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Reddit mentions of U-picks Mini Aquarium Air Pump Kit for 1-15 Gallon Fish Tank,The Quietest Air Pump with Accessories

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of U-picks Mini Aquarium Air Pump Kit for 1-15 Gallon Fish Tank,The Quietest Air Pump with Accessories. Here are the top ones.

✅The mini air pump is specially designed for 1-15 gallon fish tanks.with 2 silicon air tube, 2 air stone, 1 check valve and 1 suction cup. Including all necessary accessories.✅Full copper motor,build in a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, unlike traditional air pump, it is effectively reducing the noise when its working. Sound Less Than 35db,sounds like mosquitoes flying.✅Low Power Consumption - Power Consumption Of This Oxygen Pump Is Only 1W, With Flow Rate 450Ml/Min, High Energy Saving.✅Stable Performance - Oxygen Air Pump Is Stable Performance, Is Ideal For Small And Medium-Sized Fish Tank Plus Oxygen.✅Our warehouse is in the United States and the goods are delivered locally. you can also choose "Expedited Shipping ", in 3-5 days to your hand, you only need a little cost! "ADD TO CART NOW "Let your fish play happily in the oxygen-filled water.

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Found 1 comment on U-picks Mini Aquarium Air Pump Kit for 1-15 Gallon Fish Tank,The Quietest Air Pump with Accessories:

u/Dd7990 · 5 pointsr/bettafish

Well 76 is a bit chilly, maybe he's not happy about that, and taking it out on his tail? I'd raise the temperature up to 78-80F, that's the range most bettas are comfortable at. If your heater can't do that, then it needs to be replaced. A 25w manually adjustable heater should be enough for a 5g tank, unless you live in an extremely cold region then you can go up to 50w, but otherwise 25w adjustable heater is sufficient for a 5g.

Also not sure about your DIY sponge filter although your tank does sound plenty cycled... I'm just paranoid myself because I'd rather buy an actual well-made filter that I know will work, rather than jerry-rig one up myself...

Here's the filter I recommend (if you're ever looking to upgrade your filteration) & use in my own 5.5g tanks (they're rated for up to 20g and are nice compact sponge filters, so do not take away much space from your tank).

https://www.amazon.com/Powkoo-Double-Biochemical-Aquarium-Gallons/dp/B01M3VALFU/ My bettas (and I) LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! Double sponges for extra filtration with more room for beneficial bacteria to grow.

AND from Petsmart - I HIGHLY recommend the TopFin Quartz BioBalls ceramic filter media, the rounded pearl shape makes them fit a lot more into a small space such as the dual-media chambers in the sponge filter I highly recommended above. It looks like this in store: https://i.imgur.com/Xz50k5F.jpg (I think it's not yet listed on their website because the stuff is still a new release).

https://www.amazon.com/U-picks-Aquarium-Gallon-Quietest-Accessories/dp/B07RRNDMXJ/ Nice air pump with all accessories to set it up - quiet mini air pump, check valve, and airline tubing.


See it all in action: https://i.imgur.com/KAyjMaj.mp4 (not my tank but my friends when she was fishless cycling hers, and the sponge filter is nicely visible. Mine is hidden behind bunch of silk plants :< lol)

As for how to transfer over from your homemade DIY sponge filter to this upgrade, without crashing your nitrogen cycle, you can run both filters together simultaneously for 2 weeks, then slowly phase out the old homemade one. You can also add additional Seachem Stability or other beneficial bacteria boosters to the new sponge filter after the transition of the filters.