in the same room as the bunny. Spend lots of time on the ground with it in spaced out sessions. Just read or watch Netflix, and wait for the bun to come to you. Eventually, he will probably come up and sniff you all over. Sit still and let him do that, then he'll hop away. The next time he comes, offer him treats from your hand. Repeat several times, just sitting and waiting for him to come get treats. When he's comfortable with that, and maybe flopping or binkying in your presence and close to you, reach out and pet his head as he is eating a treat. Almost all rabbits love having their heads pet/massaged. If you're lucky, after a while He'll be coming to you and asking for it by putting his head near your hand.


He might also really like some things to explore and play with in his space. I'll share my favorites below:

Bunnies like exporting type toys - a tunnel, cardboard houses, willow and hay balls, chews, and treat puzzles . The two thread below have examples:




Also a couple suggestions below that are my personal favorites and all buns tend to enjoy:

Treat/pellets ball - feed pellets in it vs a bowl

Nesting cups - hide little treat bits between stacked cups, I have not met a bun who doesn't love these

Plastic slinky - most buns love these

Play house

Dig box

Also try homemade things - the best I found was an empty egg carton stuffed with favorite greens for him to figure out how to open. :)

Or something like this https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/be338f/diy_pellet_dispenser/


Or a homemade castle like this person did https://www.reddit.com/r/Rabbits/comments/bcl9p4/cardboard_castle/ - she has instructions on how to make one, send her a message.


Lastly try teaching him tricks like here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke5N3tGLT_A - which is fun and a great way to bond with him.