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u/HolyGigi · 1 pointr/keto

I can give you the exact address, but it's in Romania, don't think it would be of too much help :). We dont have cheese brands here, you buy it directly from the shepherd in a farmer's market.

Found something similar to what we have here on amazon:

I'm not saying exactly this model but something like it.

Sorry if I can't really be of too much help, we have tens of types of cheese here, if not hundreds. I have no idea how to translate them to english.

But aged (old) sheep cheese that looks like that picture is very low in carbs.

u/fatw · 4 pointsr/makeyourchoice

I think people are SERIOUSLY underestimating the cheese one.

1k of cheese every 10 seconds.

At that point, it's not just that you can start a cheese shop. You're a god damn cheese factory.

Let's do a rough estimate.

So I went on amazon and clicked the first cheese link that was in grams.

$26 for 600 grams of cheese, meaning $43.33 every 10 seconds. So let's say you do this 5 times a minute (because you're probably not going to be that strict with yourself). So $216 a minute, $13000 an hour, $104000 on an 8 hour work day, $520000 on a 5 day work week, meaning roughly 2 million per month, 25 million per year.

On top of that, it's a party trick and you'll never starve come some doomsday scenario.

Why pick up wealth at all? It's less than a day's work with cheese.