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Reddit mentions of Generic Car Dashboard Video Camera Vehicle Video Accident Recorder (2.0" 1080P)

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We found 9 Reddit mentions of Generic Car Dashboard Video Camera Vehicle Video Accident Recorder (2.0" 1080P). Here are the top ones.

Generic Car Dashboard Video Camera Vehicle Video Accident Recorder (2.0
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  • 1080p full hd resolution video
  • Recording video while recharging
  • Cycle-recording, auto-recording
Height3.4 Inches
Length7 Inches
Number of items1
Size2 inches
Weight0.85 Pounds
Width5.4 Inches

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Found 9 comments on Generic Car Dashboard Video Camera Vehicle Video Accident Recorder (2.0" 1080P):

u/tapakip · 175 pointsr/WTF

Got mine on Amazon for $35. Ridiculously cheap when you consider the alternative. Thing does 1080P and uses a MicroSD card for many hours of looped recording.

I figure eventually cars will come with these built in. Until then....

Edit: Link thanks to Redditor psychoacer below. He knows me well. Dashcam via Amazon

u/McBurger · 93 pointsr/gifs

Yes. I put a 16GB SD card in there. It records videos in 3-minute chunks (there are settings for all sorts of time lengths, 3min is default). Prior to recording each video, if the disk space is full, it deletes the oldest file on the card. The result is that I have the most recent two week's worth of driving or so, I have to transfer them to my laptop if I need them for longer or they'll be deleted.

It's certainly clear enough to read plates, but the audio could be better. It's clear enough to pick up the radio, conversations in the car, etc., but the problem is that it picks up a lot of noise from the defrosters/fans. If you turn on your AC or windshield fans while running the cam, everything is drowned by awful white noise.

It is powered by cigarette lighter outlet. It has an auto-on/off feature when power is detected, so it automatically turns on when the car is running, and will shut down about 20 seconds after the car is turned off.

Here's the kicker, I know it isn't very helpful, but I'm not even sure what the brand is. I don't think mine is very "high end", it was about $40, but has worked great and I recommend it. I'll try and look it up later for you.

Edit: this is the one, thanks to komeradfox finding it for me. http://www.amazon.com/DashBoard-Camera-Vehicle-Accident-Recorder/dp/B0067XVNTG/ref=zg_bs_3248689011_1

It also advertises a "night vision" mode, which is just a bright white led on front that causes glare all over the windshield. I don't use that mode at all.

Also the cord that reaches to the power is a generous 6ft long or so! It's great, I managed to find a way to tuck the wire around the ceiling paneling of my truck so that it is not visible. No hanging wire.

Overall it's a great value and I'm happy for the purchase, although its one of those things that you almost hope is a waste of money. Based on the Russian YouTube videos I watch that inspired me to get one, you don't want to ever film something gruesome.

u/psychoacer · 13 pointsr/WTF

I'm guessing you mean this one Link

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/gifs

Perhaps it was this? It's $47, and is the best selling dash cam on amazon (though not the highest rated)


u/GringodelRio · 1 pointr/Denver



They worked well for about a month, and then just got shittier and shittier, until both at some point just wouldn't record.

Amazon's getting absolutely flooded with ultra-cheap chinese knockoffs on pretty much everything.