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u/FerrumLilikoi · 1 pointr/Christianity

The Hippy Joel by sublime is a great distortion pedal for worship. It's not as grunge sounding as most other distortion pedals that you typically come across.

Another good pedal for light distortion is the Boss Blues Driver. It works great in a worship setting and the good thing about boss pedals is they last forever. I would recommend this pedal over the Hippy Joel.

The Pep-pep is a pretty good delay as well! But I would actually suggest a TC Electronic Flashback Instead. The mini works great and sounds great! The full size flashback has an looper on it along with a bunch of other neat effects. Look up TonePrint if you don't know what it is. Most newer TC Electronic pedals have it and it is pretty cool.

An Electro Harmonix Holy Grail is pretty awesome for a reverb pedal.

I was looking at a $200 compression pedal at one point, but an awesome guy at guitar center brought out a Xotic Effects SP Compressor pedal that sounds even better and was only $130. It's quite helpful with bringing out my high end/mid.

I also very much like Electro Harmonix Neo Clone Analog Chorus. It is not very expensive, but really adds a layer of depth to the guitar. It's especially helpful if you are the only guitarist.

Besides playing on my church's worship team, I travel around a bit with my band and I picked up a Behringer PB1000 pedal board. I'm typically very hesitant about anything Behringer, but I have nothing but good things to say about the board. It has a built in power-supply, it's quite sturdy, and it looks pretty nice!

Also, I remember the days when we were plugging straight into the PA system. I really recommend against this. You lose a lot of sound quality and you get quite a bit of buzz. Especially if you use pedals. I recommend grabbing an amp and mic'ing it. That'll help a ton! You might also want to grab a Noise Gate. The Electro Harmonix Silencer what I use and it works great!

Also, I'm not sure how familiar you are with setting up a pedal chain, so here is a guide to setting it up properly

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

u/sjmdrum · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Would you be averse to another multifx pedal? The HX Stomp would likey cover all of your bases for you, including headphone out. For specifically metal, this video goes in depth about how it can be used as an entire signal chain for a guitar. I linked to the timestamp where he starts talking about the stomps.

I can definitely understand wanting individual pedals, though. There's a lot more fun to be had tweaking individual knobs, and a lot less exhausting menu diving like you'd have in a multifx. Also, the HX Stomp is a lot of money to spend for one piece of gear.

For ampless/headphone/travel/direct to board solutions, there are a lot of options now. A few that I know about (all prices in USD):

  • Mooer Radar ~$150: One of the first mini pedals to do this sort of thing. Has great reviews, and I don't think you can go wrong with this one.
  • NUX Mini Studio ~$100: Simpler, more straightforward interface. with just three knobs to set your sound up. It's the mini version of the NUX Solid Studio, which has a LOT more features on it for ~$200.
  • Hotone Omni IR ~$120: Cab IR loader similar to the Mooer Radar, but with a thru signal, an aux in, and an XLR out. Newer pedal, so not as many reviews and not as much knowledge about any shortcomings, but overall looks to be a great value-for-money option.
  • Neunaber Iconoclast ~$250: More expensive, but with some more intuitive controls that don't require you to know everything about every speaker cabinet ever made, and also stereo in and out in case you want to get crazy with stereo setups. I've heard nothing but amazing things about this pedal.
  • Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B ~$400, and Torpedo C.A.B. M ~$300: From my understanding these are "best of breed" meaning they're more boutique and are full of features and quality. I don't know nearly as much about these, so do your research and see if it's worth the extra money to throw down for either of these (I personally don't think it's worth it).

    In front of those you may want some sort of a preamp pedal to liven up your sound and get some nice gain staging to push with your distortion pedals/boosts/comp/etc. There are a ton of those, and I can recommend some if you'd like, but I think I've already typed out way too much for one post.
u/guybrush_threepwould · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Cheap great options:

[EXH LPB-1 Boost/Preamp](Electro-Harmonix LPB-1 Linear Power Booster Nano Great boost pedal from large brand. Can be had for around $25 used. Adds nice boost and makes everything running into it sound great (imo)

[Moskey SHO Booster](Mosky SHO BOOSTER Electric Guitar Effect Pedal with Clean Boost True Bypass ZVEX Super Hard On clone. I use it at the end of my dirt chain currently. Works great and even has the crackle like the real thing. I love this thing.

[Kokko Booster](ammoon KOKKO Electric Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass Full Metal Shell (Booster) Great little boost pedal. I like the SHO more but this one works well too.

u/whiskeybent_txn · 1 pointr/Guitar

I bought a Mugig MA-1 10 watt amp and I'm on a really, really tight budget because I'm slowly getting back into playing and am hesitant to spend a lot on gear.

I actually have a few questions. For making practicing more fun, am I on the right path looking at getting an ammoon looper for $45 which is just a tc ditto clone, and maybe this little guy as well which is also an ammoon brand drum loop station.

I'm also looking at the Donner Mini Wah and ammoon/Kokko overdrive. I am in the navy so when I take my rig underway, I want it to be compact for stowage, and it'll just make for a more portable pedal board. None of these have poor reviews, and are in the price range I'm able to afford, buying one or two of them a month. If you have any suggestions that are better and in the same price, I'm open to that.

If I add all this, how necessary would a noise pedal be? My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special. I'm trying to keep my pedals simple, and my overall rig light, not only for my lifestyle but because as a beginning player, I'm trying to mainly keep my focus on learning to play properly, so I'm not trying to have 12 pedals to mess around with if I can't even play well clean or with just a little bluesy overdrive.

I'm not sold on the in-line drum kit yet which is why I didn't include it, as I'm 99% sure I can accomplish that via my aux-in jack and a free or cheap paid app on my phone.

By the way, the Mugig actually sounds pretty damn decent for a portable practice amp, it can even run on 6 AA batteries if you need it to, and it comes with the power adapter. I like the features on it, such as the ability to adjust your aux-in volume independently of your guitar, if you're running backing tracks off a smartphone or tablet.

u/boitnottj · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

Here is the amazon link. I posted a 5 star review just now. Ignore the 1 star review someone left. I think they left it in the car too long or something and made their Tolex peel. I’ve been gigging with it at least once a week and there’s not even an incling of peeling. Fair warning though, you’ll need more Velcro than what’s included. Other than that I think it’s a perfect pedalboard solution. I’m just sad that someone has pretty much decimated its chances of selling on amazon. Ha.

I called the owner and talked to him for a while. He’s the one that fulfills these, and if you have any questions he’s very very helpful. I’d say buy it, absolutely. I love mine, and it came in 2 days because prime. If you order direct, you’ll have a few weeks lead time. He builds a batch of these and then sends them out to amazon, so you’ll get it much faster. There’s a few other sizes too.

u/armedwithturtles · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

"dirt" pedals are overdrive, fuzz, or distortion pedals because they 'dirty' up your signal

if you're okay with waiting, used is always the best to go in terms of cost. if not, here's a small list of cheap, simple pedals that work


tc electronic the prophet

joyo d-seed

boss dd-3

joyo delay

donner yellow fall analog delay


mosky spring reverb

tc electronic drip

caline snake bite

behringer dr-600


mxr analog chorus

joyo classic chorus

biyang chorus

danelectro fab chorus

volume pedal:

ernie ball

boss fv-50h

power supply:


mxr iso brick

here's a cheap/basic place to start. since you're going simple, most pedals you come across will honestly work with what you want you want to accomplish, it's mostly down to your budget. if you're looking used, you can't go wrong with MXR, boss, and EHX pedals, they're usually everywhere on the used market

u/squishypluto · 6 pointsr/guitarpedals

donner makes a couple cheap ones that seem very similar to pedaltrains. ive almost bought one on a couple occasions. i have a pedaltrain metro 16, and its definitely one of those things you can have for the rest of your life, so i think its worth the money. otherwise, its even cheaper to build one!

happy playing and happy holidays!

u/ProgHog231 · 1 pointr/Bass

The Pedaltrains are good, although fairly expensive. My large board is a Pedaltrain.

Last year I got one from Gator and I like it quite a bit. Perfect size for 6 - 8 pedals and solidly made.

And I just bought a Temple board for a small Source Audio setup I have. Like the board design, but, boy, are they ever expensive to configure with all their widgets.

One of the smaller Pedaltrains or something like the Gator may be a good choice.

u/thedevin242 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Anything isolated in my opinion. You could do a 1 spot in the meantime, but I stopped using mine several years ago after I got more pedals. I have a Walrus Phoenix, but that’s totally overkill for you right now. They have a smaller version called the Aetos which is really great. It’s on the higher end of the price. MXR and T Rex have some options that are around the $99 mark. Amazon has some generic versions called Donners, which I’ve seen before and will probably work fine for a while. I guess you just take the risk as it gets older of the probably no-name transformers going out and surging your pedals; maybe not worth it then.

I do highly recommend either the MXR mini and T Rex mini are my most recommended if you can afford them.

u/Aquamaria · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

No it's a cheap Nano Board from amazon.
I also use it on a pedaltrain and it fits nicely but it's definitely way better to have it on the front row due to the slanted design of the pedal.

u/imac1999YT · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I'm using a donner power supply

it works great for all my smaller pedals but most of my larger pedals that consume more power I hook up to their own separate adaptors.

I have my mxr 10 band eq hooked up to its own adaptor as well as my boss rc3 because they were both causing lots of hum when connected to my main power supply. All my other small boss pedals and crybaby sound great but these two specifically sounded bad through the power supply. unfortunately I don't have anymore power adaptors for my memory man so I might just tough it out like you suggested until I purchase a better supply unit.

u/iAMDeadStretch · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

Hey to help lighten the budget load you can get a more affordable power supply. Since he only seems to be playing at home a Truetone 1 Spot Combo Pack will surely be enough to make due until his next major upgrade. It's only $30.

Also take note that some Pedalboards have their own on-board power supply as well. Example

u/sonnyboy27 · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

If you build your own board then this is a great little power supply if you just need something cheap Andoer DC-CORE10. It's not actually isolated, it's just filtered outputs. It's a step up from a one spot.

If you have a couple of digital pedals then you may want to look at an isolated power supply. I just stepped up from the previous supply to the TrueTone CS-12 and have been super happy with it.

u/niandra3 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Boss isn't true bypass, the others probably aren't either. What do you mean do they work together?

A 1Spot daisy chain is about as cheap as you can get. If you want quieter power, with isolated outputs, the Truetone CS7 will cover your needs and allow room for growth.

As for boards, there are a ton of options. Pedaltrain is a common choice though a bit expensive. The cheaper pedal brands like Donner also make pedal boards, so you can save some money if you go that route.

u/skyraiderofreddit · 1 pointr/Bass

I use one of these. I have three full sized pedals and one mini pedal and they fit great.

u/nepourjoueraubingo · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

What's the best actual pedal board (as in, the thing I put my pedals on) for 6-8 pedals and a power supply?

I gig maybe once every two months, and was just setting up the chain each time. I want something that's easier to transport and quick to plug in.

I was looking at something like this, but wondered if people had other recommendations for quality stuff that doesn't cost the earth.

u/sir5yko · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I'm happy with the Donner DP2. It has 6 standard (100ma) 9v / 2 high current 9v / 1 high current 12v / 1 high current 18v

u/SCMSuperSterling · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I would suggest a One Spot Pro. Each of those strymon's will need 9v supplies that supply at least 250ma (according to Strymon). Alternatively I'd suggest a Voodoo Labs pedal power 2+, but there are only two slots that can provide 250ma of power vs. 2x 250ma, 2x 500ma, and 1x 800ma on the one spot. If you don't want to spend over $180 on a powersupply, you could find a used Dunlop DC Brick and get a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power Digital to power the Strymons and any other digital pedals you may have. Keep in mind though, the Dunlop isn't isolated power, its basically a daisy chain in a box, which is handy for cable management if you don't want to stretch a normal one spot every which way.

u/Commissar_Jdf · 1 pointr/Guitar

I bought this a while ago.

It might not be big enough for you. I'll let you make that call.

u/crclOv9 · 1 pointr/basspedals

This brand is dirt cheap on amazon. I bought one not long ago and there is nothing to complain about. Very solid/good build for the price.

u/Southern_Trax · 1 pointr/synthesizers

Not entirely sure and I assume it will be down to the pedal itself. I have been looking at one of these to try out (cheap and cheerful) so I guess I will do some testing.

ammoon Mini Overdrive Pedal Portable Guitar Effect Pedal KOKKO FOD3

u/SirCarrington · 1 pointr/Guitar

As a rule I never recommend Behringer products to anyone, but I consider this pedalboard an exception. It's basically a rip off of the Boss BCB-60 but it costs less. It is it's own hardshell case and can take quite a beating. It uses a simple daisychain powersupply. There is also a larger version that adds a second row of pedals.

If you're going to be lugging your pedals around at all I would recommend a hardshell.