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Reddit reviews on Maclaren BMW M, Crimson

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u/fuckingmanganese · 45 pointsr/TopMindsOfReddit

Oh hell yes I am all over this challenge.

Here's the only Maclaren buggy for the price he gave, it is clearly not the one in the picture, and only the red one is $368, charcoal is $20 cheaper.

*It's also not "top of the line", or at least not anymore, as Maclaren's website shows that they don't actually have a solid pink, single seater buggy at the moment, only twotone stuff.

**going by the color, stitching and the claspy things on the sides, the one in their picture is an outdated model of the Triumph, probably around seven years old, though that version was for sale as far back as 2009 that I can find.

Here's one for 45 british queenbucks

35 british queenbucks

and 40 USD, for the same model in brown

TLDR; TD is full of shit and making up excuses to hate immigrants I know I'm as surprised as you