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GOOD SHAPE FOR YOU:Cotton soft breathable material panties,these panties moderate tummy support,If you want to wear a nice dress,these panties are absolutely a good choice for you,they can helps you slim down .these panties are also good at smoothing lines,If you have a little bit of bulge over the pelvic area, these will slim the line and make it more flattering.GOOD CHOICE FOR MOTHER:If you just had a c-section,these panties are absolutely your lifesaver,rise way above the incision ,offer compression to hold a bandage in place to protect your incision. they can hold your loose baby skin in,make you more charming.HIGH QUALITY:Perfect combination of cotton and spandex,solid and high elastic,soft breathable and super comfortable,colors are bright and shinning,colors never fade.COMPETITIVE PRICE:These panties are made of high quality material,you will be pleased with the handing feeling and good quality,great product with such a commpetitive price will absolutely give you a good experience of online shopping.SUITABLE SIZE: all our panties are true to size,please refer to the size chart to pick your size

Found 1 comment on Hcaixing Womens High Waist Cotton Briefs Underwear Tummy Control C-Section Recovery Soft Stretch Panties(5 Pack) (L):

u/kellyfeverxo · 1 pointr/Fibroids

I had a major myomectomy about 7 months ago and it took me about a full month to feel like myself again. Of course, all our recoveries are different. I know I wrote a lot here, but just wanted to be as helpful as possible. Good luck!


  1. The first week you will have a very hard time getting around. Make sure you are recovering somewhere where you don't have to walk up and down stairs. If you do have to walk up and down stairs, make sure you have a friend or family member that can spot you for the first few days.
  2. If you're able to have a friend or family member stay with you the first few nights, this would be really helpful, especially if there are any emergencies.
  3. You're going to get super constipated. Make sure you're eating prunes or anything else to help in that department!
  4. Because my constipation was really bad, I weaned myself off pain pills and took a high dose of CBD oil in its place (of course, if you feel comfortable doing this). Charlotte's Web has really high quality CBD oil.
  5. High-waist panties are really helpful at keeping all your bandages in place. I really like these ones.
  6. It's really important that the wounds don't get infected. I took Dr Christopher's INF formula and Wild Oregano oil every day after I weaned myself off the pain killers. Of course, you don't have to do this, but I was really paranoid about having to go back to the doctor so soon after my surgery. I do believe this helped deter infections.
  7. The first few weeks I had a hard time getting in and out of bed. What helped me was to pack my sheets really well under the bed, and I'd use my upper body strength to pull on the sheets in order for me to sit upright. Or if you're able to make some kind of "pulley system" on your chairs/beds, this might be helpful too. You want to focus on not using your stomach muscles during recovery and focus on your upper body strength. Of course, having a solid core will help, but you'll be in a lot of pain if you're using your stomach muscles to get in and out of chairs/beds.
  8. Move around once or a few times a day. Just "baby steps" around your house. I would just walk in an out of rooms for a few minutes. Don't overdo it! Sometimes you'll feel like your pain is gone and you'll walk a little faster and then pay for it later on. Take your time :)
  9. If you have animals, I highly suggest getting something like this to help deter them from getting near your belly. It's also nice to have to catch up on work and emails.
  10. I wasn't really able to wear jeans for a few weeks. If you're a leg shaver, you'll have a hard time shaving your legs for a few weeks. While I normally wouldn't care about something like this, I do have to see clients at my job, so I invested in maxi dresses. They have super cute and inexpensive stretchy ones on Amazon. I also invested in some biker shorts to wear under the dress, which helped my belly stay in place, in addition to my high waist undies. Make sure nothing is TOO tight!
  11. I didn't have an appetite for several days after the surgery. Certain food smells made me ill, but you really need to take food with your medication. Get some saltines or Ritz crackers for emergencies.
  12. Don't lift anything heavy. If you think it might be too heavy, it probably is. Ask someone for help.