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u/mentalapparition · 2 pointsr/Bowling

Someone commented that this bag tips easily? I took a test drive today after loading it up with three 15 lb balls and gear and misc bull crap and didn’t see that issue. It’s 109 for this color and ten more for others on Amazon in case your wondering. Here’s the link hope it works.

You may get lucky with your PSO maybe they have an old demo. Also check 5 miles app and letgo. Good luck. I’m very pleased with the bag. The storage is great.

It does not have ball strap in it. I’m going to rig something up parts from my old ebonite bag which has them. I loved that bag i got it for 30 used and it served me great. Even flew with it.

Like i said you may get lucky. Those deals go fast because bags are hella expensive.

u/akimbojimbo229 · 2 pointsr/Bowling
> what are your thoughts on bags

Given how many bowling balls I have, I'm a fan.

> specifically rollers?

Definitely a big fan :)

> any outstanding ones or are they all more or less the same in terms of quality and features?

Yes there are a few really good ones. I have two of the Vise 3-ball rollers and those things are indestructible. Note that you'd have to also get the shoe compartment, but that's another like $20ish and you're set.

The new C300 slim bags are very solid as well.

> edit: one more thing; how many games does it take for you to start feeling weak/tired? i can usually do about 5 in a row before i start tiring out

A lot lol. I bowled 57 games the week of December 25-31 and then a 6-game tournament on New Year's and I was fine.

> just trying to gauge at what point moving up to 15 lbs might become a viable option.

tbh, if you're getting tired after 5 games with a 14 that speaks to an issue with technique and/or ball fit. I'd worry about getting those resolved before moving to 15# because that will exacerbate the issue. Any chance you could post some updated video of you bowling?

> do you think going ahead and moving to 15 on my spare ball would be an ok thing to do, while still using a 14 lb tropical storm? i definitely want to use 15 in the future and i'd rather not have to rebuy my spare ball, i just don't know how much it would affect my game.


In case that wasn't clear, I'm going to defer to Howard from The Big Bang Theory:

) all joking aside you seriously shouldn't do that. Switching weights every shot will seriously mess with your timing.
u/Fastfireguy · 2 pointsr/Bowling
u/masa-mune69 · 1 pointr/Bowling

I would say stay away from pyramid brand if your bf is an active bowler, you get what you pay for, i had a global 900 bag for years and switched and within a year i am gonna switch back. This is why, interior stitching and material is wear, mine is already falling apart, the metal rivets they used for air to get into the shoe compartment fell off and the bag can't even stand upright anymore because there is no extra strap over the ball to hold it in and if you drag the bag accidentally the the plastic that they use to stand the bag upright wears down quickly. My son bought a used storm bag and the thing is still looking good . Wear and tear happens with all bags but cheap is usually cheap unless it is a good brand and used or gotten at a good deal. Check amazon, look at their used prices, sometimes its just new that people returned because they didnt like the color. my son picked this up for $160 , check the review, lol.

u/simonsb · 1 pointr/Bowling

I have this:

BSI Triple Ball Roller Bowling Bag, Black/Orange

It's survived two super cold winters in jersey. Really like the bag versus my old ebonite roller.

u/numbersare12345 · 1 pointr/Bowling

I have 4 balls (3 + plastic) and wouldn't change that unless i no longer wanted to get better. Since it's pretty much possible to strike with anything on a house shot I just bowled with a different one every night. This keeps me from getting complacent on a line with the same ball that I know best at the house I'm always at. This way I'm not completely out of my comfort zone when I travel to new places for tourneys. Also, I don't ever lug all 4 of them around unless it's a tourney, so don't need the 4 ball bag (can just use a Joey.)

u/WhiteAssBrent · 1 pointr/Bowling

This summer I purchased a Hammer Premium Triple Bowling Tote which are made by KR Strikeforce and love it. My main reason for getting it was for traveling by plane to nationals and could detach the accessory bag and toss that part in my suitcase and my bag and balls will then all be under the 50 lbs bag limit when flying. The accessory bag is much larger then I expected and holds everything that I need. The bag is really well built and only $85 on Amazon.

u/chaoticbear · -1 pointsr/Bowling

I like this one (KR Strikeforce Cruiser)

It's a little more than the Vise one that everyone seems to love though.

u/Ikeelu · 2 pointsr/Bowling

Ordered a ball on Thursday.

This ball

This bag

Already bought shoes. Ball should be ready to pick up on Monday. Already had it measured to be fitted for my hand. I'll probably pick up a pouch when I go in to get it and maybe a towel.

u/Emilio_Molestevez · 1 pointr/Bowling

I bought this one at the beginning of this season. Really really good bag! My review is on this page.

u/Musical_life · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

The item I most need.

Also, pickles are very tasty. So much so that I have a huge jar of them!!!

u/j-awesome · 1 pointr/Bowling

Track Bowling Premium Player Backpack, Black/Navy/Yellow

I have this one. I can send you some pics if you like

u/calabresi · 4 pointsr/Bowling

I have this:

You can add a shoe bag (that clips on to the roller tote) for about $25.

IMO you won't find anything better.