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Reddit mentions of AMI Cat 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) (16.5 pounds)

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Reddit mentions: 5

We found 5 Reddit mentions of AMI Cat 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) (16.5 pounds). Here are the top ones.

AMI Cat 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) (16.5 pounds)
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Balanced formulaMost trusted eco-friendly brandVeganNon-GMO
Number of items1
Size16.5 Pound (Pack of 1)
Weight16.53466965 Pounds

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Found 5 comments on AMI Cat 16.5 lbs (7.5kg) (16.5 pounds):

u/lnfinity · 16 pointsr/vegan

Ami cat contains taurine

Why did you make a false statement without taking a few seconds to look this up?

u/ElDoRado1239 · 1 pointr/vegan

Yeah, this. Plus it's not something new and experimental, this particular brand is there for some time and as you can see here, for example, people and their cats are quite happy about it. Some say they use it for years and the cats are healthy.


u/klethra · 0 pointsr/HumansBeingBros


Just got my cat's blood work back, and he's still got a clean bill of health. People still call me abusive for feeding my cat a plant-based diet fortified with all the micronutrients he needs to thrive because they'd rather I feed him dead chickens and fish.