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u/st8ofinfinity · 5 pointsr/LightningInABottle

We actualy found a beast of a spider in our luggage one morning. Unfortunately, battle had to ensue and it was a serious duel. Obviously one of us won. keep your tent closed up tightly and you should have no issues, but keep an eye out of course. I posted a good list of tips on another thread that outlines camping at this location.

I have a few solutions to this as i myself have gone to the extremes on sleep deprivation at lib. Here are a few game changers that made a world of difference.

Your tent. We found that righ as the sun comes up sleep is almost impossible due to light and rockstar heat. We got a bunch of those emergency thermal blankets and lined the exterior of our tent almost entiely in them. This both blocks light and a huge amount of sun heat. They make it seem like air conditioning compared to not using them. Packing tape works very well on holding them together and allows you to customize their shape to fit your specific tent. Another tip is to sandwich or layer them between a fabric material to dampen the noise they make with the wind as they move. Those mitary guilly style camo covers work well too. You basically want to hold them down as well as possible to limit how much they move to eliminate the noise they make, which is like tin foil. Be creative and innovative with these as they can look really cool too! Your tent will be dramatically more comfortable all day.

They come in multi packs to save money. Also if you have extra, im sure your neighbors will appreciate it greatly if you donate a few. The only drawback is the noise, so ensure you address this. Installing them on the inside of your tent is also an option.

Sound. Earpeace hd earplugs are amazing https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B076VTXWBP/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1526521562&sr=8-1-spons&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=earpeace&psc=1
I go to tons of concerts! These are exceptional not only for being FRONT ROW! but amazing for sleep as well. They are inexpensive and worth every dollar, and super comfortable!

Brain spa.
Onnit new mood!


Take these before bed. Such a great balanced formula and one of the best regenerative items ive found yet!
Nuff said

Light in the morning or anytime of the day.

Ill keep this short, they just work, period.

Cool as LIB! https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00XKLYWFU/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1526522342&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&keywords=cool+towels+for+neck&dpPl=1&dpID=41vWMI5EJzL&ref=plSrch
We discovered these and theyre awesome! We wet them down at the water stations which are everywhere throughout Lib. They feel amazing in the sun and in a wierd way are kinda fun, idk. Lol

Bring vitamins! I recommend D3, ZINC, B COMPLEX, AND FISH OILS.
Make sure you keep these all cool and dry.
I recommended a cooler scenario in another sub, but ill repeat it here.

Dry ice in your cooler is the best way to refrigerate all weekend that i have found, minus actually having a refrigerator.

Tip: careful with dry ice as it can burn you and mess up your cooler if not prepared properly. Wrap it in brown paper to prevent direct contact with the sides and bottom of your cooler. Also, if you put actual ice around the dry ice this works too. We got a solid 3 days of awesome cooler performance this way. Cover your cooler during the day with the above mentioned mylar blankets for even better performance.

Protein power! You need nutrition if you want to rage like a rockstar! Many flavors and its super fast and simple to prepare. I use mp combat protein, works well and tastes great!

Bed/air mattress. One oddity we found with our air mattress. At night the ground and ambient air temp drops a bunch on some occasions. So the air inside the mattress cools as well which made for an extra chilly experience one night. We insulated the bottom and sides of our air mattress with a fleece or similar blanket which helped keep our body heat inside the mattress.

Feed me! Bring good healthy food like apples, avocados, bananas, pita bread, peanut butter or almond butter. These are delicious and full of proper energy. Keep junk food to a minimum, but dont eliminate it, because well, sometimes cheese its are bomb as hell! You just dont want to be weighed down by garbage. Tip: the acai warrior bowls at the food courts are legit! And, try the poutine for breakfast! You wont regret! Also we found that Mountain house freeze dried packets are a convenient and awesome way to chow down. You'll need hot water for some and regular temp for the cereals and desserts.

I hope this helps. Unfortunately I can't be at LIB this year, so this post helps me cope with said situation.

I have many other pro tips if anyone is interested so hit me up

Love you LIB!

u/SirDerpalott · 15 pointsr/CR10

It honestly depends on your budget, how much are you willing to spend?

Here is a great list of prep and upgrades you can do to bring success to your prints:

-Get Vibration Dampners: I can not express how much joy these things have brought many users. The make your machine quiet and greatly decrease ringing in your prints since they ABSORB the vibration coming from your stepper motors. You really only need Two of these for the X and Y axis however you can get another two for the Z-axis drives if you plan on doing a lot of z-hopping.

-BUY FILAMENT IN ADVANCE: get some PLA/ABS/PETG or whatever you want to try printing with. The filament you get with the printer for the most part is garbage HOWEVER I recommend dialing in those settings first then throwing on some nice filament, it'll feel soooo nice. Some commonly accepted/appreciated brands are: eSun PLA+, Hatchbox, Solutech and more

-Get a PEI sheet: Seems like you mentioned this in your post but PEI sheets eliminate the use of gluesticks/tape/hairspray and provide excelent adhesion while making it easy to remove the part after it's cool. This things like to be hot though so increase your bed temp a little at first

-Buy New Fans: The stock hotend/power unit fans are Loud, Noisy and Inefficient. I recommend getting 1 new conrol box fan, 1 new hot end fan and 1 new part blower fan.
You will need 1 40mm fan, 1 50mm fan and a Blower fan or another 40/50mm fan depending on if you print a new hot end mount like a fang.

-Tighten every screw on the printer: You would be surprised how many screws initially are lose either from prior testing or such. Also make sure to test your belt tensions on your printer whne you get it. You want everything tight BUT NOT TOO TIGHT. Give it a snug fit then let it be. Also make sure your belts are 'pluckable' like a guitar string but not tought

-Get some bearings: You may want to get a few ball bearings for when you print out a new filament holder, the stock filament holder is terrible

-Buy some fasteners: M3 bolts and nuts are commonly used on the CR-10S having spares or additional fasteners for adding on parts/printed components to your printer is awesome to have on hand

-Replace the Hotend: This can get a bit frustrating but it can be worth it. If you want you can replace the hotend with something like a volcano or an all metal hot end to print at higher temperatures. With this you can also add on autoleveling if you have the correct mount printed

-Octoprint: I am not very familiar with octoprint since I don't use it myself however I know it can run on a CR-10S. If you want look into how to install octoprint on stock firmware, I know it's pretty easy to use a raspberrypi to remote into your printer as well using octoprint.

-Squash Feet: Replacing your stock machine 'feet' with squash balls or squishy gold balls can also help absorb vibrations from your machine to your table or where it is located. This helps a bit with part quality but it's mostly to reduce the noise carried through your furniture.

-Solder on connectors: If you want you can get some pin connectors to make your fans/electronics easy to switch out depending on your material you are printing, maybe you need a strong part fan or maybe you need a weaker one. It is easy to swap out if it's using a 4pin connector.

-Make an Enclosure: What could be nicer for your printer than a stable environment. Making an enclosure for your printer can help if you live in a rough climate area or if you want to reduce the noise as well.

-Get some Handtools: I'm not sure if you have any or not but some great tools to have are a screwdriver, hexwrenches and a soldering iron depending on how much work you want to be doing on your printer.

For convenience I've added some of the parts mentioned via an Amazon link for prices. I'm not saying buy these things exactly they are just a starting point for reference:

Nima Vibration Dampners:https://www.amazon.com/Stepper-Rubber-Vibration-Dampers-Printer/dp/B073FRZTDX/

40mm Fan (Noctua Brand): https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NF-A4x20-FLX-premium-quality-quiet/dp/B072JK9GX6/

Blower Fan (Part Fans):https://www.amazon.com/SoundOriginal-Humidifier-Aromatherapy-Appliances-Replacement/dp/B071WMHNG5/

PEI Sheet/Printer Surface:https://www.amazon.com/CCTREE-Printer-Surface-Creality-300x300mm/dp/B07543KHCT/

Squash Feet: https://www.amazon.com/PrideSports-Practice-Balls-Count-Yellow/dp/B00466W9X0/

M3 Bolts/Nuts:https://www.amazon.com/280Pcs-Grade12-9-Socket-Assortment-Storage/dp/B0742DDLQ1/

Raspberry Pi 3 for Octoprint: https://www.amazon.com/Raspberry-Pi-RASPBERRYPI3-MODB-1GB-Model-Motherboard/dp/B01CD5VC92/

Ball Bearings: https://www.amazon.com/625ZZ-Shielded-Groove-Precision-Bearings/dp/B01LWMT95S/

Hope this helps, have fun tinkering!

u/Hart2375 · 2 pointsr/festivals

FUCK YES to making festivals a larger part of your life. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made :) I don’t know about the best shoes for dancing, but I always wear Vans to shows and festivals and I’ve never had an issue with my feet hurting. I think they’re a great option :) As for things to take the night of or after partying I would recommend a multivitamin, tylenol and a smoothie. The best thing you can really do to help yourself out is to eat lots of fruits and veggies in the days leading up to an event (or all the time!). Also constantly drinking water. I’ve tried a lot of extra supplements and misc. vitamins but they all are kinda extra and not needed to me. Also I constantly eating Cliff bars at festivals even when I’m not hungry. I feel better usually when I really really load up on calories. Healthier ones though!


Just bought this air mattress this year so haven’t tested it longterm, only used it for one festival so far. It stayed inflated well for the first 2 days and then we just topped it off with some more air for the remaining days and it worked great for us. Super comfy and it’s nice being higher off the ground. We put the air mattress in the tent before we inflate it, way easier. No air pump needed we use a car plug adapter and an extension cord. Its super easy to run your car for 5 minutes to inflate it. Make sure you pay attention to the number of prongs on your plug so you don’t buy the wrong adapter or extension cord too! For camping without a car nearby this method won’t work obviously but we always have the car by us.



My boyfriend and I purchased this tent 2 years ago and its made it though a decent amount of festivals. No signs of wear or damage. I know you mentioned a black out tent. I’m assuming to help sleep once the suns up? The heat usually gets me out of the tent before the light, it gets so unbearably hot once the suns up. You said you’re not new at this though so I’m sure you already knew that! :)

For staying cool I would recommend a cooling towel. Get it wet in your cooler ice water and it’s great to keep around your neck. Also small hand fans are a GAME CHANGER for guys and girls. It’s shocking how much they help honestly. Sitting with your feet in a small pool, bucket, or cooler when you’re hanging out at the campsite is super nice too. Just fill with water and some ice cubes and it really helps cool your body down!



Hope this info helped you out!

u/DorfYelir · 1 pointr/golf

Seriously just go buy a set of grips off of amazon. You can find good quality grips that will last you a couple of seasons for less than $50. Get some grip solvent $8 and double sided tape $10. Find a rubber clamp to put your clubs in, find a utility knife to take old grips off, and find a workbench with a vice grip. No man should just have to go playing golf without grips and it's much more satisfying to take care of your own grips yourself. I'll even link some cheap stuff to you to make it easy.

Grips I use. Incredibly cheap and feel great. $42 for a set of 8 grips which will get you 3-PW or 4-GW

Double sided grip tape. 15 strips for $5. If you think this is something you would do again in the future then buy the roll of double sided tape off golfsmith for just over $10

Grip solvent. $6.50 on golfsmith. I've heard that there's alternatives that you can use that are cheaper but why not just use the real deal?

Rubber vise clamp. More important than it looks. Protects the shafts from damage and holds it in place while on the visegrip. $6 on Amazon

All you need from there is a knife of some sort to take off the old grips and clean off old tape and a visegrip to secure your club. Finding a vise might be kind of tough, but sometimes people have them in their garages. If you have a golf friend who does his own grips also he probably wouldn't mind you borrowing it and may even be happy to help. Friend might even have some of his own materials you could borrow.

Estimated total cost of this roughly $65-70 dollars. Really isn't that expensive to purchase everything listed above and if you really shopped around I bet you could find cheaper stuff. Honestly if your playing in tournaments you want to be going in with your best game. You're on a budget and this is about as budget as it gets. If you're going to be playing more tournaments later in the year then maybe sit this one out, use the entry fee to fund your clubs, and then play better or at least more comfortably later in the year.

u/furtiveincognita · 2 pointsr/dysautonomia

I have

  • Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel (Ocean Blue) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XKLYWFU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ytOmDbPB9SMQ9this

  • Chill Pal 12 in 1 Multi Style Cooling Band (Purple, Full Size) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D52VTW1/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_3tOmDbM1VCJKT

  • Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel (Twilight Purple, 12 x 40 inch) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06W9NBS28/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_ivOmDbP4BJATD

    They all work really well, but IMO the effects can be short lived and you frequently have to get up and wet them again. The PVA cooling towel seems to work REALLY well, I think it has something to do with the gel like consistency of the fabric. I think these are good things to have around. My heat intolerance is really bad, so every little bit helps.

    Also, I have an Embr Wave device, which I find brings short bursts of relief, but it takes a while between sessions and needs to be charged often. They’re also a bit pricey.

    Cold showers help a lot. When I’m overheating, even cold water doesn’t make me jump like it normally would, it feels very soothing. It’s just about finding the right temperature.

    Keep cool objects against your carotid arteries (basically just keep cold or cool items on your neck).

    Fans help. Use a plastic spray bottle filled with water and mist yourself. I’ve tried one of these and I actually find they work really well for me

  • Handheld Misting Mini Fan, 4000 mAh Battery Operated or USB Powered Portable Fan with Cooling Humidifier, 4-15 Hours Battery Life, Water Spray Fan, 3 Setting,Quiet Air Conditioner for Travel and Women https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q3QJ4RZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TzOmDbJ8YDEWW
u/DeucePot · 2 pointsr/golf

I am cheap frugal so I always try flying Southwest when I'm traveling for golf cuz clubs fly free. I have a beastly SKB hard case that looks like an anti-aircraft bazooka case haha. It has kept my clubs safe (got it for around $150 or something), but I wish I would have bought a case like this.

My case is very heavy with the clubs/shoes/etc... inside, nearly 50 lbs and it's kind of a hassle to lug around the airport and in hotels (especially if you are going to Vegas and you have to walk 1/2 a mile inside the hotel just to get to your room). The legs that pop out with the wheels so you just have to push it would be clutch.

If money is plentiful in your life, I would recommend a golf club shipping company like ShipSticks or something. I have some rich friends that use the service and they love it, I'm just too cheap frugal to spend $120 for a service like that (and that's domestic pricing), international I remember being $250ish.

u/nirajguy · 3 pointsr/golf

What are your misses like? You do a lot of great things in your swing...the potential is there. I think a few tweaks will go a long ways! It is a little hard to tell from the video but the only thing I would change about your grip is the gap between your thumb and pointer finger on your right hand. When you have a gap there you lose a lot of control over the club face.

  • Bad grip - http://imgur.com/EB2YEZJ1.
  • Good grip - http://imgur.com/bw53rDr

    An old coach of mine would put two sharpie dots on my hand kinda like the 2nd pic and then make me connect the dots.

    Next up would be your lateral movement away from the ball. I think some of your overswinging is because you have so much lateral movement. You want to be able to shift your weight onto your right side without having your head and upper body move so much off the ball.

    Check out Rory's face on.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0ABM0B9RsA

    Compared to yours... http://imgur.com/MPmkl6m

    You want to feel as if you're rotating inside of a big barrel on your backswing. You should load to the left...but your head and upper body should stay more centered over the ball instead of moving away from it. Hope that makes sense!

    My last advice, like some of the user comments would be to try and get you're club face more square throughout the swing. That will probably be the hardest change to make. Have you ever heard of a swinggyde training aid? http://www.amazon.com/Swingyde-Golf-Swing-Training-Aid/dp/B000OZI256

    It's cheap...really easy to use and provides really good feedback for someone wanting to work on their takeaway and proper forearm rotation to get the clubface square. Hope this helps! LMK if you have any questions.
u/yellowpotatobus · 2 pointsr/golf

If you're really casual (Like you only play a couple times a year at most with friends and its a social thing), then quite honestly you might be ok with one of those "complete sets". Callaway Strata or Adams Tight Lies

If you want to start getting into the game, going to the driving range on your own, getting lessons, and playing regularly - then we can start hunting for some decent used sets to start off with, or some clones. Unless you are driving the ball 250 yards, or have a fast swing / fast tempo - then a regular shaft will be good to start with. From there we can scour websites, auctions, etc. to piece together a set fairly inexpensively. That way, when you start getting your swing together, you will start to get an idea of what you want/need and start replacing clubs these initial clubs with ones that fit your game.

So, if it were me: I would either get one of the complete sets (if you're really casual and just need a set to play with your buds a couple times a year), Or get a used 3w, a used 5w, a clone 5-pw set (This GigaGolf set is less than $100 right now), a used 50 gap wedge, a used 54 or 56* sand wedge, and find a putter you like. All regular shafted (wedges and putters you don't need to worry about flex, they are uniflex in most cases). If you are comfortable with a driver (ie you don't just slice it into the woods all day), then by all means grab one as well.

u/This_is_a_keepsake · 1 pointr/golf

I made one back in April and followed these instructions, but used 2 x 3s instead.
I made the holes with a dremel tool with the circle cutter and a cheap net I found on amazon. I used an indoor/outdoor carpet from home depot. Luckily I had most of the material in the shed left over from previous projects, but I'd estimate about $60-$75 for materials. I bought these balls from amazon. My "chipping mats" are left over indoor/outdoor carpet stapled to left over plywood.

What I think about my version: Following the corn hole instructions make it pretty sturdy, even with the 2x3's. However, they are large and somewhat awkward to carry. They aren't easy to transport in my car (mazda3 hatchback), so I am looking to make a lighter version like /u/garzalaw, but maybe have them fold in half with a hinge and lock with a bolt lock for easier transport?

It's a fun game, but challenging if you and your buddies aren't that great at golf (my buddies and myself). I practice with it in the backyard pretty frequently with real balls.

u/i_have_the_waffles · 1 pointr/golf

I started the same way you did started with a set of clubs about 25 years old then once i realized how much i liked golf i upgraded to these and love them. it also comes in a 16 and 18 piece set the bag is also very nice which makes it worth it. The irons are all very consistent with a nice sweet spot once you get your form down and i personally fell in love with the 5 hybrid (my dad doesnt like it) The driver is very nice too i learned on this set and after playing about 6 months i can drive about 250yds.

u/MinuteOfAngle · 1 pointr/golf

Those look rather old. I found a more modern set by Falcon called the Fireblade and it seems like they are primarily sold in the UK. If you need clubs tomorrow and thats all you can find they should at least be able to get you on the course. If you had more time you could certainly do better than that set for the money. I would probably up the budget to 150-200 and get a starter set from Intech, Goden Bear, Wilson, PineMeadow or whatever brand your local big box store stocks. Something like this $189 Callaway Strata set or this $119 Confidence set or this $166 Wilson set are all miles better technology and quality wise especially if you plan to keep playing after this event.

I remember having a Falcon brand bowling ball 15+ years ago, if I had to take a guess they were a low end sporting good manufacturer for a few years and then were sold off or changed names.

From another perspective, it might be worth it just for the putter. Looks like an older BeCu Anser.

Edit: I had a look at the search results for golf clubs on craigslist for your area and in the same price range the Walter Hagen, Tommy Armour, and Acuity sets are all much better options that the set you posted.

u/bunnylebowski1 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Does your dad have a sense of humor? These are all awesome gifts, and hilarious too!

Shit My Dad Says book This is pretty hilarious! $12.27 Prime

Bacon flavored toothpicks. Because everyone should own these. $4.50 Add on

My Sack golf ball holder because it's AMAZING!! $15.96 Prime

u/dnalloheoj · 6 pointsr/golf

I'm a very avid DIY'er but I don't think that price is out of the question nearly to the extent people are complaining about it.

Angle iron (What the stand is made out of), 20$: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-1-in-x-96-in-Aluminum-Square-Tube-with-1-20-in-Thick-802537/204273939 Edit: It's just more 1x4s, my mistake - total cost below updated (2x @ 4$).

Not the shittiest/cheapest you can find Plywood? ~20$: http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sande-Plywood-Common-1-4-in-x-4-ft-x-8-ft-Actual-0-205-in-x-48-in-x-96-in-479023/100073744

Paint - White and Green (Lettering): Seems easy enough to get away with the cheapest stuff here, so: 8$ (2x "Sample Sizes" @ 3.94$ from Home Depot, probably would need 2x "sample sizes" for the white, but I'll stay conservative).

Chipping Matt x2 - ~20$/ea: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?keywords=Chipping+Mat&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AChipping+Mat&qid=1495570282&sort=price-asc-rank - Yes, I know you could buy a set of putting carpet for cheaper and cut it up, but chipping matts are significantly stronger than regular putting green surfaces, and realistically a "good" quality one should cost you at least ~25$.

Turf for the surface (Cheapest available, frankly I feel like theirs seems a little more padded than this, but for the purpose of costs...) ~21$: https://www.amazon.com/GREENSCAPES-209107-Grass-Rug-6-Feet/dp/B00LK2MIFC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1495570789&sr=8-2&keywords=Putting+Turf

1x4s for framing 4$x2 (One for each setup) Edit: : http://www.homedepot.com/p/1-in-x-4-in-x-8-ft-Premium-Kiln-Dried-Square-Edge-Whitewood-Common-Board-914681/100023465

Foam Balls (Lowest quality possible), ~12$ - didn't search too hard, but couldn't find less than a 12ct (And who wouldn't want a few spares with something like this): https://www.amazon.com/PrideSports-Practice-Balls-Count-Yellow/dp/B00466W9X0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495570456&sr=8-1&keywords=Foam+Golf+Balls

Netting (Cheapest comparable that I found), ~12$: https://www.amazon.com/Lacrosse-Netting-Fishing-Nets-Length/dp/B013W40VS6/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1495570637&sr=8-7&keywords=Netting

So all in all we're at 125$ not including any hardware (screws, nuts/bolts, brackets, etc) nor the tools that you might require to assemble the thing. You could also probably safely assume a shipping charge in the range of 20-40$ trying to mail a setup like this.

Sure, the guys making these things are buying in bulk and very likely aren't paying retail, but you would be paying retail prices. Let's also just forget the fact that all of the above doesn't account for any mistakes you might make along the way, requiring re-purchasing goods.

Frankly, I don't think this is a very good DIY project at all.

Edit: You could get away with "Two sheets of plywood" like you said (For the legs, frame, etc), but you'd want to buy much beefier stuff (~1/2" at least, 3/4" preferred): http://www.homedepot.com/p/Sande-Plywood-Common-1-2-in-x-4-ft-x-8-ft-Actual-0-472-in-x-48-in-x-96-in-454532/100017950 - There's also Softwood Ply and Particleboard available, but frankly, I wouldn't touch the stuff (ESPECIALLY the latter) if I had any intention of using these on beaches, etc.

Edit2: Just noticed these things are plastic: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1557/3333/products/products_chippo_4_800x.jpg?v=1495158893

Whelp, fuck 'em. Looks like I'll be making my 150$ counterparts instead.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/golf

I have one of these (short weighted iron) in my office. It's small enough for a full swing. I also used it to strengthen my left hand grip. I would hold it over my head with the last three fingers of the left hand only -- you can really start to feel the burn since those finger muscles are pretty weak. I also use it to "hold" the key positions (set up, parallel back, top of back swing, transition, impact, level through, and finish) for 10 seconds at a time -- like a really slow swing, which has helped improve the finer muscle strength as well as flexibility.

u/Beesau · 3 pointsr/golf


This is what I got when I started. Driver is kinda meh but the rest are good to start with. If you get better get a used driver.

I got this because I wasn’t sure if I would like golf. Best 200 bucks I ever spent. Now I’m upgrading all the pieces

u/WithoutCaution · 3 pointsr/golf

Both the PuttOut target hole, and the accompanying mat are PHENOMENAL! The hole is the only thing you need if you have decent carpet, but the mat is too good not to get as well. It's the thickest mat I've found for under $100, and it's designed to help you practice without getting bored. I honestly haven't found anything that comes close in terms of performance or value.

My favorite drill (that I do at least 2-3 each day) is to start at the 6 foot mark, make a "perfect putt" (where you get the ball to stop on the ramp), move to 5 feet, make another, and so on till I get I've made six. The most "perfect" putts I've made in a row is four, but one day I'll make all six (seriously, it's NOT easy).

u/spewner · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Do you want to show dominace of the golf range? Prove to your competitor that you have bigger balls? Look no further. I am proud to present to you...MYSACK - THE BEST BALL HOLDER AROUND

Look your partner straight in the eyes with proud as you pull out your sack to show him and/or her just how nice your balls are!

Drum of lube not included.

HandHook I think you'll love this

/u/billy_the_kid do some stuff

u/BlechBOX · 1 pointr/golf

Keeping your head directly over the ball, keeping your head still throughout the stroke, making contact in the center if the face, and making sure my stroke did not arc on short putts. Many pros use them. You can get one on ebay for about 30 bucks and it will help you more than getting a new putter ever could. It also works great at home while watching tv. If you can't tell I highly recommend getting one. I also recommend getting a seemore putter if you really want to make all your short putts. Ernie els is a perfect example of switching to a seemore and going from the infamous 6 putt to leaning the tour in strokes gained putting over the last 4 or so weeks.

edit: see here for a link on amazon.

u/Chulainn · 1 pointr/golf

Tectectec VRPRO500, ,Amazon listing,

$149, played a few rounds with it, love it. I'm sure that there are better models with more bells and whistles, but it's accurate, quick, and you can buy some nice cases for it. I really like that I can get exact to pin distances rather than using my gps (that was good within 5 yards, but just to center of green)

u/JoeRudisghost · 3 pointsr/golf

I bought one of these


Considering my irons were $1000, driver $400, putter $300, wedges $100 bucks apiece, and my 4 wood around $200, $150 bucks on a sturdy hard case is nothing. I have no worries about them at all. I have owned it for 4 years and never once had a problem.

People like soft cases for some reason, probably cause they can pack their clothes and save on baggage fees, but I always fly southwest and this qualifies as one free bag, and my suitcase my second free bag.

I personally would never use a soft case. Yes, I know a lot of pro's use the Club Glove, but a lot of pro's also fly private jets to tournaments.

u/rdl2k9 · 2 pointsr/golf


I doubt you'll be disappointed. After playing a lot as a teenager then resorting to 2-3 times every couple of years and this year deciding to pick it back up, I took a lot of time before I bought this set. (my junker clubs got stolen) They are not the best clubs you will buy but they are a nice set. For $200 to get everything you need. I upgraded my irons to Ping G30's on a labor day weekend sale and if I had it to over again I would just keep the Strata's. Not because the G30's are bad. They are great and I love them. It's just that the clubs aren't holding me back, it's me. I still use the Driver, 3, 4h, 5h, SW, bag and really like them. You asked for a starter set at a decent price. That set is designed to be an entry point into golf. If you can get a set used you should do that, but for $200 those will be at your house in 2 days. I've never seen a bad review from anyone. Those that complain aren't arguing it from the viewpoint of someone looking for an entry level set. This is the I want to play golf but there are too many options set.

u/izzyduzit32 · 1 pointr/golf

Got this last year and I love it

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag | This Funny Golf Gift is Sure to Get a Laugh | Store Your Other Golf Accessories for Men Such as Tees & Gloves by Putting Them in This Gag Gift https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002CC1ARQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_H.v3DbZ9MYX74

u/Bukowskified · 2 pointsr/golf

Replacing grips is super simple.

Non-consumable Tools:

  • Something to hold your club. I use my bench vice and this, but you can make do with a C clamp and an old rag to protect the club.
  • Something to collect drippage. I use a oil pan like this, but a bucket or any plastic container will do. I like the oil pan because I use the spout to pour left over liquid back into the bottle to re-use.
  • Something to cut off the old grip. Utility knife with a hook blade is the best, like this.

  • Grip tape: I’m lazy and use the pre-cut tape, but you can get it cheaper by the roll.
  • Grip tape solvent: Paint thinner or mineral spirits also work in place of the stuff sold specifically for grip tape.

    Big keys:
  • Use plenty of solvent, using the drip pan let’s you reuse it, so don’t be stingy.
  • I use a scotch brite pad to help clean off any stubborn residue.
u/ultra_absorbent · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

He is leaving all the planning up to me and I am just feeding him different bands from the lineup every other day or so.
Agree with everyone about staying hydrated. Luckily we are Florida boys and pretty used to it. A really good cooling towel can be a lifesaver as well.

u/print1n · 2 pointsr/golf

For a budget starter set with everything, I've heard good things about these.

It doesn't matter what you get when you first start, the important thing is that you start. Get anything. Be patient, practice, learn from others, ask questions, and enjoy the game. Don't get caught up in brand names for the time being or if RBZ irons are going to be better for you that MP-54s. Just get out there, have fun, and play.

u/_g_g_g_ · 3 pointsr/golf

People swear by high end travel bags but I only need one maybe once a year and none of my clubs are worth much so I got a really cheap one and I've always been happy with it.

Soft bags are easier to fit in cars and stuff and I'd recommend soft over hard. If you get a soft bag you want want of these things https://www.amazon.com/Bag-Boy-BackBone-Travel-Cover/dp/B008FW82YQ/ref=lp_3411161_1_2?s=golf&ie=UTF8&qid=1485209599&sr=1-2

Without one you risk the shafts on woods getting damaged.

u/BezierPentool · 9 pointsr/hammockcamping

Having spent 6 weeks without electricity in Miami after Hurricane Andrew, here are a few tips I found that helped.

Get, or cut down a 100% cotton sheet or beach towel to your preferred hammock sleeping size. All cotton is key here...what kills up north saves lives down south.

  • Soak the sheet/towel in cool water.
  • Wring it out.
  • Lay in hammock.
  • Drape wet cotton sheet/towel over you.
  • Enjoy the chilliness and drift off to sleep.


  • Wear cotton shorts/tee. Spray or soak, wring them out. Repeat as above.

    Get yourself one of these. Make sure it’s 100% cotton. Soak in cool water, wring, wear. Repeat as needed.

    100% Cotton Bucket/Boonie/Fishing Hat

    These also work well. Ignore the “snap to cool technology” marketing nonsense. When it warms up, re-soak or just open it up and wave it around a bit to dissipate the heat (snap tech, ya know?).

    Chill Pal Cooling Towel

    Evaporative cooling is your friend. 100% cotton is your best friend cuz it will take a while to dry out.
u/john_mehoff · 1 pointr/golf

I got this one for $70 and love it. I would suggest picking up the Stiff Arm as well.

I love the piece of mind that the Stiff Arm gives you since it feel pretty sturdy and ensures that it takes any pressure put on the top of the bag.

u/Drgngrl13 · 2 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

You have to be really careful in the heat with children and the elderly. It is not uncommon for elderly people to pass during heat waves.

If ac is not an option, I recommend something like a cooling towel.

So long as they have any moisture on them, if you wave it around for a few seconds, they get really nicely cool.

It doesn’t have to be dripping wet either, so she won’t worry about messing up furniture or clothes with to much water, or puddle on the floor to slip on.

A little water in the morning, and it will stay wet for 3-6 hours without extra water depending.

If she can wrap it around her neck or any pulse points it will help cool her down.

Went to a wedding in Mexico last summer. Mother of the grooms feel swelled, so I used one in lew of an ice pack, and she was walking ok the next day.

This is a good one I ordered for my warehouse workers last summer:


u/kryonickraken · 2 pointsr/golf

I got these as a gift.


If you have never played good name brand wedges then they will be fine. I had one good Cleveland wedge in my set so didn't care for the grinds on these. I like tinkering so I did my own customs grinds, did a gun blue finish, and threw on some good grips. I love them now.

u/1000_Louisiana_77002 · 1 pointr/houston

Get one of those cooling towels that you dip in water and stays super cool for a while.

Something like this:

That's what I used when I had a 1996 Toyota Corolla that lacked A/C. Worked great for me.

u/chordnine · 4 pointsr/golf

I was in your EXACT position about 4 months ago. I'm developing my golf game and can't yet justify a large investment. I got the Calloway Strata 13-piece set and have been very pleased with the results. 4-5 Hybrid, 6-PW irons, 3 wood and driver. Decent walking bag does the job.

$189.99, 4.3 out of 5 stars, with free shipping from Amazon.

Good luck!

u/nothingsound14 · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

Portable phone charger is a must. Also like other said, cheap dollar store ponchos, temporary tattoos for the kids and if you have girls buy them a dress at Target for $20 instead of in the park for $60+

I'd also recommend one of these chill pad towels. You soak it in cold water, ring it out and it says cold for a few hours. Really helps keep the kids (and adults) cool. Just wrap it around your neck for 10 minutes.


While you can get a cup of water for free from any quick service counter we usually bring an insulated water bottle which keeps drinks cold for 8 hours even in the Florida sun.

u/Cutsman4057 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

It takes balls to golf

and you have enough left over to get some hot sauce or a tooth brush holder as well! :D

i would like one of the cheaper action figures on my action figure list if i win :)

u/ParadeShitter · 2 pointsr/golf

got this bag and this support rod

if you end up w/ a soft shell definitely get a support rod for peace of mind

u/seaburden · 2 pointsr/golf

I had an enormous issue with going past parallel due to flipping my wrists the same way as you.
You're already tackling the issue with a pro but I'll share what worked for me. I tried out the Swingyde (link at the bottom) and it has made an astonishing improvement in my ball striking. Doing about 20 swings a night with this swing has really helped me make my swing much more compact and kept me from manipulating my hands and wrists at the top of my backswing.
Mark Crossfield and Dan Whittaker have both done positive reviews for this training aid that you can check out on youtube.

u/payperplain · 1 pointr/golf

I saw something interesting at sports authority today when I was walking around. Didn't stop to take a full look but it essentially looked like a lockable case for a bag with clubs in it similar to a pelican case you'd use for rifles or other valuable stuff.

I also just found This on Amazon when I googled locking golf club case.

u/OhSnapItsRJ · 5 pointsr/golf

Like someone else mentioned, I love my Caddytek push cart. I've probably had it out 100-150 times so far, and it's never skipped a beat.

But I also really like my Groove Tube. Such a simple, cheap little thing. But it really works great, and I've found myself annoyed at its absence on the few occasions when I've forgotten to fill the bottle. https://www.amazon.com/Groove-Cleaner-Squeeze-Bottle-Brush/dp/B002IJ5VSW/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1493754538&sr=8-4&keywords=golf+club+cleaner

u/GolfNYC · 17 pointsr/golf

I don't use a lot of the stuff in my bag, but make sure to keep things in there that are handy when you really need them. I don't need a lot to make the experience fun, but do need things to prevent it becoming sour.

Stick an extra $20 or $50 somewhere in your bag for that day you forget to bring cash (forgot my wallet at home one day and ended up not needing it).

This brush is my favorite thing.

Spare change.

Green repair tool.



Extra glove.

Small sunscreen.

Pack of trail mix.

Extra pair of socks.



EDIT: High deet-content bug spray

u/audiomortis · 1 pointr/drums

I did the same. Works pretty great. Seems to have held up better than friends with actual trap cases. Also, can be cheaper...
Golf case $160 http://www.amazon.com/SKB-2SKB-4812WS-Standard-Golf-Travel/dp/B0007VNZDG
Trap case $310 http://www.amazon.com/SKB-Large-Hardware-Internal-Wheels/dp/B0002F79CK

Now, they're not exactly the same obviously, but they can pretty much do the exact same job.

u/silentseraph3 · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

I live in Arizona and hike in the heat all the time. These cooling towels are great: https://www.amazon.com/COOLING-TOWEL-Advanced-Hyper-Absorbent-Effective/dp/B00EE79EZM

You can dip it in hot water and the towel will still be pretty cold.

EDIT: Here's a cool video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERzYzC8Hy4o

u/MuscleFlex_Bear · 2 pointsr/golf

This is what I have. Extremely affordable, can be rolled up. Just keep in mind nothing is going to replace actual greens but this is definitely helpful to make sure you're hitting straight.



u/kylethemurphy · 8 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

If you can find them somewhere these towels legitimately work great. I used them in an unventilated warehouse during the summer and was able to keep up a good pace of work.

Also, some gatorade to go with the water might help morale. At Fedex my boss would hand out 5+ bottles of Gatorade when the days would get hot like this. It was practical but also a nice, low cost gesture for him that raised morale.

u/aesopvu · 1 pointr/golf

I travel with my clubs 2-3x a year and I use a soft bag because it's easier to transport. I don't know if you've noticed this but the hard case is cumbersome and difficult to fit into some cars because of its size. If my soft bag doesn't fit once I get to my destination I can always take my clubs out and fold up my soft bag.
To protect my clubs I wrap a towel around the heads and I use this: Club Glove Stiff Arm Travel Club Protector https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0015RZCZK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_-fsrxb1RJXTE9
On our last golf trip one of my buddies had a hard case and it wouldn't fit in the rental. He had to sit with it in the back seat with it sticking out the side of the window. Of course the hard case protects it in case of rough handlers or drops but I haven't had any bad experiences yet. Hope this helps

u/aushizz · 1 pointr/golf

Nice! Get him a PuttOut too. Good luck.

u/iamproph · 1 pointr/golf

When my brother started, we picked up a full set off Amazon. They aren't great, but if you hit a quality shot the ball goes where it should. As he slowly got better, we added in new clubs one at a time (first a real driver, then some nice wedges, etc).

u/SwampThang13 · 5 pointsr/bonnaroo

Step 1) Wet towel.
Step 2) Snap towel a few times.
Step 3) Place on neck/head/face/etc and enjoy the sweet caress of heat relieving angels.


u/fairwaysoftware · 3 pointsr/golf

Like this one? Balight Golf Swing Trainer Aid and Correction for Strength Grip Tempo & Flexibility Training Suit for Indoor Practice Chipping Hitting Golf Accessories https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077PN2W4G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_zp7MBb9ZWD8FB

Or will this one work for 10 bucks less?
SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0019GKDTM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Jq7MBbDEEHY07

u/rougehuron · 1 pointr/golf

Nice and simple and not crazy overprice like a lot of training aids. My only wish is that they offered a few different colors. Amazon link if anyone is interested.

u/Notashadyguy9999 · 6 pointsr/homegym

When I was deployed in the Middle East it was hot as balls when working out.

Keeping the neck moist is the easiest way to keep cool.


Buy this or something similar to this. Make sure whatever one you get is long enough to wrap around your neck.

Its basically just a towel, but it evaporates the water fast because of the material. Wet it with cold water before you go out to the gym, wrap it around your neck, and adjust the fan to blow on your neck so it will stay somewhat cool. Re-apply cold water as needed.

u/Gtapex · 8 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Bring those cooling towels. One for each member of the family. Douse them often and stay cool.

That’s my best advice for not going insane in the parks in July.


u/SnerPnNerf · 1 pointr/barstoolsports

Good to know. Are the clubs on Amazon that are under $200 any good? Like these Callaways?

u/Fokoffnosy · 1 pointr/golf

Actually was looking at this one an hour ago. Don't know much about them, but seemed descent with the slope and all. Popped up on 'best cyber week deals on amazon'. Its a bit over $120 though.

u/whattothewhonow · 2 pointsr/WestVirginia

There are a million different versions of this, but I personally carry a cooling towel similar to this one. You get it damp with water, and it stays cool as the water evaporates. I wear one around my neck, or tie it across my forehead to soak up sweat. Its a cheap option, and really helps.

u/inalect · 2 pointsr/golf

Looks like the same one I’ve got. I love it.

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001B6CH0S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RHe3BbW5HG00V

u/Joshuahuskers · 2 pointsr/golf

I got this one recently: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00OMXN0Z8/ref=yo_ii_img?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I haven't had a chance to take it out yet, but some publication rated it the best "value" rangefinder. I will report back after my round tomorrow.

u/garzalaw · 1 pointr/golf

So, I found (late) the Kickstarter for Chippo Golf. I was intrigued. But, when I saw they wanted $175 for the set, I knew I could build something sturdier for much less. So I did.

The total cost of the project was: $93.63 for a much better quality build. You may save more if you have the tools I didn't or scrap laying around.

The Chippo site says that each board measures 40" x 24" x 1.4".

So, I bought one 4' x '4 plywood board for the two boards. I started by ripping it in half, so you'd have two sides that were each 48" x 24". Then, I trimmed the excess off so that each board was 40" x 24". I used a Kreg jig for the entire project, so your mileage may vary in terms of cost and connecting boards.

I bought three (3) 1" x 2" x 10' common boards to use for the sides and the legs. Initially, I bought carriage bolts to use as swinging legs, but that solution didn't work well and I settled on the hinges (more later). I ended up buying an additional 1" x 2" x 8' common board later to redo the legs since I hated the bolt method.

Next, cut your sides to fit. Leave a small lip when you attach the sides so that the grass is flush with the edges once glued. Measure and mark your holes (check out the screen shot for measurements for 6" and 9" holes) and use a jig saw to cut them out.

After that, cut your turf carpet pieces to fit onto each board. I found it helpful to clamp each corner to the board, flip it over, and mark with a silver permanent marker. Then, I just used poultry shears to cut out the circles.

Next, start stapling your cargo net around the holes. Be forewarned, I think the net I bought was slightly too small. Some of the top holes are very taut and the balls can bounce out upon impact. You may use the material better than me, or simply count those shots as in (as we do). Or, buy a slightly bigger net.

After you've stapled all of your netting, use a ton of Gorilla glue and attach your carpet. Put some weight on it (books, etc.) and let it dry overnight.

Then, attach your legs. I initially tried carriage bolts, but I hated how they didn't fold up into the boards and were unbalanced. Hence, the hinge method. Attach the hinges and enjoy your game! Finish as you see fit.

Practice Balls for $5.97 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00466W9X0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Green Turf Rug (2.7" x 8') for $16.68 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AINQMRI/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Cargo Net (41" x 30") for $8.99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M8NQK4K/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

u/rutlander · 1 pointr/golf


These are what I've gamed for the last few years. Moderately priced and good feel. I slapped a set of midsize lampkins on there and I've been happy with them. ~$40 shipped for three wedges

u/daChino02 · 3 pointsr/golf

I bring this on the course or you can leave it in the car for after the round... but it's great cleaning tool.


Grover Tube

u/mikron2 · 7 pointsr/Coachella

I'm trying something like these this year. Weekend 2 somebody let me borrow theirs for a minute and it was amazing so I bought a few for myself this year.

u/cunningvisions · 1 pointr/golf

i bought this for my cousin:


I also purchased a dozen of Bridgestone e6 (personalized) from golfballs.com to put in it.

Note: I know he plays/likes the Bridgeston e6 balls. The sack, is more something funny to put them in; so even if he doesn't use it, still funny.

u/Hard_Whyard · 2 pointsr/golf

I was checking out some sets on Amazon and some of them go for $200-400.

Example. It has great reviews but I'm aware getting a good set shouldn't be inexpensive, and this feels like these clubs might fall apart on me. I hate to pick your brain here, but what do you think of those? For a beginner, how much should I be looking to spend for a complete set? I want a set that'll last until I'm ready to upgrade.

u/Mlind17 · 3 pointsr/golf

Hard cases are ideal. If you've got a soft case, I'd highly recommend a pole similar to the one attached. Saves the woods. http://www.amazon.com/Club-Glove-Stiff-Arm-Protector/dp/B0015RZCZK

u/Silverkarn · 1 pointr/golf


Something like THIS

Once you get better then invest in higher priced wedges.

u/kchiconnect · 2 pointsr/golf

This CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover (Black/Grey) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007OK8588/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_6eWSAbTHBD5E0
And this Bag Boy BackBone Travel Cover https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008FW82YQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_0fWSAbXKTVF9E
And now you can travel with your clubs. I have this setup and have never had problems. Just take the head off your driver. It's worth the investment trust me. Once you can travel with your clubs it's a game changer and you'll find plenty of excuses over the years to bring them with you places.

u/vanfanel1car · 9 pointsr/oculus

Have you tried using those golf swing trainers? Perhaps that can be used with putters to play a full hole indoors :)

u/MTBaller · 3 pointsr/golf

Ya check it out I believe the smallest one is the blue grip one it might be perfect for him. The mat is the same one you’ll see people have on here and plastered all over amazon. It gets the job done.

Edit: putting mat and kids first putter

u/neogetz · 2 pointsr/Fibromyalgia

Fellow heat sufferer here. I like to soak my hair then sit in front on a fan. Creates a lovely cooling effect. I also have a cloth that when wet is really cool but doesn't leave wet patches where you put it. like this

u/Sundevil50 · 2 pointsr/golf

When you're at the range, hit balls with your club a couple inches behind the ball at address. This will promote that you have a forward shaft lean at impact.

Also, use one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Swingyde-Golf-Swing-Training-Aid/dp/B000OZI256

The Swingyde should ensure that you're hinging your wrists properly and then maintaining that hinge throughout the swing.

u/SCMSuperSterling · 2 pointsr/golf

on top of what /u/bl1ndvision said, FYI a complete rule-compliant set consists of 14 clubs max. Usually people do 3 iron-Pitching Wedge (Pw) (which is 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW) and Driver, Putter, 3-wood/5-wood, and a couple of wedges. Since 3 irons, and even 4 irons are difficult to hit, you could switch those out with a 3 hybrid/4 hybrid. The Strata set by Callaway generally seems to be recommended around here for a completely new set for beginners. Many will recommend you search ebay to piece together a used setup.

u/YahNasty · 1 pointr/golf

Try this (http://www.amazon.com/ProActive-Groove-Squeeze-Bottle-Cleaner/dp/B002IJ5VSW) my uncle gave it to me awhile bag and it has been great

u/WereChained · 1 pointr/golf

Looks like the ferrule has just slid up. If so, it's cosmetic. Throw a little glue in the gap and tap it down. I use my vice block to do it. Put it on the shaft and use it like a slide hammer to knock the ferrule back into place.

u/dwd3885 · 1 pointr/golf

The Wilson is used and $100 this is just the amazon link.

Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right Hand) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q8I1BX8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_XLfnzbC4SJT6X

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, Right Hand, Standard https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TB6EZ0A/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_JMfnzb0NA4A2F

u/randomhusky · 3 pointsr/udub

You guys should all look into these. Having one on your neck while the fan going is 10/10 would recommend.

u/lion27 · 4 pointsr/golf

I bought my dad the TecTecTec rangefinder for christmas this past year and he loves it.


u/Dave_Messina · 1 pointr/golf

You can get excellent used clubs from several places, for example Global Golf as mentioned in another comment.

Alternatively just buy the [Callaway Strata set](Callaway Men's Strata Set (12-Piece, Right Hand) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q8I1BX8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_ddVoyb3FJSZBY).

u/Waffskies · 3 pointsr/golf

Hello fellow Minnesotan, the "Putt-Out" immediately comes to mind. It's affordable, works indoors and outdoors, and if it means anything I've really enjoyed mine. Here is a link:


u/spxero · 0 pointsr/golf

Don't bother- buy a putt out for about $30 and it'll do the same thing for a fraction. My putting has improved by almost .75 putts per round since I started using it. I know that sounds like bs, but I can send the Arccos screenshots if you want.


u/AnAvidGolfer · 2 pointsr/golf

I use the Frogger towel and a bottle brush, I keep my clubs pretty damn clean. I put a drop of dish soap in with the water and shake before a round. Most of the time, I use the Frogger more to clean my grips than my club heads.

u/PicsOrGtfoh · 1 pointr/golf

Groove tube... 9 bucks... Never leaks in my car... Fill it on course water fountain or cooler. Great 9 bucks... Keeps my clubs spotless. The thought of a smelly moldy towel grosses me out. https://www.amazon.com/ProActive-Groove-Squeeze-Bottle-Cleaner/dp/B002IJ5VSW

u/magusopus · 2 pointsr/airsoft

Foam Practice Golf Balls

Just need gas in the shell. Shove one of these down the tube, thooomp.

Goes a good distance too.

u/heetz · 3 pointsr/golf

I also can recommend the Caddy Daddy constrictor 2 from Amazon. I've used it a few times and haven't had any issues. I make sure to use it with a backbone like this one. I take the driver head off and keep it in the driver head cover. I wrap a bath towel around the top as well just to provide a bit more cushioning.

I would like a hard cover case but I observed that it would have been difficult to transport it in a sedan sized car.

u/minibabybuu · 1 pointr/nottheonion

I just got a headband for my bf who works construction. check this out, you may like it https://www.amazon.com/COOLING-TOWEL-Advanced-Hyper-Absorbent-Effective/dp/B00EE79EZM

it becomes cold to the touch! I'm buying one for myself too.

u/DejahofHelium · 1 pointr/AsianBeauty

ever since we found them, I've been recommending them to everyone- it makes that much difference, even in the super high humidity. I'm linking the brand we've got, but I bought it in Ross (I think) for several dollars less.


u/originul · 1 pointr/golf

I found this to be a worthy investment.

But, nothing will help you more than a few lessons.

u/h0r0b0d · 1 pointr/golf

I busted out Wii sports and tried golf because I had forgotten about the game - never again.

Kinect golf is fun when using the SKLZ Tempo & Golf Grip Trainer (https://www.amazon.com/SKLZ-Tempo-Grip-Golf-Trainer/dp/B0019GKDTM)

u/j85s13 · 1 pointr/golf

If I'd be paying in the $200 range for the pre-owned Callaway's, how do you feel about buy this new Callaway set on Amazon?


u/crashXCI · 2 pointsr/golf

Agreed. For reference, $137 at time of posting

u/clearlyrambling · 1 pointr/OctoberBumpers2017

oh no! We have a slight warm-up here and even that is killing me, I can't imagine dealing with the heat down there! My friend who is also due in October recommended these cold towels to me this summer and they were a life-saver! I'd definitely pick one up if you are able - they're generally at target or walmart too.

u/spartangrunt · 1 pointr/golf

Seriously! I've got a Groove Tube and a towel. Embrace the groooooove.

u/meh_mediocre · 1 pointr/golf

Hmm... Just tried the link and it went to the product page. Here is the Amazon product page.

u/i_miss_old_reddit · 1 pointr/golf

"Prudent" Maybe. But definitely more expensive. ($3 per grip for the whole set adds a bit over the years.)

$15 for tape.

$10 Odorless Mineral Sprits: https://smile.amazon.com/Mona-Odorless-Paint-Thinner-16-ounce/dp/B00279I7JS

$5 Shaft grip: https://smile.amazon.com/Wedge-Guys-Refinishing-Refurbishment-Replacement/dp/B00SA5JBZW

(I also add 2" blue painters tape as build up wraps. Easier to clean. But not needed.)

That's enough for 10+ sets of grips, about $4 per set. For the cost of paying someone to do grips one time, I can regrip mine and my friends' clubs a few times each. I don't mind doing the labor.

It's no problem to cut off the old grips and prep for new. I'll cut the old ones off, and apply new tape while sitting in front of the TV. (usually when the wife's not home.) Then take them to the workshop for the messy part.

u/cbloo · 2 pointsr/golf

A few things:

First, you can get a club holder from your local superstore or amazon. Its basically a piece of rubber that pops on the shaft and sits down in the vise. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SA5JBZW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Gdy4CbDXE93HF

Second, got a $20 Irwin clamp-on vise from Lowe's

Third, wall alignment laser from Lowe's for $20 I think.

Last, a paint tray to catch the mineral spirits run-off

u/garettg · 2 pointsr/golf

I saw this yesterday, ordered it off Amazon (it was only $24.99 yesterday)


u/Meth10916 · 2 pointsr/golf

I have never played with this Wilson set but I bought this Strata set from Callaway and they have been very solid for me and also cheaper in price. I started golfing about 4 years ago and still have these as my main clubs. I am currently looking to upgrade to some more expensive clubs as I am starting to get a little more serious.

u/hurijo · 1 pointr/golf

Not really a Prime Day deal and I know we don't really like these bundled sets, but the Callaway Strata 12-piece set is at it's low of $125. Might be good for that someone not sure about committing to golf.

u/Levandy · 2 pointsr/golf

I just bought this to clean my clubs during a round. I think it'll be very handy because I have a brush already but without water it doesn't help very much.

u/yoyoyocoolcatbromate · 1 pointr/golf

So this all prompted when my brother bought me this:


It does not work for me at all because i do not rotate my wrist during my swing.

u/moctopodes · 3 pointsr/golf

Soft case with a stiff arm works well... http://amzn.com/B0015RZCZK

u/rojasjoan01 · 5 pointsr/golf










a few I found

u/conscwp · 1 pointr/Dallas

I'm guessing the one they are planning on putting in the middle of Terminal D is going to be a virtual reality driving range (similar to MSP's "Virtual driving range and putting green")? Because there is absolutely nowhere in Terminal D that could feasibly contain even the tiniest of greens, unless we're talking about one of these...

u/phallstrom · 1 pointr/golf

First to three putt wears this until the next person three putts.

u/varmintkong · 1 pointr/golf

Sorry I misunderstood your question, it is not the edge version either.

Hopefully this link works:

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Mirror https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0030F4JHM/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_DE6pxbWGJXVS0

u/Smarter_not_harder · 1 pointr/golf

For the lazy.

I gave my brother some for Christmas and had about a dozen before my dogs chewed them up.

u/Chrno98 · 1 pointr/kancolle

I'm going to guess its a cooling towel. I've never used one before but I imagine it having that springy/spongy feel you describe.


u/LindyLovesLipstick · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Get some of these: https://www.amazon.com/Chill-Pal-Ultimate-Cooling-Guaranteed/dp/B00NIYOOMA

I've gone a summer without car AC in GA and it sucks. You have all my sympathy.

u/Beefwheels · 5 pointsr/golf

TecTecTec VPRO 500 Range finder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OMXN0Z8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_stoHxb6P5ZY7A

u/lmantrom · 3 pointsr/golf

Here you go.
Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12-Piece, Right Hand) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00Q8I1BX8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_mvBPBb0ADCYC8

u/PuttForDough · 0 pointsr/golf


Don’t pay for bushnell - all you’re paying for is marketing. It’s not a complex technology. They aren’t any more accurate than this one is. I’ve got it and can attest.

u/Ozznato · 1 pointr/golf

To get you started: this is the set I first used when I started. It's got everything he'll need to start, and the fact that everything is together, new, is a decent deal. There were even some links in this subreddit which had it listed even lower this week.:

u/akavana · 2 pointsr/golf

Her is how to remove a grip with a compressor:
And here is how you install a new grip with a compressor:
Most grip tape kits have the tape, the solvent, and a rubber vice clamp. Here is an Amazon link for the rubber vice clamp individually:
Rubber Vise Clamp for Golf Club Shafts, Regripping, Premium Quality by Wedge Guys https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SA5JBZW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_OFGazbAVJHA5T

You just place the block around your club and insert that into the clamp. No damage done to your clubs, especially great for composite shafts.

u/elliottness101 · 3 pointsr/golf

Personal preference here, but why not just get a range finder? Distance to the pin? Point and shoot. Distance to carry the lake? Zap the bank on the other side. Distance to the end of the fairway? Shoot that bunker at the end of the fairway. I feel like the range finder will always be more accurate then the GPS. Anyway, I lost my bushnell and didn't want to pony up $400 for another one so i went this route.


I've done tons of testing with my friends bushnell and its always been the same or within a yard.

u/KevlarYarmulke · 1 pointr/houston

I was in the Chisos Basin area over Memorial Day last year. It was hot, but not nearly as hot as Houston. If you're going to be hiking for miles and miles, I highly recommend one of those neck towel things that stays cold for hours (like this one https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XKLYWFU/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_PRckxbD7HST87). Remember to bring chapstick, too, it's dry as hell over there.