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Reddit mentions of Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock

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We found 11 Reddit mentions of Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock. Here are the top ones.

Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock
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  • PLAY OR WORK LIKE A PRO: Amplify your ultrabook’s graphics performance with the integrated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. Load games or edit videos at higher frame rates and better details from the added graphics boost.
  • BENEFIT OF ULTRABOOK, EXPERIENCE OF A DESKTOP: Get a desktop-like experience from your Ultrabook with Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock via a suite of video and USB ports for your display and peripheral needs. Enjoy Ultrabook portability when mobile and dock to three 4K displays at home or office.
  • DISCOVER NEW WORLDS WITH WINDOWS MR: Upgrade your IdeaPad 720s 13" (8th Generation Intel CPU, 8 GB RAM) experience with Lenovo Explorer Headset and Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Graphics dock. The graphics dock supports Windows Mixed Reality at 90 Hz performance to deliver immersive and powerful mixed reality.
Height5.12 Inches
Length9.77 Inches
Number of items1
Release dateJuly 2018
Weight1.51 Pounds
Width0.89 Inches

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Found 11 comments on Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock:

u/SinfulSpuds · 2 pointsr/eGPU

been available on amazon for about a week now

u/chx_ · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Although we usually say the reps don't know anything about the future, this I believe because that's what Amazon says too: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-Thunderbolt-3-Graphics-Dock/dp/B079JFW3YT says ships within 2-5 weeks.

u/Pensfan6636 · 1 pointr/MatebookXPro

I play WoW on medium settings. On battery temps are around 65-68c and the fans are pretty loud, although I got this coming from an old Sony Vaio Flip 15 which was 10x louder when doing hardly anything... so the MXP's fans are not too loud for me.

If gaming while charging it adds another 3-6 degrees. This laptop is hotter while charging which is my only real gripe. But while playing wow they keyboard does get hot but not "too" hot to handle. More demanding games I can totally see it getting too hot unfortunately.

I must note as well that I have Undervolted and Overclocked as well, which helps a lot and I recommend, but the numbers above are based on that... so if you don't do this it will be even hotter. Probably another 5c or so.

I am planning on getting this to help for gaming: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079JFW3YT/?coliid=I1VYO4B83RSIUJ&colid=1ON11UAPA6MN&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it

When not gaming this thing is cool and quite though... even with a lot of multitasking.

u/sovereign007 · 1 pointr/eGPU

> but its also a lot more expensive

AORUS RX580 box is 390$ after rebate.

The Lenovo Graphics dock is 368$.

If the size of the AORUS is acceptable, this really is a no brainer. the RX580 is far more powerful than the GTX1050 and to top it all off, the Lenovo dock cannot be upgraded, while the AORUS Gaming Box, even if limited to ITX cards, can be.

u/Completejerry · 1 pointr/thinkpad

In terms of ram you're probably alright if you stick to a good name brand such as kingston or G skill. Just make sure it's 260pin SODIMM when your order it.

I don't have a lot of experience with docking stations, as I have a powerful tower that sits at home. But I know lenovo has a dock that has a nvidia 1050 inside to help performance with 4k screens or multiple monitors. It runs by tb3 x4 and has 2 display ports and an hdmi port. I've never used it, but I can imagine that would be very helpful for high resolution or high refreshrates, video/photo editing, and of course gaming. https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-G0A10170UL-Thunderbolt-Graphics-Dock/dp/B079JFW3YT

It's fairly pricey, but very interesting nontheless.

u/cmswaking123 · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Shouldn’t you consider this? TB3 dock with eGPU inside!

Lenovo G0A10170UL Thunderbolt 3 Graphics Dock https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079JFW3YT/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Ub41Ab272G036

u/chempad · 1 pointr/thinkpad

I'm pretty sure I've seen something on this sub where somebody had connected the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 graphics dock to a regular dock that their laptop was connected to

Edit: Actually this is what I was thinking of, see Sir Hammerfest's review here: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-G0A10170UL-Thunderbolt-Graphics-Dock/dp/B079JFW3YT#aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div

So yes you can daisy-chain docks it seems

u/Flying_Cat · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Not bad. You can supposedly play GTA V on it without a hitch on low settings at 720p. For video, it can push a 4k display.

I personally have done molecular graphics on the UHD 620 and its been fine. If you need the GPU Though, you could get an X1 with a thunderbolt 3 port and then get an eGPU dock. Lenovo even has one https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-G0A10170UL-Thunderbolt-Graphics-Dock/dp/B079JFW3YT .

u/erm_what_ · 0 pointsr/thinkpad

The ideal would be to daisy chain thunderbolt displays, but that'll get pricey.

Your best bet is to get an eGPU and run them off of that. You only get one display port per Thunderbolt port (USB-C might or might not have it depending on the specs), so you're limited by what that can output.

USB alone probably won't cut it for 3 displays, but I might be wrong and it might cope at 1080.

This is an option if you want to stay on brand, and not too pricey compared to other TB3 docks: https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/accessories-and-monitors/docking/universal-cable-docks-thunderbolt/Thunderbolt-Dock-Gen-2-UK/p/40AN0135UK

Or this one had a mobile GTX 1050 inside it, but costs as much as a bigger eGPU: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-G0A10170UL-Thunderbolt-Graphics-Dock/dp/B079JFW3YT