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u/Talulabelle · 5 pointsr/cyberDeck

I love how everyone says 'basic use', and then 'browsing' is the first thing out of their mouths. A browser is incredibly complex. Web pages take a ton of power to render, and require a display that approaches 'standard' resolutions to be useful.

Of all the things I'd use a near-eye display for, browsing is literally the last on the list. It's an application where more screen real-estate is always better, and you'll never get enough.

It sounds to me like you're just looking to buy something, and the bottom line is that regular people just don't want to wear a computer around. Especially when it'll be less capable for browsing than a phone, and that's all that most people want to do.

As for suggestions, there are things on the market at varying costs. Here are some links to things of different styles, maybe one of them will be what you're looking for.

  • Glyph headphones These were a big deal when they were first being introduced a few years ago, but they didn't sell well at all. I think people just considered them 'silly'. I just noticed they're under $200 now, and I've considered picking up a pair to try them out.

  • Blade AR These are more recent, and probably more interesting in general. Reviews for these kinds of things are always middling at best, so I don't know how well they really work. Personally, I wouldn't buy them because I'm not sure if I could hack the display for an external computer, and this looks like it's meant to be more like VR glasses than a near-eye display. But, if you want an out of the box experience, maybe look that direction?

  • VISIONHMD These are your pretty standard display glasses. Recent generations of these have just had their asses kicked by cheap VR. Most VR uses a phone display, which are easy to find and really cheap. That means a device like this, using actual near-eye technology is expensive to produce by comparison, and it can't do VR, the one application people think of when they pick up a headset. That said, the prices are dropping on these and the res is pretty good. I could see buying a pair just to remove the displays, personally, but if you just want a small computer you could probably add a pi to the strap and have something usable here.

  • Vuefine This is definitely something more my speed. This is a single eye, reasonably good resolution, basic HDMI interface display. Stripping these down isn't be that hard, and I can hang them off just about anything.

    So, depending on what you want, there are definitely options.
u/jamminj2 · 1 pointr/GiftIdeas

The other comments are all about gaming. If you just want a cool piece of tech, and your son is into music, these might be cool. I can't vouch for quality as I don't own them, but Bose is a pretty reputable brand. And eye safety! Two birds with one stone

u/FlamingoPants42 · 2 pointsr/relationship_advice

These are a little above the $150 you stated, but they are fucking amazing and make life better for busy, outdoorsy, techy people. I recieved them as a gift and they've been nothing but awesome.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses, Alto, Black - with Bluetooth Connectivity , 52 mm

u/jbaber · 1 pointr/gadgets

Thank you. I needed something to curb my uncontrollable urge to early adopt this and a link-from-a-link in the article showed me the vufine which I'm more likely to like.

u/JkStudios · 2 pointsr/raspberryDIY

Again, do you want a HUD like Google Glass, or you just want to have something similar to a VR headset?

The glasses you linked are very similar to a VR headset. Once you put them on, you won't be able to see the outside world. With that in mind, here are two suggestions.

Vufine Wearable Display

VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 584PPI 2.5K Equivalent Screen 3D Video Glasses with HDMI Input

u/Mufflee · 27 pointsr/TikTokCringe


You could probably find cheaper ones but idc enough to look. You can search for what you want on that link

u/lurk-moar · 1 pointr/programming

They are called Gloomy Bears: on amazon