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u/brewzer · 2 pointsr/TheBrewery

I have this one and love it! Adam Equipment CPWplus 200W Wheeled Floor Scale, 440lb/200kg Capacity, 0.1lb/50g Readability

u/uradonkey003 · 1 pointr/paintball

Our shop sells fill stations, it would be best to get a bulk CO2 tank to fill from. Also a fish scale as u/phantomjm mentioned.

u/mnp · 2 pointsr/AskPhysics

You will see two kinds of friction: rolling (in the bearings and squishing the wheel), and if you're going sideways, sliding (static before moving, and dynamic afterwards). In either case, experiment is probably the right way to answers.

You could just get a spring scale like this, (check the supermarket?) and some weights (milk jugs with water, or several different friends).

Weight the board and pull with scale, measuring the pull force. Plot a graph of weight vs pull force. Repeat for each type of surface.

u/FullFrontalNoodly · 3 pointsr/rocketry

The simplest method is to use a spring scale like one of these:

If you know how to use an Arduino, then you can use these:

u/perceptionproblem · 1 pointr/944

I ended up buying this: Outmate Mini Digital Crane Scale 300kg/600lbs with LED(Aluminium Alloy Case)

Idk why I didn't just buy this to begin with. Now I can weight all kinds of stuff moving forward. Lol

u/arsenale · 1 pointr/pencils

You could use a spring scale

But it gets complicated, since you have to measure the peak force when the movement starts, and then the constant force. But then you would need some kind of rails, and a way to keep the speed constant, and in a little bit it becomes rocket science :-)

u/kulkuri · 1 pointr/Ultralight

This for example: Ajax Spring Scale

There are other ones with different scales. Turns out the finnish webstores I found only sold to schools or organizations and not to individuals.

u/boson96 · 3 pointsr/india

Weighing Scale Digital Heavy Duty HandGripped Portable for Various Use,Generic color 50Kg

u/Penn10 · 3 pointsr/physicaltherapy

Hanging Weight Scale | 660lb Digital Electronic Weighing Scale

u/digitalnikocovnik · 4 pointsr/digitalnomad

The first answer is: search the sub, this has come up many times. But since I've had some new ideas recently I'll respond in a little more detail here:

I just ordered a mini travel bathroom scale – let's see how that works out. Just having some warning if my weight is creeping up is important. (I was actually considering a hunting/fishing scale like this because it's smaller and probably more durable, but the process of actually weighing myself on it would be ... interesting)

I also bring quality, light-weight running shoes (I like [these] ( ) everywhere I go. I am not a runner, honestly I fucking hate running, but it's a form of cardio you can do in most places. (If you can jump rope, that would probably be even more flexible, but I lack that skill.)

I go back and forth on calisthenics, but it's at the very least a useful stopgap. I personally think the r/bodyweightfitness routine is sort of overkill – if I'm just using it as a stopgap, pull/push/stepups and leg raises are plenty for me anyway.

u/_shnazzy · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

Ohaus Valor ABS Compact Precision Scale, with Single Display, 6000g x 1g

Ohaus Valor scales are by far the best scales I've ever used in a professional kitchen setting or at home. We put our scales through hell. You charge it like a cell phone and the battery will last for weeks after being left on for hours at a time. It's accurate within the gram whether you weigh 3g of salt or 5000g of flour. It's been dropped (cringe...) and still shows no sign of abuse. I want one for home so badly.... My little Oxo at home did not hold up to even occasional use... :-(