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Reddit mentions of Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat - Allowing Choice Between Speed and Control - Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers

Sentiment score: 13
Reddit mentions: 24

We found 24 Reddit mentions of Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat - Allowing Choice Between Speed and Control - Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers. Here are the top ones.

Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat - Allowing Choice Between Speed and Control - Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers
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  • Dual-Sided Mouse Mat For Your Individual Needs
  • Whether you prefer to gun down your enemies with the increased glide of the SPEED surface or with ultimate precision from the CONTROL surface, the Razer Vespula offers the right surface that suits your playing style.
  • Enhanced Tracking Surfaces Validated by Professional Gamers
  • Memory Conformance Wrist Rest
  • The soft gel-filled wrist rest protects your wrist from injury and fatigue, allowing you to enjoy longer gaming sessions like never before
ColorDark Grey
Height0.2 Inches
Length11.8 Inches
Number of items1
Sizemouse pad
Weight0.77 Pounds
Width9.4 Inches

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Found 24 comments on Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat - Allowing Choice Between Speed and Control - Mouse Pad Preferred by Pro Gamers:

u/Tainen · 12 pointsr/battlestations

That would be the razer Vespula. Spendy but I really like it a lot. It's got a two layer system with a rubberized mat underneath, and the mouse surface sits on top, so it doesn't move around at all, and provides a really nice anchor point for your wrist (the wrist rest is attached to the rubberized layer).

u/EZaces · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Razer Vespula, come with a cushion for your rest, but I like it better without it.


u/Ms_Cheerilee · 2 pointsr/MLPLounge

Thats pretty cheap for a gaming mouse pad. Take a look at this thing

u/mdd86 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace


Razer pad with wrist rest. I just got it about a week ago and frankly I love this thing. It doesn't make playing the games any easier but I have noticed I can play for longer.

u/shadytransactor · 2 pointsr/MouseReview

I like the Razer Vespula

It's hard top pad, dual sided and includes a wrist pad. Not as gaudy as most of the Razer line either. Also pretty cheap for what it is.

u/Fancy_Lad · 2 pointsr/Games

Since Razer was brought up, as it usually is, my experience with a Vespula has been good. It has two surface styles, one slick and the other with light texture. The whole thing is at a nice height for both work and play, but the mouse surface and wrist rest are separate so you can do without if preferred. The one negative (other than the name) is the wrist rest decal, which will peel off in chunks given half a chance. I don't know what they were thinking with that. Will it improve your game? Hard to say, but I think you'll find it nice to have a quality, dedicated space available when spending that much time with a mouse.

I also own a Logitech mx518 and it's been solid as well. The key feature is being able to adjust the sensitivity on the fly.

u/JCyber · 1 pointr/pcgaming

I have the Razer Vespula. Has two sides, Smooth and Textured. (Speed. Control) and a somewhat stiff, yet comfortable wrist wrest. It's really the first mousepad I've owned(except for shitty cloth-y ones) and I love it. Check it out!

u/xonev · 1 pointr/AskBattlestations

I have a Razer Vespula (http://amzn.to/PmSRHl) that I am quite satisfied with.

u/Esg876 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I need a new mousepad with a wristrest. I have been using the razer vespula for years and love it, but the issue is the actual grey cover starts peeling after ~1-1.5 years of use, and even using crazy glue doesn't make it stick again. And since it costs 55+tax(used to be 40..) in Canada I dont really want to keep shelling out money for it knowing it has a limited lifespan, as this is my 4th one.

I was wondering if anyone has good recommendations for mousepads with wrist rests, I prefer non-smooth covers.

u/DeafJerzy · 1 pointr/fortlauderdale

Yeah, mostly "traditional" retail stores will fading away soon, Gamestop should having to worry about losing the sales due of consoles and computer now allow to buy digital games. Most retro games now can be available on the internet called emulator or MEME if you own a arcade cabinet can installed by a computer inside. Digital games are compared to people using play small games on the smartphone without a disc or flash drive needed. If your wrist gets hurted while using a mouse, i believe some manufacturer selling the soft pillow on the top mousepad, this one i bought (feeling like a little hard pillow), link here. If this price is so expensive for you, other mousepads sells cheaper, link here.

u/Kurso · 1 pointr/razer

All are well known issues. Read the reviews on Amazon:

Glue issue on the Orbweaver: http://www.amazon.com/Razer-Orbweaver-Mechanical-Gaming-Keypad/product-reviews/B00B1N07QM

Double click on the Nagas: just Google this. It's all over the place.

Vespula delamination: https://www.amazon.com/Razer-Vespula-Dual-Sided-Gaming-Mouse/product-reviews/B0036WTBFY/ref=cm_cr_dp_qt_hist_one?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&showViewpoints=0

I don't need to break this shit. It's happy breaking itself.

u/4v1soundsfair · 1 pointr/ChivalryGame

You still have a few years left, I'm 25, have 450 hours, and still slaughter 95% of the people who make the mistake of crossing my path.

Have you tried upping your sensitivity so you don't have to waste so much time moving your hand so far?^1 Another important thing is to make sure your FOV is maxed, it makes a huge difference.

I have a razer exactmat/vespula and use the speed side (which has had the small area I use worn even smoother), I keep my mouse feet and pad "ocd clean", be sure your mouse's feet are clean^1 it really sucks when you nearly kill someone only to have your mouse stick a little and get you killed.


  1. I use a 2k DPI mouse w/the windows sensitivity setting maxed and the smooth enabled, no accel, my in game sensitivity is 33.

  2. I recommend high concentration rubbing alcohol on a paper towel...unplug your mouse or cover its sensor port so you don't blind yourself...just because you can't see the laser doesn't mean it can't do eye damage.
u/The_Russian · 1 pointr/buildapc

Heres a good one for just the mouse. Here is a pretty large one. This looks like one that you can use for the entirety of your keyboard and mouse.

u/proxydouble · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Some things to consider to optimize your mouse setup:

• DPI: People have different preferences, and you gotta find what works for you and your current monitor resolution. It's generally good practice to buy a mouse with decent DPI settings. I recommend this.

• Mouse Pad: A large and smooth surface area for your movements is always better. This is why a lot of people prefer mouse pads like this and this.

• Hand/Mouse Ratio: I can't really recommend anything here, but it's usually best to use a mouse that feels right for your hand. In other words, ergonomics. The mouse I posted above works for me, but it may not be best for everyone. My recommendation here is to go to a local electronics store and try out their display 'gaming' mouses.

Good luck!

u/Shamlezz · 1 pointr/buildapc

I have This and it's the only Razer item I will still have after I get new headphones.

Probably won't replace it as it work incredibly well with (2) different sides

u/bmoss234 · 1 pointr/battlefield3

the logitech is a great mouse, but it is kinda odly shaped and gets a little uncomfortable after a little while, and as lieutenantClone said, it does drag a lot, personally i use a razer death adder. Also i have tried the 7g, and im not to big of a fan, the button press is a little off in my opinion, right now im using a razer arcosa, but i would recommend the Razer BlackWidow, and for surfaces, this is gonna sound bad, but Razer Vespula, just some suggestions, and im not a razer fan boy all thought it may seem, ive used many different gaming electronics, and ive had some good ones, but for the price i think razer is pretty good

u/LongDevil · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I prefer rigid surfaces. I love this one

u/skinslip1 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I own a SteelSeries Sensei and I want a Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat and I want a Corsair Vengeance K70 Black Cherry MX Brown (Though it comes with Red and Blue switches as well).

I can recommended the SteelSeries Sensei, it is one of the best gaming mice I have ever owned. Don't let anybody fool you, nobody needs 8200dpi (coughcoughRazercoughcough). The average top-tier professional gamer uses their mouse at an average of 3200 dpi. Not even considering the fact that dpi is not even a good measure of mouse movement. That being said... the Sensei feels great as long as you have a palm style holding. If you have a claw-grip style of holding your mouse, I recommend the RAT7 or RAT9, avoid the RAT5 it's awful.

u/MrLightninbolt · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Maybe this one from razer? I think it’s dual sided with one side being hard and one soft (possibly their cloth material). It should be fairly portable.

However if it’s for a laptop and you want an extremely portable mousepad the kabuto is a great bet. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0722JC9PJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_xOuFAbV4HWH9T

u/Ended_84 · 1 pointr/G502MasterRace

I use a wrist rest that keeps my wrist strait and this little notch does not bother me in the slightest.

I do recommend a wrist rest, but not the Vespula. The 'control' side is bubbling up and the 'speed' side is slower than the 'control'. I only keep it because of the wrist rest and the size of the mouse area.

u/mrjanio · 0 pointsr/DIY

a 1200 DPI mouse and a 9x12 mousepad can do wonders. it can also, depending on the material, be a good surface to place keys, coins or other stuff. help keep the desk scratch free.