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u/the_dusty_trail · 5 pointsr/canadaguns

You guys helped me out with my first non-face-to-face purchase a few months back, and as promised, this is the result.

Ruger MKiii slab side competition target model. I was told by the seller it was an unmodified safe queen, and when I got it, it did not disappoint.

Put in the Volquartsen trigger / accurizing kit and my certainly-not-competition-grade-but-seems-ok manual trigger pull gauge is putting it at a little under 2lbs. I've managed to adjust the trigger so that, while there's still a little take-up, I have zero over-travel. The kit comes with an extended bolt release, which I like a lot.

Was not loving the factory target grips it came with, so went with some spalted mango wood grips that this guy from Costa Rica makes and sells via eBay. 2 weeks shipping to Canada. Very, very happy with them.

Topped it with a TRS-25.

Took her to the range, put in a 1.5" 10 shot group @ 15 yards with bulk ammo. Happy.

u/Flintlox · 3 pointsr/Firearms

Neat! Similarly if you're not looking to spend much you can get one of these low tech scales. http://www.amazon.com/G-P-S-Aluminum-Firearm-Trigger-Scale/dp/B00D79V6UY/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top