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Reddit mentions of Why Socialism Works

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We found 21 Reddit mentions of Why Socialism Works. Here are the top ones.

Why Socialism Works
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Found 21 comments on Why Socialism Works:

u/THOT-AUDITOR · 57 pointsr/Drama

Someone's basically already done that.

He sold a book entitled "why socialism works" and every page just reads "it doesn't". Check out the triggered customer reviews.

u/Keln78 · 44 pointsr/The_Donald

Here's the link to the book if anyone is interested.

u/nightstryke · 23 pointsr/Firearms

For all those on the left I have the "Perfect" book for you, it's #1 in the Political Ideologies section of Amazon! Why Socialism Works

u/scsimodem · 9 pointsr/KotakuInAction

This one actually exists.

At risk of copyright infringement, I will print here the entire text of the book here.

>It doesn't.

u/Drunkard_DoE · 7 pointsr/jacksonville

Just order off of Amazon. Here's a good book. Why Socialism Works https://www.amazon.com/dp/1521531218/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_3VKYAbCJQKFAK

u/BaronSathonyx · 6 pointsr/Firearms

An important book everyone thinking about joining these groups should read: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Why-Socialism-Works-Harrison-Lievesley/dp/1521531218

u/Magnifiscent · 3 pointsr/DrainTheSwamp

Is this a Warren Meme? It's pretty clever, tbh. Reminds me of this book on socialism.

u/-jute- · 2 pointsr/neoliberal

>. Clinton could have just written fuck trump for 500 pages and I'd probably find a way to justify it being my favorite book of the year.

reminds me of this

u/mnemosyne-0002 · 1 pointr/KotakuInAction

Archives for the links in comments:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/politics

I never said socialism was cancer or that I thought it was bad. I said that due to Communism in the past (and conseevative media + that book that "explains" why socialism works only to have pages saying that "it doesn't), socialism will always be a hard sell and is much better to rebrand and aim for the nordic economic system instead of trying to sell "democratic socialism". Hell, i have some outspoken conservatives hammer in the point to others that Socialism is literally communism(and i know that's not the case) and there's a good majority that support that belief (it's why Ontario has a Conservative goverment that is.... controversual). Hell, the Fightback Socialist club at our school gets roasted in the gossip pages daily and one year, my school had a pro-corpration political club at our club festival.

The book in question: https://www.amazon.com/Why-Socialism-Works-Harrison-Lievesley/dp/1521531218 And I see that as an example of anti-socialist marketing being successful.

I know that capitalism is about the free market controlling the economy but we've known time and time that the free market could care less than the people that work and the people that buy goods (Fucking lootboxes). I know that Capitalism will always exist and be regulgated but people differ on the diffirent meanings of regulgation. I am sure that there are socialists who hate CEOs but companies will still be run by a board of people for top managment who take care of the long-run choices like a democracy. The people would be chosen by their merits and knowledge of the external and internal enviroment like any other company.

I hate that there's no clear black and white answer for politics and I want there to be. I want it to be one choice. That is, a system where one party rules all. If Tories win, they win all seats in the house. If Grits win, same story. I want there to be as little conflict as possible in politics so that I do not find myself at odds with others. I want there to be one outlet that I can listen to and not worry about being wrong. Democracy gives idiots a voice and that needs to change. I also want the goverment to have a plan for everyone that is best suited to people's capabilities so that I dont feel like I picked the wrong job or company or anything of that sort.