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Reddit mentions of Foot Joy WinterSof Gloves (Pair), Large

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We found 1 Reddit mentions of Foot Joy WinterSof Gloves (Pair), Large. Here are the top ones.

Great for playing in cold weatherWarm, wind-proof fleeceSueded Leather palm

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Found 1 comment on Foot Joy WinterSof Gloves (Pair), Large:

u/clay_target_clubs ยท 2 pointsr/Shotguns

I used to shoot in blizzards and below freezing temps. The best gloves I found were winter golf gloves. I bought a couple pairs of Foot Joy WinterSof Gloves

I cannot recommend these enough, they are warm, much warmer than mechanix gloves (I've tried them), and yet you can feel everything like mechanix gloves.

I tried on a pair of the bob allens but they were to thick for me to feel like I had good control over the gun and have good feel on the trigger.