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1. Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 - with 99.99% HD Clarity and 3D Touch Accuracy, Clear [3 Pack]

Tech Armor Premium Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 - with 99.99% HD Clarity and 3D Touch Accuracy, Clear [3 Pack]
  • Compatible Model(s): New iPhone SE 3 (2022), iPhone SE 2 (2020) / iPhone 8 / iPhone 7 / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S (4.7 inch) by Apple. Advance Technology HD BALLISTIC GLASS made from the highest-grade glass, multilayered Ballistic Glass screen protectors help prevent damage from drops and scratches. Note: Online video installation instruction can be found at the last image of our listing: Easiest Installation -removing dust and aligning it properly before actual installation.
  • KEY FEATURES. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass features a polished 2.5D edge to reduce chipping along with a strong, rainbow-free adhesive that clings to your display seamlessly for a bubble-free installation.
  • ULTRA THIN, ULTRA TOUGH, ULTRA CLEAR. At a mere 0.3mm, our multi-layered, tempered glass screens carry a 9H rating for surface hardness. The anti-fingerprint, oleophobic coating resists smudges to maintain the HD clarity of your screen.
  • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Trust your device to the leaders in device protection. Our limited lifetime warranty promises you’ll be protected in case your product fails which is very rare. Hard to beat a guarantee like that! (see our website for more details).
  • CASE FRIENDLY. Works with most iPhone cases and won’t interfere with installation. No Bubbles, easy install, and perfect fit.
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u/WordFederation · 3 pointsr/iPhone6S

I have a 6S plus, but here are my recommendations:

Screen protector:
Invest here. I always use a tempered glass screen protector, as it is a very thin layer of glass (0.3mm) that goes on top of your original screen. Unlike the gross matte protectors these glass protectors crack first leaving the original screen intact - this way you're out 10 bucks instead of a couple hundred for a new screen. They don't have to be expensive; mine was about $8 on Amazon but the next best thing I found for you is $6.95 (on sale from $50):

I don't know about you but I love the look of my phone and am reluctant to get a case. For drop damage I definitely look for a case that has a raised edge on the front, and is thin. I actually bought this case but didn't realize it was for the 6/6S and not the 6S Plus.

I highly recommend this 20800mAH battery charger by Anker. I got mine on sale for about $50, but looks like that has ended. Keep an eye out for deals - this has saved my ass numerous times for those long transit rides.

Car accessories:
This item is actually coming in the mail so I haven't tried it yet, but the magnetic car vent phone holder by Aukey has amazing reviews. The magnet clips onto your air vent and your phone just rests on the magnet. The internal EMI shield will protect your phone from magnetic damage.

I hope I helped, enjoy the new phone!

u/Vigilante17 · 3 pointsr/iPhone6S

I just got this one and I love it. Perfect access to the 3.5mm jack and bottom. Very nice real leather and not very pricey at all!

I had this one prior and liked it a lot, it just didnt fit very well with most 3.5mm plugs I found. It was ranked very well by David Pogue as well. Great drop test scores and protected my phone from multiple drops in the past year.

u/phactual · 2 pointsr/iPhone6S

The Spigen Tough Armor Case is pretty good. I got one yesterday in the Gunmetal color for my Space Gray 6s and I like it. It fits perfectly. Has a good grip and has a metal-like frame that you can snap onto the back. They also sell them with the kick stand in the back but I wanted to save a few bucks and just got the normal ones.

Now, I'm not about to go and test the drop protection on my brand new phone but I'm going to still treat it like it doesn't have a case on it lol.

u/truewhitelink · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

I am using the Unicorn Beetle and I have it since almost two years now. I got it with my iPhone 6+ and then took it over for my 6S+.

I must say it is a really good case.

It has:

  • Built-in screen protector

  • good quality rubber (not the sticky one), you can put it in your pocket and out of it just fine

  • dust-protection flaps which show no sign of damage (after 2 years!)

  • it feels good in hand

    the only thing is that it makes the phone bigger because it itsn't a small case.

    But yes, I would recommend it.

    Ninja-Edit: Oh, and it doesn't block off your signal like many others do.
u/rattlingblanketwoman · 3 pointsr/iPhone6S

I got a UAG case for it off eBay for $10 and it feels very light and sturdy. This is the amazon page, for details

For more minimalism but less protection, I liked the Apple leather case too.

The former has super responsive buttons, but the latter was more fiddly/stiff even after breaking in.

u/inssein · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

I currently have the Omoton screen protector let me tell you this one is the best screen protect I've ever had. Easy on the fingers, feels better then touching the native screen. Also works with 3d touch and has not glare.

u/johnguyzer · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

Look up the 360 case. It's amazing! Super slim and gives you the protection you need all the way around. I use to have a life proof case. The only thing that is different about this is it isn't waterproof. But the fact that it's only $10 is even better

[360 Case, comes in six colors ](Anole 360 All Round Acrylic PC Hard Protective Case with Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6s - Red

u/AlbusSeverus14 · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

I love my Otterbox. Haven't taken it off since day one and it feels like the phone is brand new

[Otterbox Defender](OtterBox DEFENDER iPhone 6/6s Case - Frustration-Free Packaging - GLACIER (WHITE/GUNMETAL GREY)

u/jeffreymoline · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

Best one I've ever owned
iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder for iPhone 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c, Samsung ... via amazon

u/arch_maniac · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

I bought an Urban Armor Gear case and I love it. They claim it has military spec shock protection, and it looks great.

u/EMSguy · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

This might be what you're looking for. Really good case. Durable and rugged. I really like it.

u/ChadeauxTech · 1 pointr/iPhone6S

Well, it isn't a cheap charger but it's not the official one. I use an Anker charger, has two turbo power ports. But as I understand it, if a phone can't use it, it only provides the power a phone can use. Pretty fancy stuff.

It's essentially this charger, but it doesn't say when I last bought it, so it must be an updated model.

u/kidego123 · 3 pointsr/iPhone6S

I'm a big fan of the koomus, and it has served me very well for the last three years.

u/toadog · 3 pointsr/iPhone6S

I like this one because of the ridges which makes it much easier to grip and less likely I'll drop the phone