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Reddit reviews on phil&teds MOD stroller, Noir

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Complete modularity with an easy intuitive 4-in-1 seat Perfect for newborns, with options to suit every step of a child's growth cycle (carrycot on buggy, carrycot off buggy, parent facing with recline, & world facing with recline)Super compact, at only 57cm / 22.4" slim for those tight inner-city streets with an extremely easy standing foot fold that works with the seat facing in either directionSupreme maneuverability with 10" puncture-proof Aerotech wheels & all-wheel suspension. Also present is phil&teds' signature low center of gravity design, for the ultimate pop up & over kerbsConvenient, with an easy to use handbrake, super-sized parcel tray (that holds up to 22lbs!), & adjustable handlebarInfant seat compatible (with use of adaptors sold separately) with popular brands including phil&teds, Mountain Buggy, Greco, Chico, Maxi Codi, Cyber & Peg Pergo

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u/aka_____ · 3 pointsr/BabyBumps

You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to strollers.

I would go at least mid-line. Any lower and the quality will not outlast the time she will need it for.

Does she plan on more kids soon? Or is she going to wait 3.5+ years?

Our first stroller was a phil&teds mod. For some reason Amazon doesn’t have all the colors on one page so you can see the color options here.

We paid $400 when it was a new product and I’ll say I was very happy with it. The price has gone down now to $300 and it’s definitely worth that price. It is a modular system and converts to a lie flat bassinet (newborn ready), can do forward and rear facing, and they have adapters available to accept the most popular car seats.

I really loved that stroller but I wish I had thought through our timeline a bit more in terms of sibling spacing, because it cannot convert to a double. I ended up selling it to buy an uppababy vista and I LOVE it. The quality is amazing. The phil&teds was great, especially in comparison to cheaper brands, but you can definitely tell that the uppababy is a high end product. I’d buy it again in a heartbeat. I bought mine as an open box model from Amazon Warehouse and it was in perfect new condition. Saved $300 that way but they don’t always have them available.

I love that it will grow with our family and then “shrink” again when our oldest no longer needs a stroller. And I’ve seen so many older models of this stroller still “in the wild” running just as great as my brand new one, and I think that’s a great sign.

That all said, just ask your sister what she wants. Some people really don’t have a preference but some are researchers and she may have a particular idea of what she wants.

And like other posters said, either get what she wants or contribute whatever your budget was towards the one she wants.