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Reddit mentions of Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen - Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens - Tube Gate w/Door - (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral - 40" Height Fences

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen - Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens - Tube Gate w/Door - (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral - 40" Height Fences. Here are the top ones.

Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen - Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens - Tube Gate w/Door - (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral - 40
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PICK YOUR SET: Available in 24”, 32”, and 40” inches tall - All pen tube gates are approximately 30 square feet – Sets feature extra wide panels - Best for small, medium, and large pets – Please refer to our suggested size chart on the left to choose the correct size for your dogDURABLE DOGGY PENS: Constructed from sturdy rust-resistant coated metal for increased longevity and durability –More secure and last longer than plastic or mesh pens – More durable than doggie tentsWIRE PLAYPEN FENCES: The ½ inch heavy duty tube frame with an 8-panel design allows for a multitude of shape configurations to please your pet - Great for both indoor and outdoor use – Use it inside your house or in your yard - Includes a built-in door for easy access – Can be attached directly to kennel or cage (Although it may require additional hardware to properly secure)SAFE ROUND EDGES: Exercise pen features rounded edges and a rust-resistant coating so your dog, cat, kitten, puppy, guinea pig, bunny rabbit, chicken, ferret, etc. won’t accidentally cut themselves on the wiring - Connecting rods can be used as anchoring stakes to help secure the structure in place when being used outdoorsEASY SETUP: Our folding metal fence is super simple to set up - Unfold it and link the fence together using the included equipment - The fence easily & quickly collapses for convenient storage – Heavy duty and collapsible design make it ideal for travel - NO TOOLS REQUIRED

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Found 3 comments on Wire Pen Dog Fence Playpen - Pet Dogs & Cats Outdoor Exercise Pens - Tube Gate w/Door - (8 Panel / 30 Square Feet Play Yard) Heavy Duty Portable Folding Metal Animal Cage Corral - 40" Height Fences:

u/DinkaAnimalLover · 89 pointsr/Rabbits

What and adorable cutie!!! Congratulations! Such an adorable name too!


As a new bunny parent take a look at the little guide on care I assembled below https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Z_IvDuy5Fr-VOKwBVBSmZih0m1ATCIquIMhYyFl4aIw - it is a it long but quite thorough. I really tried to include all the info a new bunny parent might want into this guide...

Babies have diets that differ somewhat from adults - my guide has a section on baby bunny diet. :)

Some things to do and not to do:

  1. Bunnies don't like to be picked up or held at all as prey animals! They are not cuddly lap animals, though they will come to you for pets once they trust you but it will take time and effort to build trust. Bunnies are very fragile and picking them incorrectly of chasing them will result in serious injury.
    1. Please avoid picking up and holding the bunny unless you must like for a vet trip.
    2. Do not ever chase him. Always let him come to you when he wants to. You need to respect him! Let him come to you on his own terms when he feels safe... If you chase him and pick him up he will develop very negative associations with you. He will think every time you are close he will get sprung into the air and chased and he will mostly hide and avoid you. You don't want that. :)
    3. Give him a hidy house - even a cardboard house and never chase him if he goes in there - this his safe spot.

      To build a bond with him: just be patient it takes time to build trust as prey animals they are very very timid and you just need to allow more time. Do the things below and I promise you will see progress.

  2. When you approach is space get on the floor on all fours before you approach - you will feel much safer. Just spend lots of time on the floor with and let him always come to you. On the floor you feel much safer to him and he will explore you. They are very timid animals as prey animals, so it take them time to get comfortable in a new home. Just be patient and let him explore and also just spend time on the floor - even if you are doing you own thing like watching TV or working on your computer or eating - do it on the floor (don't share human food). You will become a part of his world and he will come to you herself and build safe positive memories if you. You will really notice her trust level start to build up!
  3. Watch a couple videos below:

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3rlWno7B8g
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MS9HcoC19h4
  4. It's really about the amount of time you spend around and with your bunny on his level (the floor) - the more the better.. The food is not a way to bond, but something that initially helps lure him to you to learn more about you and what to expect from - this of it this way… To bond with the bunny, grab some treats (I suggest cilantro or small pieces of dried apple) and sit on the floor in the same room as the bunny. Spend lots of time on the ground with it in spaced out sessions. Just read or watch Netflix, and wait for the bun to come to you. Eventually, he will probably come up and sniff you all over. Sit still and let him do that, then he'll hop away. The next time he comes, offer him treats from your hand. Repeat several times, just sitting and waiting for him to come get treats. When he's comfortable with that, and maybe flopping or binkying in your presence and close to you, reach out and pet his head as he is eating a treat. Almost all rabbits love having their heads pet/massaged. If you're lucky, after a while He'll be coming to you and asking for it by putting his head near your hand.


    Try not to keep the bunny in a cage.. you need a bigger space. Bunnies are smart and like toys and space to explore. You need a LARGE space for your bunny! An XXL dog crate might work, but best to use an xpen. My guide linked below has advice and examples of how to set up their enclose.

    This is true during the night also and when you are sleeping. Rabbits are crepuscular - meaning most active at night and early mornings as prey animals, so they are quite active often when humans sleep...

    I totally understand the idea of having the bun in a more secure space when you are asleep but given the crepuscular schedule I mentioned above try to expand that space from just a cage. You can get an xpen or some NIC grids and attach them to the cage edges with some zipties such that the hutch door always leads to a larger but still more secure space for her.

    Kind of like in here or this picture or this or this.


    You will need an exotic pets vet (not just a cat and dog vet) which you should locate in advance. Bunny illnesses are nearly always emergencies.

    Also your bunny may have reached puberty or will have reached it by about 4 to 5 months! He will become hormonal teenager and that will make it harder to bond with him. He may have urges to pee to mark his territory and to hump... all this will be fixed by getting him neutered. Please the section on this in my guide.
u/Clob · 5 pointsr/Rabbits


It's the only one that I've found on Amazon that has removable sections, a door, and is tall enough to prevent my buns from hopping over it. I got the 40" because my buns are cever and seem to be able top hop up on things that are 32".

u/shibtxl · 1 pointr/shiba

Pet Exercise Pen Tube Gate w/ Door - (8 Panel Playpen) Heavy Duty Folding Metal Out-Door Fence - 40" Playpen https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MU2F556/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_e3S6CbMWJ5Q3S

It looks like it might be this one