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u/Arrow-space · 9 pointsr/anime

Daily Wallpaper - Final

Album of all Daily Wallpapers (includes sources and a few extras)

I apologize for the late post, it's been a busy day. I'll try not to get too carried away here, as I do feel like I've already said most of what I wanted to say about the series in the episode write-ups. Hibike is one of my top ten favorite series of all-time, and it succeeds masterfully in every regard. The direction, use of colors and lighting to establish mood, animation and background art, voice acting, writing, and soundtrack - everything is top notch. This rewatch has also shown me just how well the show holds up to repeat viewings. But rather than drone on about these aspects, I've chosen one specific part of the show to focus on.


One of Hibike's greatest strengths as a series is its relatable cast of characters, characters that aren't simply defined by their personalities, but that grow, have flaws, and show different sides of themselves as the story progresses. All of these elements combine to give the cast an element of humanity that you'll rarely see in the medium. Hibike has the unique ability to take characters like Natsuki, Yuuko, and Asuka, and completely change your perception of them over the course of the series. You can disagree with or even hate a character in one moment, and have a totally different opinion an episode later. Or you might find yourself being torn by sympathizing with a character like Kaori, but still wanting Reina to succeed over her. And speaking of Reina, what a perfect enigma she represents, with your perceptions of her character and personality being challenged on an almost episodic basis.

Choosing a favorite character is difficult for me, and I feel like Hibike is a series in which my favorites are likely to change with each rewatch. Even season two will likely color my opinions. Based solely on appearance, I think Midori has the cutest character design. But for the character as a whole, it comes down to a tough choice between Hazuki and Natsuki. But when pressed, I think I have to give the slight advantage to Natsuki here. I feel like Natsuki perfectly illustrates my points about the character development in this show, as she is a character that rises from utter obscurity, simply being the lazy second-year euphonium that refuses to practice, to becoming the warm and caring friend we view her as by series end. She overcame the hardships of the previous year and chose to be different than her upper-classmen were to her, finding inspiration from her juniors and going out of her way to support them. She sees every setback as an opportunity to encourage others, while maintaining a sense of humor. She's a fantastic character, worthy of admiration, and cannot be given enough credit.

Answers to the OP's Questions

I haven't participated in these up until now simply because I've been writing my posts in advance and posting from work, but since it's the finale, I thought I'd give it a shot!

  1. There's a lot of stigmas against over-use of narration, since it tends to encourage a "telling, not showing" style of storytelling, but I don't think that applies in this case. The narration is generally used to explain the finer points of what goes on in the band's day to day activities that may not be clear to viewers who are unfamiliar with the process. And while it's occasionally used simply as a means for Kumiko to share her inner thoughts with the audience, I feel like this usage decreases as the show progresses, perhaps reflecting how she's been slowly coming out of her shell over time.

  2. I think I sort of covered this in my characters section, but I definitely feel like it makes the band members and their conflicts more relatable. I don't feel like any of the characters in the show are "bad people," and Hibike's use of various perspectives helps to illustrate how different individuals can act on good intentions and still come into disputes with one another. Compromise is always necessary for any large group to be able to function as one, and Hibike demonstrates the challenges in getting everyone to work together.

  3. Hibike doesn't have any weak episodes, in my opinion. Nothing comes close to filler; every episode either advances the plot, or develops the characters, usually both. Even the OVA is a poignant and emotional side-story. My single favorite comedic moment in the show is in Episode 6, the Ruby and Platinum-Diamond Kawashima scene. But my favorite overall episode is, without question, Episode 8. As I said in that day's write-up, it might even be my favorite episode of any series ever. It's simply perfect in its execution.

    Season 2 Thoughts and Predictions

    Season 2 PV w/ English subtitles

    As excited as I am for the new season, I can't help but also feel apprehensive about season two not meeting my expectations. I feel like the first season was a labor of love by KyoAni, a culmination of many factors that may not be easily repeated. I've been trying to force myself to not get overhyped, but subconsciously comparing the two seasons will be impossible. All I can do is remind myself that, no matter what happens with this new season, it won't change the amazing work of art that the first season was, and will just try to enjoy it on its own merits, even if its level of polish isn't quite as high. Of course, this might all just be me worrying for nothing, and it could be even more amazing than season one. I tend to be overly pessimistic about these things.

    I haven't read any of the novels (well, that's not 100% true - I read a bit of the first volume's translation just to see what it was like), so these thoughts are based entirely on my expectations derived from the first season, and the trailers. There are a lot of things we already know will be getting focus in the second season, such as some more of the second-year members (like oboe-chan), as well as other members who left during the previous year trying to rejoin. I'm curious to see if a new round of auditions will be made to decide who performs at nationals, and what this could mean for members like Natsuki and Kaori. Presumably, we'll be getting more backstory for Asuka and Taki, but I really hope we also get more for Natsuki as well. I expect that the new percussion adviser, while he will be popular with the band, is going to come into conflict with Taki at some point, either due to making a huge blunder that has a negative impact on the band, or differences in rehearsal philosophy - I don't really have any basis for predicting this, just a hunch. In any case, I probably won't be able to post in the new episode threads very often depending on when it airs, but I eagerly await the continuing struggles of Kumiko and the Kitauji Wind Ensemble!

    Additional Content

    If you're hungry for more Hibike! Euphonium content beyond the anime and novels, consider the following:

    /u/ultimatemegax has translated numerous interviews with Hibike's staff on his blog. There's too many to link individually, but you can find a list by scrolling to the bottom of this page. He also just posted a detailed write-up about Season 1 and what to expect in Season 2 just a few days ago here, so check it out!

    If you're interested in Hibike's lead voice actresses (and also speak fluent Japanese), you can find lots of promotional videos with the seiyuu on youtube. Unfortunately, none of these have been translated as far as I'm aware, but they can still be fun to watch.

    Finally, if you enjoyed the music you heard throughout the series, please consider supporting Hibike by purchasing one of the soundtrack albums:

    Dream Solister - True (Full opening theme single album) (CDJapan)

    Tutti! - Kitauji Quartet (Full ending theme single album) (CDJapan)

    Hibike! Euphonium Original Soundtrack - Memories of Music (Full series OST with TV versions of the OP and ED) (Amazon / CDJapan)

    Sound! Euphonium: the Movie Original Soundtrack - Reflection of Youthful Music (Features music and arrangements exclusive to the recap movie) (Amazon / CDJapan)

    Additionally, there are Character Song albums for the four leads, as well as Radio and Drama CDs - I won't link all of them here, but they can easily be found on Amazon and CDJapan as well (and other similar retailers).

    Final Thanks

    Thank you so much to /u/Quartapple for arranging this rewatch, for agreeing to postpone it until the middle of September even though it would be less convenient for him(?), and for putting so much effort into the daily posts. And thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussions, especially /u/Gaporigo for providing extra content and excerpts from the original discussion threads, and all the first time viewers who gave their play-by-play reactions - I love reading those! I hope Hibike was as meaningful an experience for you as it was for me.
u/KihelHeim · 2 pointsr/anime

I'm really late replying but I hope still useful! I looked at the series you mentioned your giftee liking and used my knowledge of anime to go on Amazon and pick out 10 other series or movies they might also like, along with why I think these might be a good option. Your person seems to really like edgy and highly dramatic pieces with a scifi or fantasy flair. That's been my favorite for 15 years! A lot of these are a bit older; I am taking the gamble that with as many newer pieces listed, your person hasn't watched a lot of backlog, and therefore may have missed some really good shit.

Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk classic. Older, yes, but for anyone who likes drama and scifi, this is a good choice. It focuses on a classic mind experiment: if you can move your brain freely among cybernetic parts and bodies, what is really "you"?

Steins;Gate is what instantly springs to mind for someone who also likes Psycho Pass. And I mean instantly. Fans of one almost invariably love the other. A tightly-plotted time travel thriller.

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a bit older, often controversial, and an absolute work of art. There's a strong chance your giftee is a girl based on the other series they like, but even if not, Utena is still a solid choice. Just be careful on this; sending it to a conservative person could backfire badly. I rather doubt that is the case with Attack on Titan and Shiki, but just to be safe. It's strange and beautiful...and stylish beyond all doubt.

Black Lagoon is anime's answer to a Hollywood big budget action movie. Comedic, violent, and unforgettable, it deserves a far wider audience than it's had. Almost every anime fan I know who's seen it has loved it.

Akira is without a doubt one of the most famous anime movies to ever be created. Animated without CG in the 1980s, the quality of its hand-drawn special effects has yet to be equalled by almost any other production to this day. For someone used to today's slick computer assisted animation, it's still mindblowing. Akira is often credited with being just as important as Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon in starting the anime boom of the 1990s, and this is a very nice edition.

Also in the classic scifi category we have Serial Experiments Lain, a show whose points on technology and the internet and the singularity still ring true today. Moody and thought-provoking with masterful use of color and a fantastic soundtrack.

Literally no adult-targeted anime is as famous and well-beloved as Cowboy Bebop. This space western with the jazz soundtrack is a perennial favorite on Cartoon Network Adult Swim, is often suspected as a major influence behind Firefly, and is one of the most popular anime in the US of all time... And it's hitting bluray this month.

Summer Wars should probably come with a bluray device as a tech test. It's that beautiful. A tale of virtual reality and the family and friends behind the characters, Summer Wars is an unforgettable movie which, despite being intensely Japanese, deserves a slot on any videophile's shelf.

My total wildcard pick is Mushishi. Beautiful and dream-like, like a series of 25 minute oases from ordinary life. If this is in fact a slice of life, these timeless Japanese almost fairy tales are like no life you've seen. Some call it slow and overhyped. I call it perfection. At any rate, this isn't at all what I'd get as an only gift; it's more a wildcard filler for a $20 other series. If you want my actual top pick.....

Baccano! is my final and top pick. It's really hard to go wrong with this. This rollicking action anime about immortal Prohibition-era Mafiosi in the United States is one of the best and most underrated anime of all time. Humor, violent action, mystery, drama, good characters, good animation, good music... It has them all. It's chronically overshadowed by its more popular sister series Durarara, and that makes me sad. But Durarara isn't easily available outside streaming, and this glorious madcap piece of anime is. Plus it has at least one theme in common with everything your person listed liking. You know what to do.

u/Revriley1 · 2 pointsr/anime

> officially translated...probably pick one up

Well - I have good news for you! YenPress officially licensed them in 2015 and the new 2015 BACCANO! manga drawn by Shinta Fujimoto to boot (the 'final' chapter of the manga adaptation was released on Jan 6...).

YenPress has already published translations of the first three novels (the 3rd one came out just last month), and the fourth is scheduled to be released in April. They projected/announced the first four novels as a go right off the back - which is pretty unusual, but I'm going to assume that they have plans to translate more of the series (it's unusual for them to drop a series they've licensed).

Though I'm a bit nervous about the translations (they had an interesting/odd slip-up in the print version of the 3rd novel in which they translated Nebula twice as 'Nebra') and whether or not the translator is reading ahead (I...hope so), they aren't doing a bad job and I hope you do, at least, pick up the first book and give it a go.

Here's a link to the translation series so far on Amazon. Each book is available in hardcover and in kindle formats.

If you're interested enough in Baccano! - and I realize this is a bit much - that is, if you're really interested in the world/characters/etc, I'd also recommend buying the first five chapters of the 2015 manga. They basically present a new 'mini-arc' - the 1927 arc, which might also be called the 'San Gennaro' arc. It's completely new info, and it's also actually referenced in the latest novel, 1935-D: Luckstreet Boys (#22). (1st ch here)

(The rest of the manga is an adaptation of the first novel, The Rolling Bootlegs (aka the 1930 timeline), and is far more faithful to the novel(s) than the anime ever was).

Ahem. Anyway, sorry to bang on about Baccano! - I'm a huge fan of the series and the Naritaverse as a whole (I got into the light novels through's amazing how far we've come. 2015 was an amazing year for fans). If you do decide to pick up at least the first novel, I think you'll be a bit surprised to see just how much the anime changed the 1930 events alone.

(Also, how anime Firo is FAR less interesting than light novel Firo. Not that anime Firo isn't good, just -- made out to be a better, nicer, helpful person than LN Firo. Kinda shounen protaged him up a little. LN Firo is much more blunt, irritable, and...complicated. The difference is noticeable even in TRB by itself)

Sorry! Sorry. If you have...any questions about Baccano!/the Naritaverse at all, please feel free to ask me. I'm the Baccano! wiki admin, so I'm prety sure I'll be able to help you out.

(Oh, and did you know that the Drrr!! light novels were also licensed a long while before the Baccano! light novels were? Although, you're a big fan so you probably already know about them)

(One more thing - what I mean about the Naritaverse is the 'verse that Baccano! and Durarara!! are both set in, along with Vamp! and Etsusa Bridge, two other LN series by Narita. Some of the references and connections are quite fun between series. For instance - Izaya is referenced in Baccano!'s 2002 arc (as 'Orihara')! He's tangentially connected to the activities of a certain group...)

> MP100 amazing...just don't care...rate it average

Oh, yeah, I get that reaction. I've given fives to things that don't do it for me but do it for a lot of other people -- e.g. I gave Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso a five. I didn't think it was great nor did I really care about/for it, but others were really emotionally moved by it so...

> show you mentioned

Dunno if you're talking about Mononoke or Gosenzosama Banbanzai...unfortunately, I imagine the latter is going to be hard to find legally (given its age and length) - but then again, it is directed by Mamoru Oishii, and having a famous director might make it easier. I can't recommend it enough.

As for Mononoke - if you end up interested in watching it at some point, it's available on Crunchyroll and Viewster. I found every story engrossing, and the art was stunning. Great OST too, but wow what an absorbing show. Horror vibes as well. Definitely recommend giving it a go at some point.

u/Durinthal · 10 pointsr/anime

Additionally, here's an afterword from the first novel by the author:

> Since I began entering writing contests with prize money involved, I've never been able to stop thinking about winning the grand prize.
Then, I think about using the prize money to buy stocks, increasing my investment, and pretty soon I'm daydreaming about ruling the world with my vast wealth.

> Lately I've made enough money that I can order an extra-large bowl of soba from the soba stand without worrying about it.

> My name is Isuna Hasekura.

> Recently winning the silver medal of the 12th Dengeki Shosetsu Prize is an honor roughly equivalent to winning the moon in the sky. I couldn't believe it. I had three different dreams in which I got a phone call that they'd mixed me up with somebody else.

> When I started editing the manuscript, I had two dreams that I'd missed the deadline.

> I have no idea how many times I dreamed that I was wealthy enough to rule the world.

> In fact, as I write this afterword, I'm wondering even now whether this is a dream or reality.

> To the pre-readers, editors, and prize selection committee members that opened the door to this world of dreams, I give my most humble thanks. Also to the people at the prize-acceptance party who raised their voices in support; and most especially to Mitsutaka Yuki-sensei, who gave me a silver wolf accessory in connection with the Spice and Wolf title, I want to say thank you so much. The little silver wolf is even now enshrined by my computer.

> I must also thank Ju Asakura-sensei for the gorgeous illustrations. They captured my characters perfectly. I hope my thanks are as great as my surprise at seeing them.

> To all the people, things, and events responsible for putting me in the position I'm in today: Thank you so much.

> It is my intention to put forth every effort to ensure that I never wake from this fleeting dream.

> —Isuna Hasekura

Enjoy what I've done so far? I'm only here because I like the series so much. Go support the creator!

u/hkidnc · 1 pointr/anime


Wotakoi is basically 2 big geeks decide to start dating, not because they PARTICULARLY love one another, but they're both geeks and comfortable with one another and it's nice to have another person to play Monster Hunter with. It's cute, funny, fairly smart and well written, and deals with a few hard situations of being in a relationship with someone you don't fully click with. But ultimately, there's not a driving plot here, so nothing much happens at the end of the day.


For Harems, this seasons Quintissential Quintuplets has been getting rave reviews, but I haven't seen it personally so you'll have to vet that one yourself.

If you'd like to double the number of ladies by cutting out the dudes, Ms. Vampire who lives in my Neighborhood was HILARIOUS for the early episodes I saw, although I didn't finish it so once again you'll have to vet yourself.


And finally, if you haven't seen Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (Which is a Comedic Romance more than a Romantic Comedy) You should. Surprisingly heartwarming for a show about a big breasted dragon/maid who moves in with a random programmer and then they raise a child together. It's honestly almost a perfect show.

u/Verzwei · 17 pointsr/anime

That's just how it is. Believe it or not, Funimation's prices are actually pretty decent. Sentai is similarly priced.

If you really want to shit your pants, go look at Aniplex USA or Ponycan USA releases. Kill La Kill BD Volume 1. Release date: July 15, 2014. Episodes 1-4. ONE THROUGH FUCKING FOUR. $40.00 USD. "Oh that's just the MSRP direct from the walletfuckers, it'll be cheaper from other retailers." Nope and [Amazon link unavailable because Amazon doesn't even carry it].

You paid $30 for Steins;Gate because you bought it when they released the whole thing branded as an anime classic. I know this, because that's when I bought it. That was a rerelease. The original was offered as two split cours that came out a few months apart and each had prices higher than the classic bundle.

This is what Funimation and Sentai do, with few exceptions:

  1. Series will release in 12-13 episode "chunks" (what typically constitutes a season, or what we refer to as a "cour") at about a $60.00 MSRP but then after discounts, promotions, and retailer price adjustments, it drops down to the $40-46 range. Fun fact: Even most publishers rarely charge their full MSRP directly from their own store, because it's a customer-baiting mechanic to list a higher price and then make it look like you're offering a discount, even if that discount is permanent.
  2. Then, once the initial sell-through dies off, if the series was popular enough (or not) it will get heavily discounted in a variety of ways depending on the publisher. Funimation has two different tactics, one of them is the "Anime Classics" label, like that above-linked Steins;Gate or the Spice & Wolf pack. The other option is the "Super Amazing Value Edition" which is a rerelease covered in god-awful "SAVE" branding and, typically, a $20.00 or less price point. Robotics;Notes initially had two separate cour releases, then a SAVE version came out literally years later. Thankfully, all of the SAVE editions have reversible case covers, so you can at least hide that ugly green-striped packaging.

    Sentai doesn't really do rereleases, instead they just regularly (but only temporarily) slash the prices of a lot of their old stock. They have a decent sale going on now, but a few months back they had drastically cut down the prices on a lot of their content, with some subtitle-only releases going for $15 per season (on BD!) and dubbed releases for $18.
u/Coppster · 2 pointsr/anime

Amazon has a Blu-Ray/DVD combo set for $26 here. Even if you don't have a blu-ray player it's a good buy, you can still watch it with the dvds and if you ever pick up a blu-ray player you can play those discs for better quality.

Rightstuf is pretty awesome as well. They change their weekly sales every Thursday so I usually keep an eye on it and sometimes they have pretty good deals. Otherwise I just usually go amazon.

u/junktr0n · 1 pointr/anime

Well this year in anime has had some surprises and disappointments. This was my first year of watching seasonal anime (winter 2015). The anime that had the most impact on me and made into my top 10 was the 2nd season of JJBA: SDC. My friend got me into it and I was skeptical at first but I ended up loving.

In general this year I became more enriched in anime and I've watched more anime this year than other form of entertainment in my life. I don't what I would be doing without anime if I hadn't discovered it (probably just still playing video games) but I wouldn't have had the influence of anime today. I've been learning Japanese since my 2nd year of high school (because it's offered there) so it has also greatly influenced my intake of anime.

As for what I would want I would like either Steins; Gate Blu-ray, Cowboy Bebop Blu-ray, or basically any quality wall scrolls for the Fate Series or Kara no Kyoukai Series like this, this, or [this.]

Also thank you for doing this.

u/AndyError · 8 pointsr/anime

Steins;Gate! It's my favorite anime and it's one of the best. Currently $30 on amazon.

Hmm, it appears to be sold out atm though... Also sold out on rightstuf... And sold out at Best Buy... Wow.

u/bigfoot1291 · 1 pointr/anime

>The amount of upvotes on a reply will be taken into consideration when choosing the top 3

>Please don't downvote other people's comments

toppest kek

Anyways, I choose Steins;Gate complete series simply because it's my top series.

Anime to me this year has meant a lot of disappointment more than anything. I was super hyped for both Charlotte and UBW, and both were a pretty big letdown. On the other hand though I definitely did have some pretty big surprises with a hopeful future, in a lot of announcements including Steins;Gate sequel and Rewrite (although I gotta keep my expectations in check)

EDIT: Oh man how could I forget Aldnoah.Zero season 2 in my slew of disappointment? That was right up there as well.

u/nlscavenger · 1 pointr/anime

I think it's best to wait for reviews of the upcoming 4K UHD release that's being released in Japan on April. English subtitles and dub are also included.

All of the currently available releases are compromised in some way, so in order to get the best experience, you have to combine the video from the Italian 30th Anniversary Blu-ray with:

u/-Niernen · 7 pointsr/anime

Most of the Amazon sales I have seen have been pretty good, like the one for Steins;Gate. Specials really depend on the set, sometimes they have OVA's and things like music.

> How's the quality compared to just downloaded

Well you are actually supporting the industry when buying BD vs. illegally downloading so there is that... Not to mention that Bray rips are based of the BD....

u/PervertedHisoka · 5 pointsr/anime

First of all, great episode.

Now that we are so close to the end and Ferris the best cat had such a nice scene, let me advertise a little bit.

This right here:

is a special Light Novel volume about Felix/Ferris and Crusch. It's about their past. It's awesome. Read it.

Also, Theleux, can you let me back to the Discord server? I feel lonely. I have learned my lesson.

u/Xeiros · 49 pointsr/anime

English/Chinese Subtitles are included.


Audio Tracks:

5.1 JP

2.0 JP

*5.1 JP with English songs


Amazon Links:

Collectors Edition (4k UHD BD)

Special Edition

Collectors Edition

Special Edition Amazon JP bonus items (postcards + picture frame (newly drawn Taki & Mitsuha)

u/Oh_Alright · 1 pointr/anime

Rats, if you're convinced you'll love it, the Blu Ray/DVD set is pretty cheap. I own it myself and it's definitely worth 30 USD to me.

u/zapper984 · 2 pointsr/anime I don't like the English covers but w/e I love the story and its the best translation

u/Gigafrost · 9 pointsr/anime

Amusingly, this was recently requested by somebody else. (Although it may be important if that person is your girlfriend or something.)

As I posted there, it looks like the DVD release of the original dub can be found on Amazon here. (And since there's an obvious DVD Aficionado referrer in the URL, I still feel obligated to mention that's how I found it.)

The number of listings look pretty healthy, but most noteworthy is that there are both New and Used "Fulfillment By Amazon" options. (Those DVDs are stored at Amazon's facilities and are shipped by Amazon instead of from the company/individual listing through Amazon.) If you're super paranoid for some reason, you can next-day ship those.

u/LordSirChipmunk · 7 pointsr/anime

Really? There is a lot of discussion of anime like Lupin III even in the West. From a historical standpoint, anime like Star of the Giant are still significant today due to various animation techniques used, although not knowing it really isn't that surprising outside of Japan. I believe that Sazae-san was the longest running television show worldwide, so that's pretty interesting. Besides knowledge of anime history and some early revolutionary animating techniques, there isn't that much of a reason to watch very many of these shows anymore. If you're interested in learning more, I highly recommend reading this book

u/Chariotwheel · 28 pointsr/anime

If you can stand dry writing, check out Jonathan Clements' Anime - A History. It was a slog to get through for me, but it has many interesting topics since it covers the whole time span from the beginning of anime.

To understand anime, you also need to understand manga and possibly video games, since a lot of tropes very developed and spread there before hitting anime. Sadly I only can recommend you a german book for that. Miriam Brunner's Manga is pretty neat.

You should also always look for more sources, there are actually quite some books about the topic of manga and anime.

u/_vogonpoetry_ · 5 pointsr/anime

I was pretty hyped for it since I read the book beforehand. The best is yet to come :)

Now go back and watch the first minute and a half of Bakemonogatari episode 1 and prepare to have your mind blown.

u/iboone · 1 pointr/anime

One of the hands down best deals for a ^(good) dubbed series is Black Lagoon. Two seasons for $25

As far as where to shop, check out rightstuf and this list and I'd recommend always getting bluray when possible. They will often come with both formats anyways. So might as well get it.

u/CoffeeRoast · 1 pointr/anime

They do have them up for pre-order, but the collector's edition is currently sold out. Note that the release date is August 4th instead of July 26th.

Your Name Collector's Edition

They do have the regular special edition up for pre-order, however.

Your Name Special Edition

u/Adrian_Alucard · 5 pointsr/anime

> They continue to believe that presentation is vital and particularly appreciate opportunities for audiences to experience the films together in a theatrical setting.

So what's this? a screener?

u/KoreanLoLPlayer · 3 pointsr/anime

Which version is better? The special edition version from Amazon JP or the special edition for Funimation? I'm having a hard time deciding, they are both roughly the same price but they offer different things that are good in their own way.

u/SamisSimas · 1 pointr/anime

Any reasoning to this selection, because honestly I think we could recommend something better than these, if there isn't a specific reason to this selection.

Summer Wars

Garden of Words


Obsucre-er? (Though maybe not as great)

Patema Inverted

Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Ergo Proxy

u/AbundantToaster · 2 pointsr/anime

In general, RightStuf has some nice deals, or you could try Amazon.

More specifically, here's Bebop for $30. Can't find Blu-Rays of Gankutsuou, but here's a DVD set. Summer Wars is here. Try this for Black Lagoon, but there's also a collector's edition here. Evangelion 2.22 here. Haruhi here, but as a pre-order and at an absurd price.

I can only find Madoka, Perfect Blue, Baccano, Code Geass, and Fate/Zero at prices you probably don't want to pay.

u/VooDooZulu · 1 pointr/anime

that would be... nice? But only popular/serialized anime would have that. At Amazon you can request books to be turned into audio books but i don't know that process. spice and wolf novel 1 in the bottom right, you can click "let us know" in the audible section which may prompt a creation. Other than that, check youtube. thats all that i would know of where to get.

u/tw547 · 2 pointsr/anime

I have never bought an anime before, so I have a question: I'm planing to buy Steinsgate: Complete Series Classic, but does this come with Japanese voice acting with English sub as well as dubbing? Also, does anyone know where I can get the movie version that doesn't cost like $70?

English is not my primary language so sorry for the grammars. And thanks!

u/iSereon · 3 pointsr/anime

The Blu Ray is the best option

But there’s also fansubs available out there as well if you’re on a budget

u/Redcrimson · 1 pointr/anime

Well I found the quote and it was actually Jonathan Clements, the author of Anime: A History, when he did a spot on Rightstuf's podcast. The guy has actually written two books on anime, as well as several general books about Japan, and I think it's safe to say his research is probably fairly accurate.

u/JetStormTF · 2 pointsr/anime

For whatever its worth, Amazon UK has it listed for October 30, 2017 but the company distributing it also said that it is just a placeholder date so sometime between now and the end of October (I really hope it's sooner than that.)

u/Smartjedi · 1 pointr/anime

Check out the top reviews of the blu ray on Amazon here.

The users do a great job on presenting the good and bad of the release.

u/yokokurama112 · 2 pointsr/anime

It's actually because American shows make up almost all their production costs from ad space while airing or subscriptions (HBO, Showtime, etc. shows).

Anime, meanwhile, is doesn't have any of that ad support. The American companies only have profit from DVD/BD sales and MAYBE Toonami, Disney XD, etc. airing.

You're paying for a niche product, expect niche prices.

As for Black Lagoon, I don't know where you were looking on Amazon, but Funimation's set of seasons 1 and 2 is 25.99

u/This-is-Peppermint · 1 pointr/anime

"Special Features: Anime, Includes English & Japanese Language Tracks."

This is in the ebay listing in the "Item Specifics" box.

But personally I would be wary of a bootleg. It's cheap, so it might be worth the risk, but I'd be concerned that it just wouldn't work with my dvd player or the subtitles wouldn't work/you couldn't switch the languages.

Amazon is selling My Neighbor Totoro with English, French, and Japanese language and subtitles in French and English options. It's only $20.

Edit: This one looks more legitimate and says it's from 2004. IMDB says the Dakota Fanning one came out in 2005. It's possible this was pre-Dakota, although it also says on the case that it is a Disney film. This one's listing says it was released in 2002, definitely pre-Dakota. Bids are high though.

u/Brandon_2149 · 1 pointr/anime

Yeah, this is quite standard. Most anime will come out in parts in its first release. Then you'll have a complete series edition probably in a few years. Then an anime classic or save edition.

Look at how Steins;Gate originally released here. Exactly same as we have with Hyouka.

u/MyAccount42 · 2 pointsr/anime

Ah, thanks for the correction. I don't read Japanese, so I usually use translation tools, which generally works well but cannot easily translate images.

What I did was check out the three retailers' pages for their Special Editions, and none of them mentioned including a Digipak. I figured the retailer pages were more up-to-date compared to that week-old blu-ray forum post, but I guess not.

Anyway, I'll edit my OP.

u/cheeseheadfoamy · 3 pointsr/anime

Yep, all available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble if you prefer to buy physical

u/Viltsu300 · 2 pointsr/anime

If you are interested to read more about him, Yen Press is releasing the Re:Zero EX novel on November 21 (so in 3 says) that has the basement thing, etc. in it.

u/DarkBlaze99 · 8 pointsr/anime

This collector's edition which can already be pre ordered on Amazon is just 20£ ! So I think it won't be that costly :)

(And then I won't feel bad buying it cuz I don't even have a Blu-ray player 😂)

u/-Nep · 7 pointsr/anime

Seriously any "complete series" you can find for $25 or less. Bang for the buck, no excuse not to add it to your shelf if you enjoy it or think you'll enjoy it.

Such as Spice and Wolf and Black Lagoon

u/spengineer · 1 pointr/anime

whatchu talkin' about with the end of monogatari. Owari's still got two more seasons (I think) and then there's zoku owari. Kizu, on the other hand, is literally the beginning. (a beginning, by the way, that you can purchase legally in english in just a few days)

u/fryzoid · 1 pointr/anime


Are you talking about this ? This covers parts 1 thru 3 or just part 2 ?

u/Ghalv · 2 pointsr/anime

Yep, and i can't wait for complete release of Steins;Gate next month =P

u/DeltaCharlieNiner · 2 pointsr/anime

Thanks, ahaha!

I've already preordered the collector's edition BluRay from Amazon and I'm waiting for the novels and manga to be released!

u/soracte · 3 pointsr/anime

I'm going to echo sdlroy and say that Clements's Anime: A History is really worth reading. He structures it using some ideas from historical epistemology about the kinds of historical accounts that normally get excluded from prestige/artistic histories, and I learned a tonne from reading it. That decision means less detailed treatments of periods we're more familiar with, but then... we're already more familiar with them. I think now that it's out it's really necessary reading for anyone who's interested at all in anime's history, not because it's the last word but precisely because it opens up so many less well-known things to think about. (And some of the anecdotes are priceless.)

u/ez1ollie · 1 pointr/anime

Honestly Wolf Children is pretty good also Steins;Gate.

Wolf Children $18 USD - link

Steins;Gate $35 USD - link

Now I personally haven't seen this yet but I hear Summer Wars ($16 USD) is a good family oriented anime movie - link

u/KamikazeJawa · 12 pointsr/anime

Season 3 isn't happening but you can always buy the light novels in English!

English version Amazon links(keep in mind that the anime covers books 1,2,3 and 5):

u/TheEnigmaBlade · 1 pointr/anime

You can generally get them cheaper through Amazon and their list of other sellers. I've personally ordered from the first on the list a few times (indoobestsellers) and have had good results. BookDespository is also one of the sellers in the list, the only difference with their main site being it's $4.50 cheaper.

u/cirrus1 · 5 pointsr/anime

Anime - A History by Jonathan Clements is apparently a good book, though I've never read it myself.

u/Dragoner7 · 1 pointr/anime

You can pre-order it, if that makes you feel any better.

u/CommanderSevan · 32 pointsr/anime

Also, if anyone feels like they're still not spending enough money yet ^^^lol , there are the Amazon exclusive sets

Special Edition

Collector's Edition

About 3000-4000 yen more, but you get two postcards and framed A4 print.

u/tjl73 · 1 pointr/anime

The official English translation of Kizu is due on December 15th. I only wish it was available digitally.

u/redditgoogle · 1 pointr/anime

Appreciate it a ton. Will be picking up this and the new $30 Steins Gate BD/DVD

u/kadunke · 1 pointr/anime

Based on what you've expressed interest in:

Japanese Collector's Edition (~$92.57 shipped to California)


  • 4k
  • Digipak with artwork


  • No DVD
  • No dub
  • You're paying for a handful of extras (miniscript, bonus disks, etc)
  • Pricey

    US Standard Edition ($34.98, will probably decrease before release)


  • Much cheaper than the Japanese collector's edition
  • Includes DVD
  • Includes sub and dub


  • No 4k
  • The cover art hasn't been revealed, but chances are it will underwhelm you compared to the Japanese collector's edition
u/opinionatedfish · 3 pointsr/anime

You're looking for the FOX dub one. It's only available in fullscreen. Here is a link.

Looks like someone else also linked to it.

u/MistakenRebel · 1 pointr/anime

I bought the collector's (non Amazon special) edition but the picture doesn't show the colorful looking art you have. Is that only for the most expensive version on Amazon because that page seems to have it.

u/blazedancer1997 · 1 pointr/anime

I'm deciding which to buy so I have a couple questions for you if you wouldn't mind.

  1. Is the canvas art looking thing that says SAMPLE the postcard?

  2. Do you know when the Early Purchase Exclusive ends? The bookmarks seem cool but I wouldn't want to pay thinking that they'll be included if they're not.
u/juances19 · 2 pointsr/anime

You can check available subs and audio languages without having prime, they give that info for free. And no, it shows japanese as the only available option.

Le proof:

u/aofhaocv · 1 pointr/anime

You can get kizu off of Amazon here.

Unfortunately, it's the only officially translated title in the series to be released in the US physically. You can find fan translations of the other books online, but if you want to read them in book form you'll have to wait until they're translated.

u/CptJackHarkn3ss · 6 pointsr/anime

Actually I just bought part 2 on amazon for just under $40. I check back three days later and they've both dropped to under $30 each for the bluray/dvd combo. At least that's the cheapest I've found them for.


u/Thinktank58 · 3 pointsr/anime

Awwww. Here you go. Try google next time!

u/mehble · 2 pointsr/anime

What's the difference between the above product and this, aside from the latter being part 1 of a collection and would end up costing double the price to get all the episodes? Is there extra content or something?

u/Kiszoki · 10 pointsr/anime

At least for the UK, the home release was announced ages ago, and will include dubbed and subbed versions.

u/Sento- · 0 pointsr/anime
  1. $30, and it's not just Steins;Gate. Most releases through Sentai, NIS, and Funimation are fairly priced. It's mostly Aniplex releases that can be somewhat pricey.

  2. Imports often come without subs, any NA released Blu-Ray is guaranteed to have subs and the subs for the most part are okay (with some exceptions).

  3. A lot is an exaggeration. Oppai mousepads and body pillows make up a small portion of OFFICIAL merchandise. There's other stuff available, but maybe you don't like it?

  4. Thank you for putting what I said in all-caps to make it seem like I was screaming at you.

    I'd rather not continue discussing this as it seems pointless to go back and forth with someone whose problems are seemingly non-existent.
u/rancor1223 · 2 pointsr/anime

Here is link to vol.1 on US Amazon. You should be able to find the rest from there.

Afaik, there is no electronic version of them.

u/Krazee9 · 5 pointsr/anime

Notice that's only Part 1 of 2, and Part 2 is still $50. The complete series is $42 USD, but is available for $40 CAD on and $27.50 USD on

The deals aren't as great as they seem.

u/Radioactive24 · 11 pointsr/anime

The "Bebop Crew Edition" has the coolest design and the most useless add-ons:

Digipak cases suck and PVC Bookends are useless

But $500 is reasonable, right? Just to know how bad Funimation is trying to fuck you: