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u/mr-hasgaha · 8 pointsr/starcitizen

> "what are other good LEFT-hand joystick other than the TM 16000m ?"

There are a handful of other options but the T16000M is the best value which is why it's always recommended. If you are willing to spend more, others will have suggestions for you... I don't honestly remember what the left-handed options are.


> "I read mixed things about the TM TARGET software, some good things, and some bad things. The first thing I would like to know is simply your opinion on it."

I know a fair amount of people that have trouble with TARGET but I never have. It seems some have hardware conflicts, but luckily, it's always just worked for me. Is it bullet proof? No. For me, the biggest issue is when, for various reasons, my T16000M is registered as a device later in the line than usual when booting, giving it a different ID. This tends to throw things off.

The thing to remember is that there are two parts to the TARGET software but you can't use both simultaneously. There is the TARGET GUI which lets you quickly and easily set up and configure the stick through an interface. It gets the job done if your needs aren't crazy. But, if you need more control over the configuration, you have to dive into the TARGET scripting in which you write code to make it do what you want. And, like any type of coding, if you're not familiar with it, it can be frustrating.


> "is there a way to make TARGET work with one TM and one non-TM stick at the same time ?"

Absolutely. I use a CH Fighterstick in my right and the T16000M in my left. BUT... TARGET can't see or communicate with a non-TARGET-enabled stick. I don't have pedals... yet. Maybe someday.



So... below is my setup and WHY I personally do this. It's not ideal for everyone but it's what brings me the most joy flying in SC given my budget/space/style parameters. I don't play with dual sticks to be highly competitive or to see my name on the leaderboards. I do it because it makes flying that much more enjoyable for me.

I've been playing combat flight sims since the late 80's with one or two sticks and I've been a dual stick user in SC for a couple years now and love it. Most here will recommend two of the very capable and affordable Thrustmaster T16000M or the newer version, Thrustmaster VG T16000M FCS. Both of these sticks have molded bits on the handle that are removable and come with replacements so you can make them usable in the right or left hand.

While I use dual sticks, I don't use two T16000Ms and here's why:

Yes, the T16000M can be made to work right or left handed... and that's fantastic. That's why I use it in my LEFT hand. And while it's true the T16000M has LOTS of buttons on it, 12 of those buttons are on the base and only accessible in a dual stick setup by taking one hand off of one of your sticks. That's not ideal.

So, I went with a CH Fighterstick for my right hand. I've always loved CH products... they just feel a little more sturdy to me. But, the reason I did it was because ALL the buttons on the Fighterstick are ON THE STICK within reach of your fingers/thumb. There are triggers, buttons and hats that amount to 24 (I think) digital buttons (on/off) within reach of your hand that's already holding the stick.

The main argument for using dual sticks is to have six analog axis in your hands at all times (X, Y, twist for both sticks). The drawback though of my setup is that while the T16000M has three analog axis (X, Y, twist) on the stick, the CH Fighterstick only has two (X, Y... no twist). That means with just the sticks, I have five analog axis to work with. BUT, for me personally, that was a trade-off I was willing to make. Eventually, I have dreams of owning pedals to cover the missing axis.

Also, I fly with all fixed guns, no gimbals. That's how I remove the gimbal variable for myself. Again, this is a choice based on the way I like to play flight sims.

Here's my setup:

I've posted my HOSAS (Hands On Stick And Stick... otherwise known as Dual Sticks) setup details multiple times... so I apologize to those who keep seeing it. I post it here again not because I feel it is the best method/setup, but simply for you to consider and take bits from if you wish:


> I know it's easier said than done, but if you have access to two sticks (friends peripherals) and a HOTAS setup, try both/all and see what feels good. You could also find a really cheap, used stick on Ebay or as a test. So long as the axis work, that's all you need to test the setup. Then, if you're happy with how it feels, invest in a proper stick. I just happened to have an old, barely working stick laying around that I used to test the dual stick setup. After 2 weeks, I was convinced it was right for me so I picked up a newer stick (still used though).
> Here's a graphic of my bindings
> If you're curious, here are the videos I have specifically about dual stick:
> My Dual Flightstick (aka HOSAS) Configuration
Game Play: Squadron Battle with Dual Joystick Overlay
> Here's a breakdown of my setup:
> #Right Hand (main)
> CH Fighterstick
> ------------------------
> X-axis: roll
Y-axis: pitch
> Trigger: fire weapon group 1
Pinky button: fire weapon group 2
> Side 4-way hat switch: Vertical and Lateral strafe
Top left 4-way hat switch:
> Left: switch countermeasure
Right: launch countermeasure
> Down: missile lock
Up: fire missle
> Top right 4-way hat switch:
Up: target object in reticle
> Left: Cycle friendly targets
Right: Cycle hostile targets
> Down: don't remember...
8-way hat: only use down right now to look behind
> Right side red index finger "mode" button: IFCS mode switch (SCM, PRE, CRU)
Don't use top red button yet
> #Left Hand (off hand)
> T16000M
> -------------------------------
> X-axis: yaw
> Front half of axis: throttle
Back half of axis: backward strafe
> Twist: strafe lateral
Trigger: boost
> Throttle lever: set and forget throttle
Top Left button on stick: Push-to-talk for Mumble and what not
> Top Right button on stick: couple/decouple mode toggle
Hat UP: zoom in
> Hat DOWN: zoom out
Three of the left side base buttons are the landing keys
> Two of the left side base buttons are Q-drive system and Q-drive engage
And Match Target Speed is the last base button on the left
> * I have nothing bound to the six buttons on the right side of the base, yet
> My two requirements and goals when I set this up when AC first came out was:
> 1. To have fine control over throttle on the Y-axis WITH reverse but to also be able to set the throttle using the throttle lever on the T16000M for longer flights without having to hold the T16000M forward to maintain velocity. For example, if I let go of the T16000M, my thrust will be 0. If I set the throttle lever to 75% and don't touch the Y-axis, my ship will maintain the 75% thrust/velocity. As soon as I touch the Y-axis, I again have fine control over thrust.
> 2. To be able to fly with only the main hand (CH Fighterstick) when fine throttle control was not necessary. I try to have all my main controls that I need on the Fighterstick with the extras on the t16000M. Combine that with some key VA commands and it works well in AC.
> I think the greatest drawback my setup has is that vertical strafing is not intuitive or easy (since it is bound to a hat on the Fighterstick). But, the throttle was the the key part of my setup and I wanted it on the Y-axis of the T16000M. I do not have pedals or any other peripherals.


u/Silidistani · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I was skeptical but hopeful for years, until I saw Hurston and Lorville get released, and I finally jumped in both-feet during the end of the last Anniversary sale. Player-generated clips like this one and this one definitely helped convince me... I mean look at that, it's all actually there in the game, nothing is a backdrop only for viewing from that spot on some map, that sun isn't rising, the earth-sized planet you are on is spinning in space.

My biggest suggestion: get a proper HOTAS, or at least a stick with a throttle on it and some good base-area buttons - I use an old Saitek X-52 that interestingly enough is being re-released in a few weeks. There are some serious mil-sim level ones out there too. The T-Flight Hotas X and T16000M are popular for the budget-minded (although Star Citizen will rapidly change your mind about what "sensible expenditure" in a game means lol). Get a used one if you want a killer one but can't afford new (seriously though, $60 man, very worth it), but it's a huge help not having to go to keyboard commands for anything flight-related, including targeting, countermeasures, scanners, thruster controls, etc. When hopping out of your flight seat (either to do something in your ship or get out of it entirely), just have the mouse and keyboard positioned to either side of the flight stick, easy. You'll use the mouse in the cockpit a fair bit too, to interact with the MFDs sometimes for things like requesting landing clearance, changing MFD functions, overclocking components on the ship, etc,. It's the most immersive sci-fi flight/FPS/society game I've ever seen.

I'd highly recommend to get in as soon as they announce Update 3.5, adding the entirely new planet ArcCorp, its main landing area for spaceships Area 18, several moons, and the long-awaited new flight model, go Public Live in a few more days. Fly your starter ship (I recommend the Avenger Stalker starter ship or the Cutlass Black package for the bit of cargo space you get, helps make a little money and can still fight ), enjoy a bit of mission running, exploration etc, and learn the world, and when the next massive Anniversary Sale comes around in November you'll know what ships you really want and can make informed decisions, as the sales they have at that time are awesome.

Whatever starter package you get, it'll need to be a "Game Package" that includes the base game as well, and after that one-time buy you just buy standalone ships or packages if you want to pay real money, or you can buy many of them in-game for game-money (UEC) if you make enough (many good ones are millions of UEC). The advantage of paying real money is that they will be with you forever - as they make major updates CIG usually resets all accounts to starter levels again, and you lose anything you earned in that version of Alpha - but you also have many advantages in Alpha that will not be present in the final game so still worth it to buy cheaper ships in-game IMO.

^edit: ^added ^bit ^about ^game ^packages

u/Thetomas · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

"BEST" probably the THrustmaster warthog Hotas, but also the most expensive (I just bought the joystick alone for 270 to use in my HOSAS setup, can't wait till it delivers on friday)

"best VALUE" probably the thrustmaster 16000m combo. The thrustmaster stuff seems to be the only sticks that use the "HALLS" system, and between that and regular sticks, the difference is night and day (i've compared it to CH flightsticks, microsoft, and logitech stuff...)

My suggestion is to consider HOSAS as well (hands on stick and stick), as I enjoy the number of analog degrees of freedom a joystick for the left hand provides. (16000m can be modified for the left hand, the warthog joystick, and many others, are right hand only.

As for VR, SC isn't really there yet, but I have a vive and know it's awesome. The recent price drops on the oculus are going to drive a lot of people their direction, but I don't regret buying the Vive in the least, and might still do it if I were buying today (but to be fair, i hate facebook).

as for touchscreens, there's some apps for android tablets that allow you to use them as "additional screens" which have game controls on them. It's like bringing one of the in game ship control panels into real life. They're super neat, but I don't actually use them, so I don't have a solid recommendation. Check out the Roccat Powergrid.

u/Nubsly- · 15 pointsr/starcitizen

As many people have mentioned, Star Citizen is still an in-development title, and there are lots of bugs and will likely continue to be lots of bugs for quite a while.

That being said, there are lots of people who are OK with this and are able to enjoy themselves, some fall on the other end of the spectrum and get really frustrated so it's worth keeping in mind that there is a 14 day refund policy. If you or he decides you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can submit for a refund at any time in that 14 day window.

If you're still with us and you want to go ahead and buy him something, here's four strong options for you to consider:

1) Buy the Mustang Alpha Starter Package for $45 -

2) Buy the Mustang Alpha Starter Package for $45 -

Then upgrade it to an Avenger Titan using this $20 CCU (Cross Chassis Upgrade is an item that you will find in your hangar on the website after purchase and can then apply it to the Mustang Alpha to convert it into an Avenger Titan) -

Most players in Star Citizen have owned at one point, or currently own an Avenger because it is incredibly versatile for its price allowing you to do both combat and hauling stuff while not being paper thin. It's also the one I'd recommend the most for him. He can always use the CCU system to upgrade his ship to something else later once he has a better idea of what he wants to do.

3) If he's likely to mainly do combat, then perhaps the Arrow would be a good choice $90 -

It will be noticeably more combat capable than the Avenger Titan, but it doesn't have any cargo space. It is a very popular ship right now for combat pilots.

4) If you really want to splurge, then get the Cutlass Black Package $115 -

The Cutlass Black is larger than all the other mentioned ships and it's the first real offering that gives you decent multi-crew features. It has an interior you can walk around in with a couple beds (beds are used for logging off if you're out in space instead of at a station), It has a good sized cargo bay that's great for traders. It has a copilot seat which can be used by a second person to help manage shields etc..

It also comes with a turret for some extra firepower. It has plenty of teeth, and you can't really go wrong with it.


If he really ends up liking the game, he should look into picking up some flight hardware (Joysticks etc..). I'd recommend either the t16000m FCS HOTAS $130

Or the dual t16000m setup $115

You can also just buy a single t16000m joystick for around $60 and then buy a second one later. They can be flipped to lefty pretty easily, so don't feel like you need to buy two right away.

In terms of bang for buck, there is no contest compared to these in the budget arena. I personally fly with two sticks, some people prefer the stick plus throttle.


In closing, my personal advice would be to buy him the Mustang Alpha ($45) and the CCU to the Avenger Titan ($20), then tell him you'll contribute X dollars towards some flight hardware (Joystick/throttle etc) or further ship CCU's once he knows what he wants.

Best of luck on your decision making!

u/aixenprovence · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I have the t16000m, and I like it.

From what I understand, it's one of the few joysticks that you can make left-handed, since it comes with left-handed versions of some parts, so with a screw driver you can reverse it perfectly.

I don't have any complaints with the build quality, and it is comfortable to use. It has a nice, heavy feel, and I find it fairly comfortable. It's plastic, as you would expect, but it's a pretty solid thing. It doesn't feel like it's going to break any time soon. I believe it has Hall effect sensors, and those give a pretty accurate reading, and I don't think they wear out very quickly.

It has 12 buttons on the base, 6 on each side, but I'm not sure how I would get at them while playing. It also has a little throttle on the side facing you, which I guess you could use with the thumb that is not on the stick, but I don't find that very compelling. I typically play with a hand on the stick and the other hand on the keyboard. At some point, I think I'm going to buy one of these, if I can ever find a big fat sale.

When I got it, the t16000m was typically around $40, but I found it on sale somewhere for $20. It looks like the price has gone up to about $50. I'm not sure whether that will come down if you feel you can wait a few months.

u/Rithe · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick when I first pledged for this game back in 2013, and then realized it was a long way from being flyable

I kind of forgot about it and used M+KB since the game became playable, but recently I remembered I owned it and have been playing with it almost exclusively for the last few days. I'm no expert with one so this is my first impressions

Its surprisingly not too bad for such a cheap stick, and after a lot of practice I'm not -that- much worse than when using a M+KB. I've nearly got my Old Vanduul lap times down to what they were before, and my dog fighting is about as good as normal. And besides the obvious performance differences, it sure is fun to fly with

I do plan to eventually buy a better one (this is what I'm leaning towards when its in stock), but for now its surprisingly good for how cheap it is, and I would actually recommend it to someone who is really on a budget. It does take time to configure though, I recommend this layout and this curve based on my limited testing and what felt natural to me. Without the proper curve its nearly unplayable. I think the only big difference in control layouts is I swapped the afterburner for IFCS buttons, because with racing I needed it available easily

I also use Voice Attack which I have mapped to a whole bunch of commands. I can show you what I have so far if you are interested but its on my home computer

u/Dunnlang · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I say my favorite peripheral is one of the most simple. The Thurstmaster Cougar MFD panels. They are NOT actually a display (though some have heavily modded them for simulation games to have an LCD). They do include sturdy clear card sleeves and some blank card stock. There is also a web tool to make your own card stock. I made mine labeled for Star Citizen functions and with a Vanguard in the center.

There are two great features with these. Mostly, they prevent me from having to reach past all my other controls to try and hit Right Alt + M in an emergency. I can map a ton of useful complicated keystrokes or macros and totally forget what Right Alt + M even is! I just look at my MFD and hit the button for Lock Gimbals. Done! Look ahead? I have no idea what that keystroke is either, but I have a clearly labeled button! It's like when we graduated from remembering every phone number to having perpetually updated address books built into all of our phones.

This is the key difference. When you reach up and press the button to toggle Quantum Jump, you look (I imagine) and feel, exactly like Han Solo punching the Millenium Falcon into hyperdrive. If that's not the best thing, I don't know what is. It honestly greatly improves my enjoyment of the game.

The Cougar MFDs come in a pair. I got mine for $65, but they seem to be a bit more expensive now. They are programable with Thrustmaster's Target scripting software. You can use them as simple button presses like I do, or very complicated state switching and scripting macros.

u/Anthrawn · -2 pointsr/starcitizen

Yes you should get a joystick. Mice just don't do well with space sims like this, its not quite like freelancer that game play aspect. I would recommend a HOTAS (Hand on Throttle and Stick) flight stick, which can range anywhere between about $50, up to $500 depending on what you want to spend.

If you want a good stick that isn't too expensive, this is a good one

You can also wait, Chris has said that they are working with some companies to create peripherals for Star Citizen, we have no idea what the prices on those will be though.

As for upgrading your computer, you should be fine for now, you have a better card than what is required for the CryEngine 3, so you should be able to play the game. If anything if you keep that card for the Alpha and beta, that will help getting some very useful information to CIG in regards to how well certain hardware runs the game. So I would say wait till closer to the game launch (sometime late 2014) and maybe get a nice deal on a new graphics card for one of the holiday sales.

u/Didactic_Tomato · 9 pointsr/starcitizen

HOTAS is great and fairly easy to learn, though I heard double joystick is better for control.

I use the Thrustmaster T-16000M HOTAS which I know is pretty popular.

I'm hoping SC will have a preset for this set up at some point, because it becomes way easier to tweak it from a default setup than start completely over (for me).

For reference I've only been using HOTAS for about a month and I'm already 10x better at flying than I was. Also my landing looks way better ;)

u/iiwong · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Flying with dual joysticks (and pedals) feels awesome! I got a T16000m FCS plus a T16000m FCS Flight Pack and only use the sticks and the pedal right now

I am gonna configure my setup in a way that I can switch from hosas to hotas when I am not in combat to be able to fly around more relaxed. It should be pretty easy to set up if I play around with the Target software some more.

The first time setting up dual joysticks was pretty tedious. I used TheNOOBIFIER1337's Playlist and the several reddit posts as an inspiration and finally decided to set them up more or less like in this video
To keep my desk uncluttered and my KB/M close I made a setup like this one!. Here are some more Images.

u/rhadiem · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Yeah I understand, you're not the one getting the gear, but I'm pretty sure CH won't send you any (they got bought up), yet a ton of us have it so you'll probably have to use some of the backer's money to pick up some gear to support the backers preferred controllers. I'd suggest the Fighterstick, Throttle and pedals. Thanks for listening, and cheers. :)

u/Grimij · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I've been itching for some headtracking solution lately, too.

Many are saying the eventual FoIP, which will probably be fine apart from the cost of the webcam, though you can do facetracking now (not to be confused with FoIP) with a relatively cheap 120fps Playstation 3 Eye paired with something like FaceTrackNoIR that will likely work as well as it will, but may not be as easy to setup depending on how well it's going to be integrated. Using standard webcams also work, but not that well. Same issue regarding webcam framerate with using markers and IRtrackers.

And then there's Eyetrackers like Tobii, which is incredibly slick and easy to setup, only drawback is being centered in front of the capture bar as well as it being kinda' pricey.

Though what I'm really drawn to right now is magnetometer tracking with something like buying or building a small and cheap EDtracker module, or even more simply just strapping a newer phone to my head with OpenTrack. It just seems more simple and reliable overall, and doesn't require me to be constantly centered in front of my webcam for it to work well, as well as it's dirt cheap.

Just my two UEC though, really. Most will likely adopt the FoIP cam because of the social aspect of FoIP, but in the meantime spending a few bucks on a magnetometer module, or again just strapping a phone to your head, will get you as good of results as anything else.

u/7AB7 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Ultimately, it's going to be a matter of taste. What sounds like the most fun to you? That's the question I asked myself a few years ago when the original Arena Commander module released. I decided the answer to that was dual stick, so I got myself a cheap left handed joystick and tried it. Turns out I love it! If immersion is what you're looking for, joysticks certainly deliver, at least in my experience. But I've been playing with joysticks for two decades now so I'm familiar with adjusting to odd control schemes. You may not want to invest that time, effort, and money.


If you do decide to try it out, however, there are a lot of cheap options that will give you a taste of what you're looking for without breaking the bank. I used the Extreme 3D pro joystick before upgrading recently, and it was a good option for only $30. Link HERE. There's also the T16000M which is fully ambidextrous for $60. I used it to test dual stick flight. Link HERE. And you may find them cheaper used. You can always upgrade later if it turns out you really like the setup, which is what I did.


If all you want to do is run cargo and explore, though, any options will be fine. If you think you'll be happy with mouse and keyboard, don't sweat it! I like decoupled flight and combat so having that additional control over my thrusters is nice and immersive, but that's my situation, not yours.


Again, ask yourself honestly what sounds like fun and go from there. If mouse and keyboard seems sufficient to you, there's no point in spending money. No amount of advice from other people can top that.

u/MisterForkbeard · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

You might also have to run it on lower rez than you're expecting. The 380 isn't a bad card, but the 860k might hold you back. Just a quick warning. And that the "Universe" game mode runs slowly for everyone at the moment due to server issues.

That said: If you want in, the Aurora LN Package is a good way to go:

Just get that for now and try out the game. If you like it/can run it well enough to suit yourself, you can upgrade it later to an Avenger for a better ship, pick up a new ship, or spend the money on anything else you might want (joystick, or 100 tacos or something). :)

If you join up: Welcome to the game!

EDIT: If you want a cheap HOTAS, I understand there's a cheap decent-but-not-great option:

u/solarahawk · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

To be honest, your Logitech stick is a much better joystick than the X-52. I have had an X-52 for quite a few years (7-8 years), and it gets the job done. I was satisfied with it most of that time, but when I upgraded my HOTAS setup to a CH Fighterstick/rudder pedals/throttle setup, the X-52 turned out to be a poor comparison. In terms of accuracy, reliability, and just "general feel", the X-52 is maybe a C or C+

I also bought a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro recently specifically for Elite Dangerous and SC, because I prefer a twist rudder for space games. That little Logitech is amazeballs. It may not be as fancy as the X-52 joy, but it is more accurate and reliable. No contest.

If I were you and I still wanted to have a HOTAS setup, then I would focus on just buying a good (or great) throttle to go with your joystick. Probably the best standalone throttle you can buy right now is the CH Pro Throttle. It is available from Amazon for $120 (link), though if you can find a used USB version, you should feel very good picking one up for less.

CH products are industrial-grade equipment. (Literally, that is their main business.) It will never wear out on you, and when I needed some replacement potentiometers for my old CH rudder pedals (cause I accidentally burned one out working on the insides), their customer support mailed me a pack of replacements for free.

u/CallMeYourGod · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

The other guy recommended the Saitek, which is an excellent choice, but if you want to try out a joystick to see if it's a good fit for you, I'd recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. It's pretty cheap, and a decent stick overall. Not a bad choice if you don't know for sure if you want to use a joystick.

u/Oddzball · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

The Arduino generic Game Controller provides the following:

X, Y, and Z axis
32 buttons
X, Y, and Z axis rotation
2 Point of View Hat Switches

So you can actually make your own controller relatively easy, and even have things such as a few Pots for trim adjustment, or simple buttons too.

Instructions on how to program and set up the microcontroller;

Soldering tutorials;

Parts list;

And whatever the heck you build it with. Soldering is easy as pie, and some wire from whatever.

You could do a complete "Keyboard" if you will with this single Microcontroller.

Momentary Toggle switches, Regular buttons, 3 axis controls, and like i said, even a set of 3 pots for something like trim adjustment or whatever.

I highly recommend getting a breadboard, which you can simply plug and play everything in to test out your circuit and design, and then getting a perf board of some sort for the final layout.

UPDATED: Apparently there is software out there that completely removes the need for you to know how to code, provided by /u/foofad please see the following post. honestly, this just got even easier.

u/AngryT-Rex · 9 pointsr/starcitizen

I feel like a lot of the perceived joystick-superiority-complex comes from people seeing joystick owners talking about stuff like the X-52pro (, which is obviously out of many people's desired price range.

But the fact of the matter is that something like this ( will work just fine - in fact, they were giving some of those exact joysticks out as part of the recruit-your-friends promo, so they're definitely planning to make it playable with those. And at ~$25, its even significantly cheaper than a console controller.

So although us joystick-enthusiasts who want to build sim cockpits and use pedals and all that aren't going to be talking about the $30 joysticks, they are there and perfectly functional, so there is no reason that the general population of the game can't have them if they want.

Not to say you can't go the gamepad route if you'd like, just wanted it clear that going the joystick route doesn't need to have the high cost of entry that some people seem to be perceiving.

u/Laxworrior21 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

I use two of these mounted to an office chair, fits a CH Pro Fighterstick right hand and a T16000M left hand. You'll need industrial Velcro or some kind of strong adhesive to fasten it tight to the mount. You should be aware that the mount is smaller than how the picture depicts it and the base of the sticks is larger than the mount bracket, but if you put the velcro on correctly it should work fine. Also, the mount adjusts at 3 separate joints so you have some flexibility but it does not extend so you need to be able to attach the mount to right where you want your stick to be. I can send you a picture of my setup later if you want more info, just let me know. Definitely gets the job done though, would recommend on a budget

Edit: Sorry, I actually use this. It's the same brand but this one gives you more adjustability, you may not be able to get the positioning to a comfortable position with only one joint

u/Dimingo · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I can't speak highly enough about the [Thrustmaster FCS] ( Amazon looks to be out of them actually...

The T16000M joystick is one of the best ones out there (and can't be beat at its price point), and it's ambidextrous, so if you want to try dual stick, your already halfway there.

The throttle feels rather nice, and you have easy access to more buttons than you'll know what to do with. There's a good rudder for horizontal strafing, and a little joystick on it that I use fit vertical strafing.

One advantage that I get from a HOTAS vs HOSAS is that it translates well to atmospheric flight games (play some of them as well), so no need for extra peripherals.

u/Rizzu7 · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Thank you for this!! This has been a huge help, I had no idea they were this technical. So ultimately it sounds like my best bet is to one way or another, swap that Hotas X asap before i let it ruin my return to the joystick world. The T16000m ($60) and CH Pro Throttle ($165) combo is definitely what's jumping out at me the most, so I think i'm going to return the Hotas X and swap it for the T16000 and make do without a throttle for the time being.

> #What about pedals?
If you don't have a twist stick they're pretty much required. Even if you have a twist stick I can't recommend pedals enough. They give you far more control and feel much more natural, not to mention you don't end up killing your wrist over longer gaming sessions.

I noticed this no more than 5 minutes into Strike Suit Zero when I was testing it out. I'm a frequent gym-goer and let me tell you, my forearms flared up harder than anything I've done in a very long time. I can definitely see myself picking up some pedals down the road if SC ends up being a big portion of my gaming time.

u/casfacto · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I recently upgrade from a pair of T16000ms to a VPC Warbrd for my right hand, and a Constellation Delta for my left.

The VPC stuff is some of the very best that you can buy. Having spent the money though, I can feel super good about recommending the T16000ms. If you want two sticks they are great for the cost!

u/KarmaRepellant · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Nice. One of the good things with the T16000M is that it's reversible- so if you want the option of dual sticks you can get a matching one and use it with your left hand instead of the throttle.

This offer is probably the best value hotas you can buy at the moment. The quality is excellent if you don't mind a plastic stick.

u/zeroyon04 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I've tried out the X52, X52 Pro, X55, and other HOTAS...

Then I decided to get a Thrustmaster T-16000M Joystick with a CH Pro Throttle.

I would have got the CH Fighterstick too, but it doesn't have twist yaw, where the T-16000M does. Don't need to mod it, it works perfect out of the box. All the buttons are easy to reach (especially on the Pro Throttle, which has a 2nd mini joystick too), which is important because I plan on playing with the Oculus Rift. I really like this setup.

I've never looked back.

u/Spyknight · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

As far as flight sticks go I have been eyeing this one

Its a good thing that this game does not come out for a while so I have some time to save up for things like this :)

I have to say I wrote off Orgin ships for some reason or another but the 350As nice clear front window will proably make for amazing flight and dogfighting views!

u/LunarPhoenix96 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

The only reason I could possibly NOT advocate getting the best joystick you can afford at this moment is that it's highly likely that CIG will be releasing a HOTAS setup designed around Star Citizen sometime in the future, and it's likely to have a fairly high price tag, which might be worth saving up for. Up to you, really--I just got an X-55 and am loving it myself. Actually a deal at newegg right now is offering a $30 gift certificate alongside an X-55.

Edit: After looking at the joystick you were considering in your comment, I'm gonna say that I've heard some pretty poor things about that model. If you're looking for something in that price range, the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro is much better, IMO. Used one for a LONG time.

u/Alaeron · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

After seeing a couple posts of people's custom button boxes on reddit I knew I had found my next project. I've been doing quite a bit of Arduino and small electronics lately, and this was the perfect fit. So off I went to Amazon, ordered a bunch of stuff I thought might be cool / useful and started piecing things together. Took a few weekends of working on it here and there, the most time consuming part just being tediously soldering and wiring the 38 inputs.


Was originally going to set it into some sort of project enclosure, but ended up getting impatient and just mounting it to two pieces of plywood with some feet. It added enough heft to it that I can lift the switch guard and rotate the somewhat stiff selector without issue. Eventually I'll get a better enclosure for it, probably grab one off of Hammond mfg or get someone with a larger 3D printer to make one. The Engine Start and black/red button (that I'm going to use for quantum jump) have leds in them that I don't currently have hooked up to the Arduino, but once we get some sort of API into Star Citizen hopefully I can tie them to engine state and jump spool/ready state.


The controls are:

Power on, flight ready, 3 misc buttons, zoom rotary encoder, 3 misc buttons, quantum spool, quantum jump

Hat switch + center for shield distribution and reset, engine, shield, and thruster power switches, power distribution profile selector, misc selector

Flare Fire button, flare select, 7 misc toggle switches, self destruct switch, eject switch.


I mapped everything to a button in the Arduino code (no rotary encoder as zoom in this screenshot) so that I can easily bind to functions in Star Citizen. Unfortunately without an API this means the switch positions can get out of sync with the actual ship status easily. If by the time of release / they make an API there still isn't a way to read / set state by API then I'll probably make a new version with only toggle buttons.


Code Libraries

PCF8574_library for interfacing with the IO expanders

ArduinoJoystickLibrary for emulating a joystick on windows


Useful Instructables

Joystick Library



Parts List

1 Terminal Expansion Board -

3 PCF8574 IO Expansion Board -

1 Rotary Encoder -

1 4 Position Rotary Selector -

1 Red Ring Momentary Push Button -

1 Engine Start Momentary Push Button -

5 Heavy Duty Toggle Switch -

1 12 Position Rotary Switch -

1 5-Channel Rocker -

1 Arduino Micro -

7 Red/Black Momentary Push Buttons -

2 Red Cover Toggle Switches -

8 Small Toggle Switches -

u/xMcNerdx · 1 pointr/starcitizen

SC noob here, I don't even own the game yet. I'd check out the T16000M. I use it for DCS World and it's a pretty nice HOTAS for relatively cheap compared to super high end sets.

One thing I'm kinda curios about is how lucrative using a HOTAS or HOSAS will be vs a mouse. From some videos I've seen so far it looks like using a mouse could give a major advantage as people are making pinpoint shots using the mouse whereas with a joystick it would be super difficult.

u/kaw97 · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I use a tenkeyless (Royal Kludge RC930) so I'm in a similar boat to you. If your keyboard supports it, I'd use fn layers to get yourself additional functionality, but I don't think you'll have anywhere good to put things like shield management or strafe. Even on my TKL I was pressed for space, so I bought a Logitech G13. I'd definitely recommend doing the same. They usually go on sale for $30-40ish, and have 24 programmable keys plus an analog joystick. There are also three different layers for the keys that can be switched at the push of a button, each can be color coded, and there's an LCD screen that can display text pulled from the game you're playing. Since I'm lazy I only have it set up with basic flight controls (acceleration, roll, decouple, relative mode) with the other functions on my keyboard, but I eventually plan on making profiles for FPS, dogfighting, and ship management/navigation.

u/Bulletwithbatwings · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Don't limit yourself to dual sticks; you need a throttle with an analog joystick for the best experience. Dual sticks is only good if you love decoupled mode. This relatively inexpensive combo can do everything as it has an analog nub on the front and paddles that add an extra interesting element of control:

Note that the $USD MSRP is actually $150, and Amazon resellers are over charging due to limited stock

u/heliumbox · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I just bought TM 16000 dual sticks, felt the price was OK but I don't really know anything about flight sticks but reviews seemed positive. Waiting on delivery of them, hoping they're decent. They seemed like it was a decent intro to flight sticks? Anyone have them?

u/Simdor · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Let me grab a link....

This is a great starter pack with solid controllers for all three bits. I had this to start and was very, very pleased.

I eventually replaced the stick with a Warthog, which I also love. I will next replace the throttle with the Warthog throttle. After I get out of ship debt on my credit card ;)

u/ThatOtherGuy435 · 11 pointsr/starcitizen

Not to bash the official TrackIR, because it is a very solid product... I put together something very equivalent for less about $20.

  • PS3Eye - $12

  • FaceTrackNoIR - $0

  • DIY IR LED clip (5v supply, serial build) - ~$5-10 (SFH 485 P, 6.8ohm resistor from the local electronics store, 5v power supply

    I started with FaceTrackNoIR's 'face tracking' module but found it a little bit wobbly in low light, which is how I do 90% of my gaming. Building the IR LED clip and using the 'Point Tracker' module for FTNoIR gives me 98% of what the full TrackIR system does.


    Also, I didn't do anything with removing the IR filter, or adding a normal light filter. Works perfectly fine in both the wide angle and narrow modes.


    One more thing to note for anyone going this route - you're going to want to change the defaults for the Accela mk2 filter in FTNoIR. I used the settings outlined in the PointTracker Guide and am very happy with them.
u/Tumbler · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I picked up a CH Fighterstick on ebay recently and my plan is to try that in combination with the keyboard.

I'm tempted to try something like this , Logitech G13, or possibly the CH Pro throttle if the Keyboard alone isn't working. That little analog hat on the throttle or on that keypad seems like they'd be useful but how often am I going to need to straff around without using full power? I'm thinking WASD and throttle on Q/E might be fine if there are HUD notifications of my throttle settings that I can see easily. Throttle adjustment is normally pretty small changes so tapping Q/E should be ok and straffing during combat could be fine with WASD.

Ugh, wish the Dogfighter was here already!

u/Remikei · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

You can try "Sony PlayStation Eye Camera" for only $7. xD Pretty good for its price. I tested years ago with a free track ir app. It wasn't bad and it works.

u/ExedoreWrex · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Just FYI, if you are already using CH devices go with the Pro Pedals and do this mod. It makes configuring everything much simpler as it can all be done in the CH programming software. If you are mixing devices from different manufactures or are using Thrustmaster products I would recommend looking at Thrustmaster's new TFRP pedals. They have a great price point and will not need to be modded. I got to try the TFRP Pedals out at the recent press event. They worked quite well. However, I would not replace an existing set of CH pedals unless all my other hardware was made by Thrustmaster and programmable in TARGET.

Thrustmaster TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals for PC & Playstation 4

I have tried both setups and prefer using a CH Fighter Stick and Pro Throttle over a Warthog stick and throttle in Star Citizen. The lighter resistance on the CH stick allows me to be more responsive and precise when aiming, The CH Pro Throttle's analogue thumb stick is also invaluable for strafing. Because of this I prefer using my full CH setup for Star Citizen.

u/MrCobs · 1 pointr/starcitizen

The guides are a bit scattered around the web, I'll run through the basics of what you need.

I got these leds from LEDsupply, they were 60¢ a piece, and you need 3 of them.

You also need a resistor which are $1 a piece, and you specifically need a 70 ohm resistor. At LEDsupply, at checkout there is a additional order notes box that you need to specify the ohm rating of the resistor.

Then you need the PS3 Eye webcam. This webcam is capable of 120fps at lower resoultion, and 60-75fps at 640 by 480. For $7.29 you can't beat it. You also need the CL-Eye-Driver which is around $2.00 from a third party.

Additionally if you don't have any, you will need some small wire which is 25¢ per foot, a spare long usb cable that you will be cutting (I used an old turtle beach wire because it was so long), and some blank film negative.

For tools you are going to need a soldering iron, solder, a file, and possibly a hot glue gun.

The wiring diagram is super simple (substitute that resistor with yours, ignore the fuse) and you can mount the led's to a hat, or make a clip, whatever is easiest for you.

Download opentrack and take a look in the PointTracker>Settings>Model section and you will see different models you can make. Once you make the model you just put in the dimensions of the led's in there.

After all is said and done you have to file down the LED's to a flat, rough surface so they don't shine so bright into the webcam, and it gives them a wider field of view. This project was cheap and fun and the result is totally awesome. Feel free to message me with any questions.

P.S. If you decide against the 5v usb wire to power the leds, and want to use a battery instead, your resistor is going to be different!

u/billymcguffin · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Personally I don't think a HOTAS is required, but it is certainly more immersive and you do tend to get more granular control of your ship versus a keyboard.

Probably the best value HOTAS right now is the T16000M FCS, which is currently ~100 USD. You may also want to check out /r/hotas for more in depth advice.

u/kxy1983 · 12 pointsr/starcitizen

Its hard to beat amazon for comprehensive reviews. I am looking at the Saitek x52 Pro.

And of course the Rift.

So many gearheads that have compared different versions brands of products and then given detailed reviews, and then the reviews are reviewed by the wide community highlighting the "Most helpful" reviews.

The other option is there is probably some good sites focused on MS Flight Sim, I know guys that have built replica boeng cockpits in their shed. So that might be a richer look into yokes and the such. however my budget for stick is under 150 so amazon was my destination. In the mean time waiting for the RIFT to be released, I am going to construct my own IR head tracking system to be attached to my headset, which I plan to use in Arma III

u/Arcoril · 1 pointr/starcitizen

First off, the fact that any programmable devices exist means that you can't lock down the control scheme and think that it'll be an effective method of forcing people into a playstyle. It would also be a terrible game design decision.

You claimed that they were niche, so show me a source proving that they are. Your anecdotal experience doesn't count.

Best Buy has carried some sort of gaming keypad ever since I started playing WoW in 2005. They don't dedicate shelf space to things that don't sell.

Additionally, just look at the G13 on Amazon and look at the rankings:

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

3 in Electronics > Accessories & Supplies > Computer Accessories > Input Devices > Numeric Keypads

6 in Electronics > Computers & Accessories > Game Hardware > Accessories > Gaming Keyboards

14 in Electronics > Computers & Accessories > Game Hardware > Accessories > Controllers

I also invite you to look through those categories and see that this isn't a one-off; they're populated with a large number of programmable devices. Next time you walk through an electronics store I also invite you to take note of the number of Razer and Logitech G products on the shelf.

u/nightlyraver · 1 pointr/starcitizen

You should definitely use a joystick. I just bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS:

For $34, you can't beat that - and you get the throttle and 9 programmable buttons, plus the hat and the toggle on the throttle. It works great in-game since you can program it with the options in the game. I'm very happy with it.

Next options are in the $150-$400 range, so there's that...

u/Daemien67 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

3D printing different size MFD "frames" would be a cool idea. Though getting the buttons working would be quite the feat of custom work.

Just to be clear, the Panel he is using is Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Pack Flight Control Panels and the buttons work like mapped joystick buttons.

I use these and they are great for systems/power/shield management.

u/Citizen__217712 · 0 pointsr/starcitizen

I guess to each their own. when I had my n52 It just became apparent to me it was a keyboard numpad with a very poor quality d-pad and a ok mouse wheel in an unfortuantly bad position...

I could get nearly all the functionality by just putting my left hand on the actual numpad and binding it as I would the n52. since you are moving your hand off the WASD area to a grid spaced pad its really close in usage. even more so if you have a nice keyboard wrist rest.

Im sure to the "pro gamers" that doesnt sound similar but I dare them to try it for 5 minutes and see how closely it functions. I guess if you also have some non standard ergo or gamer keyboard you might need to replicate it again with a n52. mode shifting is done in software anyways so no reason that couldn't be done on the numpad too. its a product trying to find a problem, thats why they werent popular back in the day when they came out and why belkin stopped making them and they got picked up as some razor "gaming gear" and re-spun for MMO and MOBA players.

I would gladly change my opinion if say they added some other actual features like analog sticks or pressure sensitive keys etc that would make its existence justified.

I just dont see how they can go from 60 dollars to a mind boggleing 300 dollars. like WHAT? the other sellers have 329... what a great deal.

why wouldnt someone pay a fraction and at least get a logitec G13? its got a screen, stick, more buttons and costs way less.

u/freespace303 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Budget? Have you used a joystick before? If anything I'd suggest going with a good budget stick for now to get your "space legs". See how you like it and go from there. The Logitech Extreme 3d Pro can be had for $20-$30 and is highly recommended by many SC fans on here. It's actually the joystick that I'm using right now. I like it.

u/Chitect · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Kirk Fickert has some great tutorials on how to use the CH Control manager and he specifically sets one up for Star Citizen post 9.2.

He is the reason I am slowly getting a full CH setup (student loans + life don;t leave much spending money atm).

It's not CH, but Thrustmaster has a nice pair of MFDs for around $75 ($70 right now on Amazon). I'm thinking about getting those down the road.

As far as using the little joystick for aim gimbals, there's a way in the CH software to set it as a third controller, and I'm pretty sure those Kirk videos cover that.

u/Caanon565 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

CH Products Pro Throttle.
I paid 112+tax on Amazon.
It goes up and down in price as shown here:

Has gone up a bit since SC and Elite have been around. I will wait more patiently for a sale for anything following this. The t16000m I got for $25 like 6 months ago.

The supposed reliability is one reason I went CH, but a big reason is for the Ministick on the throttle which I will use to control vertical and horizontal strafe. The ministick is different from others in that it is a full 2 axis analog stick, like another joystick. I plan to use that and the t16000 until I can see what the official Star Citizen Hotas is or if maybe Logitech makes a Hotas again. Then I will decide what to do, but unless there is something really interesting I'll probably go full CH around a year from now.

u/Sr_DingDong · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Start with a Thrustmaster Flight HOTAS X.

It's the only decent entry level hotas and is perfectly sufficient and costs very little. After that, I dunno. It's pretty much out of Saitek and CH Products. That's if you like them and want to go further.

u/PhilosophizingCowboy · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

I use this and have no complaints.

Honestly there is no rush for a Joystick. Mouse/Keyboard (so far) seems to work much better for both beginning and advanced players. I think a recent poll of the leaderboards showed that 2/3 of the top 100 players prefer mouse. So it's not as if you NEED a joystick.

My 3D pro works just fine though, and it's super cheap. I'll probably upgrade next year with launch.

u/MrTheOx · 4 pointsr/starcitizen

The warthog is a nice stick, but it also requires rudder pedals, as it doesn't have a twist axis. So it's another hundred or so, for those.

A step in between a X-55 / X-52 pro and the Warthog are the the CH products. Specifically the Fighter Stick and the Pro Throttle. Which you can get into for 200.00 right now. You get most of the functionality of a Warthog and solid build quality.

I mention these sticks as they good products that often get overlooked in the discussion of joysticks. They are worth considering if you want to spend more than 200 but not 5 or 6 hundred.

u/MadLucas · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I use this $35 logitech cheapo and it works great. I use W-S as my throttle and Q-E-R-F as my strafing keys. I would wait until the game becomes a little more complete before dropping any huge amounts of cash on a joystick (unless there are other games you play that have hotas support)

u/thejoelhansen · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I use the T16000M Joystick.

While some of the buttons are softer than I'd like, it is very good. I really enjoy racing with it.

u/MajorTemplar · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Depends on how much you are willing to spend. The Thrustmaster does not sell the independent throttle without stick unfortunately but does sell the stick without throttle.

That's an example of one.

If you are OK with spending a ton of money, buy the Thrustmaster Hotas and then turn around and sell the stick off for full price. They go for like $200 for the stick alone and $420 for the entire setup. Another option is another stick that will work for your left. This is something many people have done and I believe SC has support or will soon if I recall correctly.

u/Cincinnatus_sc · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I would make sure that you have the homas button enabled. This will keep you from moving the ship with the mouse. I have a setup that can switch between homas and hotas easily. You are pretty button light in your setup. I would have suggest looking at this
It has the 12 buttons on the side and a shift key. Another option is another option
I can share my key setups if you want? I do joystick right and mouse left with pedals.
Also, shoot me a message if you want someone to fly with.

u/KamikazeSexPilot · -3 pointsr/starcitizen

A $26 Joystick is hardly a $300 peripheral.

I don't want this game to turn into a casual piece of crap reminiscent of a console game and neither do the 'vocal minority'. This game has the potential to be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise overly streamlined, dumbed down, easily accessible game market with absolutely no challenge or depth to the gameplay.

People these days don't want to be challenged, they want to be able to pick up a game and instantly be able to fly perfectly with no learning or skill advancement, you can see this over on /r/warthunder with the arcade players vs the FRB players. FRB is an infinitely more rewarding experience because it's challenging and takes a while to learn, but once you're there it is so much more fun than the watered down mouse aim arcade mode.

u/Zabroccoli · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Here, the best $113 you could spend on a HOTAS.

(Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS HOTAS Controller (2960778)

Edit: apparently mobile isn’t happy with my links.

u/95688it · 1 pointr/starcitizen

they are replicas of real flight sticks, not sci-fi glowy joysticks.

and they are sturdy enough you could probably beat someone over the head with it and go right back to flying.

as for price they are in the middle ground.

$61 for flightstick

$78 for the combatstick

$98 for the fighterstick

it's pretty much the best quality you can get without spending multiple hundreds on a warthog or black mamba

u/Oneiric19 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Excellent feedback. I am thinking about grabbing the Combatstick for ~$80

But a close friend of mine suggested the Thrustmaster T-Flight for a slightly higher price. ~$95

Which one would you guys go for?

u/vennox · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Any opinions on the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X? I really want to test a HOTAS setup before I get something "real" like a X-55 or maybe the SC branded setup that's rumored. Is the Thrustmaster any good, or should I just get a cheaper single Joystick?

u/krelvar · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I concede on the KBM part. I agree, you can get stuff that will work fine for pretty cheap.

The T16000m by itself is around $40 on amazon normally. They recently released the new FCS HOTAS, which comes with the T16000m stick and a throttle, for $130. or the same thing with pedals included for $200
They are switching over production from the older green design to the newer gold design, so I wouldn't buy anything right now until it settles down again. I expect you'll be able to buy the stick alone again once they do (and people can stop scalping them...)

You're not the only asshole who thinks that, there's a whole large crowd of us. :)

u/PantlessSunshine · 4 pointsr/starcitizen

I have an extra one of these laying around if you want it. Some use, but still in excellent condition. Used it a lot in BF4 and SC, but upgraded last week to an X52.

PM me your address if you want it! On the house.

u/Bramman111 · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

Really? I'm going to have to look for some of those, because from what I've seen most of them cost anywhere between $100-300. I'm probably just looking in the wrong places.

EDIT: Found these two in just a couple minutes of searching, and they booth have some pretty good reviews. I could probably find some used ones for even cheaper. Thanks for the tip!

u/smithenheimer · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

But really. I bought a new T16000-M for $45 USD, you can definitely find one for near £30 (a $2 USD difference) and I wouldn't recommend anything that costs less than that.

@OP, Prices may be different on Amazon UK, but keep checking. Prices fluctuate as supply and demand fluctuates. Otherwise, check out Ebay. A T16000M is worth going slightly over budget.

EDIT: someone linked the Logitech 3D Stick in this thread as well, and if you really don't want to go over budget, that would probably do fine.

u/nickiter · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Joystick, n52 SpeedPad, a pair of rudder pedals , and hopefully an Oculus Rift, if they're good and affordable by then.

u/albinobluesheep · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

green one

orange one

Orange one is newer, but is the same basic stick. Has some bumps and insets on the buttons on the base of the stick so you don't have to look down to confirm where your fingers are. They also added some texture to the buttons on the top of the stick for better grip there.

u/CaptDumb · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Very well done! Makes me want one a bit more. But I'm very cautious about a Saitek after what I've read about them lately. I just bought the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick from Amazon. So far it has been pretty nice, but I feel like it is doing some weird things with the controls that I need to research.

For example it has the roll on both the throttle and the joystick. But when I go and try and change it it screws up the roll really badly.

Also going to have to find a way that I want to position it on my desk so I can transition comfortably between HOTAS and Keyboard and mouse.

u/person1234man · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I would prefer one with a throttle I found this one recently and am considering it

Could you link me to a throttle that would go well with that joy stick?

u/W_Panzer · 1 pointr/starcitizen

what about this setup?

people have cited that it works well for SC, but should i spend more on something like the X52 or X55?

u/lifetaken · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

So just to give a link, you're referring to this being a better option? I too think that is decent for the same reasons. The throttle has like 2 other analog sticks on it (among other buttons) so I could control everything I needed to, I think. I'm still fairly new to SC so I figured I'd get one of these now before putting myself through the M+K learning curve.

u/snashkille · 6 pointsr/starcitizen

If you want to try a joystick without shelling out a lot of money, I suggest the $35 Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Its what I use and is an excellent starter stick. Cloud Imperium Games will be releasing their own HOTAS sometime, which is what I will upgrade to from the 3D Pro.

u/vasdrakken · 1 pointr/starcitizen

THRUSTMASTER T.Flight Hotas X Joystick
Link was in the other part

THRUSTMASTER 2960720 Hotas Warthog Joystick
the nice one that costs more than I can justify on a flight stick I am not making money using.

I think I got rid of any referral codes on those link if not just look up the names.

u/cerpin_taxt09 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

>I'm loving my [Thrustmaster FCS HOTAS pack] ( (TWCS is the throttle, FCS is the combo)

I'm sorry I'm late to the party, but did you order yours from Amazon? If so, how long did it take to get to you?

u/kamhan · 1 pointr/starcitizen

First thing first, create an acount with a referal code from randomizer(and add your own referal code to randomizer after you pledged.)

Like everyone else said, try to grab a discounted starter package tomorrow and if you can't, get an Aurora LN package instead.

You will have just enough money left to buy Saitek X52 HOTAS

Or you can buy two Thrustmaster t16000m joystick for dual sticks setup with less money

And if you are willing to spend extra ~35$ you can get a Thrustmaster t16000m stick and CH Pro Throttle

u/YourAWizardLuke · 4 pointsr/starcitizen

I would watch some of the stuff this guy has

And I'd recommend these unless you have a grand to spend, they're what I am planning on getting.

u/th3st0rmtr00p3r · 6 pointsr/starcitizen


u/donttalknojive · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

This is the one that I have, and it's great. You can probably find it for cheaper on ebay or craigslist or something.

u/AlexRicardo · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I use the Hotas X from Thrustmaster (they make the Warthog).

It's got a ton of buttons, throttle, stick, slider on throttle which is awesome for strafing, and it's usually under 50 bucks for you American chaps.

link here:

u/BENDERisGRREAT · 1 pointr/starcitizen

i think its called the FCS or FWS but they were initially only available together for like 110.

Edit: yeah newegg has them at 120 but out of stock

i would imagine this has to be priced at 185 due to limited stock?

u/Aerellon · 1 pointr/starcitizen

GTX 770 2GB

I get around 40-50 fps at HIGH settings (it's the second highest),
but it looks really smooth, unlike most games.

I don't know much about joysticks, but this one looks nice:

u/Archimedes_SC · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Are you looking for just a stick or a HOTAS?
The RSI forums have some good discussions on this topic, including this one.

I've personally tried a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, a Cyborg 3D, and Thrustmaster T-Flight, and I prefer the Logitech primarily due to the ergonomics (though the quality also feels decent). For only $35 on Amazon, this is what I'd go with if you're just looking for a joystick without the HOTAS.

u/HJK148 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I've been thinking about getting one of these:

I haven't had any experience with HOTAS setups, but it has a lot of good reviews and it's quite cheap.

u/Silentfire45 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Thrustmaster VG Thrustmaster T 16000M SPACE SIM DUO STICK - HOSAS - PC;

Best I've ever had plenty of buttons to map to. Leftsticks all strafe, throttle and flight controls (safeties and power) right is offense defense and ships attitude control (roll yaw and pitch)

u/GhostalkerS · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Shows that the price is still $139.99 on amazon, but out of stock. Just wait for Amazon to get more in stock, and it will say "Shipped and sold by Amazon" instead of by "pcrush-outlet"

u/FailureToReport · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

Buy two Thrustmaster T16000 Joysticks, they go on sale on Amazon in 3 days for $59. I just ordered two. Cheers

u/Havelok · 1 pointr/starcitizen

You are in luck! These guys (which are generally recommended) are on sale:

Get two for a HOSAS setup.

u/draelbs · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

> 2 sticks handle 6dof better than a hotas

Unless your throttle has an analogue stick!

u/Dhrakyn · 1 pointr/starcitizen


Move your mouse over this link and then click "add to cart"

u/Stringjam7 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

You can spend $114 and get a pair of T.16000Ms. HOSAS is way better IMO for space flight than HOTAS.

Dual T16Ks

u/scizotal · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

you can always get something cheap like a Logitech 3d Pro or a Thrustmaster T16000M while you wait on it, they're $30ish or $45ish

u/AtticusFynch · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I got one of these for X3 and love it:

$45 and I couldn't tell the difference between it and a $300 model if you held a gun to my head. Pearls before swine, perhaps.

u/AwarenessLogic · 5 pointsr/starcitizen

I didn't realize how much more difficulty hover mode adds to keyboard and mouse as opposed to a flight stick until I tried it recently. The Thrustmaster T16000M FCS is a good all purpose joystick at a decent cost, available on Amazon and elsewhere.

u/ChrisNH · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Nice item.. but couldn't find for sale anywhere except one out of stock item on Amazon for 189. Thrustmaster does sell these

The cougar MFD

but they are not nearly as flexible.

u/LazerSturgeon · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

I would say no for one big reason: Mad Catz suck.

They're cheap in price but also very much in construction. These sticks are notorious for breaking down very rapidly.

For a little bit more in price you can get the Logitech Attack 3D which is about the best stick you can buy for <$50.

I know that many people in this sub, and other flight subs get this as a starter stick (trust me, you'll eventually upgrade :P). It has all the essentials you need:

  • throttle slider
  • POV hat
  • various buttons around both the base and the head

    It has much better construction than the Mad Catz stick and honestly a better layout.
u/Arbiter51x · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

FYI T16000m sticks are on sale for $39 at Amazon

And for those in Canada- it’s cheaper still than buying from even with shipping and currency exchange, and there is a 1 per limit cap on the current sale.

Source- just bought two, shipping north of the border.

u/CradleRobin · 1 pointr/starcitizen

This one. It looks like a much needed upgrade.

u/joelthezombie15 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Ok. im looking more for sticks around $30 because im going to sell my old GPU's so that i can get the game and the flight stick.

On amazon its $80. though. but ill keep it in mind. I was thinking maybe i would get these if i had the money. is it any good?

u/xMEDICx · 3 pointsr/starcitizen

so TBH all I have is a right handed stick that I use in my left hand. Its rather uncomfortable, but let me tell you I fly a million times better. One day I'll get myself a T16000m to fly with. That will be the day. Ambidextrous joysticks are rather uncommon, unfortunately.

u/Tomdanizer · 8 pointsr/starcitizen

The logitech 3D Pro is the one I've had for about 8-9 years now and it has always done well for me flying in the Battlefield series (BF2-BF4). I cannot offer a comparison to other joysticks as I have not owned any. But nonetheless, it seems to fit your price.

u/nobylspoon · -1 pointsr/starcitizen

It looks like it will take 1 - 2 months via Amazon but if you order now, you will probably get it before the dogfighting module.

u/Atreides2001 · 1 pointr/starcitizen

My new plan is to try and use velcro so I can take the MFD off so I can use the tablet as well as try it in new configurations/different tablets. Nothing I have done so far is custom so if anyone wants the links here they are:

Tablet -

Clamp Arm -

MFD Buttons -

u/Longjohn_Server · 1 pointr/starcitizen

If I didn't already have a HOTAS Warthog I would get it.

The Thrustmaster flight pedals look horrible though. I mean, look at those pedals! There can't be more than 2.5 inch's between them!

I really want some good flight pedals but it seems impossible to find flight pedals that are more than a couple inch's apart. Unless I wanna spend $500.

u/octal9 · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

>its a bit more expensive

FYI the CH Fighterstick is on sale on amazon right now.

The Pro Throttle and the pedals are also on sale.

u/dcndnts · 1 pointr/starcitizen

the logitech g13 has this and reads as a joystick in Star Citizen. the default joystick is kind of tiny though but can be modded to have and ps4/xbox one instead.

u/evldead · 1 pointr/starcitizen

I picked up one of these recently but haven't gotten a chance to set it up yet so I can't really speak on the quality but the price isn't bad and you get the throttle too.

u/Vertisce · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

I would be willing to buy another TrackIR for that. My last one broke so it would be another investment. One that might be worth it though.

If I went dual stick I might consider this set...

Plus an additional stick. They can be reversed to make them left or right.

The purpose of having analog on those sticks is only so that I can finely tune the thrusters for what I need them to do. I guess that also depends, like you said, on what CIG does with how thrusters behave too.

u/Ulnor · 0 pointsr/starcitizen

If you want something for cheap that will do the job until you upgrade later, I recommend a: Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X. It has all the axis needed for Star Citizen maybe just lack a few buttons. That's what I've got untill I can buy one of the upcoming Official Controller for Star Citizen.

u/adamsorkin · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

This one?. I've had my eye on it for awhile - anybody have any experience with it?

u/Endyo · 1 pointr/starcitizen

Random question, but do you know anything about this setup? I just saw it looking at the T16000M.

u/ice_t707 · 2 pointsr/starcitizen

Just in case you haven't seen this...

Basically the same as the Nostromo, just with more keys and an LCD display too.