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u/zombiesandpandasohmy · 6 pointsr/BeautyBoxes

Exact same strap on amazon for slightly cheaper but free shipping: https://www.amazon.com/Goldtone-Cowhide-Replacement-Wristlet-Watermelon/dp/B01J639SQ8/ref=sr_1_35?ie=UTF8&qid=1494908589&sr=8-35&keywords=wrist+strap+watermelon+red

I'm betting it's coming from China either way and that's why it took so long OP; but hey, I trust amazon more then etsy and free shipping is better then $5 shipping (at least that's what popped up for me.)

It never would have occurred to me to add a strap to it, so kudos OP. That's my absolutely favorite ipsy bag and I'm happy I can use it as a proper clutch now.

u/bohemianblueberry · 2 pointsr/RepLadies

Of course!! Link here:
I am 5’0 and got the 120cm size if that helps and it fits me well for a cross body. Happy to take pics later if you wanna see anything specifically

u/han_chan_ · 10 pointsr/crochet

I got this on amazon for $9! And I have found a bunch on Etsy but they’re usually from China / Russia and it takes weeks to get here. I found a few on eBay too!

Links ~

amazon for $9

This is the one in the photo.


I am planning on ordering this and a few other things from this shop! But it just takes so long to get here and I want everything now haha

u/VoyeurOfBliss · 1 pointr/sexover30

Honestly, I don't think I'm going to be able to outdo the push button one. Its rivet design makes it seriously strong, I pulled on it really hard in testing.

Do you really want me to make one for you? I'd probably use the push button and new purse straps. Price would be around $35 shipped.

u/adventureU · 1 pointr/Femdom

Thanks all--- with the tips from here, we were able to find one on Amazon for $8--- 49" Synthetic Leather Metal Chain Strap Handbag Chains Purse Straps Shoulder ... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P17WPSM/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_8dP3CbDY9ZD91 --- Buyer beware, it's definitely an aggressive toy. The metal in the strap makes is a little rough on the mouth. Still fucking hot, but be gentle(-ish).

u/alien_eye · 3 pointsr/whatisthisthing

Looks like leather bag handles

Like these

u/mahatmah · 8 pointsr/humorousreviews

Here is the actual product. Apparently Amazon and Facebook think I'm a rich moron.

u/ozarkgrapes · 5 pointsr/RepLadies

Short girl / long chain problems here also. Someone in Repladies posted an Amazon link to a chain shortener clip that she liked and I've never been able to find her review again. I've had this adjustable chain shortener in my Amazon cart for a while. It looks like it's the same link discussed on this PB thread but I'm not sure.

u/09RaiderSFCRet · 1 pointr/motorcycles

You may be able to fix it. Here’s a quick look, there are others ai’m sure. Bigger, whatever, but it’s possible.

NBEADS 10 Sets Iron Platinum Purse Twist Turn Locks Clasp Lock for DIY Handbag Suitcase Purse Closures Hardware https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07FP6WL71/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_r1qQCbEWN193P