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u/GrimwoodCT · 1 pointr/IKEA

As an additional aside to amend this:
Our IKEA mattress support after eight years of vigorous use (plus I’m a pretty big guy) developed a crack in one of the wooden mattress supports. We really loved the frame and didn’t know what to do. We ended up getting a ZINUS Mattress support that fit perfectly inside our IKEA outer bed frame. It is extremely sturdy, unbelievably easy to assemble, holds up to 1100 pounds and wasn’t terribly expensive. Obviously, every frame/mattress size has its own corresponding ZINUS product we simply adore the king-size one that we got. The link below will indicate what we bought. It does not require a Bunkie board or plywood to support our mattress.

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation / for Big & Tall / Extra Strong Support / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Sturdy / Quiet Noise Free / Non-Slip, Queen

u/kurtfm · 1 pointr/IKEA

As a point of comparison... I was scared about the reports on the motors as well... so I bought this instead:

Which is reasonably priced... when you add the IKEA top it comes out about the same. It's SUPER sturdy construction and motor is outside of the legs so I thought it would be better long term.

After putting it together i have a weird sound when going down... their customer support is awesome but can't resolve over the phone. Now I either just return to amazon (PAIN) or deal with their warranty process which entails taking a video, filling out stuff, etc (PAIN).... who knows how long before I have it resolved. To be fair, most of their customers seem really happy... I asked about my problem on Amazon and only one other person reported something similar... most said it was nice and quiet up and down.

All making me wonder if I should just go get the IKEA legs for the top that's already here and rely on their warranty and ease of going to the store or having them send me replacements. I guess I could just repurchase and return hoping I get a good unit... IDK.

u/________null________ · 2 pointsr/IKEA

I would recommend a desk top with a larger depth like the gerton. The 24” depth of the table top you linked is really meant for counter spaces and the like. Desks usually have a greater depth. When you mentioned have dual monitor arms, that also led me to believe you would need a bit more depth. I have the gerton top, and it’s just enough with my dual monitors, keyboard, and trackpad.

I would also recommend and electric raising and lowering desk stand like this: VIVO Black Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation, Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Height Adjustable Base (DESK-V102E)
These are nice in case you decide you don’t like the height at any specific point, or if you decide to stand for a bit. On top of that, they are extremely sturdy and take up less room than using drawers as legs on either end.

u/nothingbutt · 1 pointr/IKEA

I got a latex one from Ikea but at the same time, I bought one of these for a guest room:

The Amazon one was way more comfortable. They sell basically the same mattress at Costco too under slightly different name (but for +$100 or so I think).

Long story short, I've ended up buying more than 5 of those Sleep Innovations mattresses due to relocating (not wearing out). So I'd vote for that. The Ikea one was fine it just was less comfortable as the latex had less give. The Amazon one is still firm but has good amount of give.

Edit: I just noticed it's out of stock with the smooth cover and ridiculously overpriced with the quilted cover. I have seen it go in and out of stock but if you're interested in it, check and maybe a new version is coming out.

u/Life_with_lemonz · 6 pointsr/IKEA

I had a similar bed, but not from ikea. Tbh I really didn’t want to go through buying and rebuilding so instead I took out all the slates. Leaving just the headboard and frame around it. Then I bought one of these

Metal bed frame

Take measurements of course, but mine fit perfectly inside the frame. They have taller ones as well.

u/greenish2 · 2 pointsr/IKEA

I agree with the others. It's completely possible to not do it, but this is a long table top that needs support in the middle. Consider some standard shelf wall mount brackets to support the middle of the table if that's any better for you. Even with something like this screwed to the wall and to the desk, I wouldn't stand on it.

u/trikster2 · 2 pointsr/IKEA

I read the description which is why I asked, it does not say if it does or doesn't.

Folks on the amazon listing claim it does in the quesitons and in the reviews so I'll check it out the next time I'm at ikea. Thanks!

starsGreat SS Pot for the price!
April 12, 2015
this is a review for those who like Moka pots.
Reasons for the 5 stars
Great price(If you buy it directly from the ikea store, costs only 20$)
Stainless steel, every part of it including the filter and funnel
Silicon gasket, better than rubber ones
Induction ready, makes coffee in 3- 4 minutes. I find this as the fastest and easiest method to make coffee for this. I have a few other Moka pots that are stainless steel, but none of the works on induction as they are 18/10 SS.
The only one i would want to pay more price is the Brikka, as its a different product, though i don't own one,
The only disadvantage is you have to make 6 espresso cups at a time. I wish Ikea comes with different capacities like the Bialetti.

u/Waferlove · 1 pointr/IKEA

You may want to try this. I own one and it is great, I actually just used it to clean my couch last night. It comes with a special upholstery attachment. I think the key to cleaning a MOHEDA is doing the entire cushion instead of spot cleaning.

u/jackiedhm · 2 pointsr/IKEA

If you haven’t already fixed it, you could try the Zenith Tibet Almond Stick Scratch Remover

I hope the link works. You can google the name anyway if it doesn’t, they even sell it at Walmart. It’s amazing! When I was younger my brother helped me move into my apartment and put my teak dining table upside down in the bed of his truck with nothing protecting it. It got super scratched by little rocks or whatever was in his truck bed, and he gave me that Xenith Tibet almond stick to use. It made them almost disappear completely!

u/Atraidis · 2 pointsr/IKEA

I highly recommend this one, combined with a mattress topper. I've stayed in 5* hotels and the beds don't even come close to this combo. The mattress topper takes away the con of memory foam mattress being too hard when cold, and it helps to regulate the heat because you get a breathable layer between you and the mattress. Free 2 day shipping with prime, and if you don't like it you can return it.

The specific topper I got is this one. I've had the combo since March 2015 and I still get incredibly good sleep every night.

u/guestlogin · 1 pointr/IKEA

Thanks for posting this. It's not narrower per se, as the base is telescopic. You can purchase the frame by itself, and get a table top from Ikea or somewhere else and drill your own holes.

I personally ordered the Jarvis frame, as I'm done waiting on IKEA. There also appear to be some potential benefits with the Jarvis desk.

  • Digital control with pre sets.
  • Telescopic width.
  • Lifts more weight (although I can't see myself needing that much).
  • Shipped to your door (fast shipping when purchased on Amazon).
  • No sales tax (probably to anywhere outside of CA and OR).
  • It's in stock!

    Good luck to everyone.
u/Morsol · 5 pointsr/IKEA

Ah the good old norwegian invention the cheese slicer. Best way of slicing a block of cheese. On a more serious note, you find them on Amazon by searching for "cheese slicer". I really like this one: since it works very well on soft and harder cheeses, even though it's not the most astetic looking one.

u/ShitlordX · 6 pointsr/IKEA

"Dimmable" LED bulbs are able to be dimmed with an external dimmer. This will work in any dedicated lamp but you wouldn't want to hook a dimmer to a lamp that also combined some other function as the other function might not respond well to the power being reduced.

The next step would be to buy a dimmer. The safest way to get started would be with a cord dimmer like this or this. Just make sure it explicitly says it works with LED bulbs - an "incandescent/halogen only" dimmer isn't what you want.

That's all you need assuming you aren't interested in a "smart" dimmer (controlled by a device). If that is what you are looking for you should head to /r/homeautomation.

u/Parelle · 1 pointr/IKEA

I can't speak to those stackable beds (though I'm intrigued now for future room planning). That said, I've used a different brand of foam mattress on my kids' SVÄRTA bunk beds (though these have a metal frame)

They definitely do sink down a bit when an adult sits on them, but they work pretty well overall and have held their shape in the past year and a half of use. They're not particularly heavy either.

u/notkot · 1 pointr/IKEA

It's a rubber pad that goes in between the glass top and the metal frame of the TORSBY table. I need to replace the ones on my table and don't know what to call them and I can't find them on any IKEA replacement part sites.

bought some of these:
might also work as substitutes. I searched for clear rubber pads. THANKS

u/z960849 · 2 pointsr/IKEA

Personally I think this is the best desk if you know you are going to be moving around alot