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1. Nail Polish Rack Organizer 4 Tiers Acrylic Display Holder Stands Shelf Tray for Desktop Liquid Spray Dropper Bottles E ssential Oil Lipstick Store Juice Makeup Cosmetic Samples File Case Clear Plastic

Nail Polish Rack Organizer 4 Tiers Acrylic Display Holder Stands Shelf Tray for Desktop Liquid Spray Dropper Bottles E ssential Oil Lipstick Store Juice Makeup Cosmetic Samples File Case Clear Plastic
  • ❤ 4 tiers wide nail polish acrylic makeup organizer & riser stand,acrylic paint organizer, spray or dropper bottles organizer & holder, essential oils display rack & display stand, or use it as spray bottle holder retail display stand racks clear acrylic glass retail display shelf eye dropper bottle holder juice bottle holder acryl organizer acrylic nail polish rack or organizer good for GEL or OPI or other brand,clear color durable acrylic materials, clear color durable acrylic materials
  • ❤ Wide and tall clear plastic acrylic makeup organizer & nail polishes holder, gel nail polish rack or acrylic brochure holders easter egg holder, acrylic essential oils display shelves & acrylic nail polish display rack organizer, to organize your nail polish or essential oil, or lipstic or small toys collections in a tidy and clear way,easy to get and use it.
  • ❤ 4 tiered acrylic display rack & display stand & organizer, for makeup, essie gel nail polish rack or shelf,lipstick,lip gloss organizer & essential oils rack & pill bottle display holder organizers.Change your disorganized desktop with this tidy and clear color acrylic display stand & rack & shelf, use as nail polishes or essential oil, or mini display rack, shelf or stand.For cosmetic retail store essie gel or opi nail polish small display racks, good for girls or kids;
  • ❤ Good essential oils display stands or nail polishes organizer for desktop,dresser,retail store,shop,and bathroom,kitchen,office,reception desk, good use as spray or eye dropper bottle holder,retail display stand, shelf rack,clear acrylic glass retail display rack, spray bottle or nail polish display stand & essential oils collections rack & retails store mini display shelf & cosmetic makeup organizer show case & lipstick samples show case & eye glass display shelf holder;on your countertop;
  • ❤ 4 tiers acrylic nail polishes display rack & essential oils shelf organizer holder, display stands for bottled items, such as essential oils, nail polish, lipstick, perfume flavoring spray or eye dropper bottles: 12.2 x 7.1 x 5.5 inches, maximum holds up to 72 bottles(5ml) or 48 bottles(10ml), or 40 bottles(30ml). Easy to assembling,screws and nuts included,don't forget to peel the protective film on two side panels before assembling;
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u/ImCrashBandicute · 1 pointr/zines

Hey! Good luck with the fair, hopefully it goes well and you have tons of fun.

I would print 10-30 copies of the zines depending on how many you expect to trade afterwards. (Usually you can trade with the other people who are tabling, or even some guests will bring zines to trade.)

Usually I do 10 of each zine I'm bringing, but I have a lot of different zines that I table (I think I brought like 20 different zines last time, I made a bunch of my mini zines "micro" so they would fit without the table being too crowded). So, depending on how many different zines you are bringing and how many trades you would like to do 10-30 copies per zine.

As for what to charge it really depends on the quality & size of the zine. I sold my mini zines (8 page book from 1 sheet of paper) for $1, but I saw a few people charging $2-$3 and they sold. If it's a bigger zine you can easily charge up to $5-$10. You need to take into account the price of printing and the tabling fee for the fair. You can also do deals like 1 for $2, 3 for $5. Or create little $5-$10 mystery packs. Hope this helps! I don't know your specific zine details so I'm trying to keep it general.


As for a display, the cheapest thing I found was these little rack things ( ) on Amazon. They have different options. But I found people are less likely to look at the shelf if you have items on the table. So put all of your "best sellers" front & center on the table. If you don't know which are the best sellers keep an eye out for what people keep picking up and you can rearrange your table to have them in a better spot.


Also, let people know they can pick up everything to look through if they want! Some people are too shy to just assume they can.

u/joeldare · 2 pointsr/zines

I've made 3 in the last couple months ( I started making zines about 6 years ago when I wrote a tiny book on Facebook programming. At the time, I had never heard of a zine, but I wanted to share the info. I created it digitally and published it on Amazon for the Kindle. I created a few more. As books, many of them bombed (bad reviews). Then I published one explaining how I created them and suddenly people liked it (Publish on Kindle; How to write your ebook with free software After that I came across The Sharpie Evolution. Suddenly my love for tiny books had a name and I was able to find others.

u/juliana_egg · 2 pointsr/zines

hi i know i’m super late with this reply but i finally tested some paper for printing zine pages. i used this that i got from amazon. the settings i used were standard printing, grayscale, borderless printing, print quality high. it offers duplex printing but it’s manual and i was like “eh i’ll just flip it myself” because i was anxious about messing it up lol. i’m really happy with the way it all turned out

u/fatgothbitch · 3 pointsr/zines

I have a 44 page comic that I bound by printing it on 8.5x11 in sheets (not as a booklet) and stapled alongside the left edge of the stack, then I covered the staples with some book binding tape. It's a bit more work than a zine usually takes but it gives a nice result! I got a lot of compliments on the binding when I first made the book.

u/BonkTink · 1 pointr/zines

The thing I love about zines is the infinite ways in which they can be made.

I draw mine digitally (used to use ink, switched to digital a few years ago), print them at home in black and white, on 8.5x11 (somtimes 5.5x4.25) with a duplexing Brother printer, staple them with a booklet stapler, crease them with a bone folder, then distribute them in various ways.

I used to run a zine subscription where I sent out a new, original zine each month to people who subscribed for ~$40. I also table at zine fests across the country. And I donate zines to any/all local zine libraries I can find.

I have illustration zines, lettering zines, and poetry zines, and I have noticed that poetry zines (aka "chapbooks") usually sell way less. I think it's because (in the U.S. at least) poetry is just undervalued in general (unfortunately).

u/willrobot · 1 pointr/zines

Mini-cds give you the ease of dealing with cds along with their low cost with a little bit of the pizazz of being just a little to the side of normal.

that sort of thing. It makes up for CDs not quite being retro by being a little weird.

u/alexlovesquadrupeds · 1 pointr/zines

I store my regular floppies in these
but am having trouble finding something similar for my generally 5 - 7 inch wide zines. I like the transparency.