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u/larinioides · 9 pointsr/spiderbro

You could try tools like this for catching spiders without having to get too close.

But, like Phil Torres says in this video, there are going to be spiders everywhere you go—so you might want to try working on your arachnophobia instead. It is extremely treatable. You can start by learning about spiders and looking at pictures of them to get rid of the shock factor. You can even start with the really cute dancing ones.

u/hoofburger · 9 pointsr/spiderbro

I have my girlfriend save them from me, lol.

If you live alone they make these things though

u/dicktable · 8 pointsr/witchcraft

They sell things that are for putting bugs outside without having to touch them! It works like those little trash claw pickup things. It’s a long stick with a bunch of bristles on the end and a button/trigger on the other. You pull the trigger/push the button and it opens the bristles on the other end. Place the bristles over the bug and let go of the trigger and it closes around them. Then you can put them outside! I’ll see if I can find a link to one for you :)

Edit: found the link. I’ve never used it myself, but the reviews look good!

u/Quicily · 8 pointsr/CasualConversation

This is the one I've seen: just a few nylon bristles that gently grasp whatever spider/insect so you can transport without feeling squeamish about getting too close.

u/DyingWish · 7 pointsr/vegan

> Am I an asshole because of this?

No, and fuck ticks, too.

That said, if I can grab an insect in my house without killing it, most of the time, I will.

Check these out. That's what I use.

u/radi0raheem · 3 pointsr/lansing

Unfortunately I don't have anything to say regarding keeping them out, but in terms of removing them this has been the best thing ever:
My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

u/sunny_bell · 3 pointsr/vegan

Just get a sheet paper and a paper cup, sweep him into the cup and turn him loose outside.

EDIT: You could also for the future get one of these things

u/Pats_Bunny · 3 pointsr/spiderbro

This one looks pretty effective too. I haven't had an issue with the cup and letter method yet though, so I haven't been able to justify buying it. Maybe get it for the wife and kids to use.

u/deadwood · 3 pointsr/Idiotswithguns

I'm terrified of spiders, so I used to kill any I found inside. But now I use one of these and fling them out the door.

u/Arekhon · 2 pointsr/funny

The only thing I've encountered that reduces the fear of removing spiders for people in and around my house is the use of this guy:

It's a great design and it is nice and long so even skittish or timid people have some breathing room at least. It also holds them very tight, I've never had a spider that was actually held by the tool get out of it.

It's not the best at picking up smaller spiders, but frankly that's not really what it is for, if a small spider is horrifying to someone then a tool like this probably isn't going to help anyways.

It's probably not a solution for people who are just scared at the very sight of spiders, but it's worked for me for the people in my life that just don't want to get close to them to remove them so they end up killing them :(.

u/libcrypto · 1 pointr/sounddesign

One technique tends to catch and release the sound. The other technique tends to crush it.

u/AlwaysHopelesslyLost · 1 pointr/lifehacks

If you are already going to buy a grabber you can just buy a dedicated bug grabber and be done with it, no rigging of plastic bags needed : My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher ...

u/TheGuyWithTheSI · 1 pointr/AskMen

My Critter Catcher - Spider & Insect Catcher

Makes picking up dead roaches easier. I love it.

u/McDerbert · 1 pointr/whatsthisbug

I’d be freaked out too, I’m only just getting to the stage where I can leave smaller spiders alone when I find them in the house. Even my bedroom when I go to sleep. But please don’t kill it as some people here are suggesting. If you have to remove it, I’d suggest a spider catcher. Easy to use and doesn’t hurt the spider.