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Reddit mentions of Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle with wheels

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle with wheels. Here are the top ones.

Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle with wheels
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  • Durable PU coated 600 x 600 denier polyester. Exterior has two large zipped side pocket
  • Carrying handle on top for easy access and easy lifting.
  • Material Info : Softside. Wheel Handle Monotube. Wheels : 2 wheels. Ergonomic backpack straps.
  • Cabin baggage meets the IATA recommendations and can be taken on board an aircraft. Recommend checking with your airline for the latest cabin luggage allowance. Integrated ID tag.
  • Zipped main compartment. Ribbons in the main compartment.
SizeS (55cm-48,5L)

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Found 1 comment on Samsonite Paradiver Light Duffle with wheels:

u/thechineseflower · 5 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

Man I’ve packed so many times for different weather and I still make mistakes. My first and biggest mistake is usually over-packing (and I managed to under-pack once too, I brought shorts and t-shirts to Australia and about froze to death).

I have a detailed packing list that I’m working on and hopefully I’ll be able to use it for all future trips.

I never ever buy fun/cute clothes -for- a trip because budget-wise I’m tempted but it’s so unnecessary, often more expensive than where I’m going, the clothes don’t fit into my “real life” and it’s likely that I may buy something during the trip. And again, that totally leads to over-packing.

I try to keep it to two pairs of shoes (one pair on my feet). I don’t like backpacks because I don’t like carrying things (exhaustion) so it’s always rolling luggage for me. I have something like this in black but less ugly haha. I prefer this vs. hard suitcases because it’s WAY lighter and therefore I’ll be carrying less weight when I have to lift it, carry up apartment/subway stairs etc. the handles are also much easier to hold when you have to lift it, and you can hug it in your arms (can’t do that with a bulky suitcase). I fill it about half full so it’s more like a long flat pancake. I think something in this style is perfect for me BUT I want to upgrade to something exactly like this that has backpack straps. For when I need to climb up apartment stairs in Europe SIGHHHH. I never carry more than 1 luggage and 1 other bag when traveling because otherwise it’s too hard to keep track of more than two bags (one which should be on my shoulder with my right arm clamped over it and the other in my other hand or sandwiched between my legs).

I like most of my clothes so sometimes I try not to bring my absolute favorites so I can mix it up - but I do always bring a pair of black pants and a fitted black T-shirt and ankle boots for non-beach travel. For future beach travel I’ve sworn to only bring pale lilac flip-flops and zero other pairs of shoes. And if anyone is going to a tropical country I hugely recommend you bring a tiny USB fan - they’re a lifesaver and quite powerful. I wish I’d brought my bigger one.

Packing cubes are also superb for keeping things organized - I can’t live without them! Got mine on aliexpress and they’re a nice burgundy.

I’m a BIG fan of somewhat not-that-fashionable but quite acceptable ultralight foldable down jackets like the uniqlo one that folds into a tiny pouch. That has just revolutionized fall travel for me. (My first fall I was too excited and took a navy capelet, pastel lavender coat and a big black coat, not to mention ankle boots and knee-high black boots. Worst idea ever also my luggage was 28kg I really could not manage it.) The last time I just took my tiny uniqlo down jacket which I happily carried in my tote bag all day and a pair of shoes (on my feet).

I thought I planned pretty well for my last vacation, but I ended up over-packing again - I didn’t know if I would be in a cover-up-t-shirts mood or a crop-bralette-top-mood or a pants or shorts mood (rain was predicted and I was unable to predict my mood). Ended up wearing the same white lace crop bralette-top for like 5 days (I washed it haha). Guess style-moods are just unpredictable argh. Also I hadn’t worn that top in ages so it was great to get 5 days of wear out of it. Also brought WAYYYYY too much makeup and skincare for the beach though, again, I thought I’d pared it down significantly and only brought the bare minimum for makeup in a small pouch. (AND too little shampoo and soap because I didn’t know id shower three times a day).

My dream is just to get really awesome and efficient at packing but it’s always hard to estimate my needs in a different country with different weather and activities! I also dislike “just buy it there if you need it” because, for example, I have A LOT of moisturizer so I really don’t want to spend money buying more, I need to use up what I have (it’s already in a small travel-friendly tube). We also bought plasters because I cut my foot which was such a waste because we already have so many (expiring) plasters (band-aids). So I’m going to add plasters (just two) to my packing list because if I bring them, I won’t get injured and I won’t need them. If I don’t bring them, I’m sure to need them. Eeergh.