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Reddit mentions of NIX Advance 8 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame - IPS Display, Auto-rotate, Motion Sensor, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in the Same Slideshow

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of NIX Advance 8 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame - IPS Display, Auto-rotate, Motion Sensor, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in the Same Slideshow. Here are the top ones.

NIX Advance 8 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame - IPS Display, Auto-rotate, Motion Sensor, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in the Same Slideshow
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  • THE SUPERIOR NON-WIFI DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME: Enjoy crisp, vivid photos (JPEG) and videos (MPEG-4) on the NIX Advance's 8 inch 1024x768 High Resolution IPS (4:3) LED backlit display and built in stereo speakers
  • DISPLAY THOUSANDS OF PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Enjoy all your favorite memories on the NIX Advance Digital Photo Frame; Choose from different slideshow transitions: Play them according to their date or their file name, or shuffle them
  • EASY PLUG AND PLAY: Set up your Frame in minutes; Just insert a USB stick or a memory card (SD/SDHC) to instantly display your favorite photos and videos on the NIX Advance Digital Picture Frame; does not connect to WiFi
  • PACKED WITH FEATURES: Built-in Clock and Calendar functions; Energy saving Hu-Motion Sensor automatically turns the frame on and off; intuitive remote control included
  • SUPPORT WHEN YOU NEED IT: Our Customer Service team is here to help you with your NIX Digital Frame; We want to do everything we can to make you happy with your frame
Height6.54 Inches
Length0.39 Inches
Number of items1
Size8 inch
Weight0.7275254646 Pounds
Width7.64 Inches

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Found 3 comments on NIX Advance 8 Inch USB Digital Picture Frame - IPS Display, Auto-rotate, Motion Sensor, Remote Control - Mix Photos and Videos in the Same Slideshow:

u/Pandatotheface · 12 pointsr/funny

On a budget. (just convert the gif to mpeg4)

u/Gypsyarados · 2 pointsr/DIY

Why does it need to be android? Admittedly, this is a bit more than $50, at what $100? $120? Same basic idea, but not android, just has a wifi connection.

u/daphoenix720 · 1 pointr/daphoenix
  • 8' Posters are a sign of expression for me. I never was allowed to decorate my wall spaces, so this is a sign of freedom and one of the ways I started accepting myself for who I truly am. Like my transgender friend, she started painting her nails as a sign of the first steps to change from male to female. Its not that much different. I denied myself putting shit on my walls for ages because my parents did not let me to do, and its a small step towards achieving a large goal - publishing a book and TED talks. In many ways, this mundane poster, is r/motivational to me, not those shallow quotes.

  • 9' Not only that, paper holds meaning to me. Its small, it doesn't take up so much space, easily portable. Its everything describing me - LEAN and minimalistic. Just well done infographic posters in general remind me that technology is great and all, but nothing beats good ol' paper sometimes. Like I'm not a big fan of http://www.amazon.com/NIX-Advance-Hi-Res-Digital-Motion/dp/B015XVAKG4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1462545980&sr=8-1&keywords=digital+photo, I rely too much on my PC as it is and run 15 programs, that shit would give me PTSD of seeing too many digital goods. I need a balance of old school shit

    EDIT: Also, I associate monitors with getting shit done not appreciating the artwork. Its why I don't bother /r/rainmeter my shit on my PC, setting backgrounds, etc. Dead silence has always kept me focused, so has minimalism

    My point is, to an unobserved eye, it looks like a piece of shit diagram that cost $9. Yes I am aware of what the true cost of making that poster is, its about $1, shipping is indeed about $3 from what I remember from USPS. Whoever printing poster makes about $4, after Amazon takes its cut. For me, its much more than that. One mans trash is another mans treasure [QUOTE1], an old proverb. That's what it is. Nothings trash in my mind, I see the value of notes, because all my notes were shit growing up, and I regret my handwriting is awful as hell too, and I wish I took better notes

    So, when you say "Oh why would you waste so much money, stop hoarding" you are looking at the shallowest level possible. Its why, you should never argue with people in relationships with your S.O. about spending hobby-related shit. You don't understand crafting, fashion design, sewing like they do. Or beer making, and buying a $2000 machine, that shit is beyond you, you wouldn't understand the thrills of making beer unless you yourself made some. You have to understand, that people have different VALUE = PERCEIVED BENEFITS (mostly this)/ PERCEIVED COST. This goes back to marketing, it goes back to lots of things

    This goes all the way back to everything I taught myself in guild wars 1. I realize that I have much more metrics than your average person which means I also have more spending habits for useless shit in general, because, I NEED to pool my thoughts into objects (amazon remembers my order history too, so that helps if i lose shit - granted double edge sword, now they know everything about me, w.e).

    Also I don't buy shit right away. I put it on my wishlist and have it sit in my mind for at least a month to decide whether I Really want it or not, whether I am impulsive buying or not. Sometimes I impulsive buy regardless out of sheer convenience of not having to remember to buy it later. Its like how when you make emotional relationship decisions, people on reddit say rub one off. Same shit.

    More often times I'll go "I wish I bought that wishlist item" so now it just reinforces me to go buy it even more, strengthening that PMT. Same reason I bought a polaroid printer, I wanted to appreciate all the changes I made to my monsterdesk^2 over time. Its important to reward yourself
    and take breaks for everything you do. I went a tad bit overboard playing OVERWATCH for 6 hours yesterday, fuck me, I should be really tired but this post gives me energy

    My point is seek to understand before opening your mouth. Don't assume you know anything about anything. [QUOTE1]. To the unobserved eye , it seems like I am exhibiting hoarding/poor control over my purchasing behavior, but you do not see the instrinsic value of what I do. You don't understand how long denied my thought processes were, and the effects of merging two giant large identities together and its effect on my brain,I CANNOT STOP THINKING, sometimes, so even a mundane poster, like whitespace in catalogs, helps clear my thoughts. I treat my purchases all as long term investments, not short term

    Also , this is why the app https://momentumdash.com/ is so popular. Same concept. "Breath of fresh air" people say. I don't like it though. Not 4 me.

    START 9:30 AM,

    Hypnosis - Its effect on the brains + Sleeping

  • I think my idea rate is churning off a bit, probably cause I slept like shit this whole week. For some odd reason, I don't know if its null data, I've been getting a significantly spike in the number of dreams I normally get upon writing this post. I do not understand this phenonem yet

  • Upon my theory I believe that VMT's unexhausted are what form dreams, but do not consist of the dream state at all. Weird. I also looked up dream theories, just now, on http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human-brain/dream1.htm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oneirology. Just a brief look through indicates there's no conclusive well vetted theory out there upon dreams, some of goes back to Freudian. I could look further, but I have a suspicion that wikipedia is right on this topic and do not want to look further. For now, there's something interesting about mem and my case study, because I underwent such large merging on social identities these past 10 weeks, that I can analyze myself a bit deeper than other people. Probably

  • Also, dreams do last seconds apparently and under 30 minutes . I can attest to some of those. Should that be true, why is it I feel like my dreams are near the time I wake up? Why do some dreams feel rather short, but are really long duration in reality? Not sure. There's also 5 sleeping stage cycles as well, I'll cover that another time

  • HYPNOSIS. I don't really quite understand this phenonem. Actually I do think I can tie this back into VMT and PMT analysis. The thing is, [PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] (reddit UI, boring lecture) doesn't really drive as much VMT processes as [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT][QUOTE1] (Reddit frontpage content, fun physics professor demos). In many ways, stale boring content[PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] drives you to sleep, because its too predictable but [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT] makes you tired because it takes more energy to keep up with

    Hypnosis - 7 hours of OVERWATCH

  • In many ways, me browsing reddit at night is essentially what HYPNOSIS IS, but HYPNOSIS occurs much more quicker than what I do on reddit. Some people do this by watching TV to fall asleep, and there have been studies here, its a double edged sword and shouldn't be used like sleeping pills / caffeine - use it when you really need it

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdr68Oq-hew. This is how I fell asleep yesterday after playing 7 hours of OVERWATCH yesterday. When I play for such long streams of time at a time, it has a profound effect on my mind. More in a bit

  • That video, it exhibits both [PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT] and [UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT]. In this sense, what happens is that , in optical illusions, our brain is trying to fill in information that's not there. Like this example from INCEPTION (I mentioned this movie a lot, go watch it, its how I named a lot of my terms too , such as RAPID FEEDBACK-CEPTION because its more descriptive than "ultralearning" from scotth young). Anyways,shit. Okay. Back to that video in question https://youtu.be/Rhw9BxBDvzk?t=47. What happens with optical illusions like these, is that your brain is constantly applying VMT on this PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT [you know what the content is already] but UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT, sort of? in the sense that your brain is trying to fill in the gaps. I may have to revisit my descriptions, this is one specific example where its too difficult to explain PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT vs UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT

  • OR is it? Videos by default are DYNAMIC STATIC PMT, but what about generally Boring youtube videos, such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogY44aX5pHU.

  • Revisiting everything I wrote. I wrote down that UNPREDICTABLE DYNAMIC PMT can drive learning very well, but STATIC PREDICTABLE PMT can drive you into boredom and lull you into sleep. That much people can agree on. But, what the fuck is an hypnotic illusion then? OVerall, its PREDICTABLE STATIC PMT...... BUT its DYNAMIC PMT isn't it?

  • What would happen exactly, if you turned off the audio on that video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdr68Oq-hew. I said that learning, there's always one primary sense, and I have strong logical conclusions to indicate this is correct. Would it have the same effect?

  • Am I not defining a terminology that needs to be defined at the subconcious level? s-PMT? I defined s-VMT compared to VMT, what about s-PMT and PMT?

  • What the fuck would that even be? Aren't I defining something missing..? What is PMT? PMT is physical memory tags, essentially sort of like tags in evernote, tagging peoples faces on facebook, its essentially how you correlate things into your head using the 5 senses (for most people its mostly visual). VMT is random thought process, s-VMT is INSTINCTS essentially (ANIMAL+HUMAN), what's s-PMT?